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great vid so what are you pitching to them any way and let me know if i can help Psy

Aspen Education Group / Re: Two girls missing from SUWS
« on: May 16, 2010, 08:36:54 AM »
i wish i was better at writing id write a book
imo it would be better with the cost of some programs if the kid is 18 or so to just get them an apartment and give them a monthly budget and a time frame saying your money will run out in X months maybe they might start doing stuff on there own but thats just my own felling

its sad MIT with full room and board costs less per year then Benchmark such bullshit

Open Free for All / Re: why and how this forum fails
« on: May 11, 2010, 09:44:44 PM »
you DO know Psy and my self were at the same place at the same time in rooms next to each other RIGHT  you still dont get it do you
they said they were one thing then AFTER you do the paper work they pull the bate and switch

right im just going to leave with no ID no money and no were to go
and it was ANY THING but free it cost me 35,000 a YEAR of MY MONEY that i could of used for some thing else
i went there becouse they said they would help with collage work but after getting there and going along with the plan for a week or so i saw what was really going on it wasnt a what they said they were

even the judge in Psys lawsuit said benchmark wasnt really a school and caught them in there lie one moment its a school the next a program the next a "treatment center"
but lets not cloud the argument with facts

Open Free for All / Re: why and how this forum fails
« on: May 11, 2010, 08:43:15 PM »
Quote from: "SUCK IT"
Quote from: "psy"
I don't think you'll get the response you're looking for.  I know you and I know you to be an honest person.  If you feel SUWS helped you, I honestly believe you feel that way. It doesn't however, mean that SUWS hasn't hurt others.  Programs change from time to time and under different ownerships.  Whether SUWS is better or worse than it was when you were there is an unknown.

It's hard to get any more arrogant and condescending than that! But welcome to fornits, land of the double standard. If you post the most outrageous stories of abuse you will be instantly believed without a shred of evidence, and because you have the moral high ground this means you can smear people and post their names, pictures addresses and threats online. Great! But suggest that a program might be helpful? Be prepared to provide "proof", since the "burden is on you". Be prepared to be talked down to, as if you're an idiot incapable of knowing what happened to yourself as exampled in the above quote.

"I honestly believe you feel that way". Translation: You are full of shit, but you are ignorant and dumb enough to believe this I will respect it, but will not concede that it is truth, only your warped version of it (due to brainwashing most likely or ignorance of the subtleties of all the fornits defined forms of "abuse")

" It doesn't however, mean that SUWS hasn't hurt others.  Programs change from time to time and under different ownerships.  Whether SUWS is better or worse than it was when you were there is an unknown."
Translation: If 1 out of 10,000 say they were abused, then the program is forever tainted and all good reports dismissed. One kid complaining about being in a program is too many. Therefore, even if YOU had a good experience, someone else might not have so you must concede that they are therefore not safe and please shut up and don't say it's good.

You got to hand it to these fornits losers. They put some serious effort in constructing logical arguments that at first appear to almost make sense, but quickly fall apart under further scrutiny. In the end they use bully tactics to pressure the weaker of their members to tow the party line, and the intellectual leaders like Psy can worry about constructing page long explanations on why an 18 year old who signs themselves into a state regulated rehab center can be considered a victim of other people's decisions.

way to take me out of context
and why would some one that maybe has 5 alcoholic drinks a year and never touched any kind of "illegal" drug sign them selves in to rehab Hmmmm
maybe becouse they advertised them selves as some thing ELSE IMAGE THAT
my issue is the why they run them selves craptastic staff with little to no training or education
and then insane costs that for what? pay some one to feed your kid once a week
and heres the thing if say benchmark was a state regulated rehab were is the license? why were they calling them selves a "school"? why did they advertise to treat ADD ADHD and other metal health issues when in reality all they are is "rehab" sounds illegal to me

News Items / Re: Medical Marijuana Clinic firebombed
« on: May 11, 2010, 08:35:28 PM »
the 1850's you mean >.>

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Ken Huey and CALO near an end
« on: May 11, 2010, 04:53:35 PM »
thats the plan i have nice SLR with a good lens roommates are going out of town this week end but ill try and get up there this summer some time

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Ken Huey and CALO near an end
« on: May 11, 2010, 04:55:16 AM »
CALO is the place in Ozark MO right keep meaning to spy on that for you guys

Open Free for All / Re: why and how this forum fails
« on: May 11, 2010, 04:40:51 AM »
Quote from: "Che Gookin"
I think the key issue here is the fact that M_Hilton seems to recognize that his experience is unique to him. At least that is the way I'm reading his posts. I hesitate to say this as it comes across as putting words in his mouth, but it seems to me he recognizes not only that his experience is unique to him, but that other people's experience could have and was a bad one.

I got over people saying, "This program treated me right!" a long time ago. M_Hilton, good show if you think SUWS went well for you. However, I hope you recognize that others have had a rough time with SUWS and that others have been abused while in SUWS's care.

this 100% this
thats what im trying to say wile SOME can be ok the issue is consistency take my SUWS group which iirc every one made it and wile it had its ups and downs there were times it SUCKED
but i think it was SUWS that keep me going at benchmark if i could do that FUCK benchmark etc as soon as i saw what the game was there(benchmark) there was no way they were going to break me and thats why i think they put me in a motel so fast cant have the strong willed ones mucking about might give the others ideas

SUWS may have gone downhill since then its been 10 years and i always had my guesses about the upper staff when they tried said i should go some were else after
thats another story

Open Free for All / Re: why and how this forum fails
« on: May 11, 2010, 04:28:34 AM »
1. What was the location of the SUWS program?
2. When were you enrolled in the SUWS program?
Summer of 99'
3. When did you graduate from the SUWS program?
summer of 99'
4. When did you wake up?
guess: ~7to8 local time
5. When did you go to sleep?
9 to 10 local time it was dark
6. Did you do daily chores? If so, what were they?
none really just write some do program work which was mostly wilderness firstresponder stuff its been a wile for got most of what it was
7. What time did you have breakfast, lunch and dinner?
8am some time around noon and when ever we made camp 6 7 pm ish
8. What did breakfast, lunch and dinner consist of?
oatmeal flatbread and peanutbutter , lentels and rice + bread again this is stuff you would take back packing weighs nothing and high calories and protein
9. When did you start hiking?
~9 am ish
10. How long were the hikes?
varied on were we could find a camp site ie water shade etc
11. How long were the breaks?
forget but wasnt an issue at the time iirc we took more on a few days it was very hot one day it 110 we didnt even hike that day
12. How many breaks did your group generally have each hike?
3 give or take
13. How many children per group?
 6 - 8
14. How many staff per group?
15. Did staff restrain children?
16. What restraint techniques were used?
17. Were children ever hurt during restraints? If so, were any taken to the hospital?
18. Were children given daily writing assignments? If so, what did they consist of?
yes for got what its been 10 years
19. Did you discuss the writing assignments with the group or one on one with staff?
20. What did the group therapy process consist of? How long were they? Were they confrontational?
for got most of it but no
21. How often were children allowed to contact parents?
none once on trail but be for and after
22. How often did a therapist visit the group in the field?
every other day
23. How did you start fires?
flint and steel, bowdrill  i had done this be for it was lol for me
24. What did you use for shelter?
Idaho summer uses a make shift bevi sack ie bedroll + a tarp works very well IF you build it right agian been there done that loled at teh cities kids
25. How heavy were your packs?
guess ~30 to 40 lb not bad
26. What did you use to cook meals with?
cans again some thing i had done be for so it wasnt like OMG WERE COOKING IN CANS lots of backpackers do that hell its in the BSA handbook
27. What were you allowed to have for clothing?
kackies t-shits
28. Were you taught how to read maps?
yup again done it be for
29. Were you taught how to use a compass?
yes and again i was REALLY good at it be for even going

i dont think SUWS knew what hit them when i went i knew most of the skills and the wilderness didnt effect me mostly i loled at the other kids till i could help them
give me a good map and a compass and im faster then a GPS
also my group did 150 miles id be hard pressed to repeat that now >.< im sooo out of shape

Open Free for All / Re: why and how this forum fails
« on: May 11, 2010, 02:36:54 AM »
no idea i just call it like i see it
mind you i could see how SUWS looks bad to some and it has been over 10 years since i was there things COULD have changed SUWS is only as good as the field staff
and like i said the thing that catches most kids off guard at SUWS is the wilderness part being that that kinda stuff was some thing i liked doing at the time i loled at it
yes the food sucked but for backpacking like that i really wouldnt want to take much else and lets just say i cant eat oatmeal to this day >.<
but over all it did some good things mostly becouse i think i got good staff
thats not to say all the staff is that good maybe i lucked out
also wile there field staff is/was good i have questions about the motives of the office staff and pawning me off to another program after that which at the time my family got a 2nd opinion on and i went back to the highschool i had been in

here is another fun one for you all the Highschool was at for the most time was basicly a live at home program BUT again do to staff that cared was good
go look it up Hannah More School
you want to run a program for kids THIS is what you should model it on do that + maybe house kids but thats my 2 cents

that reminds me Psy give them a call ask for a tour see what program that cares about its students can do

Open Free for All / Re: why and how this forum fails
« on: May 10, 2010, 08:17:39 PM »
Quote from: "DannyB II"
:shamrock:  :shamrock:

Not to be on anybodys side here, Psy or Che is everyone were talking about here 18 or older. Can they leave if they want to. Just asking not judging anything, don't have enough information. I have read what psy has said over time, no it is not my experience/story of programs yet I have learned everyone has there own and they are just as painful as the next.
I think outside of some who post here just to be a jerk, some folks have had it so bad in (treatment centers) they have a hard time identifying with psy, not that you should care or have to defend yourself. They see where supposedly you could leave psy and people just are dumbfounded. They say,"we could not escape."  Now I say supposedly because of the peer pressure intimidation and maybe parents did not necessarily want you back at the time you wanted to go back.
People be open minded.


A prison with out walls is still a prison
sure we could just leave but were are we going to go? have you been to Redlands CA or worse Yucipa or San Bernadino? not a place you want to be walking the streets at night as white kid
that is part of why they took any money you earned or were sent and had have staff with you when use it IF you even get to use it
they didnt want some one saving money for bus or plane ticket home they did every thing they could to keep you from leaving
i was put in a motel becouse i didnt want to deal with nonsence of the 'program' i was here to get help with other things like getting to class on time etc
and then to be treated like a drug addict it was insulting becouse thats all they knew how to treat
where was all this money going? the people on staff other then higher ups were all AA NA trash

Open Free for All / Re: why and how this forum fails
« on: May 10, 2010, 12:31:28 AM »
Whooter what you dont know is Psy and know each other pretty well
and what he said is true i have no idea whats changed at SUWS its been a VERY long time almost 11 years this summer
now what i do know is what one gets from them unlike other place is dependent on who your working with SUWS groups when i was there were small 6 to 8 kids and 2 staff
and staff i had seemed to want to help and were every open about things later on
no the office staff is another matter but the people in the field i think what to help at lest then

M_Hilton, Didn’t someone yell at you, deny you food or force you to walk when you didn’t want to? If the answer was yes to any of these then you were abused. Were you not forced to build your own fire in order to eat? Did your parents ask you first before you were sent to SUWS? Or were you sent there against your will? Don’t you feel you were good enough to deserve basic human rights? Why do you cave in and say that SUWS helped you?
You just don’t realize it yet but you have been brain washed.
1. i was never yelled at ever  
2. i was never denied food or water
3. kinda i did camping and hiking stuff befor that SUWS was a walk in the park for me from that point most kids that end up there have never been out of there state let alone done any real hiking  lol Boy Scouts
4. was i asked no but its a long story the short ver is i was kicked out of another summer camp

and what did i get out of it
well to think things though all the way be for acting for one
bit of background i have been in the "special ed" system since i was 8 or so if you looked at my last 2 years of highschool be for and after SUWS you cant say it didnt do some thing

now Benchmark DID deny food
forced me to live in a piss hole motel
did nothing to help with my learning disabilities  AFTER MUCH pleading to even get to take some classes
destroyed relationships with others that were proving to be positive for both parties
and here is one of all time favs
you might be asking how?
well on sink or swim as they call it one option is to get a job lol but you have use there office number as contact so gl ever getting any calls back
and lets say you do some how get a job some were Benchmark makes you turn over your paychecks to them maybe letting you keep 10 bucks out of it becouse you "might by drugs" RAGE

so as you see wile SUWS did fulfill some of what they say they would do Benchmark utterly misrepresented them selves  will pissing away almost $35,000 a YEAR
35,000 to do what? pay 40 bucks a week for food and maybe that much for a motel room every thing else i did was on top of that you people say there NOT a scam i call BULL SHIT

Quote from: "Oscar"
Familylight writes about problems with a former Mount Bachelor detainee. Rather interesting.

Aspen Marketing -- Referral from One Aspen Program to Another

yea i can say thats mostlikely true wile i think SUWS did some good things for me the fact that they convinced my family to send me to another program after completing SUWS is shady imo
and the fact that the 2nd one was run by the former owners of SUWS you may have heard of them aldridge academy so yea par for course

Open Free for All / Re: why and how this forum fails
« on: May 07, 2010, 11:32:58 PM »
here this should make every one shit bricks

SUWS did good things for me OMG HE SAID A PROGRAM HELPED HIM
Benchmark was a total sham and needs to be shut down and does nothing but warehouse young adults to extort money from there families

let the flaming begin ::evil::

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Scientology meets programs!
« on: May 07, 2010, 11:19:23 PM »
theres a scary team up if i ever saw one and people thing the Mormon programs are bad OH MAN this cant be good

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