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Let It Bleed / I need search terms!!
« on: January 13, 2017, 09:33:42 AM »
I'm working on creating a database of information about the TTI. I need to monitor the news for articles that touch on the Troubled Teen Industry. And I need search terms. Can you help me?

A good search term is one you can put into a search engine and get results that are relevant, without getting too many that aren't relevant.

Right now I am using this string:
OR "troubled teen industry" OR WWASP OR "teen residential treatment" OR "therapeutic intervention" OR "wilderness program" OR NATSAP OR "therapeutic boarding school"

I need more terms. I'm not a program survivor; I'm an ally. I am a survivor of other messed-up things, which is how I know this is important. And if anybody knows the euphemisms that things are called in the news, the words that are tip-offs that this is one of Those programs, it'll be you guys.

Just post the search terms you think will work. Brainstorm it. I'd be very grateful.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Autism Memorial: Can you help me?
« on: August 15, 2013, 01:55:42 PM »
I came here once ages ago and just remembered the place existed, mostly because some links led me here.

I have been working on a rather big project lately. Here:

Autism Memorial Project

The idea is to memorialize autistic people who have died essentially because of ablist prejudice... whether that's a parent who didn't want an autistic child, a cop who thought it was a good idea to shoot the young black autistic man who couldn't respond to him, or the person staying in an institution who couldn't get medical care, or who suffocated during restraint, or was poisoned by overmedication. Et cetera.

The really horrible part of it is that often times it's the parents who killed their children who get the sympathy. Like, "How hard it must have been to raise an autistic child," or, "I can sympathize; they must have been so stressed." Nobody seems to sympathize with the vulnerable child--the youngest of the children on my memorial was only six months old--who probably died in pain and fear, betrayed by the person s/he should have been able to depend on. So when I put up a memorial page, I don't even mention the murderer by name. I try to find out who the person was in life.

A few of the restraint deaths led me here. Occasionally, descriptions of kids who died while in "troubled teen" programs would mention that they had Asperger's or another form of autism.

So what I want from you guys... I want to look through the "troubled teen industry" deaths, and find stories that fit on the memorial pages. Is there a way to tell which of these kids were diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder? I would appreciate any help you could give.

OK, so I recently got this e-mail from a kid who must have read me ranting about this stuff somewhere. Says he's in "New Summit Academy, Costa Rica", wants advice. I've never heard of it.

Found their web site, though.

More experienced minds may be able to get something from this.

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