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Elan School / Elan (corporation/school)
« on: December 17, 2001, 10:11:00 PM »
It appears that the media has been made aware of Elan .Yet N.B.C. cannot present an unbiased reporting of this place located in Poland Springs Maine.

Dan Abrams ,the legal analyst for nbc had a brother that was there during '74-'76 when things were really out of control.Allan Maraynes  did a very flattering story on Joe Ricci for 60 minutes who now works for dateline.

Dateline  and NBC refuse to expose Elan for the brutal and sadistic acts that were perpetrated by men that had absolute power over the residents.

These men were Joe Ricci ,Peter McCann, Jeffery Gottlieb,Martin Kruglik and Ken Zaretsky

The New Yorker(7-3-00) had an article by J.Tobin where Kruglik was quoted from the witness stand as saying that elan is not a brutal place .

Elan was a horribly sick , twisted and brutal place.

It would behoove these media organazations to do an unbiased reporting of Elan and to expose the crimes against humanity that these men executed against good decent human beings,instead of turning a blind eye and doing a grave disservice to society.

It is a shame that it took the murder investagation of M. Skakel to bring Elan to the publics attention ,and more shame on how these news organazations have handled Elan.

Details magazine (October issue) had a four page article that did a little more in depth reporting yet still managed to sugarcoat Elan . Most of the source for their story came from K. Zaretzky a (in my opionin) true pathological sociopath.Go figure.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Dean
« on: December 17, 2001, 08:25:00 PM »
I do not know  Dean .Would somebody please elaborate

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