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Title: my peoples
Post by: SyN on September 27, 2004, 06:05:00 PM
hey guys been quit as of late just wanted to say hi.

Art my man how are you doing are you?

CCT hows your boy?  Let me know whats going on lately.

Bethy my dabie where ya been.

Lets keep the communication going guys we can get this going in both forums, this one is for us as stable people.

Any freakin who guys hope all is well.
Title: my peoples
Post by: Cynthia on September 28, 2004, 12:55:00 AM
Hi, Nice to hear from you. Brian is doing quite well. I am annoyed with him because he won't enroll in school. Because of this, I make him pay $50. a week board. I wish I could get through to him. If he takes 2 classes, gets a "C" or better, he gets his money back and I will pay for school too. He won't take the bait. Any suggestions? Otherwise it is nice to have him around and not acting like a fool. He works a lot and is finally making some sensible choices. How are you and your family doing? Have you opened your wine store yet? Cindy
Title: my peoples
Post by: SyN on September 28, 2004, 10:31:00 AM
So how long exactly was he in Elan and how soon did he get out. If it wasnt that long ago that you pulled him out then he is going to need some time thats non structured.  Not to say he shouldnt have a job and be productive, but I dont think that having the whole day structured.  Its elan release time in his book.  I bet you after he gets some free time maybe up to a year (depending on the person) But after that he will most likely want to go to school on his own.  Paying his way at home is a great idea though, especially if its a form of saveing account.

Fam's great. Store is still under renovations but opening soon.  I started my fall private tasteings to make some extra money and have been fazing back into working on restaurant wine books.  Nothing to fast though its what burnt me out last year.  Having to mauch going on.

Does he ever post or read fornits?
Title: my peoples
Post by: Cynthia on September 29, 2004, 12:46:00 AM
Hi Mike, Brian was at elan for 20 months, prior to that I had escorts take him to a wilderness program in Utah. I tried to explain the program and show him the information I had. He refused and told me he would run away. He basically had dropped out of school. He was living at the local truck stop (sleeping in chairs) and stealing to get by. He told me he couldn't live with rules so living with us would be unbearable.  He had gotten arrested for having pot at school and was getting high everyday. Growing, selling, smoking. It was the only thing that mattered to him.
Personally, I feel our public school system failed him. They shoved him through the cracks. He and I both have ADD which makes me more understanding of his struggle in school. I would plead for help and they did very little to accomodate him. He was never able to complete his class work, so they would send it home along with homework. It rarely got completed. It made our family life hell. He continued to fail, year after year. This killed any pride or self esteem he had. I don't blame him for getting high. It seems all he ever did was get in trouble, suspended, and fail. I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing.
Finally, totally desperate, I researched wilderness programs. I consumed myself with this for about 3 weeks. I found what I wanted although I had no idea how I was going to pay for it @ $285 per day. I called for an emergency meeting (PPT) with the special education director and told him that my son had been labled "ODD" and now qualified for SpEd services. I TOLD him WHERE Brian was going and wanted to know HOW HE was going to make the payments. He tried to talk me out of it and start with something local and cheaper. I knew time was not on my side due to his age.
To finish this long story, he paid half. Then I hired a SpEd Attorney. He (director) knew the town had failed my son, and agreeded to pay for elan in full. I am certain that if I had not brought that Atty with me, I would never have gotten all that. The man simply being at the meeting was the power I needed. Brian actually learned there!(elan)
WOW! It looks so simple in print. I went through hell!   Skiing in Utah was wonderful, but next time we will go for a real vacation, not to pick up a kid in the middle of the desert and camp out in January.

 I told Brian about this website, he has no interest right now. I think he wants to keep elan at a distance for a while. He talks on the phone and IM on the web to some elan friends though.[ This Message was edited by: Llahsram on 2004-09-28 21:52 ]
Title: my peoples
Post by: SyN on September 29, 2004, 02:09:00 AM
tell him to email or im me anytime
my yahoo mrsynister01  and you have my email.  I wont even talk elan if he wants :tup:
be good all
Title: my peoples
Post by: Cynthia on September 29, 2004, 03:29:00 PM
Hi Art, I'll miss you and I wan't to thank you for your advice. This section is nice. No idiots, insults of name calling. Don't let one jerk knock you down. You are much better than that. If you allow that, he wins, and lousers shouldn't win! I hope to hear from you again, if not, thanks for your help and kindness. Take care of yourself and your family. You are one of the good guys! My e-mail is [email protected] , Be good, Cindy
Title: my peoples
Post by: SyN on September 29, 2004, 08:25:00 PM
call me sometime soon art if ya dont have my number let me know.  Be good brother and be well.  
TT ya soon
Title: my peoples
Post by: Cynthia on September 29, 2004, 10:05:00 PM
Hey Mike, I will pass your IM on to Brian. I told him I had been talking to you and that you would like to hear from him. I couldn't tell if he was interested or not??? We'll see what happens. He is leaving on Friday morning to visit his father in Maine, so I know it won't be this week.

I love this change in the weather. I just lit the wood stove for the first time this season. I didn't really need to, but it makes it seem more like Fall.
Title: my peoples
Post by: Robert on October 01, 2004, 08:29:00 PM
Hope you reconsidder . This forum seems pretty non offensive. Its good hanging out with ya. we would miss ya!
Title: my peoples
Post by: Robert on October 01, 2004, 08:33:00 PM
Thanks for keeping us up to date. I find your postings interesting.

I brushed the chimney and am working the wood pile. I love the whole wood thing. It's ironic cause i sell boilers for  a living.

I try not to light a fire till at least 15 October. I'm in Maine.

All the best

Title: my peoples
Post by: Robert on October 01, 2004, 08:37:00 PM
Mike how are ya keeping,

This forum is much better. I think you should just delete the other one.

That way no one will get sued!
Title: my peoples
Post by: Cynthia on October 01, 2004, 11:19:00 PM
Hi Robert, I didn't realize you lived in Maine. What town or area are you in. My son just left this morning with his grandmother to visit his father in Weston(northeast near Houlton). I think it's going to be COLD.
Title: my peoples
Post by: SyN on October 01, 2004, 11:50:00 PM
Robert thanks for posting man and welcome!!!
Hope all is well on your end up north.  

I dont see many lawsuits popping up from these idiots, just alot of empty threats, but whatever makes them feel better.  Its better to just school jordan and company.
we have this forum to be normal civil and enjoy each others company, thats all I really wanted.  

Saw a moose the other day next to my wood shed made me miss Maine for some strange reason; never thought i would miss that area. but at times I really do.
Any way be good, and well.
Title: my peoples
Post by: Cynthia on October 01, 2004, 11:59:00 PM
Everytime we go to ME,VT or NH for vacation, I force my family to endure hours of moose watching. In August when we were in Maine, not even my 10 year old would come with me. I didn't last long all alone. I have a wild imagination and I scare myself just sitting alone in the middle of nowhere. I didn't see any moose this time.
Title: my peoples
Post by: Robert on October 02, 2004, 09:30:00 PM
Cindy I'm within 10 miles of Elan. I didn't have anywhere to go when i finished Elan so I just stayed here. It's a great place to live!!
Title: my peoples
Post by: Cynthia on October 02, 2004, 11:16:00 PM
Wow, It is beautiful there. Close enough to major cities, but in the country. That road work going on up there is taking sooo long. My husband is a civil engineer and insists that there is just bad project management, and not enough work going on while it is warm. I would hate to have to drive that route regularly.

Where is your family from and when were you at elan?
Title: my peoples
Post by: Robert on October 02, 2004, 11:32:00 PM
I was at Elan in 79- 80

I was born in Ireland so ...

Anyhow the highway is just about done. The availability of contractors is the issue  (I am assuming you are talking about  RT 26 )

All The best

Title: my peoples
Post by: SyN on October 05, 2004, 12:11:00 AM
I invited some more people hopefully they'll pop in soon.  
Ireland Robert, very nice place.  Windy as fuk though.  Best pubs and friendly people, what a place.!! Spent a week there years ago it was great. just drove the country and relaxed.
Title: my peoples
Post by: Robert on October 05, 2004, 09:42:00 PM
Sounds like a great trip . I haven't been to Ireland since 87 so I am over due.

Went to the Basque region in Spain and southwestern France recently.

SyN youd of been interested in that . Mys sisters boyfriend family owns a vineyard. We toured that and stayed in beautiful, San Sebastien. The spanish are big beer drinkers but there was a white carbonated wine that they drank alot of.

My sister gave me all the finer points of the wines we were encountering. She travels to London regularly to complete some type of wine certification. It was all wasted on me . Give me a Guinness!
Title: my peoples
Post by: Cynthia on October 05, 2004, 09:42:00 PM
Robert, It is RT 26 that I was talking about, not the highway. Lack of contracters? That makes scense.
 You must be the same age as me, or a bit younger. I graduated high school in 79 and turned 43 last month.
What do you do for work up there? Are you a snow lover like me? I wish I lived near a ski area, I would have a part time job there or be in ths ski patrol just so I could ski everyday. It sure beats going to the gym.
Title: my peoples
Post by: Robert on October 05, 2004, 09:55:00 PM
a heating contractor. Self employed.

I work in lots of houses right around Elan.It's pretty ironic.

yeah I'm a year younger than you.

Do you Ski Sunday River?
Title: my peoples
Post by: Cynthia on October 05, 2004, 10:20:00 PM
It is so ironic, you work in heating and use a stove. I work in a supermarket and there is never any food on our house. I don't know how to shop for a week at a time.
We did stay at Sunday River in March this past winter. I loved it. Even though I injured every inch of my body. I tore ligaments in my thumb :cry2:  I had a rough year. Every winter we rent a ski on/off condo and stay on the mountian for a Sunday-Friday vacation. I think we are going to Tremblant this year. We usually go with another family, but I think we are on our own this time.[ This Message was edited by: Llahsram on 2004-10-06 06:38 ]
Title: my peoples
Post by: Robert on October 08, 2004, 08:54:00 PM
I burn oil in my own house also for heat. I put 2.5 cords thru the old stove a year.

I also sell wood boilers and am one of the few people that services wood fired central heating systems.( I don't work on wood stoves)

Temblant is that in Quebec? I love going to Canada I lived in Ottawa for a few years. Great town. I went to a Blues Festival up there a couple years recently. Lots of fun
Title: my peoples
Post by: SyN on October 08, 2004, 09:44:00 PM
2.5. thats it.  Good winter like the last 2 i run through 6 at least. @ floors on a 87 yr old colonial.  Wood stove in the kitchen  and in my office upstairs  Kids get base bord (electric) in their rooms, me n momma have a  baseboards to keep it at 65. This winter is gonna be good too.  maybe 7 chord, it does save me money though and its the best.  I cut it i split it i burn it. And I replant every time. :tup:
Title: my peoples
Post by: Robert on October 08, 2004, 11:15:00 PM
is pretty small 1300 sq ft . Very well insulated. It was built as an electric house in th late 70's so the heat loss on it is minor. Could almost heat it with a candle!!

After i finished with Elan I planted tree's for Scott Paper all thru the Maine North Woods. Seemed like a thousand a day, all on foot. Once in while I cruise the woodlands north of Moosehead lake and check out the trees we planted back then. They are already harvesting some of them . Hard to believe