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The Troubled Teen Industry / Something positive-
« on: February 23, 2019, 07:48:11 AM »
Another State  bill, (New Mexico) to keep an eye on. Still it is very positive note Apparently the criminal goings on behind the “troubled teens” industries’  many residential treatment centers  doors’, is starting to be taken seriously  again by elected representatives .

lets hope that the big money that this insidious industry wields in the form of it’s lobbying power, doesn't corrupt at the state level ,(lol) .

By the time the lobbyist  monies  has reached Washington it has changed hands so many times – that senators have no idea how and where it is coming from ,they just know if they prevent house bills like HR 911 from ever reaching the floor for debate ,lol- least reach the floor for a vote , the senators will get those many millions of dollars .

Therefore when  U.S senators dont  look at the issue they don’t see one, they see the money  - they are not made to see how those  millions were made -they just know if they dance to the strings that are being pulled  they will get that money .

A good book to understand this process - how the United States Senators intertwine with the lobbyist that bring millions of dollars to them and how the Senators are beholden to their perspective parties to bring in a certain amount of money  once they are elected - if they want to survive and have a lengthy committee filled tenure as a U.S. State senator. It explains why common sense bills like HR-911 never reached the senate floor.

The book is called Extortion , How politicians extract your money ,buy Votes ,and line their own pockets, by Peter Schweizer. 

 New Mexico's House Bill 500

Bill To Keep New Mexico’s Children Safe Advances
Submitted by Carol A. Clark
on February 21, 2019 - 7:13am
Rep. Micaela Lara Cadena
SANTA FE – A bill to keep New Mexico’s children safe passed Wednesday the House Health and Human Services Committee.
House Bill 500, sponsored by Rep. Micaela Lara Cadena (D-Mesilla) and Rep. Willie Madrid (D-Chaparral), would extend the authority of the Children, Youth and Families Department to regulate, inspect, and sanction programs for at-risk youth.
Rep. Willie Madrid
During the committee hearing, members heard heart-wrenching stories of abuse of at-risk youth, bringing to light both the urgency and importance of this legislation.
“The stories we heard in committee today are an example of how our current system has failed to protect some of our most vulnerable New Mexicans,” Rep. Micaela Lara Cadena said. “I am proud to be sponsoring this bill because I believe as legislators we have a responsibility to do all we can to ensure the safety and wellness of children and young people in our state.”
Reports by federal agencies and advocacy groups estimate that there were more than 1,600 incidents of abuse and 300 deaths in 33 states leading up to efforts to regulate the industry in 2005.
Programs for at-risk youth, often referred to as the troubled-teen industry, include residential, wilderness, or boot camp programs that serve children or teens with behavioral or emotional disturbances, or history of involvement with the juvenile justice system.
House Bill 500 now moves to the House State Government, Elections, and Indian
Affairs .

Open Free for All / For what it is worth ....
« on: June 20, 2018, 09:52:25 PM »
Ok my son recorded this he is so cool. He uploaded this under his u tube name or account . He likes my music - Did I mention he is so cool , I am blessed for all three - so check it - I am  messing around  and well he was my audience -

 I hope you enjoy. peace

is available - The film is excellent -the message of the film is powerful. This film is a direct indictment against the unregulated insidious abusive "troubled Teen industry" that exists in todays day and age - we mention other programs in our film. It is very professionally done - I believe survivors of any program  will be pleasantly surprised, please share and support our film.

Thank you all and many blessing to all. 
 It can be purchased here.

Elan School / The Trailer for "The Last Stop "
« on: January 06, 2016, 09:03:02 PM »
A friend of mine is making a documentary called "the Last Stop " it is about Elan - It can be triggering to people that experienced this type of abuse as therapy. It went up yesterday, the first time I saw it a few hours ago -it made me cry. I had to call up my friend and  thank him - this is the trailer for his film. It is good to see Mary and Doug who were in Elan  with me during my time. Maia Salavitz is in this also. Gird yourself  accordingly - it is intense.

Feed Your Head / So I write
« on: December 08, 2015, 05:53:43 PM »
Hi Ajax,  I read this the other day the Pathocracy of the US  , reckon shortly after you put it up .  Pretty intense reading - It bothers me-  you know I am not prone to conspiracy theories, like to keep it sorta grounded , and by all means please I am not saying you are -  or anyone is but my God that paper  by Mr. Silver  it was pretty intense .

Our gov't has done some pretty shitty things - maybe it is more like there are some folks in Gov't that have done some pretty nasty and highly illegal things to guide -maybe more so direct the way things that certain folks want for this country to control or learn how to control the masses  .

I mean the whole cocaine for money to buy guns under Reagans watch - shoot put crack everywhere and no one was held accountable - And it was al little newspaper in California -I want to say the Sacramento Bee or the Mercury ( cant remember which that exposed the shenanigans)  that put that into the masinstream public eye - and Oliie North gets a television show.

shakes head  it just blows my teeny tiny mind -

I can see it very easily- for example the corruption in the state  of Maine  that allowed a Elan ( call a spade a spade and a shovel a shovel ) a criminal enterprise , and the scams that Ricci ran - besides Elan -like out right using children's social security numbers and creating false w-2 - saying that he paid them to work at his race track - Scarborough Downs which they did , but the catch was they didn't get a dime, they got to get out of his child abuse  houses for the day ,and mingle with outside people which any child would have gladly said please take me I'll work for nothing - if you know what I mean  - I am  not sure how many years this went on but he would then be able to defraud the IRS by declaring that these  children were paid - and this is really coming to light children now adults are looking at their sociasl security stuff and seeing and discovering the fraud .

And then -shoot Bill Diamond lorded over the tax revenues that Elan  generated for the state of Maine - He sat on a judicial committee and a transportation committee . Ricci was making millions with his Elan so it was defraud the US - the IRS but as far as doing business with the state and it was protected and my God man it was so protected that the media in Maine is/was in on it, so Elan was allowed to do what it was doing ,even it was as crooked and as criminal , and yet because of the huge taxes state taxes that Elan generated -it was certainly protected .

It truly was a win -win for Ricci and for Maine - shoot the Windham District  -Bill Diamond's district encompassed Poland Springs where Elan was located  the tax revenues just flowed and that area doesn't have a large population - in fact Maine probably due to the winters ( harsh ) doesn't have a large population then nor now.

There is so much to this story than just what went on in Elan , which was well you know quite criminal and to know that this criminal enterprise was allowed to continue to exist and they knew -lol  oh  they knew what was going on in there , people were told who had jobs with the Parole and Probation  in the state of Maine  by their supervisor/superiors that if you "reported the (abuse ) problems of the criminal nature that was happening  in  Elan that you would become the problem and could be made to disappear  just like Jimmy Hoffa.  Sure it may seem funny but quite honestly I don't think death threats like that are funny.

so when I say that Elan was a continuing criminal enterprise that was protected by Maine State officials - and when I say that the people in the state of Maine that were to protect children - like Bill Diamond , all the Maine  Governor's from Longley to King all knew - and valued money more than the very children's live that all Maine state officials were to protect - it is the truth .

It is inconceivable to me that a child Philip Williams could die after a series of "Hot Box " sessions from the adults who directed  Elan's notorious and brutal so called therapeutic tool know as "The ring " ( look it up on the Elan section right here on fornits) and it was simply covered up .

I know many witnesses to this incident and none were interviewed by the authorities -out right murdered by Elan and its untrained adults that Joe Ricci had working for him and the residents were told that the boy who died on 12 -27- 82 and the witnesses and combatants as Joe called them "the house champions"   were all told that Philip died from a brain aneurysm - I know the facts and I write  about it and I publically write about it on the Bangor Daily News website and I imagine it gets a lot of sphincters to  tighten up  and then the now Attorney General of Maine - who has been publically asked by the man who has come forward that use to work for the Maine State  Parole and Probation for 34 plus years and of course myself have asked JANET MILLS to begin an investigation in to the death ,subsequent cover up, (really the murder of Philip Williams by  the Elan Corporation and its adult directors ) and all this just falls on deaf ears

So the documentary comes out called Children of Darkness , out in 1983 post the Death of Phil Williams and previously there was a NBC reports segment that came out in 1979 where Joe Ricci says we don't have a ring and then in the next breath he says in this corner we have the house champion and in this corner we have the house bully -  (Absolutely true) and then he proceeds to tell that he has girls beaten in this ring that is not a ring because "girls can be bullies also" . 

And the beat goes on - This may seem like some bizarre conspiracy theory and the rantings of a mad man - though it is as true as the fact that the  sun rises in the east .

I don't know what to do about except when ever I get a chance to write publically up there on some Maine Newspaper  - I write , it is all over fornits of course - and Dammit I realize that the only way an investigation/prosecution  is going to be done , if it is done will be  by the DoJ  because the corruption is so thick in Maine that it has become very obvious that the Attorney General of Maine Janet Mills  is incapable of doing an investigation because she and her buddies ( cronies) are up to their eyeballs in this endeavor that allowed Elan to exist as a continuing criminal enterprise for close to forty years .

Sorry Ajax  it is a very sad reality, albeit true  and it is a very sick legacy  for  good people that do exist in the state  of Maine- that literally did not know - so I write and I write and I write who knows maybe Federal Attorney General Mrs.Lynch  will get wind of this - and who knows maybe there will be justice for Phil Williams and Elan survivors.

I still got some cards that I holding- and every day I learn more about the whos in Maine that protected that Elan Corporation as it existed as a continuing criminal enterprise for close to forty years .  And I have been writing about Elan for 15 years , it aint nothing but the truth , though some may consider this some  conspiracy theory  -lol. Sadly it is  true, just as true as yes that is my name .

Ashes , Ashes all fall down .




Elan School / It would appear to be getting very real in the state of Maine
« on: February 06, 2015, 10:44:47 AM »
It appears to be getting very real for the Elan Cabal in the state of Maine - as evidenced by the comments pertaining to this  this article-  I don't think that Bill Diamond , Sharon Terry , Janet Mills,  Martin Kruglik , Jeffery Gottlieb, Jay McCloskey, are really getting the picture - that children's lives ARE more important than money. (maybe Ed McColl can help them understand this )

Though as more Elan Survivors come forward-( laughing out loud rather loudly) which is happening on a daily basis - I believe it will become very crystal clear to them -( regardless of Ed's assistance in this matter.)

We have the attention of many in the State of Maine -and our voices are only going to get louder , though mind you-  we are still being  polite, quite different than how the Elan administrators  treated us - Sharon Terry  Martin Kruglik , Jeffery Gottlieb , Morris Fink , Marc Rosenberg ,  -( and others at this point unnamed Administrators)  are going to wish they had not tortured us for money.   


In my opinion the Elan One Corporation , aka the Elan Two Corporation and eventually becoming as the Elan (sic) School  ran as a continuing criminal enterprise   that operated  for close to forty years -

This crime, imo,  can be Investigated/remedied by having the Federal Department of Justice begin an investigation  -totally independent of any connections to the state of Maine ( meaning no Federal investigators involved with the investigation having ANY ties to the State of Maine ) and using the Rico act to investigate and prosecute the many involved in this disgusting and hideous criminal operation that lasted for close to forty years.

This can be prosecuted using the Rico act -regardless of the fact that Elan closed in 2011.( as Ed surely knows)

All because certain politicians in Maine  and people in positions of authority-( Maine  Department of Education)  valued money more than children's live - isn't that right mister Bill Diamond  ?

Elan School / Elan property, Poland Spring, Me. compound
« on: February 27, 2013, 09:38:46 AM »
70 #5 Colbath Road, Poland Spring Me. was sold to Stephen J. Kinney.

This sale was recorded 11-29-11. The price paid was $467,500, far from the reported asking price of $1,000,000.

Poland Springs was asked to re-assess the property , it was  granted.

Property land value was assessed to be $406,050.

Buildings value was assessed to be  $160,230.

Total assessed value $512,280. (*yes it is different from $566,280 that you would think it would  be*)

I still think he paid too much, lol for the elan compound. No permits have been pulled on the property as of 2-25-13.

It is sad that the pain and death caused by this hell hole of a piece of property  in Poland Springs, Maine could not be assessed and placed as a lien on this property.  This hypothetical figure would certainly be in the $150 million dollar and up  range.

Shame on you Mister Bill Diamond, former Maine state senator and hypocrite author extraordinaire. (also according to the book Duck in a Raincoat by Maura Curley , he is a former elan employee- by his own words.)

Thought Reform / Re: The Macy Conferences:The Minds behind Mind Control
« on: August 12, 2011, 02:14:44 AM »
Quote from: "DannyB II"
Can't seem to pull up this article/statement on google or even on the actual site it is posted in the references.
Wanted to read what Dr.Davidson had to say.
Davison , G., & Stuart, R. (1974). Statement on behavior modification from the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy. AABT Newsletter, 1(2), 2-3.

It is because Dr. Gerald E Davidson from  The Elan corporation, One of the TWO founderS of elan (didn't you know that , JOE RICCI was the other founder of that hell hole FYI) has these letters after his name M.D.  and Gerald C Davison has Phd after his name. Ya I see  that to you that these are the same men ,maybe you are really crazier than when I first believed you .  

you did it twice  not once  but twice  (two posts)......were you rubbing your hands in glee or were you dribbling booze or what ever off your chin, in your mad dash to post ....its just gross.You are a very bad person.  I am very concerned that you actually talk to survivors, they don't have a chance.

Look I asked you to not contact me ever again Bennison , therefore I would expect you to not  to do so .I deleted the pm you sent me bury hatchet . This is now the third time I am asking nicely .Or I will consider it cyber stalking and will have to take the aproppeate action.

Don't flatter yourself in thinking that you hurt me , you didn't, you tried to though and that fact alone is why I want no contact with you what so ever.

You did however  make me relive the nightmares of elan: when I had to sleep with the lights on in the common area ,with the two P.O.s and the baseball bat with the instructions that they were to beat me to death if I even gave them a hint that I was going to split (straight from krugliks lips ). Yeah you helped me relive those ungodly nightmares , complete with panic attacks and they were intense I'll give you that , like electric currents coursing through out my body . One right after the other.

Funny thing though you weren't there when all this stuff went down(at my house in elan)

but you know those nightmares went away and the panic attacks went away, a couple of days after your attacks . Therefore no you didn't hurt me , you tried to though and thats the crux  of the buscuit .Funny thing is you kept attacking like you hadn't done enough damage . I just ignore your crap why respond to a sick person.

The fact that you tried to hurt me and the way you did it ,half truths ,gossip and hearsay was all that I needed to realize that you are not someone that I could ever trust. And besides you stupidly issued me a threat on line of all places, I don't care what you say about it, I felt that it was a threat , I percieved it as a threat and that is what counts.

You could have told me the truth about your assistant directorship and your real involvement in elan when we had spoken. You chose not to. I did not know until you posted on facebook your assistant director job manifesto.

I did not know until then.

Hell I did not know you in the program even though it appears that  our time overlapped. I was there 11 months or so before you got there , but I never met you .  

It had nothing to do with loosing face or such nonsense , if you had told me the truth , sure I might not have talked with you as much , but I would have seen you as honest.

I have many friends on fornits. They are my friends because they have earned my trust and respect , and I have earned theirs. I value their friendship, respect and trust  . It is something that I don't take lightly , I would never try to hurt them, and you know they know it . They have also known me for over nine years.

There really is nothing to forgive , as a human being you really shouldn't have done what you did to me anyways.

Again please do not contact me again, I want nothing from you or to do with you ..... I know what you are and

I see how you are .....

Open Free for All / California to possibly legalize pot this november
« on: March 25, 2010, 03:13:56 PM »
Say it aint so...I am watching CNBC right now and they are talking about the fact that the voters of California will vote on a referendum on all out legalization of Cannabis this November.

I watch this station because I am interested in the stock market .

Though I am blown away at the amount of high quality bud that has just been paraded across my screen. Beautiful buds and plants .

The anchors are calling it the stoner stimulus for California.

The referendum will allow Californians over the age of 21 to  posses an once of pot.

They are  saying that California has a 14 billion dollar cash crop.Which I don't doubt since the police basically set the price in my opinion, by stating how much the Cannabis they seize is worth. And of course next thing you know thats what the market will bear.  LOL

It is funny that the opponents are some growers that don't want it legal because they think it will cause their profits to drop. and more than likely it will.

I have not smoked pot in over 7 years, yet support people who chose to smoke pot for medicinal or recreational reasons. I do not feel that people should be arrested for archaic/arcane pot laws.

It was simply funny to see all the high grade bud being paraded on CNBC 20 minutes ago .

And the anchors of the show (God bless them) did a really good job keeping a staight face about this possible "stoner Stimulus" for California.  LOL

Open Free for All / Sekto great lyric's thread posting.
« on: March 21, 2010, 02:26:50 PM »
Hi Sekto ,

Man thank you for posting the lyric's to  Ship of Fools  by  Robert Hunter and Jerome Garcia.

A few thoughts about this song, if I may.

Many years ago early 1600's I believe England and possibly other countries would take their insane and criminals and load them up on ships , with food and water ,and set them loose on the seas. and this was where many met there demise.

This was done because they did not want their lunatics running around the populace. and it was easier to deal with them  in this way, than to house them and feed them , especially if their families had no money.

This song means a lot to me because it is sorta how I think of elan and some of ther other programs. Each program (or Ship) on a cruel sea ,with the strangest captian we all could find (Sembler , ricci , and all).

I am in the the stage of the song where I am doing my best to  shut down the  my particular program (elan)  on this cruel sea.

ah well I am just taking poetic licsence with this song and it just how I feel about it, though I just wanted to thank you Sekto  for posting it on the lyrics thread. I am sure this song may mean lots of different things to many people.

And of course I don't believe we are all fools (LOL)

Very poingnant song to hear live, and very moving to read the lyrics  again.

Thank you Sekto .


Elan School / Re: Elan in the Media
« on: March 18, 2010, 10:06:16 PM »
Hi Felice,

I bet this was a lot of work work  I thank you for putting it over here.

looks like it  is all the stuff that Mark had posted on the FB site , and posted on the elan forum policies.

All these articles certainly pertain to elan good work both of you .It blows my mind how much is out there .

For all the people that are familiar with the stuff that went down in St. Petersburg Fl. There is an article in the June 2 , !973 St. Petersburg Times about elan. for the life of me I wonder how it ended up in the St. Peterburg newspaper.  Does anyone think there have been a connection between Art Barker and Joe Ricci.

Did these men compare notes on their programs.  

Another thing is how well elan was able to put a spin on what it was doing, just amazing.

Thank you again Felice for putting it here , and Mark thank you again for finding it , it is simply amazing.


Elan School / Re: Finally The Truth comes out
« on: March 14, 2010, 10:37:55 PM »
Wow thats a lot of names to throw out .

Guess that makes them public  now .

Well Jeffery Gottlieb is well known in these parts and I called him up way back in 2000 when the Skakel stuff was hitting the fan. And I had my own little personal encounter group  with him. told him about the boat incident with another assistant director and he agreed that it was not good.

Marty Kruglik ... I also called up that c/s and asked him if he remembered me and he laughed and said in that long drawn out speech pattern fashion of his Matt hoffman, MAATTT HOOOFFFMMAAN and started to laugh you were the kid that stabbed that other kid, and laughed  The fuck actually thought it was FUNNY ,I was in tears at the time and I kept repeating I was a kid , I was a Kid. I was a FREAKING kid. What a monster. told him a little about my dad how "he tripped the light fantastic"or the man who stands behind the soft machine  and kruglik said "Yeah I catch your drift "  a cliche that the bastard loved and used most frequently.

Wendy Frearman... sent her an e-mail she was a lowely staff person. (not an assistant director that I knew of)

Mike Fink was in the house when I left , he owns a pawn shop up in Portland Me. Didn't know him as staff.

Open Free for All / Duck in a Raincoat
« on: January 27, 2010, 01:05:40 PM »
Hello ,

I want to take the time to thank Dan Bostdorf and Maura Curley for writing and publishing this book.

If people are not familiar with it and you went to elan or are thinking of sending your children(God Forbid) to elan please read it.

The first 7 chapters give a very accurate almost a snapshot of what life was like when I was at elan.

I thank  Dan and Maura for giving some of us a platfrom that has not only given some of us a voice. It has also helped in the healing of the wounds that was inflicted by elan and its henchmen.

Many blessing and many thank to them


Elan School / Welcome Felice
« on: March 04, 2006, 10:37:00 PM »
Hello former residents,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Felice as a fellow moderator of this board. I am grateful that she has come onboard and I trust that you folks will treat her as you have treated me, which has been very well. (and I thank you for it )

Felice will be helping me also with the compiling of the read only forum that will be culled from posts on this board.We can't have people slogging thru the trash to read the nuggets of gold about elan and its henchmen.

Felice welcome and have fun.

(God I hope this doesn't sound like morning meeting and if it does please forgive me)


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