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if its a transcript and other party KNEW it was being recorded then your fully in your rights to make it public

edit on a side note he seems pretty unsettled about what your asking for.... this could get interesting

if i were you guys if go back with a lawyer with you lol also more video tape XD

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: "Renovo is.... renewal"
« on: July 18, 2009, 05:48:47 PM »
Quote from: "Ursus"
Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: "Guest"
If I was that kid I would have learned the hard way how to paddle and waved adios as I hauled ass to the nearest river!
Doubt it. You would of waited patiently for the day when Papa Kenny takes your head in his lap, as you weep with satisfaction of finally being accepted by the family you never had. Tell the truth, asshole.
Sorry, but ever since I was 8 I swore never to suck the dick of anyone older than I am. It's a promise that became easier and easier to hold true to as I finished middle school.
CALO has a "brother" program just a quick drive away for pals like ^^^^ you two, located about an hour west of Saint Louis, and run by Brian Allred. RENOVO Boys Academy of Missouri, " helping families and young men, before it's too late," is also in the stable of Proficio Management, which is itself fully owned and operated by West Ridge Academy in West Jordan, Utah. I think its fairly safe to say that Renovo probably has a pretty conservative Mormon take on whatever said issues may be...

wait what are "inappropriate sexual behavior"
i mean if your kid is raping people they need to be in jail not a program >.>
do they think they can fix "teh gay" or some thing >.>

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Proficio
« on: July 18, 2009, 03:16:00 PM »
Quote from: "Guest"
What Your Child May Do

Typically your child will be uncomfortable or in denial as to the reasons he/she is here. He/she may try several types of manipulation to get your attention and to help himself/herself cope. Usually, these are the same manipulative or coping behaviors he/she used with you in the past. It is our goal to change those negative behaviors so your child can function appropriately in society. You may see the following attempts at manipulation:


    * Triangulation/Splitting. Example: Your child gets you alone and tells you about the mean things staff members are saying to him/her.

      This is where your child will try to split one parent against the therapist or the other parent to get his/her way. The child's goal is to dismantle those who are holding him/her accountable for his/her actions. Your child may even say, "Don't tell the therapist because I will get into trouble." The more united we are, the more effective the treatment and program will be.

    * Fear Factor. Example: "All my roommates are drug addicts or gay." "I am not as bad as everyone else here." "The staff beats up the students." "The food isn't nutritious." "The school isn't very good." This is probably the most subtle and commonly used tool. If your child uses this technique, his/her goal is to split us. Your child is playing upon your fears to attempt to change the outcome. Your child wants West Ridge Academy to become the bad guy. If you have concerns, please check them out with your therapist in a way that continues to support the therapy we are doing. Fears are normal but usually based on false evidence. Never let your child see you challenge staff or West Ridge as a whole. Always bring your concerns to us outside of your child's presence.

wtf??  this is posted on the West Ridge website

devils advocate here for a sec
lets JUST SAY it is as they say
wtf does one if there REALLY IS REAL abuse going on from a rouge staff member?

Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: "M_Hilton"

also the no dating and "group therapy" as course credit dont raise red flags with you?

No, not at all. I think Group therapy can be helpful to some people. I think the students would enjoy if they could focus on romantic relationships at that age, but I also understand why a program would want them to focus on themselves on why they are there.

yes and when they get out they will have NO idea how to have a relationship
just as you say group therapy can help some people so can having romantic relationship
believe it or not having  some one to l"ick each other wounds" with can be just as helpful if not more so imo
and for some people it may be the motivation they need to get on with things

what if the kids issue is they have issues make connections with other in the first place?
learning to trust some one in that way would do more for them any "group therapy" ever could

catch all rules are bad

Quote from: "Guest"
What is this supposed to prove? Well, other than the fact you survivors apparently come from wealthy families.

Monthly tuition for Northwest Academy is all inclusive $6,300. There would be additional charges for students who see our child psychiatrist for medication management.
6k is cheap
you should Benchmark they charged 60k a year

also the no dating and "group therapy" as course credit dont raise red flags with you?

For example, if we see a male and a female spending too much time together, we may put them on a program where they are only allowed to visit at specific times for a few days.

i never got the point of this
what ever happened to dating as part of growing up >.>
and imo it could even be a good thing for both parties

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: ADD/ ADHD/ Meds
« on: July 18, 2009, 04:17:05 AM »
i have to say from presonal expreanace Ritalin and addarol can "take the edge off" for me any and make it MUCH easyer to function in a class room
thats not say i  have to have it or i cant at all i can it just take much more work on top of what im suposed to be learning

this is not to say that ADD and ADHD are over diganosed they are imo but for us that have it what ever you want to call it it takes extra work to keep focused
i can do this now and mind you im 27 now when i was 8 not a chance the skills  i have basicly taught my self can only be had with time and the will to better ones self
no program or drug can do that if the person doesnt want to in the first place

now the question is does the end justify the means? for some yes depends on how bad it is for that person and how well they can cope on there own for younger kids that had no copping skills yet some kind of drug may be needed till they can develope the skills and slowly take the kid off the drug

some thing i see here are people pull there kids off durgs cold turkey which can be just as bad as taking the drug SNRI's for one is really bad idea to stop cold like that

now i did take Ritalin from about 8 to 12 with no gaps and then after that when on and off and later tryed all kinds of cocktails of stuff in highschool and i do have wonder how much of what happend later were side effects my history much more complex so who knows but still was its amped from the ritalin? who knows

im all for trying any thing that COULD help with in limits any way i have been in 3 programs more if count the Maryland Public Schools Special Ed system
since i was in 3rd grade
i still think SUSE did some thing good for me since after that i had less incidents the following year in highschool
the other places not so much
since high school i have tried all kinds of drugs none have done any thing for me

what works for some may not for others
do your homework befor going on any meds
weight the risks out and ask is it worth it

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: a Program saved my Life
« on: July 17, 2009, 11:48:39 PM »
Quote from: "Guest"
What schools require the IEP to be evaluated every week?  I though the meetings were held once or twice a year?  Once a week for every student would require a lot of manpower figuring a couple of hours per meeting, parents and therapists and teachers having to fly out every week to meet with staff.
my Highschool did
we had half days every other week becouse of it
look it best NON RES highschool in the US Hannah More School in Maryland

ah what is it?

Web forum hosting / Re: I'm Going on Vacation for two weeks
« on: July 16, 2009, 11:21:32 PM »
Have fun on your trip :D

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Second post from CALO by Ken Huey
« on: July 16, 2009, 06:45:20 PM »
Quote from: "Guest"
Note that he immediately and completely conceded the field about "lasting change" or whatever goals his organization was supposed to be accomplishing. THAT he knows he can't justify, because at some level he knows damn well that what he's trying to do is in fact completely impossible, ethics be damned. I only had to tell him that once.

So now he's just trying to paint CALO as a hold-them-until-they're-18 mini-prison in order to avoid the inevitable.

at which point id bet most are shipped off to places like Benchmark
id like to know the number that go to "lead normal lives" if its as they say it cant be very big
whats the exit plan for the kids that are held till 18?
or for any of them
no way there going off to college right from this place if its HS diploma is even worth the paper its printed on

this brings up a question
what tools does this place give kids to enter the work force or college after they get out
do they offer ANY computer training at all?

the high school i when to beleved that if you could find a trade skill that an "at risk" kid liked and WANTED TO DO they would do it and you can impart change via that ie work and study habits

just a thought

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Second post from CALO by Ken Huey
« on: July 16, 2009, 01:51:57 AM »
Quote from: "TigerEye"
Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: "TigerEye"
Quote from: "Guest"
OK, then. We have confirmed that CALO takes deeply disturbed kids like arsonists who are dangers to themselves and their families. Just wanted to get that cleared up so we can talk about CALO's population more intelligently.

Do they mix in more-or-less normal kids with the dangerous ones like your boy? Or is there a general population and some sort of special housing unit where they keep the really bad ones?

This is all any parent needs to know.  Dangerous population, mixed together, living together and untrained, uneducated "coaches" facilitating "therapy."  I'd run from this place.  This "treatment model" is crazy!

For those of you 'who' haven't noticed yet, "TigerEye" is not a CALO parent.

Right. Alot you know! Read back, knucklebrain.
And btw, what is "normal," anyway? Are YOU "normal?"
And for the purposes of argument, why would you case so much about my identity?

Well, because it speaks to your motive for defending the indefensible.  Once more, you are asking us to believe two mutually exclusive pieces of information:  One, that your kid is so dangerously deranged that he would be appropriately placed in a lock-down psych ward or in prison (your words, not mine); and two, that CALO is a safe environment, free from dangerous attendees (Ken Huey's words, not mine).

Obviously, your kid a is dangerous.  Arson is a dangerous crime with a potential for many fatalities in dorm-style housing.  It also happens to be very, very highly correlated with sexual abusers.  Considering that CALO accepts these very dangerous types, it's hard to reconcile why any parent would send a "struggling teen" there, as it seems to be populated with dangerous and potentially deadly offenders.

I just want you to characterize CALO fairly.  It cannot be both a safe environment for struggling teens and suitable for kids who belong in prison or lock-down psych wards, as you stated your kid does.  

I'm just pointing out your logical fallacies here.  Don't shoot the messenger.

I never said my kid "belonged " in prison or a psych ward. I said that is where he would have ended up. My child is a good kid who needs the kind of environment and the help that CALO offers. Like it or not...

And the correlation is between firesetting behavior in kids and being a VICTIM of sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect, fyi.
"Let's see, some of the things that contributed to the placement decision were fire-setting (he was facing criminal charges when he was placed), violent threats against school personnel, self-harm, drug use and drug sales, truancy, theft, non-compliance with curfew, etc. I suspect it is never an easy decision to place a child residentially, but there you are - my kid was a threat to himself and others, including the family."

i believe you posted that did you not?
imo id let the kid end up in jail for a night or two might do some good
but it put a kid like that in with non-violent kids wow do you know harm he could do to THEM physical and mentally?
or is it not your problem any more and you have wiped your hands of it after leaving your son with from what i can people you know very little about?
did you ever stop to think what he could do to some one elses son or daughter?

this is why we question most programs they lump kids like your son who are CLEARLY violent with non-violent kids with out thinking about harm this can bring

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Second post from CALO by Ken Huey
« on: July 16, 2009, 01:42:15 AM »
Quote from: "TigerEye"
You guys have totally lost me...I don't know what the hell you are talking about on this thread anymore...Let's see, earlier somebody said that kids shouldn't be sent to residential unless they are dangerous to themselves or others. I responded that in my kid's case, and in most cases at this RTC that was true. Then I explained that "dangerous" in terms of behavior in the general outside world is different than what might be expected in a controlled, therapeutic environment. The community resources, the parents, the schools can't keep these kids (or themselves) safe.
Then somebody said that "dangerous" kids like mine should be kept separate from the "normal" ones. Then nobody could define normal. Then there was a lot of speculation about who I am, why I don't answer all of the "pointed" questions with which bobpeterson would like to pin me against the wall, since I am supposedly such an evil bitch of a parent. And then it was that either Ken or I were lying.

WTF! I have lost interest in this supposed "dialogue"...

what there saying is if your kid was doing the things you said he and others like him should be held apart from other kids how may not have as severe issues
this is some thing i have always had an issue with the public "special ed" system they put the kids with learning disablitys in with the kids that act out
and being some one that in that i can say it wasnt for the better

CALO and other programs have also said they will not take kid/teens with severe issues like the ones you said so this also brings up questions if they really can deal with it other then brute force

then theres the issue one size fits all again if they ARE taking kids like that then the kids there for other things on a more emotional level are going to get screwed in a VERY restrictive setting that may not be right for them

Lastly are there daily staff trained to deal with some one like your son which looking at there site i dont think they are; most are just "kids them selves out of high school
i know i wouldnt want some bestbuy rejects "helping" my kid god know what issues they could add on top of every thing else

bottom line it seems ether you didnt really look in to the place or were lied to or some of both ether way if i were you i would rethink your sons placement
even jail or lock down mental ward is better becouse then HE HAS RIGHTS THAT HE DOESNT HAVE AT A PROGRAM

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Second post from CALO by Ken Huey
« on: July 15, 2009, 01:29:11 PM »
Quote from: "Guest"
Maybe so, but that's immaterial.  What matters is that TigerEye and Ken Huey offer mutually exclusive depictions of CALO.  Now I just want to know which one is lying.  They can't both be telling the truth.

AND the only way to do that is go up there and see whats going on...

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Second post from CALO by Ken Huey
« on: July 14, 2009, 07:24:52 PM »
Quote from: "TigerEye"
Quote from: "M_Hilton"
Quote from: "TigerEye"
Quote from: "M_Hilton"
hmm CALO is in Lake of the Ozarks
im like 1-2 hours from there  

temped to go up there one day see for my self

As a tourist?

yes in a way
id like to know what really goes on
and why not?
if every thing is on the level whats wrong with letting some one take a look around and ask the kids a few questions?

I can think of lots of reasons - safety and privacy, to name a couple. It's not like visiting Mount Rushmore...

having been in a program my self do you think i would out the poor kids at the place
i would just like to hear from them with out staff or parents what THEY think
again if its all on the level whats the issue?
then again if they have some thing to hide...
and whats my going to see it different from say a parent wanting to check things out for them selves first
i know if i ever sent my kid to any kinda boarding school i would want to see it IN PERSON be for i did any thing

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