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Open Free for All / Re: Resuscitation
« on: December 18, 2015, 07:15:43 PM »
Very True Che – and next year it will be forty years – It is so hard to believe just how fresh it seems and vivid it still is to me. The names the faces ,the violent beat downs - the electric saucings- the absolutely violent and sadistic cowboy kick asses – the sheer lunacy of the primal scream groups/encounter groups, general meetings, the people who lived in the corner and on and on  - memories of Joe Ricci's Elan – Very true Che  " the program" as perceived/created thru Elan creator's eye's,  a misogynistic, violent, common street thug who only learned of "the program"  as he tried to beat a mail truck burglary/ robbery charge by "claiming that he was an addict " - He learned of the scam , then created his own scam- thru quite ironically a scam – he scammed the judge at his mail truck burglary/robbery trial.

I know there were worse places Che- like the boys home - in Mariana, Florida which has its own cemetery for the victims of that place. The White house boys saga – Yes and I sing for justice for Phil Williams, and there are how many boys buried in that cemetery? 

Though Che -for the life of me Elan is always so very fresh and in vivid detail – after all I am one of the ones that snapped because of the "program" - I got the special attention for that assault,  being the one made to feel the hatred to know the hate  - in a house of 25 people,  bthe prejudice continued thru all the houses until I left.   

It is not meant to be funny when I describe Elan as a Synanon on steroids. It was Elan – it was criminal.

It is good to have those years behind me- absolutely  - I look at the first 17 and 1/2 years of my life as literally being in the "program" due to the lunacy in my childhood – so I start all over at 17 1/2 to learn how to be the human being that I wanted to be and knew existed deep inside my very being – despite what Ricci and his henchmen wanted me to believe – or tried to convince me as to what I was -which was just a sick, sick person regardless of having gone thru their fraudulent "program twice" because I snapped due to their lunacy – naw man – It took until I was around 25 to get a handle and a focus- that "guitfiddle thing -and most certainly the good people I found on my path that assisted me -and sure I had to get competent assistance -

These years post Elan have allowed me to grow and study just what the hell had happened to me during the first 17 and half years of my life – To understand just exactly just what the heck Elan truly was.

And then it came time when if I didn't do the right thing and speak out, as timidly as I did at first, that it was surely going to kill me- 2000-I almost lost everything that I valued – so I had to speak out about a place that no one really knew about until 2000- and I have grown more focused and determined in my quest for justice.

Che I don't care why anyone uses their anonymity -  to speak out against their "perspective program"   I guess it is really an age thing and didn't think that "kids " would want to attack their parents incognito instead of their "program" because I know/ understand and see how the "program" twists and deceitfully defrauds parent of their monies at all cost, by playing off their innate parental fears.

My father had to lie to get me into Elan - and Elan knew that something was very wrong because Che- I was not 250 pounds and I was not 6' 5" tall as many witnesses said my father told Ricci – prior to being retrieved to be placed in that hell -hole.  Sure I understand dad was scared  of me because if you beat an animal continually eventually it will turn and bite you as it trys to get away – and that is how I was treated though I was only mabey 5' 4”and weighed 125 at the most back then. Dad swung at me to hurt and I ducked and proceeded to pick him up and threw him across a couch – and I told him in no uncertain terms that he could no longer beat me- in any fashion again. And he wanted the last laugh so he put me in Elan – though he had to lie to do it.     

Ricci knew something was very wrong - when he stood me up in a house meeting during my first full day- he turned to his boys- Gottlieb and Kruglik and asked them if this was the right guy. And they both sheepishly laughed and said yeah that's him.

So instead of doing the right thing, and taking my documented childhood abuse seriously and what I related had been happening to me as far back as I can remember  -  Joe ricci  took the insurance money instead - and then when I snapped  10 months later they blamed me for being the victim of my fathers sadism- that there were other children who had been abused and who the hell did I think I was – and not the fact/truth  that it was their program that was the sick problem.  They played my poor mother – because by that time  dad was free and clear once he got me in Elan  and boy my poor mother - I just told her about the exact nature of just what it was to be in Elan about four years ago. She said it gave her nightmares. Do I hold my mother in a bad light because of Elan – absolutely not.

I can understand that if a parent can't accept their child as who they are because the parent thinks that the child's very core being reflects badly upon them and then they put them in a program( because the program says they can do magic) to change that very being of the child  to where the parent thinks their child no longer reflects badly upon them, then I can certainly understand using anonymity for the very reason you stated – And quite frankly I don't  have an issue with anonymity -

I do however have a problem  when it is the program trolls/ former employees that used their many known puppets to try to silence the out spoken survivors of their perspective program as you are well aware of this happening on Fornits – and I don't see that occurring at all now,  like it did rampantly on Fornits about 5 years ago-when it was out of control.     

And Che as a parent my children know they are loved and what is so cool is that they love me – I guess I am lucky that I didn't succumb to the lunacy that the "program" tried to instill in me- that suicide was really an option because I was so sick. I am sure you remember me being reminded  of this by the former employees of Elan. Fun times indeed.

I am not trying to dominate the rap jack - I am just trying to seek justice the best and only way I know for the many that lay dead in the wake of Elan's legacy and the many former residents of Elan caused to have more problems than they had upon arriving at that horror show,  if I can further expose thru my ways and means this insidious industry by talking and writing about Elan - then I guess that is just a little extras bonus for all concerned.



Open Free for All / Re: Resuscitation
« on: December 16, 2015, 05:30:32 PM »
Yes it is possible  without anonymity- if I understand the question-
I wanted the Elan bastards/cabal to know that I had survived what they did to me - or what they had done to me - it was rather intense and outright sick - and there were a few times in my life that  being the emotional cripple- seemed like it was going to win and I would just become another faceless statistic of suicide found  in the wake of Elan's legacy. A legacy  imo consisting of and being a criminal enterprise that  fraudulently used  sadistic  criminal  child abuse- and masqueraded it  as therapy , while  profiting in the tens of millions of dollats  -as is/was the case of Joe Ricci's Elan . 

No Froderik and Che - I wanted those inhuman, sociopathic, sadistic miscreants that ran  Elan for and with Joe Ricci, -  Jeffery Gottlieb Sharon Terry ,and Martin Kruglik  - to  know - and  since 2000, they have known.

I gave  a letter to Jackman Wilson, in January of 2000, who was an editor at the Register Guard  in Eugene OR, and that man sent it, unbeknownst to me,  to Mike Sweeney of The Greenwich Times in Greenwich Connecticut. And Mr. Sweeney called to verify that I had indeed written that letter, then I knew- that  those Elan bastards needed to know I had survived.

I also spoke out about Elan at the first "treatment abuse " conference hosted by Dr. Arnold Trebach in the summer of 2001.   

I had survived and many of my friends/peers hadn't - I had to write under my own name -  I have said many times that I stand behind every comment that I have posted about Elan, under my name on Fornits, (and I write under my name everywhere about Elan and I stand by those comments also),  and ihe  imo  criminals that not only ran Elan , though  the   criminals  in Maine state office  that protected and aided and abetted a criminal enterprise Elan Corporation/school  as it was allowed to  exist for close to forty years.

I don't know- it was important to me that they knew, I knew what they have/had  done and what I witnessed done to other residents  and that  I am alive/able to testify about it - and the funny thing for me is that along the past 15 years on this path  I have made many  friends with Elan survivors from across  the close to four decades that Elan fraudulently ran as a imo, a protected criminal enterprise.

On this path and experience  I also learned about the death/murder of Phil Williams.

Phil Williams died shortly after a beat down session thru Joe Ricci's notorious "ring". Phil Williams died on 12-27-82. The story about Phil Williams as I understand it would just break your heart and you would think that it would have closed down  Elan then. Though because people in Maine State government valued money more than the very children's lives they were entrusted to protect - it was simply covered up. And Elan was allowed to keep abusing the living daylights out of children, private placements as well as the many states whose wards were unfortunately sent to Elan. Tens of millions of dollars Joe Ricci and his Elan made on this criminal enterprise. 

I  have written on fornits  that I don't hold anyone who had to abuse me during my time of my re-education of Elan's already  sick abusive  education because of an assault  incident- responsible for that abuse. I no longer feel guilty for that incident because it was  Elan that was sick and its practices were abusing an  already chronically abused child. In my heart I have forgiven those that were forced to abuse me during my re-education time , that  extra year that I got  because of the sickness that was Elan.  I certainly didn't  feel that after that incident that Elan, Joe Ricci and the untrained buffoons that he had working for him had my best interests at heart  because if you know what I went thru -one would be surprised that I didn't succumb to suicide post Elan.

I also have connected with residents that had to work me over because they were directed to do this, by Ricci and his henchmen . And I have told them that all is forgiven and they know and remember what I went thru - and we are friends today. I am grateful to them to be able to tell them that all  is forgiven.

One of my primary care givers use to tell me when I was little , that they were going to make sure that I didn't turn out right since as far back as I can remember -  those words still burn in my ears - Elan was simply an extension of that  sadistic chronic  horrid  abuse that I had known  my entire  childhood prior to Elan. It is no wonder that the assault incident happened.   

I think it is possible to expose and close  without anonymity - but I can understand why someone might want anonymity - God I certainly can understand that notion - and I respect that notion - I wouldn't out a survivor if you paid me.

I have few  friends from Elan who have asked me to leave their names out of this Elan saga . and I gave them my word, and to this day my word holds true, and yes I still stay in touch with them. 

There is a sense of trust I believe among the cross section of program survivors. And to break that trust would be to throw everything away that many  survivors of their prospective programs have  worked  so very hard to expose this hideous troubled teen industry - using children as a monetized commodity , yet to control/profitt off this  monetized commodity thru criminal child abuse masquerading as therapy is  insane criminality at the very  highest level of  criminality/sickness - and this has to end -

I still seek justice for Phil Williams and the many Elan survivors  that didn't make it, and those that  suffer to this day from the fraudulent protected practices of Elan.

I have been posting on fornits about  Elan since 2001, under my name.

One way or another this story has got to end.....



Open Free for All / Re: Resuscitation
« on: December 13, 2015, 08:21:53 AM »
Hi Froderik,

Yes man I remember talking with you at the "survivor" gathering- and of course I have enjoyed reading what you have been listening to lately. (among your other comments of wit and knowledge )  Among many things that we spoke about then was music - It would be wonderful to get together and jam - in fact I am looking forward to doing this - if need be there can be practice spaces found here or they can be found there in that near by city .  I believe we are on the same page, and I will say no more.

Still from reading the- what one has been listening to Topic  - I am really excited about playing- and I think you might be pleasantly surprised as well . Besides I have two acoustics so don't worry about not having an instrument to ( hate to use these words ) bang around on. I got my Strat back and the Lindy p/u s are something else - it really makes the p/u s that Fender puts in their instruments appear to be almost pure  junk, well of course that is my opinion- and we all know that my opinion and 1.75 will get one a small coffee at the local 7-11 or Lucky's market - you know depending where you are.

You know reclusive can be good sometimes lol -  Hey did you hear Carlbrook school finally closed ?  Aint nothing like Fornits - Hope you don't mind that I also give a shout out to "our" friend for his post - comment that he put up on another  site  about fornits. Of course I knew who it was.

I guess in the words of Dr.  Frankenstein from  the Mel Brooks movie of the same name (concerning fornits) -" it is alive". Glad you saw my comment Froderik -we will be in touch.   



The Troubled Teen Industry / recent up date on this story
« on: December 11, 2015, 06:07:28 AM »
Here is an update, current 11/17/15,  concerning this boys death at Terra Blanca Ranch - and two years ago NBC news had Mr.  Chandler and to give him plausibility they also had his wife - on the Today show and Matt Lauer just give Chandler a pass-( I saw it with my own eyes then and I was appalled) - come to think of it isn't that what the NBC and the other media outlets have been doing all along, for these abusive programs? 

They know about these abusive programs and the deaths attributed to these programs  yet news organizations refuse to report - and that I believe  allows this sickness( and these deaths)  to continue.

here is the link for the updated story

 ( Gotta get up really early Oscar to  do cut and paste on recent current articles - pertaining to the TTI. lol, just kidding- though it would be cool if you post this on your websites)



Feed Your Head / Re: So I write
« on: December 09, 2015, 04:50:59 PM »
Thank you for the link - I knew the A man mentioned in the article - didn't know of the other man - Stratospheric wealth between the two  One supports Israel, and the other one supports Israel and Palestine State . The one that supports Israel does not support  Palestinians because he believes they don't exist . Amazing the one that supports the two party state funds the Democrats and of course the other one supports the republicans .

And when support is mentioned one could say funds - that little article told me so much  they are both friends and what is scary it that the feeling I got from the article is to both of them it apparently is just a game -  Pretty cut and dry - I can't imagine being so rich that you actually believe you can buy an election and to boldly come out and say what they were quoted as saying makes me wonder if they are a little amused at Trump and his constant reminding the American people that he is 10 times a billionare -

I guess when you have wealth at your disposal like these two  men Mr. A and Mr. S   and some punk comes out and berates their  masses that it might have caused them to come forward. the brash Comments about trying to buy the NYTimes and the comments about Jeff B. just were equally  touching -

Elan was my program - there is enogh information about it here and all over the net  - I don't want to waste your time telling you about it - Though it is my thing and the beat goes on .

Thank you again for that link- it puts other things in a different perspective . And to these two Gentle men it is just a game -real life of the trading places genre of a game- seems- like Iran is toast .

I am sorry to hear your friend is having to deal with a lingering lawsuit - - I liked what Zappa said about religion - people should never force it upon their children - let them grow up and let them decide - I practice that idea and my beliefs are very personal - it is the old song  as Box of Rain, "use it if you need it - leave it if you dare ".

Canadians just had a recent election - are you happy with the younger Tru dough - sorry I cannot for the life of me even come close to spelling his name for Spell check to commit a choice for me - a photocopier - I laughed seems like I agree - sadly to those two men we are expendable -send in  the troops for the weapons of mass destruction that don't exist - oops that's Iraq-  also thank you for putting the  perspective of the pejorative in a concept   that is very true and I understand you .

I like Ike he said beware of the military industrial complex - this  link goes beyond that concept - and they laugh  as  we are non entities -disposable and apparently very easily motivated towards their goals thru  fear and hate  - Do you think Trump chafes them ? He is but a blip on the money meter compared to those men - wow

And the televangelists Tammy and Jim made millions until the scam came to light by just publically asking for money and they would do what - o boy . I wonder if the bell curve pertaining to intelligence/awareness   is correct- and that is truly scary.

It is thought provoking and just  frightening  to see the writing on the wall as to what could possibly come to be, according to that article, and to know what has already come to pass  - and to them it seems like its just a game among two friends.

May be Socrates was correct in speaking about how man is in capable of governing himself- so was it bleed on our knives or drink the hemlock? - and we know historically what  he chose.



Open Free for All / Re: Resuscitation
« on: December 08, 2015, 08:13:23 PM »
Shoot on a bad day you can't shut me up, I have always tried to stick with your thing of "polite conversation" when discussing the program(s) or the insanity and quite frankly I didn't know I had so much to say recently and goodness those words  -

I hope I didn't embarrass Froderik - that was not my intention as I hope one can tell - yepper covered a lot of things . Froderik  seriously man what have you been playin lately - need a page for that - not just what you have been listening to lately ,though what have you been playin lately 

Ah the Book , The book is Institutionalized Persuasion by Marcus Chatfield.  seems like the link disappeared.

"Oh me o my I just love that country pie."

Starting a band ,sshhh my children will hear you -  and they always say Dad you never listen to us. I gotta keep up my cred with them. Dads deaf plays that stuff so darn loud .  Loud and proud - bout time I do something with it.

Gotta plug a website  Eat Sleep Guitar  it is pretty good and the man knows his stuff.  Check it out for all you folks that want to brush up or want to learn that guitfiddle thing  - I love the practice glimpses -

I have seen the Book - posted around the corners of the web I will have to check it out . Dead Insane or in Jail - funny Elans mantra was you were going to be an emotional cripple (insane ) or in Jail or dead - can't believe that place actually promoted suicide as an option -  sadly so many took Elan up on it.

You got the reigns back to this ultimate circus - Ginger with all the insanity that went down - I still love this site - It truly is an amazing resource it is a shame that the newbies ( ones just woke up from their programs wash or simply just realized that their program was sick ) don't post here .

They should instead of posting on those koffe klutch sites that don't do anything at least here they find fellow survivors and will find their monster program - and they can rage - and just maybe actually work together to end the lunacy - I hope the Green Chimney Folks get on board here.

You know Ginger it is time to take it back to them just like Wes Fager said - and former employees of the stains can't hurt they can try but they cant hurt because we will be watching, as people watched out for me and man I seriously thank all of you for doing what you did when the bastard was twisting the knife.

Funny thing I am glad at least when I got my frontal cortex back that the internet wasn't around when I was still using my amygdala - God knows the lunacy I would have written then, you can see it on those sites and it actually is kinda funny if it weren't for  the sickness of  the program(S)

Ginger always a pleasure and always know it is worth chewing thru those straps .

Until there is justice for Elan survivors and Phil Williams that drum I'm a gonna pound .




An aside -

and I write -  I hope people are really reading and comprehending what is written  - maybe Oscar will cut and paste this "current news" story where ever he goes like he does here  , do it Oscar because you also want to see justice for Philip Williams  - he died after a "hot Box" session in Elan on 12-27-82.

There is no statute of limits on murder in the U.S. - sure it was the Elan Corporation and its practices that killed him , maybe that adds a quirk to the story though then again murder is murder -Corporation or not .

carry on


Feed Your Head / So I write
« on: December 08, 2015, 05:53:43 PM »
Hi Ajax,  I read this the other day the Pathocracy of the US  , reckon shortly after you put it up .  Pretty intense reading - It bothers me-  you know I am not prone to conspiracy theories, like to keep it sorta grounded , and by all means please I am not saying you are -  or anyone is but my God that paper  by Mr. Silver  it was pretty intense .

Our gov't has done some pretty shitty things - maybe it is more like there are some folks in Gov't that have done some pretty nasty and highly illegal things to guide -maybe more so direct the way things that certain folks want for this country to control or learn how to control the masses  .

I mean the whole cocaine for money to buy guns under Reagans watch - shoot put crack everywhere and no one was held accountable - And it was al little newspaper in California -I want to say the Sacramento Bee or the Mercury ( cant remember which that exposed the shenanigans)  that put that into the masinstream public eye - and Oliie North gets a television show.

shakes head  it just blows my teeny tiny mind -

I can see it very easily- for example the corruption in the state  of Maine  that allowed a Elan ( call a spade a spade and a shovel a shovel ) a criminal enterprise , and the scams that Ricci ran - besides Elan -like out right using children's social security numbers and creating false w-2 - saying that he paid them to work at his race track - Scarborough Downs which they did , but the catch was they didn't get a dime, they got to get out of his child abuse  houses for the day ,and mingle with outside people which any child would have gladly said please take me I'll work for nothing - if you know what I mean  - I am  not sure how many years this went on but he would then be able to defraud the IRS by declaring that these  children were paid - and this is really coming to light children now adults are looking at their sociasl security stuff and seeing and discovering the fraud .

And then -shoot Bill Diamond lorded over the tax revenues that Elan  generated for the state of Maine - He sat on a judicial committee and a transportation committee . Ricci was making millions with his Elan so it was defraud the US - the IRS but as far as doing business with the state and it was protected and my God man it was so protected that the media in Maine is/was in on it, so Elan was allowed to do what it was doing ,even it was as crooked and as criminal , and yet because of the huge taxes state taxes that Elan generated -it was certainly protected .

It truly was a win -win for Ricci and for Maine - shoot the Windham District  -Bill Diamond's district encompassed Poland Springs where Elan was located  the tax revenues just flowed and that area doesn't have a large population - in fact Maine probably due to the winters ( harsh ) doesn't have a large population then nor now.

There is so much to this story than just what went on in Elan , which was well you know quite criminal and to know that this criminal enterprise was allowed to continue to exist and they knew -lol  oh  they knew what was going on in there , people were told who had jobs with the Parole and Probation  in the state of Maine  by their supervisor/superiors that if you "reported the (abuse ) problems of the criminal nature that was happening  in  Elan that you would become the problem and could be made to disappear  just like Jimmy Hoffa.  Sure it may seem funny but quite honestly I don't think death threats like that are funny.

so when I say that Elan was a continuing criminal enterprise that was protected by Maine State officials - and when I say that the people in the state of Maine that were to protect children - like Bill Diamond , all the Maine  Governor's from Longley to King all knew - and valued money more than the very children's live that all Maine state officials were to protect - it is the truth .

It is inconceivable to me that a child Philip Williams could die after a series of "Hot Box " sessions from the adults who directed  Elan's notorious and brutal so called therapeutic tool know as "The ring " ( look it up on the Elan section right here on fornits) and it was simply covered up .

I know many witnesses to this incident and none were interviewed by the authorities -out right murdered by Elan and its untrained adults that Joe Ricci had working for him and the residents were told that the boy who died on 12 -27- 82 and the witnesses and combatants as Joe called them "the house champions"   were all told that Philip died from a brain aneurysm - I know the facts and I write  about it and I publically write about it on the Bangor Daily News website and I imagine it gets a lot of sphincters to  tighten up  and then the now Attorney General of Maine - who has been publically asked by the man who has come forward that use to work for the Maine State  Parole and Probation for 34 plus years and of course myself have asked JANET MILLS to begin an investigation in to the death ,subsequent cover up, (really the murder of Philip Williams by  the Elan Corporation and its adult directors ) and all this just falls on deaf ears

So the documentary comes out called Children of Darkness , out in 1983 post the Death of Phil Williams and previously there was a NBC reports segment that came out in 1979 where Joe Ricci says we don't have a ring and then in the next breath he says in this corner we have the house champion and in this corner we have the house bully -  (Absolutely true) and then he proceeds to tell that he has girls beaten in this ring that is not a ring because "girls can be bullies also" . 

And the beat goes on - This may seem like some bizarre conspiracy theory and the rantings of a mad man - though it is as true as the fact that the  sun rises in the east .

I don't know what to do about except when ever I get a chance to write publically up there on some Maine Newspaper  - I write , it is all over fornits of course - and Dammit I realize that the only way an investigation/prosecution  is going to be done , if it is done will be  by the DoJ  because the corruption is so thick in Maine that it has become very obvious that the Attorney General of Maine Janet Mills  is incapable of doing an investigation because she and her buddies ( cronies) are up to their eyeballs in this endeavor that allowed Elan to exist as a continuing criminal enterprise for close to forty years .

Sorry Ajax  it is a very sad reality, albeit true  and it is a very sick legacy  for  good people that do exist in the state  of Maine- that literally did not know - so I write and I write and I write who knows maybe Federal Attorney General Mrs.Lynch  will get wind of this - and who knows maybe there will be justice for Phil Williams and Elan survivors.

I still got some cards that I holding- and every day I learn more about the whos in Maine that protected that Elan Corporation as it existed as a continuing criminal enterprise for close to forty years .  And I have been writing about Elan for 15 years , it aint nothing but the truth , though some may consider this some  conspiracy theory  -lol. Sadly it is  true, just as true as yes that is my name .

Ashes , Ashes all fall down .




Open Free for All / Yo Froderik
« on: December 07, 2015, 12:20:48 AM »
I hear you about" facecrap"  and I don't comment there like I did- seems like everything just gets pushed down by more stuff and that gets pushed down by more stuff to the point to where it is just so darn impacted by the stuff on top that you just don't see it any more and then ( not than)  no one can find it because there is so much stuff . I hear you loudly, succinctly and clearly.

so man have you ever heard of Lindy Fralin pick ups ?  Getting some split blades , I believe they are the high out put version put in my strat - I hope like hell man you are still playin - can't imagine you are not - you know it keeps us sane - got a new guitbox , pretty happy with it , its called a Martin sumthing about them being made in Nazerath  1883-  writing songs and stuff man I really think I got something to say with the fiddles if you know what I mean . the passion don't care what I look like like a fucken mad man on stage - the transformation just feel right  - its the voice and the words being backed by that darn instrument - been keeping me busy - my children have been telling me to just go start a fucken  band  ( well they don't use that word )-  they tell me  though -I think they might be right -  screw face book.

I post here brother Frodorik - I know you , you know me - you speak the truth - what the fuck was/is up with that place in Shitcago , the place where the cops keep people with out chargin them - I hear you  man - fuck the  damn newbies don't have the balls to post on this site . So scared have to be complacent- feel safe post on platforms that turn and turn and then in 6 months they turn away from the horror of it all and their bogie monster place is still eatin children's souls  - and those stupid sites aint gonna shut down the programs - it is up to the newbies to shut their own damn program down - gotta write them letters - gotta write them post gotta write on the fornits - it stays - it can be found -some once told me the fornits is a great resource -they have no idea how great a resource it is - word truth and it is the way .- man so much to say .  Been reading some old post s stuff that I hadn't seen before the god dam fucken  fornit idiot was reigning supreme - why do survivors lie - fuck that loaded fucken shit storm question - fucken god dam fornit idiot - the bastard of e fucking elan - go dam reading shit on here Froderik  man man could not believe the insanity - why do fucken suvivors lie - shut the fuck up asshole  and the pages  34 plus  of adnausuem of socked puppets of the insane - the ever protector of that fucking hell hole - goddam -froderik - I say god /Dam the fucking insanity.

Man I miss our friend Kim - still sad - man put the link to the book back up please the book is killer the book is better than anything Ofshe could ever spout and that man has a P the h fucken D -  please put it back up - fear not the idiots you speak the truth - man please .

Songs I have been playin man - three serious originals got the meat got the madness - got more in me just screaming to get out - patience I know they will surface and they will be sung  can't be angry makes me cry when I get in touch with the meat of the song(s) - I  work thru it- it is intense - yet brother my friend Froderik you know exactly what I am talkin about  - playing an old Neil young song "and her smile turned to plaster and I let her " can't remember the title - so tired of the newbies just want to be consoled and told that  just keep your shit here  on our site 6 months it will be gone but you will still be here ,crying that your fucking program is still killin children - fuck that noise Froderik - know what I mean - gotta take it to them - take it to the editors , take it to any one who will listen -take it to the streets - wear a god dam sandwich board -  no fuken problem - ask me about the elan fucking corporation - standing out side the court house - ask me mother freaker ask me about the Elan corporation - yeah Ill be there when that shit starts up - fuck the cry babies who gives a shit about your orientation that's your business  - I am  talkin about the insanity , the criminality , the fucken brutality , the sadism that us kids would never have ever thought about because we were children - fuck that shit - get off your freakin ass - you call your self a militant -sheet mofo you - you aint but just wet behind the fucking ears a newbie - looking for that instagratifacation of consolement - I hear you Froderik - goddam I hear you man (over an  A minor cord at an audio of eleven going to a c major to a g major - bridge is g maj going to d minor back to c maj and g maj but its the picking the goddam finger picking that sets that shit  apart , the dampening of the strings - I swear Froderik you can do more on an amped acoustic than a fucken lectric any day and with no pedals - straight up on a plugged in acoustic .

 Fuck why cry about it why call yourself a militant if you aint got the balls or guts to actually get off your ass and work for goddam change - but the console ment mammies dole it out fucken bull shit shootin out the goddam cows ass like pus from a mongo's boil - ewww that's a squerrrierrl  a dead mother fucken squerrierrl  put that shit  down - Militant my goddam left toe nail clipping, into the trash with that shit. 

My Cincy Buddy knows and she screams like I do and like you do Froderik - and we aint screaming for goddam ice fucken cream - we scream for justice , we scream for the dead our  fuken friends, our family - who fucken died because other mother fuckers valued money more than the welfare of children - so god dam sad - the potential just fucken killed the life snuffed out because money was more important than children's lives - I hear you Froderik -

Man I have been getting 2 hours a freaking day with that guitfiddle - every single day - if I don't play I suffer - I don't like to suffer - I am done suffering for the nonsense  fuck the phoney  militant pussy wantabes - who cares about your orientation - who in this day and age gives a fuck about that - just grow a pair of audacity sacs and  stand up don't hide behind the platform - I am here  Froderik -

I know you are here - where the fuck is Rick - the Woof -put the god dam book man put the god dam book back up - fuck it it was so goddam good it was the truth- put the book link back up please put the book back up .

Newbies fresh from the programs don't hide stand up only you can shut your  own shitty program down - - it is all on fornits - add to it fuck it or its gonna keep eatin children's souls - militant my ass - you aint seen militant - mother fucker .

Fuck Trump just like shitler  gonna make America great again just like Shitler  said gonna make Germany great again - gotta hate some one though blame it all on some one for making the state weak. Trumps got two- he hates on moslems  and if that don't take then the its the  hate the Hispanics - Shitler had just one- the jews  blame them for all the troubles - trumps just as big a fuken fascist as shitler -m ilitant my left eye - boy you aint but a punk hide on that shitty platform get coddled by the mammies - censor my ass bitch - fuck that noise militant my eye lash -

The mammies or mommies aint being racis they t give no  guidance for the newbies -I see it as not their fault - partly cause  they still think with the amygdala and not with the frontal cortex - not their fault though the mammies/mommies  like to keep them around give credence to their egos and yet the child;s program just keeps on eating children -  and spittin out the painful reminders- that is why we stood up and took it back to the mother fuckers- you aint seen militant boy   brain not begun to develop has no clue what happened to them , hasn't enough to realize  just what the fuck the 24 /7 365 cortisol bath did to them to their fucking developing children brains - goddam the mommies of the  coddling platforms have no fucken clue either-  but mommy why is my program still eating children -shut up kid I'm coddling you . Foderik I say goddam man , god fuckin dam - the shit is insane - HR3060 you would think all the newbies would comment and beg people to support it but no not even the mammies they are  too fucken scared of getting sued because they aren't goddam survivors - but by god they'll coddle you.   

The program (s) fuken laughing as they eat more children -the mammies just coddle -fuck tha noise -you hear me Froderik  The mammies just console and go poor poor baby - man Froderik you and me we got friends and family that are dead because of these fucken programs - And Brother I am so sorry for the ones you loved that are gone -as I miss my friends that died just like the song ----says .

All the fuck along the god dam watch tower Froderik  no time to talk falsely now - you and I have been thru that - fuck so many see it as a fucken joke -

Man Foderik I hear you man like you are sitting across from me- in my house  I know the god dam rage - but man I can now sing about it - The programs laugh at the stupid cut and paste bullshit of the fravorite playin fool - carry it here but don't carry that there don't want to hurt the newbies sensitivities , militant my fucking left eye -

So I be playin I be singin  I am being told to go start a fucken band - okay - you win okay I will god dam it.  sure the mammies just-offer instant gratification to the newbies and the programs just sing and dance -

But newbies know this - the mother fukcers that ran elan aint laughing and sing and dancing - holy shit that place is closed down because of the fucking survivors we stood up newbies and we said no fuck you - and they ran like the serial child abusing cowards like they are -so many Froderik -so many that you didn't know -friends of mine dead because mother fuckers in the god dam state of fucken Maine valued money more than the very children's lives they were to protect. Aint that right mister Bill Diamond - Froderik it is like shootin fish in a god dam barrel - we know the judge  we know the AGs we know the shit stains in the Maine Dept of education - we know the whos and it aint what Horton heard - and the newbies just run to the mommie platforms and get that insta- aw you poor baby they were mean to you - fucken AAAA  - just post your stain here we can't do anything about it  and were aren't gona tell you  the truth - if you want it to close you gotta do what those elan bastards did - you take it back to them just like Wes Fager and the mammies go Wes who?

You take it back to them like Wes Fager said and you shove it back down their stinkin throats - look at the Elan cowards 15 year now been play the guit box for 30 years now yes I had and have something to say with it -but look at the fucken elan cowards - the Morris Finks , the Ronnie Evans , the chief Marty Kruglik and the other chief Jeffery Gottlieb, Sharon fucken Terry  - 15 years my brother Froderik- been screaming about all that shit in a very restrained fashion like ginger says polite conversation - taking it back to those cowards and they ran - I guess Wes never thought the stains would run like they did. They couldn't stand the light of Day the fucken elan cabal of shit stains .  Hide behind the mouth piece from hell ole Ed McColl -

Fuck me  and you just cut and paste dude like a Danish prune sandwhich - the wiki is wrong about elan - it was no fucken school - Phil Williams died 12 27-82 after a beat down session - goddam fac yo t pile o dead kids add that fucken name -and brother could you please tell me why you haven't put that up when it was announced years ago - Haldor just wants to cut and fuken paste - fuken keep the newbies impotent keep em complacent militsant my fucken stoned donkey  .

So Froderik what have you my brother- my friend- have you been playing on the guitbox - I  have got a version of deep river blues - it aint snappy or happy like Doc /Watson's version -its a goddam piedmont  blues tune man - I got a rider going on  I know you know you rider man gonna miss you you when you're gone - I got a Ramble on Rose  man- take me to the leader of the fucken band man- I got me a Little //wing man -and a hundred others -

So friend brother man Froderik what have you been playin lately ?  what has anyone been playin besides watchin the newbies - goddam got no time for it I got music to  make , I got songs to sing - goddam I gotta band to start -




Well, well, well- two years have passed, and the prosecution, (on the day Mr.Skakel was released, vowed to appeal ) and if that doesn't fix it the way they want it over there in that sad state of Connecticut which shipped many a state child to the Elan Corporation/school – located  in Poland Springs Maine, said that they would, if the appeal failed ( concerning his habeas corpus trial resulting in the  verdict of his "release " )  that these sharpshootin prosecutors would  then simply re-try him.

Damn that was sure a long dang sentence.

All this pep rally talk and blustering by the prosecution has really only resulted in an appeal filed recently, this past September  to be exact, by the prosecutor finally appealing his Habeas Corpus trial's verdict – just this past September mind you – and according to a writer by the name of Mr.  Marchant who hacks for the Greenwich Times this past October 29th, 2015 – Mr. Marchant wrote in his article that the prosecutors are appealing Judge Thomas Bishop's ruling that because Mr. Skakel paid 1.5 million dollars for his defense- then and therefore it must be found that Mr. Skakel had competent legal counsel.

- oh my -

I laughed  hard when I read Mr. Marchant's words – it was the only redeeming part about his article that I found not to be  pure tacky tabloid journalism.

Soo-ooo- the prosecutors are appealing this verdict on simply the amount of money spent – too freaking comical – if it weren't such a sad and tragic case – the death of a little girl.

It behooves the state of Connecticut's prosecutors to read Judge Thomas Bishop's 136 page ruling supporting his rendering of his verdict in throwing out Mr. Skake'ls murder conviction – it has nothing to do with the monies spent – lol.

It is absurd to base an appeal on a case based on the amount of monies spent by a  defendant on any case – because sometimes, as in this case, as exhibited by Judge Bishop's  136 page abstract supporting his ruling -it was obvious that the defendant did not have competent legal representation and money had nothing to do with the Honorable Judge Bishop's ruling .

Is the state of Connecticut just dragging their heels- or do they simply don't have a case.

I would post Mr. Marchants article from the  October 29, Greenwich Times  here – but I won't because for some reason  the  Greenwich Times still perpetuates the lie, and myth, that the three former residents that were with Mr. Skakel (in Elan), and testified against Mr. Skakel in his original trial in 2002 were in an actual school, called Elan.

And that could not be further from the truth – Elan, located in Poland Springs, Maine was no school by any stretch of anyone's imagination, it was however in my opinion and many other former residents – opinions, a protected continuing criminal enterprise, that existed for close to forty years.

It really is the time for the State of Connecticut to quit wasting their states taxpayer's monies on this case concerning Mr. Skakel and ask the DoJ to begin an investigation into those in Maine State Government that protected, aided and abetted  this imo criminal enterprise that lasted for closed to forty years and also investigate and prosecute the adults that ran Elan  with and for Joe Ricci, as it operated in my opinion as a continuing criminal enterprise for close to forty years.

The DoJ has a tool called the "Rico Act" in it's investigative and prosecutorial "toolbox", and  it is high time that the criminals in Maine state  government that protected Elan and aided and abetted Elan – as well as the adult untrained miscreant criminals that ran that brutal ,violent, sadistic soul eating hellhole, by simply directing the "residents" to abuse the living daylights out of each other  on a daily basis while fraudulently taking many states tax payer's monies,  many insurance company's monies, and many hard earned parent's monies, due to deceptive marketing practices that simply used serial sadistic and violent  criminal child abuse as therapy – be investigated by the DoJ and prosecuted by the DoJ using the Rico Act.

It is nothing but a win -win case for the DoJ – and the best thing is it doesn't matter that Elan is closed – the Rico Act can reach back many many years.  Joe Ricci began his scam, of criminally abusing children back in the early 70's. His hell hole only recently closed in 2011. At least put the imo  adult criminals that made life long careers out of serially abusing children in prison where they belong – where they may hopefully live out  long natural  lives- in agony like they subjected the " Elan residents" to their sick torture that they fraudulently made monies on for close to forty years.

Man, it is time that justice be found for the many survivors of that insidiously sick fraudulent criminal enterprise, called Elan, that made Joe Ricci tens of millions of dollars.

Talk about justice dragging it's heels- jeezzz.



Elan School / It would appear to be getting very real in the state of Maine
« on: February 06, 2015, 10:44:47 AM »
It appears to be getting very real for the Elan Cabal in the state of Maine - as evidenced by the comments pertaining to this  this article-  I don't think that Bill Diamond , Sharon Terry , Janet Mills,  Martin Kruglik , Jeffery Gottlieb, Jay McCloskey, are really getting the picture - that children's lives ARE more important than money. (maybe Ed McColl can help them understand this )

Though as more Elan Survivors come forward-( laughing out loud rather loudly) which is happening on a daily basis - I believe it will become very crystal clear to them -( regardless of Ed's assistance in this matter.)

We have the attention of many in the State of Maine -and our voices are only going to get louder , though mind you-  we are still being  polite, quite different than how the Elan administrators  treated us - Sharon Terry  Martin Kruglik , Jeffery Gottlieb , Morris Fink , Marc Rosenberg ,  -( and others at this point unnamed Administrators)  are going to wish they had not tortured us for money.   


In my opinion the Elan One Corporation , aka the Elan Two Corporation and eventually becoming as the Elan (sic) School  ran as a continuing criminal enterprise   that operated  for close to forty years -

This crime, imo,  can be Investigated/remedied by having the Federal Department of Justice begin an investigation  -totally independent of any connections to the state of Maine ( meaning no Federal investigators involved with the investigation having ANY ties to the State of Maine ) and using the Rico act to investigate and prosecute the many involved in this disgusting and hideous criminal operation that lasted for close to forty years.

This can be prosecuted using the Rico act -regardless of the fact that Elan closed in 2011.( as Ed surely knows)

All because certain politicians in Maine  and people in positions of authority-( Maine  Department of Education)  valued money more than children's live - isn't that right mister Bill Diamond  ?

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: A new book on the Troubled Teen Industry
« on: February 03, 2015, 01:15:13 PM »
Wow -  Institutionalized Persuasion, By Marcus Chatfield-  just Wow

I just got this book - it is unbelievably  well written - a well defended thesis.

It is a must read for all program survivors - seriously - and it is also a must  read for those advocates that were not in any program.

Marcus Chatfield has written a book that delves into the history, the how's , the who's and the whys as it pertains to these destructive  coercive programs that existed and still exist in todays society.

Every Judge , Education consultant,  social worker and psychologist   should read this book before they even begin to tell parents what they should do -or are going to do  with their  children. Mr.  Chatfield has clearly laid  out that this  is not the answer,- nor should it have ever been the answer- in dealing with children and issues pertaining to children's welfare.

Marcus Chatfield  has added another tool that can be used  by those who are trying to expose and shut down this abhorrently cruel " troubled teen industry" .

This book proves that what program survivors of "any program"  went thru wasn't therapy - it was in fact  torture- and it is sick , inhumane and criminal  that these practices are still used today, in this scam of an industry. ( Shame on the Federal Department of Justice  for allowing this to continue ).   

This book is so good that I will be reading it again and probably again - it validates  program survivor's  stories of the insanity that we went thru, and explains things in such a way that it will touch each and every  survivor on a very personal level.

Again an unbelievably well written book - that lays out the sickness of these "programs ", with a  clinical bent   , yet written   so  that every  person who will read  the book , Institutionalized Persuasion,   can  understand  - simply an amazing book .

Thank you Marcus Chatfield.

peace and Wow (again)

Matt Hoffman
Elan survivor  '74 to '76   

Elan School / Re: A Reliable Source
« on: January 31, 2015, 10:18:55 AM »
This may also be of interest to Elan survivors -and advocates of Elan survivors and the TTI . I am going to post the link here of a conversation pertaining to Elan from the Bangor Daily News.

Interested persons, or interested Federal Department of Justice Law officials, will need to scroll down about 21 comments to read where the conversation begins , please read and share.

I trust this is okay with you Felice,  if not let me know and I will create its  own topic for this  and move it.



Elan / Re: Elan was protected by state officials
« on: January 31, 2015, 09:54:53 AM »
I am glad - this quote was posted here Oscar because it certainly backs up what Elan survivors have known and talked about for years-  Mr. Gutfinski's  ( he is who he says he is ) comment short , sweet and to the point and the enormity of his words are a damming indictment  against those in power that aided and abetted Joe Ricci and the other adult Elan administrators that ran Elan in my opinion as a continuing criminal enterprise that lasted for close to forty years.

(The adult elan administrators I speak of are Sharon Terry , Martin Kruglik , Jeffery Gottlieb ,  Bill Diamond,  there are other adult Elan  administrators, that elan survivors know all too well, and I imagine their names will be forthcoming  ) 

And to make this even sweeter  Oscar - Mr. Gutfinski has  also posted this on Mister Bill Diamond's amazon book page- as a review of his book,  here is that link-

Now if only the Federal justice department is paying as close attention as we are Oscar then - in my opinion - this grotesque  Elan saga could be remedied thru an investigation and indictments using the Rico act .

Elan survivors have also known for years that due to the "corruption "  that protected this fraudulent criminal enterprise - in the State of Maine -that quite frankly the State of Maine is incapable of investigating itself in this matter.

Mr. Gutfinski's comment validates Elan survivors  thoughts  as we have wondered for years how this sadistic fraudulent criminal enterprise of a "scam" was  allowed to exist for close to forty years in the State of Maine. It appears that the monies generated by Elan for Joe Ricci and his cronies , the tens of millions of dollars Ricci made and the tax revenues generated by Elan was worth far  more than children's lives - and that is simply sick and downright  disgusting .

Thank you Oscar for accepting my apology for my knee jerk reaction concerning this comment and its  origins -  by Mr. Gutfinski-  and please Add Phil Williams to the data base of deaths due to these abhorrent programs - as it relates to  Elan.





Elan School / Re: A Reliable Source
« on: January 29, 2015, 10:37:54 PM »
You know Felice - this comment  that Mr. Gutfinski posted on your Video ( which still rocks like no bodies business ), he  has also posted his comment on Mister  Bill Diamond's amazon  book page as a review of Mister Diamonds book called " the evil and the innocent "

lol- a reliable source indeed.



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