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Open Free for All / Have to find $41,000
« on: October 09, 2014, 02:29:13 AM »
Yesterday I got bitch-slapped by social services at the Egedal municipality in Denmark where I live.

I have to pay every month for the next 8 years until my youngest child will turn 21. (The age of majority is 18 in Denmark but that is this particular law known as 498 from 2011.)

The reason is that one of us parents has infected our children with depression. Before we decided to have children we should have considered the risk of infection. After the parent who was hospitalized with depression was released for home treatment, this parent should have purchased a stick with a bell on it so the children could have removed themselves from sight reducing the risk of infection just like people infected with Leprosy did in the old days. Having been poorly counseled I have to admit that we failed to do that.

After 3 years of appeals we lost our final appeal yesterday. Every month for the next years I now have to pay this fine caused by of course our failure but also as result of poor counseling making a total of $41,000.

Had the illness which run in our family been physical we would not have to pay. However as depression is a mental illness the present situation in Denmark is that mental illnesses are kind of degrading and the people suffering from it had the choice to do something about in time, just as people who choose to smoke or become overweight had a choice.

I happen to disagree.

However I live in Denmark and have no plan of living in another country despite the fact that my mother comes from another country. I have to accept the verdict and our customs regardless of how unfair I find it and the suffering it would inflict upon us for the next many years.

I am not writing this to ask for money, just to explain our present situation.

Web forum hosting / Time for moderating the forums ?
« on: October 14, 2008, 04:00:23 PM »
Once again fait have given the victims a chance to hit the industry hard. The previous times it was the GAO hearings. Now it is the economical situation. The programs are closing in larger numbers.

I think that it is time to put an end to all those threads where good time is wasted on personal attacks and discussing porn.

I know that several of you have been through hell. No question about that. But we have several posters waving a read cloth in front of you to provoke a personal attack. They do it so good that they could be working in the industry with knowledge about exactly what button to push. What about ignoring them. They are doing it once we give them hard questions. Rotsne had a thread where he asked TheWho about quick changes when students are sent abroad. TheWho gave a song from the warm countries instead of an answer.

Now where there is a reason to be in the offensive, it will be a shame if the posters waste time on fighting each other. I experience that the trafic is low right now. One way to improve this to moderate the forum. I know that there is an opposition against moderating the forum, but it should be clear for everyone that some posters working for the industry seem to have found a way to destroy good threads by provoking people to derail the threads into a general for-against argumentation and name-calling. There is like +10000 threads everywhere in advance on this subject.

So please moderate all forums for threads about personal conflicts between posters and remove all posts with some general sexual content. I am a Dane and cannot be provoked by such sexual statements but other can and if Fornits want to be another nail in the industry's coffin issues about sexual statements should go if they are not about the alternative sexual environment in single gender programs.

I hate to say it, but most of the links my people are putting on the wiki are from other message boards right now.

Second of all avoid fights with other NGO's even if you disagree with them. Let the attacts be on the industry and their referral businesses alone.

Just my 2 cents.

Facility Question and Answers / Mt. Sheba Christian Boarding School
« on: February 13, 2008, 03:12:22 PM »
It is not very much I have been able to find out about this particular program. Here is the  link to Fornits Wiki

All info are welcome.

Facility Question and Answers / Accendo Academy
« on: February 13, 2008, 02:37:36 PM »
This is a thread about Accendo Academy

A short page has been created on Fornits Wiki

If anyone knows this program, please help out by stating following:

Living conditions
Exact location.

Yes, we have done it. In Denmark we have fought teenage-pregnancies (but not early sex) and both the high abortion rate and pregnancies are a past phenomenon.

So why are our arms not up?

Because we did it so well that we are going to be exterminate.

The average age of a mon bringing her first child into the world is now 30 years.

30 years!!!

Due to the high age of the mothers getting even two children is almost impossible.

So we are working on methods to keep younger people home in their beds:

Researchers seek foreign spark to help pep up drooping Danish birth rate, The Copenhagen Post

It seems that fixing one problem is creating another one. I have another example. Some seems that youth drinking before the are confirmed is a problem. I can see that it is a problem if the parent are not around to limit the intake. But some had to try to create a cure that works 100 percent and they found it!

By letting the youth use the computers more than 10 hours around the clock, the youth drank none alcohol. (Properly because no person can do well in a online game drunk.) So now we have a new problem. A raising problem with young adults with no physical fitness, diabetes and serious heath problems.

So my advice. Do not try to fix problems. You will create new ones!

We have a dark spot on in our history.

The home for naughty women located on Sprogoe - an lsland in the Great Belt. Today you pass it when you use the brigde over the Great Belt but between 1923 and 1961 the island was without connection to the mainland and it was used to house women who were either pregnant outside marriage or just young girls trying to escape abuse at home.

The danish Lester Roloff was called Christian Keller and he ran two homes - one for young men and the one on Sprogoe. They were named "the Kelllerske facilities".

We never had a tradition for paddling. A teacher would use his hands to slap a student on the cheek or his ruler to hit the fingers, but this facility had isolation rooms (without music - just quietness.)

Beside the isolation rooms, they used belt and straight jackets to control its patients. Often the girls were sterilized before leaving the facility so they would not get pregnant with the first man they could meet once released.

It was an isolated place but some fishermen found their wife when they landed on the island covered by darkness and removed a girl or two from the island in order to marry them quickly. Regardless of how few teeth the fishermen had, the women often found it being married to an old distasteful man easier than remaining on the island, and followed them willingly.

Picture from a boat

The homes are now history but if we dont know our history we would not learn from it.

Feed Your Head / Danish Advent calender - info about foreign culture
« on: December 05, 2007, 09:54:38 AM »

A satiritical TV Advent calendar has some viewers asking 'what ever happened to Christmas?'
Julekalenderen, or the Christmas calendar, is an annual TV Advent calendar aired every day in December up to Christmas. This year is no different with a new julekalender that had audiences in an uproar after just one episode.

But instead of Father Christmas and trees, TV station DR2's 24-episode Advent calendar features two youngsters, Ali and Hassan, aged 12 and 13 respectively, who want to be the 'baddest' gangsters in the town of Yallahrup ('yalla' in Arabic means 'come on').

When they're not in school, they hang out in the school library which has been converted into a hashish-smoking club.

The library is headed by a manic-depressive Danish librarian who is forced into integration projects by the school headmistress, who is a closet racist.

Viewers follow the two boys around town, where they hob-nob with local Don Juan and pusher, 15-year-old Dennis.

The show has come under intense criticism for its overtly harsh language, discriminating tone towards immigrants and lack of association with Christmas.

Traditionally, the julekalender, has been a show made in the spirit of Christmas. In recent years, however, satirical Christmas programmes have become standard fare on DR2

See streaming video on:

Episode 1: Ali is by the doctor in order to be checked whether two stones have fallen down there they should be.
Episode 2: Creating a smoker club instead of weed they find something the dog had left.
Episode 3: They need more color in order to look like their heroes: 2Pac Shakur.
Episode 4: Ali gets his first pimple or is it herpes?

Merry christmas

The number of drug users in that age group are going down.

3 years ago 36 percent of the agegroup between 16 and 20 had tried drugs. Today it is only 30 percent.

Of course the area has been researched and the main reason are that they learn by their own and their friends experiences.

Among the younger agegroup between 15 and 16 the number are still high. 5,2 percent had tried ecstacy.

It seems that the drug use is a question about satiety and curiosity.

The try it and when they no longer feel that it does anything good for them they stop without help.

Mindre populært blandt unge at bruge stoffer, Denmarks Radio Number one (In Danish)

Please state the name of the firm you got you banished and to what facility/program you were sent to.

We have created a category for those kind of firms on fornits wiki. It looks like this now.

We could need your help.

Facility Question and Answers / Escort companies on Fornits Wiki
« on: November 09, 2007, 04:56:13 PM »
If you were collected in your own home or tricked into a place where they could collect you please check if the company is on Fornits Wiki. The category contain these companies

We could also need to know if you can contribute with further info about the transport procedure than we already have.

If they used any kind of restraints or weapons to control you, please state it also.

Place the info in a reply to this tread.

If you have been at a wilderness therapy program and if you either miss it on Fornits wiki or would like to add additional information, please fill out this questionnaire:

The wilderness category on Fornits wiki looks like this:

General information:
    Address for check-in facility.
    Year established
    Number of detainees in each group.
    Gender, coed or unisex
    Program duration
Program structure:
    Admission: Were you escorted, tricked or volutary into the program
    Did they have a level system? What were the requirements to graduate to the next levels?
    Living conditions: Real backpack or homemade back-breaking contraption.
    Sleeping: tent or bivouac.
    Food: Mineral withholdment as part of the process of breaking or normal food
    Communication: Where letter censored or evenlopes opened before you were allowed to read them. The errorlist or impact letter. At what point were this given to you.
    Education: What kind of workbook did they offer?
    Staff: Qualification and training
    Punishments or consequnces: What kind did they use?
In the news
    Links to news about the program
External Links
    Info pages and homepage of the program
    Groups on the internet: Myspace, Msn, Yahoo, Google
    Links to treads in forum

If you have a workbook from the program and want to upload it. Please use this page

If you dont have all the info, please state what you got. All contributions are welcome.

Please place your info in a reply to this tread.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Rare input about how conditions are in Denmark
« on: November 08, 2007, 09:12:10 AM »
On Denmark Radio number one - one of our televisions stations you can see a rare documentary about one of our three "Supermax prisons" for youth under 18.

The program is called "DR1 Dokumentaren - børn bag tremmer" (DR1 documentary - children behind bars).

Here is a link to the streaming interface.


1) Click Start tv - a new window opens
2) Click on Programmer
3) Scroll down until you can click on DR1 Dokumentaren - børn bag tremmer and click it.
4) Click Se program and you are on.

The children all someone, who are considered extremely dangerous and are between 15 to 18 years of age. They are all convicted for various things like extreme violence, car-stealing include high speed chase or murder.

It is only in Danish by you can see how different our environments are in such facilities compared to your juvenile jails.

The program brought some criticism on. Not due to the treatment but to the lack of the aftercare program, which is non-existing if the person is released when he or she is adult, because they fall in a gab between the juvenile prison system and the adult prison system.

Another note is that it is the exact same facility where a girl managed to kill herself regardless of the - if you take into consideration that it is going on in Denmark - intense security.

The Troubled Teen Industry / I have a task for you (Fornits wiki)
« on: October 24, 2007, 10:20:50 AM »
I have made this list of Escort firms.

Adolescent Escort Service of California Inc
Bill Lane & Associates
Crossroad Youth Transport Services Inc
Custom youth services
Guardian Angel Youth Services
I-15 Express
New Start Transports LCC
Odyssey Transport Agency Inc
Safe Journey Transport LLC
Safe and Sound Youth Transportation Inc.
SafePassage Adolecent Services
Safeguard Adolecents Services LLC
Sherlock Inc
Strawn Support Services
Teen Escort Company
Touchdown Inc.
Traverse Youth Transport
USA Guides Inc
West Shield Adolescent Services
Youth Transportation Services

But I am not the masochistic type, so I can not order them to pick me up so I can try all their restraints.

Could you drop in on Fornits wiki and note on the talk-page or on the webpage itself, what kind of restraints you were issued or threaten with?

I could also like to know if they had small halfway houses where people could be jailed for a night or two until they could go to the program.

If I missed a company for two, please give me name and webpage or create a page yourself.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Fornits wiki status
« on: October 22, 2007, 08:13:16 AM »
Wilderness therapy programs:

Adirondack Leadership Expeditions
Ascent Wilderness Program
Aspen Achievement Academy
Catherine Freer Wilderness Program
Lone Star Expeditions
Mountain Brook Academy
Outback Therapeutic Expeditions
Red Cliffs Ascent Wilderness Program
Ridge Creek

Therapeutic Boarding Schools:

ABM Ministries
Abundant Life Academy
Academy at Ivy Ridge
Academy at Swift River
Academy of the Sierras
Anchor Academy
Aspen Ranch
Banham Marshalls College (UK)
Boulder Creek Academy
Bromley Brook School
Camas Ranch
Canyon View Park
Carolina Springs Academy
Casa by the Sea
Cedars Academy
Copper Canyon Academy
Coral Reef Academy
Cross Creek Programs
Darrington Academy
Escuela Caribe
Excel Academy
Focal Point Academy
Gulf Coast Academy
Harbor Oaks Boarding School
Hidden Lake Academy
Hope Ranch / Star Meadows Academy
Ironwood Maine
Island view
Logan River Academy
Majestic Ranch Academy
Midwest Academy
Mission Mountain School
Morava Academy
Mount Bachelor Academy
Mountain Park Academy
Nevada Horizon Academy
New Leaf Academy
Northwest Academy
Oakley School
Pacific Coast Academy
Paradise Cove
Peninsula Village
Pillars of Hope
Pine Ridge Academy
Program directory
Provo Canyon School
Red River Academy
Rocky Mountain Academy
Royal Gorge Academy
Sky View Academy
Sorensen's Ranch School
Spring Creek Lodge
Stone Mountain School
Sunhawk Academy
Sunrise Beach
Tranquility Bay
Turn-about Ranch
Woodland Hills Maternity Home
Youth Care, Inc.

Boot Camps:

America's Buffalo Soldiers Re-Enactors Association summer boot camp
Eagle Academy, Florida
High Impact
Love Demonstrated Ministries Christian Boot Camp
Magnolia Christian Center
Manuia Plantation
Thayer Learning Center

Not all entries are complete. If you were at one of these programs or were in a program, which are not on the list, please help us with completing / entering of the program.

We try to give a fair description without of all commercial interests about the kiddie-gitmo of your parents and future victims parents choice.

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