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Elan School / The ring
« on: September 11, 2003, 10:29:00 PM »
Syn I believe that this tragic incident took place around Christmas time in 1982  according to what has been posted on this thread . If Dave Betz is still around I believe he could give you some more info .

The really sad thing is that Phil did not have anyone on the outside for him due to his circumstances . just the state o Maine

Elan School / To Peter More
« on: August 21, 2003, 09:27:00 PM »
A question for you Peter .

Is that your article ,meaning written by you about Skakels harsh prison conditions. That is posted on  ?

Elan School / The ring
« on: August 21, 2003, 09:18:00 PM »
Let me see if I got this right .

Phil ,a ward of the state of maine. In the states infinite wisdom sticks Phil in elan . elan does not render medical aid when Phil is having serious head aches . What elan does is put Phil in the ring . Phil gets beaten on and finally collapses . Does elan give Phil aid then or do they just let him lie there !?

Phil dies . The quack of a nurse tells everyone that Phil died from an anuerysm (a blood vessel that has ruptured,not from being put in the ring .

this quack of a nurse had to be liscened by the state of maine . The state of maine put Phil in elan .  Phil dies in elan. Does anyone  think that there is something really rotten in the state of maine besides elan ?  Better yet could the state of maine really do a fair investigation of Phils death ?  After all Phil is a ward of the state of maine .

Shame shame on the state of maine for not having convictions to do a fair investigation on Phils death and that explains why that vacationland state can't seem to be able to do an investigation based on the many complaints  that their states  att. general has recieved .

the state of maine has some explaining to do !!!!

After all elan was generating a lot of revenue in taxes

Elan School / Remembering Bob Holt
« on: August 21, 2003, 08:54:00 PM »
I don't need no stinking bag over my head.

The above post is from me  remembering Bob Holt

Not only did Bob and I go to the same nursery school we went to grde school up to the 5 th grade together .

I have no earthly idea as to why this post posted anon.

Elan School / The ring
« on: April 19, 2003, 02:22:00 PM »

Elan School / Elan (corporation/school)
« on: January 22, 2003, 07:35:00 PM »
L Payne ,

you were very lucky to have escaped .I remember Two kids that escaped without their shoes in the middle of a Maine winter .(talk about desperate young people ) They did what they had to do and got severe frost bite .

They made it as far as Vermont  (by way of a car that they later stole )and were caught by the police in some little town in Vermont.

They were not as fortunate , Robert C. and myself went to go pick them up,and bring them back to hell (oh I mean elan ),and hell is what these 2 kids went thru .

Infact anyone who escaped (and not returned to that place )were blessed .

(continued) Peace to you


Elan School / The ring
« on: January 21, 2003, 08:56:00 PM »

Could you tell this board a little more about this incident . Who was running the ring ,which director(s) were present ,etc,etc.

On a personal level I am appalled at this incident . A state investigation at that time was certaintly warranteed .Did ONE happen .What in the hell happened!?

elan has got some really dirty little secrets,obviously this is one of them

Shame on the state of Maine ,shame on elan .

Best wishes to you Dave .


Elan School / elan was no commune ,Like Britten bush Oregon is
« on: January 05, 2003, 03:21:00 PM »
Not only is my grammer from another planet ,my spelling really suxs.

The spelling of this intentional community is Breitenbush . These kind folks run a hot springs resort, amongst other things .

If anyone is interested ,here is a addy for a web site of theirs .  http//

Having experienced  elan , and reading that someone lives in an elan community with 53 others , I wonder if they are allowed to leave on there own free will,by themselves .And I am not talking about re-entry .  

What a horrible place to live . Really sounds like a house in elan has finally gotten a puter and has the audasity (nerve ) to compare elan to a commune .  What a spin from hell.

Elan School / Please do not confuse Kruglik with being an Indian
« on: January 01, 2003, 05:29:00 PM »
It is demeaning to all native americans .

kruglik is of russian mongol decent .He is at best an american of russian mongolian decent .  

If he ever told you that he was an indian ,then he lied to your face . (Which in my opionin is exactly what he did on the witness stand,when asked if elan was a brutal place )

Elan School / elan was no commune ,Like Britten bush Oregon is
« on: January 01, 2003, 05:18:00 PM »
Sorry elan was no commune it was and in my mind today a very dangerous cult . elans ability to brainwash  to the nth degree makes it an even more dangerous place. All one has to do is look at the various postings on this site and the close the doors site (or any elan site for that matter) to see how elan has impacted people .

You see elan taught people to abuse people so that the abuser would learn to feel goood about themselves . Also the abusers were taught that the people being abused , deserved it and by abusing them  you were making them better people .


 Not  all people participated in this abuse nor did they find humour in those that were mentally impaired .

No elan was a hell hole ,no peace ,love ,or happiness ,there . ::puke::

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Elan School / They dont fucking care 1992 1982 or 1975
« on: September 22, 2002, 01:41:00 PM »
I agree they don't care (investigators )and from what i know of elan,their ability to present the image that elan wants the investigators to see has been done many times before  (this is old hat for elan ).

In my opinion elan and its henchmen are experts at this form of deceit .the thing that bothers me is that alot of the staff that were there when it ,elan was a hellhole ,(my opinion again )are still there .

using restraints to protect individuals is one thing yet how do we know that they aren't being used to scare the living daylights out of kids .In my opinion when the lunatics are running the show ,who is watching the lunatics ,certainly not the state of maine . That to me is very ,very bad policy.

The old adage of letting the camel's nose in the tent ,whats there to prevent the rest of the camel from  coming in ,the camels word .. yeah right !

shame on the state of maine

« on: September 22, 2002, 01:10:00 PM »
...gathered in a cave groovin with a pict. Yeah I had that album in elan . A buddy once borrowed it to play in a psudeo english class ,funny this was in '75 .

Elan School / Marty Kruglik number and address
« on: July 12, 2002, 02:30:00 AM »
Well said Kaydejaded your are right we no longer have to fear elan and or it's henchmen .

To stay in topic about kruglik ,If memory serves he wasn't a very tall person .What 5'3" or 4" yet he certainly was a stout solid boxer type boy maybe 240 or 250.
 And the gentleman in the previous post  use to openly challenge him in morning meeting to the ring,my question to you ,are you in the wrestling business or boxing business now?

There was another Director Peter McCann  ,Tall 6"4" 300 pounds (with a 2' cantileverd gut )a very scary boy did you know of him ?

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Elan was no straight
« on: July 07, 2002, 04:14:00 PM »
I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to respond to this post(the one that started this whole mess )

There was an assault with a large butcher knife .Late spring of 75 ,the fellow assaulted was Robert . This is something that I to this day still feel very guilty about .I don't know if it was what elan put me thru afterwards or that I was never able to recieve forgiveness from Robert (or what)I still feel horrible about the whole incident and am very sorry to Robert for the scars that he carries .

I find it odd that people who were in elan could say that we did not suffer serious abuse ,when the paths of straight or elan can be traced back to synanon. It is not my place to say which was worse ,though I will say that elan was a terrifying,twisted and crueley abusive place that I have ever witnessed in my life ,thats just my opinion.

Sorry again for the late reply

« on: June 20, 2002, 07:48:00 PM »
Please be kind to these people that i have asked you to get in touch with ...they have no clue as to how elan works or what goes on there .

Remember you have stated some very serious accusations ...They are not a laughing matter ,only you annons can follow thru and up on these things .

Also recent graduates might want to report to these folks anything that you witnessed that you felt was wrong (whether it happened to you or you witnessed it ,this is also important .) Staff names and incidents and dates if possible .

These folks are here to help and are not insensitive (maybe hard to reach ) therefor be persistient and patient .

I am sorry that you all were  at one time or another in elan .



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