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The Troubled Teen Industry / Rocklyn Academy(Canada)
« on: July 28, 2007, 11:38:29 AM »
Anyone have experience with this facility? Doesn't seem to have anyone from the gov't watching what they are doing there.

New Info / Rocklyn Academy(Canada)
« on: July 23, 2007, 02:22:56 PM »
Anyone else have experience with this "emotional growth school"? Heads up on this one-so many red flags, very sketchy. Its been growing over the last few years, and attempting to open a 2nd facility. In the meantime they are cramming beds anywhere they can fit them. Accounting practices are creative to say the least. Therapy is added on at very high cost, on top of tuition. They don't spell this out.

There have been quite a few girls from the US sent there.  Definitely not the place for a child with mental health issues. They seem to have a reciprocal agreement going with wilderness placements in Utah..alot  of girls get sent to wilderness before they are sent back or to other US facilities such as Island View.

Monitoring phone calls, reading mail etc is typical. Most parents have no clue what is really going on there.There is no liscencing or overview by the gov't. The Ministry of Education assigns credits, but it does not in any way oversee the quality of those courses or teaching staff. Its a level system, and not uncommon to make it close to the top and be knocked back down to incoming. Contact with parents is very restricted.

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