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The Troubled Teen Industry / Something positive-
« on: February 23, 2019, 07:48:11 AM »
Another State  bill, (New Mexico) to keep an eye on. Still it is very positive note Apparently the criminal goings on behind the “troubled teens” industries’  many residential treatment centers  doors’, is starting to be taken seriously  again by elected representatives .

lets hope that the big money that this insidious industry wields in the form of it’s lobbying power, doesn't corrupt at the state level ,(lol) .

By the time the lobbyist  monies  has reached Washington it has changed hands so many times – that senators have no idea how and where it is coming from ,they just know if they prevent house bills like HR 911 from ever reaching the floor for debate ,lol- least reach the floor for a vote , the senators will get those many millions of dollars .

Therefore when  U.S senators dont  look at the issue they don’t see one, they see the money  - they are not made to see how those  millions were made -they just know if they dance to the strings that are being pulled  they will get that money .

A good book to understand this process - how the United States Senators intertwine with the lobbyist that bring millions of dollars to them and how the Senators are beholden to their perspective parties to bring in a certain amount of money  once they are elected - if they want to survive and have a lengthy committee filled tenure as a U.S. State senator. It explains why common sense bills like HR-911 never reached the senate floor.

The book is called Extortion , How politicians extract your money ,buy Votes ,and line their own pockets, by Peter Schweizer. 

 New Mexico's House Bill 500

Bill To Keep New Mexico’s Children Safe Advances
Submitted by Carol A. Clark
on February 21, 2019 - 7:13am
Rep. Micaela Lara Cadena
SANTA FE – A bill to keep New Mexico’s children safe passed Wednesday the House Health and Human Services Committee.
House Bill 500, sponsored by Rep. Micaela Lara Cadena (D-Mesilla) and Rep. Willie Madrid (D-Chaparral), would extend the authority of the Children, Youth and Families Department to regulate, inspect, and sanction programs for at-risk youth.
Rep. Willie Madrid
During the committee hearing, members heard heart-wrenching stories of abuse of at-risk youth, bringing to light both the urgency and importance of this legislation.
“The stories we heard in committee today are an example of how our current system has failed to protect some of our most vulnerable New Mexicans,” Rep. Micaela Lara Cadena said. “I am proud to be sponsoring this bill because I believe as legislators we have a responsibility to do all we can to ensure the safety and wellness of children and young people in our state.”
Reports by federal agencies and advocacy groups estimate that there were more than 1,600 incidents of abuse and 300 deaths in 33 states leading up to efforts to regulate the industry in 2005.
Programs for at-risk youth, often referred to as the troubled-teen industry, include residential, wilderness, or boot camp programs that serve children or teens with behavioral or emotional disturbances, or history of involvement with the juvenile justice system.
House Bill 500 now moves to the House State Government, Elections, and Indian
Affairs .

Yo , this is excellent . I have many Straight survivors that I consider friends and I am sure many would like to have their questions answered. I don't have a twit account , though I am curious ,if he  knew  of Joe Ricci's program,  Elan One Corporation that eventually became the Elan School. 

I am glad that Mel And Betty lost so much money backing Jeb Bush. Yet it is a drop in the bucket to the monies these sociopaths made implementing a program that brainwashed parents into abusing other parents  children.   And inside the doors of the Seed and the Straights they were hands on getting children to abuse the living daylights out of each other.

I mean call a spade a spade and a shovel a shovel - In plain English these two people made money pushing a very sick agenda , that as Mr. Connelly  laid out - it is the truth.

My question if I had Tweet  account is why are Mel  and Betty still free and not in prison for the sadistic serial criminal child abuse that they  profited handsomely.

I may have to get a twitter account - This is promising - I hope more Seed and Straight survivors  hammer Mel and Betty  with questions about incidents that they seem to be so proud.  Tis true the truth will set you free my Straight friends - and I like others are patiently awaiting the reply from some of the most horrible   human beings to walk the earth in the 21 century . Seems like this Tweeter account updates - in real time - God I hope an pray more  Straight Survivors see this and ask those questions - it might be surprising  to find that Betty and Mel Sembler really are proud of being consummate serial sadistic criminal child abusers.

maybe I should get an account - lol .  This is excellent.


The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Michael Skakel update.
« on: January 08, 2019, 08:25:03 AM »
Per the United States  Supreme court. Michael Skakel is a free man .

Odd as a parent - I don't understand Mrs. Moxley's reaction. (It is false that Connecticut had an very very good  case at  against Mr. Skakel, which is obvious to anyone  paying attention cept Ms. Moxley.  money  had nothing to do with it -  truth and justice did and does .   Her reaction to me is odd ,unless  she knows who lovingly placed in a nurturing a fashion the bed sheet that covered her daughters body after the incident. Ya who was it, Danny Bennison said one time that stranger things have happened - in this case  I wouldn't be surprised . )

Good luck Mr. Skakel - hopefully you will not waste the rest of your life and will work with Elan survivors to expose the generational corruption  that allowed a criminal enterprise to exists in the State of Maine for close to forty years.

Now it is time to get justice for Phil Williams a ward of the State of Maine who died after complaining of headaches , and instead of seeing a nurse was put into the infamous ring ,and received a beat down session that truncated this 15 and half year old ward of the state of Maines life on December 27 ,1982. 

This case was never investigated properly, then nor 34 years later when the facts could not be denied anymore and an investigation was finally started in this young mans death on March 13 2016 - yet in my opinion the powers of generational corruption found no wrong doing after 10 months of a scam of an investigation that ended on Feb. of 2017,  concluding there is insufficient  evidence to proceed with indictments - yet there are 6 plus eyeball witnesses to this event.

Surreal .


Open Free for All / Re: Resuscitation
« on: January 07, 2019, 07:18:06 AM »
like the topic said Resuscitation- 


I have no idea what gdpr times be - though I still haven't heard a peep back - so maybe u givem my email addy Oscar - [email protected] instead of having to rummaging on my account. Hey if you haven't seen the Florida Fight Clubs that went on recently during  Governor Rick Scotts watch - Heck  I will post it here- last year not 2012 , febuary of 2017.

Love those current articles - as sick as they be.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re:Yo Oscar here is the link to the video
« on: January 07, 2019, 06:57:35 AM »
That I was speaking about in this thread-  And While I have your attention - I have not heard back from the folks that you were going to check with - If need be I can post the link- Heck its not 5to far down the topics in this thread .  If one watches the video - it is a for profit private program that is dealing with these children. Immigrant and or Migrant children.  To me as a survivor, Oscar, of one of the most violent, sadistic,  and destructive of human beings in this country - It was called the Elan One  Corporation , when I entered it . And thru its  corruptly protected lengthy run as a protected criminal enterprise.

The Elan School, as its name changed,  damaged a lot of children thru its criminal abusive practices, that were protected  by career Maine politicians.  And the stories of abuse that survivors of Elan can tell is nothing depicted in these in my opinion child abuse lite videos. Yet the hype and build up as Lester told the viewing public that this was bad . Please3v - If that is bad then what did we go thru so Bill Diamond can have a four lane paved road that runs from Gray Maine just about all the way to his Subdivision ,Wyndham, located right off Maine Route 26.Theser career politicians   could spend all those tax revenues that Elan generated in a economically depressed  and underpopulated area of Maine now on such "Maine " improvements .

Further note this surfaced on  NBC nightly news 4 days ago.  Yeah what is depicted on the video isn't so much as disturbing to me - it is the things that these children might be going thru , that is not recorded that is the really triggering and horrifying to me - cause I know first hand what 17 and half years of criminal child abuse looks like, that was my life until I left Elan.

So yes maybe criminal charges can be brought if bad stuff happened and these children are believed - though in the case of Maine - money was valued more than the vary children, whose  adult career politicians in Maine were elected to protect .  Every  Governor from  Longly to Governor King, and every attorney General from Governor Longly's to Janet Mills  have serious blood on their hands for allowing a place like Elan to have ever existed in their state, in the first place.  Least of all to be involved in having protected that criminal enterpriser that ran for close to forty years in Maine .



The Troubled Teen Industry / I don't much about Ironood in Maine
« on: January 04, 2019, 11:47:19 AM »
I don't know much about this place called Ironwood in Maine -

However I do know a hell of a lot about the Elan School - That existed in Maine for close to forty years- 1970-until it was allowed to close by the state of Maine in 2011. ( it closed in April of 2011 not a full year and started I believe in the summer of 70) .

I know that Elan was a protected criminal organization - it made its  money sadistically brutally and serially abusing at risk children for a serious profit, in the disguise as therapy -lol. The reason certain people  like Billy Diamond , career politicians and chief in my opinion architect of the corrupt protection afforded Elan by the State of Maine. Janet Mills , Jay McCloskey, ( former State Attorney Generals  and Janet was the last to kowtow to  Billy' Diamonds  hands off Elan policy -despite the fact that for forty years the Maine State police were well aware of the insanity that was going on behind those walls of Joe Ricci's Elan .

 A few days ago Lester Holt  and NBC Nightly  news  had a little segment on Child abuse  . I kid you not - He prefaced  this  as being a very disturbing segment  he was warning people that this was bad. And it was about this company that the Federal Gov is using to deal with the illegal migrant children that aee found with their parents to be entering this country illegally .

And So Lester was concerned for his viewing public . And what I witnessed were children being restrained and dragged around . Yeah Lester I hate to tell you but if you think that is bad and told us that criminal charges are being filed - then  NBC news is  the biggest hypocrite due  its refusal  to report about these places that use sadistic brutal and often violent child abuse  as a viable from of  therapy. 

Is it because of the money involved  or is there a form of child abuse that is acceptable . The  child abuse lite -which was really depicted in that news segment, I am very - really surprised,  Lester and NBC Nightly News  believe  that was criminal child abuse - and if he and NBC news thinks that is bad then they simply are blind or refuse to listen to the survivors of these for profit criminally abusive   unregulated residential treatment centers .

And Oscar or anyone one else that is reading this - it is not from lack of trying . When I awoke to PTSD  complex c in 2000 from Elan and my primary caregivers  sadistic abuse  - from reading a news article concerning  Elan and Michael Skakel, takes just one tiny trigger to let you know you have been severely traumatized when PTSD raises its ugly head    - I sure got in touch with NBC ,  and over the past 19 years I have spoken with NBC nightly news. Just every so often -

No Stalking  just when something would pop up that related to child abuse - I would drop them a line .  The last time was When there was a NBC nightly news segment  concerning the Florida Juvee adult supervised fight clubs. I mean Elan had a fight club of sorts - In fact on December 27 1982 a young boy ,a ward of the state of Maine, by the name of  Phil Williams  died after a session from  Elan's  notorious and well known ring . What is funny, on an old NBC Television show hosted by Carl Roberts called NBC Reports actually reported about Joe Riccis Ring  and knew about Elan s use of the Ring . That NBC news magazine came out in 1978.

Yeah so Phil Williams dies after one of Elan's beat down sessions -  - and because Elan was so very protected Phils Death was not investigated until 34 years after the fact. And guess who was the attorney General in Maine during this murder investigation 34 years late  - lol Janet Mills .

So here we are almost 20 years later and NBC news still cant do the right thing and report on this non ending story of for profit child abuse.  Because I reckon at one time they supported sadistic  ,brutal, violent child abuse - now they report on child abuse lite as it being as bad -

Which is it NBC nightly news and Lester Holt, can you not understand that there are  places  that are criminally abusing children for a profit -and just because the state knows like in the case of the Elan Fiasco in Maine, and protects it for the tax revenues that these places generate  doesn't make it right.

Lester Holt  are the tax revenues that the Maine career politicians  protected worth more , than protecting the vary children that these politicians were elected to protect .  Elan was fraudulently waving the flag of saving yet instead was horrifically in ways so sick criminally abusing the daylights out of these children on a daily basis for close to forty years.

I think the executives of NBC    and my buddy Lester Holt, I  left him a voice mail after the airing of the Florida  JuVee state run  of  fight club. Yeah you can actually get to their voice mails - lol whether or not they actually listen to them - who knows - lol. I think those folks including Lester Holt  need to see the film "The Last Stop. And then maybe start doing a story about child abuse and how it is the root of really all the problems that we have Today .

And the reason being is the damage that this type of criminal child abuse "attack therapy " causes , such damage to the individual - and that impacts society in myriad of  very negative ways. Yeah NBC nightly news - lol  warns people to be aware of disturbing images of so called child abuse - lol Lester Holt let me tell you a little story about the Elan school.

perusing the names  Benchmark does stand out - lol Maybe have you tried entering them into the search engine on this site u will find a lot about benchmark . Maybe others, will assist . If u have been paying attention for the past 20- years a lot of these places just change names and pop up as the same thing with just a different name, For example Alberta Adolescent Recovery Center , in Canada use to be the Straights here - no kidding . And the straights got closed in the U.S.  for abuse and the insanity of the attack therapy that was used on children .  Straights was sinister and diabolical to families it indoctrinated - it destroyed families out right . 

Straight survivors have put out an amazing film about that program that has migrated since it was found to be criminal here in the united States  , now thrives in Alberta Canada. Makes me wonder about Justin Truedo  I obviously have misspelled the Prime minster of Canada's name - the one  that is pm now .

Some so called graduates  of these institutions of pain go and with the best of intentions start another program just like the one that they know- yet as all these programs that use "attack therapy" as crazy as that sounds that is what it is. And it is used  on children , at risk children at that then they will always further be damaging children in the name of saving children - so what if 10 survive and 90 dont= the mentality of  these places. They  dont give a flying care - it is all about the money - period .

Good luck in your quest maybe Psyborgue will see this and give u a bit of info or where to find more info on Benchmark and  the other places u mentioned  .

Open Free for All / Re: For what it is worth ....
« on: July 08, 2018, 02:42:16 AM »
Thank you Che- you might like this one it was baked fresh a few hours ago . Good see to  you around here.

Open Free for All / For what it is worth ....
« on: June 20, 2018, 09:52:25 PM »
Ok my son recorded this he is so cool. He uploaded this under his u tube name or account . He likes my music - Did I mention he is so cool , I am blessed for all three - so check it - I am  messing around  and well he was my audience -

 I hope you enjoy. peace

I sent the " site managers " an email with information that might assist - have not heard a peep back.


It has been reduced to 10 dollars  to stream-  We had been talking about doing this - And the funny thing it is about "the program"  not just our experiences at Elan the film portrays this sick program that really every one can recognize , as being "the Program"  - no matter where an unfortunate soul was sent.

It is so good I hope every  one will see it - more people that were not in a place - they seem to get really upset when they find out this is going on taday in many places for huge profits -and it is just as bad as the Elan in our film .

Cause this has got to end - Places like the ARRC in Canada- People in Canada need to see our film -

Ms Callahan treads a line of fiction that is libelous and slanderous - where in the world did she find that the perpetrator had placed their semen on the remains - Jesus for the last time , there was not one scintilla of direct evidence linking Mr. Skakel to the crime. Her whole premise is that people with money get treated differently , though in this case , one could argue because of money justice was not served - and my point is

Mrs. Maureen Callahan does not know about the sheet that was found  " loving placed over Martha Moxley's remains by - some one unknown after the fact , huh, and there was no biologics  of Mr. Skakels found on anything including the sheet, nor the body.  I am also surprised at how some one has apparently given up - that maybe the jig is up. Therefore why repeat something that is known to be false.

She has to boister the lie of this Camelot by stating that Elan was a posh ( hahahahahaha) place , which is funny considering how many thousands of Connecticut's, New York's , Massachusetts , state wards were processed thru this brutal ,broke down palace, of a well protected criminal enterprise, where attack therapy akin to torture was used by  the adults that ran that hell hole, as they criminally  warehoused children under the guise of  therapy. and for a hefty profit . Since these adult employees directed us, the residents, to abuse each other on a daily basis. Posh no it was eat or be eaten /or life during Wartime. Nothing therapeutic about Elan, imo it was the biggest criminal scam to have existed in the State of Maine for close to forty years.

Felice and then I inquired -you know inquiring minds want to know - The NY post is a rag that is a akin  to that of other super market tabloids - so why would there be any  imo fact in this prattle of this woman's obvious premise  to maintain the status Quo of the Kennedys, as untouchable which is not true -a man with money was still was railroaded into prison - while apparently the killer who imo also has money as  well, remains free. - A death  bed confession, at this point would not surprise me.

The Troubled Teen Industry / You know I would seriously
« on: May 05, 2018, 11:30:42 AM »
hope that the prosecutors would view our film prior to making a decision to take up the  Connecticut  Supreme courts caveat - they had to offer - of granting them the option of a re-trial. Since Mr.Skakel is mentioned a couple of times in our film.

And from the point of eyewitnesses to his Elan ordeal. 

I hope the prosecutors are not as corrupt- and know in their hearts why an alleged coerced thru methods akin to an article in a Time Magazine that was aptly called Torture. It boggles my mind how much of what was known about Elan and what went on inside those walls of all those houses that Joe Ricci ran and his criminal operation of a fraud was allowed to continue ten years after his death with  the same sadistic miscreants that I knew when I had the unfortunate experience of being placed in that hell hole by scared sadistic primary care giver .

I hope the prosecutors think real hard and long about this fact ,that it is law no coerced thru any means of physical or emotional "torture ", can an allegedly extracted confession be admitted  into a court of law ,anywhere in this wonderful country. What I would think would also leave a terrible taste in that prosecutors ,be it Benedict - ( he has since retired - getting out while he can- we see  - lol ) or who ever's mouth- is that this  alleged confession is conveyed thru hearsay.

It is funny to me still -that Elan residents are sorta kinda believed on the witness stand - in Connecticut- and their  testimony was used by the prosecutors to gain a murder conviction against a man, that there  existed,  not  one scintilla of direct  of evidence - ( how else were that able to get this conviction ) linking Mr. Skakel directly to this crime.

Yet in the State of Maine - the years of allegations of systemic, serial ,brutal sadistic , violent criminal child abuse - that Joie Ricci profited upon as well as the State of Maine thru Joe's impressive profits that generated a whooping  amount of tax revenue to a very underpopulated and economically depressed area of the State of Maine- are not believed - when former residents have voiced them over the years.

I hope to have some better news about our film soon , hopefully at least by Monday - We really want to make this affordable for every one - I will say it again I am very proud of our film -

Think about it the program or concept - The  tools used to fit the individual to the one size fits all methodologies of Synanon - then you have this place called Elan run by  violent NYC street thug who took this very "Abstract " concept and created a very dangerous place for human beings to receive "attack therapy " or milue therapy as it is also cleverly called like this word  give it some sort of validation as being good.

And our film conveys this Abstract concept  of this thing called" the program "- based on a sick mans sick cult called Synanon  in such a fashion that nay one who has ever been in this type of hell can identify . We use our story of the Elan school  to explain just what the hell this is, and we do it well .

And that is our story - our message of our film is much greater than our Elan story - while it is excellent , and that  is this continues in places, we  name about ten or more  in our film , ( we do not tell the stories of what happened to children in these abusive rtcs out  of respect for survivors  of these  places.  We welcome them to tag along and tell their stories of abuse - as horrific as that may seem we simply cannot do that for them ), yet we welcome them to visit our face book documentary page, and just write.

I am happy at the direction of our film is taking - it truly was a labour of love - I will not see ant money from this film - it is not mine - I honored to have worked on this film and credit at the end of the film is  worth more to me than any   money  - I hope to have  info about affordability of our film soon .   


The Troubled Teen Industry / Skakel's sentance is vacated.
« on: May 04, 2018, 06:52:51 PM »
This is a big Deal - Michael Skakel has had his conviction overturned by the Connecticut Supreme court - It is unclear , at this point if prosecutors are going to file for another trial.

I hope the Department of Justice looks into the deal - Connecticut CPS/CJJS had with Joe Ricci and the amount of money that state paid Joe for participating in his well protected by Maine folks -elected officials - Joes continuing criminal enterprise known as the Elan School- It ran for forty years - Connecticut sent thousands of children to Elan. 

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