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rev palmer  should b lock up in jail 4 screwing up so many gurls lifes :soapbox:

New Info / Re: I HATE GBS
« on: June 09, 2011, 06:53:22 PM »
how did rge rev. get away with makeing all the gurls write 700- 1000 lines out oer day- all the gurls lines must have add up 2 like 1,000,000 lines in 1 years- wow  writeing cramp- e- mail me and tell me your story about the rev. and the lines u had 2 write- [email protected] thank u

what was the most punishment lines did any gurl had 2 write?- how many lines per day did u have 2 write- my foster mom made me write 1000s of lines out- it screw up my head some times- u can e-mail me at- [email protected]- thank u >:(

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