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our paranormal team went there, john bundy got scared and wouldnt let us in , now hes removing items  willa bundy has a facebook page ... 0072354264

anyone know what the back top left rm was used for? we got a pic of a ghost in the window.

Thayer Learning Center / Re: Former Thayer Learning Center closes doors
« on: November 29, 2010, 05:46:20 PM »

we tried to get in for a paranormal investigation after geting a pic of a spirit in the top left back window, john bundy showed up and told heather, the leyholder to not let us in.  what was that rm used for?  contact me at [email protected] please. or our facebook page columbia paranormal research society. we will be going back at some time in the fiuure. next year.
BTW: john was in there this week and last removing somet hings beause he is afraid of us.

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