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This thread was created to summon up the links regarding investigation into the owners of the closed boarding school "Ministerial Christian Academy". It was located in Montclair and Pomona, California.

The boarding school was closed in 2004 by the authorities. Media reports claims of rape conducted with with a foreign object and sexual battery of a female student. The accused party was a registered sex offender.

The police made the arrest March 2009. April 2004 a industry marketing firm published an article about one of the owners - Otis Mcintyre trying to open the school in an empty building in San Bernardino, California.

The school has an entry on the blog 1000 places you do not want to be as a teenager

Police Remove 26 Youths From Boarding School (Los Angeles Times)
State Trying to See If Boarding School Was Operating Illegally  (Los Angeles Times)
State Cites Boarding School in Abuse Case  (Los Angeles Times)
INVESTIGATION UNRAVELS GROUP-HOME PLAN (Strugglingteens - industry marketing firm)
Feed Your Head / Hosanna Church arrests (Lake Pontchartrain, Los Angeles California)
« Last post by Oscar on April 19, 2021, 09:29:56 AM »
Any information about them running a residential program or is it just common religious abuse?

Quote from: By Rick Lyman, May 25 - 2005, New York Times
Sex Charges Follow a Church's Collapse

PONCHATOULA, La., May 24 - Two decades ago, Hosanna Church was one of the fastest growing congregations in the cypress flats of Tangipahoa Parish on Lake Pontchartrain's northwest rim, and its pastor, Louis Lamonica, was a beloved figure.

"That man could really preach," said Bill McCormack, a resident of Ponchatoula who attended the church as a boy. "He was an awesome local icon."

But by two years ago, when the church finally closed after a ferocious falling-out between the pastor's son and successor, Louis Lamonica Jr., and his family, the congregation that once neared 1,000 had dwindled to 10 or 15 troubled souls from a handful of families.

And now, many of them, including Louis Lamonica Jr. and a deputy sheriff who once lived on the church grounds, are behind bars, accused by the police of a litany of ungodly offenses, including sexual abuse of perhaps two dozen children and the mutilations of cats for satanic rituals.

Eddie Robinson, assistant pastor at the 5,000-member Harvest World Outreach Ministries in nearby Hammond -- to which many Hosanna members migrated -- says what happened is clear. He told congregants on Sunday that a prophecy of "witchcraft" problems had been revealed in recent weeks.

"When the leadership of that church kept the enemy out, everything was fine," Mr. Robinson said. "But when the leadership of that church let the enemy in, things began to change."

The authorities -- who got the first whiff of trouble six weeks ago when a woman, Nicole Bernard, 36, called the Sheriff's Office from Ohio to say she had fled the town to save her child from sexual abuse -- are still trying to piece together what happened.

Nine people have been arrested in the past week. A dozen computers have been seized, at least some of which the police believe contain child pornography, as well as dozens of videotapes, hundreds of computer disks and eight large boxes of documents and photographs. Inside the shuttered church compound, in a "youth hall" behind the sanctuary, the police found the faint imprint of pentagrams on the floor that someone had apparently tried to scrub away. Some of those arrested, the police said, described rituals within those pentagrams involving cats' blood and people dressed in black robes.

The abuse victims ranged in age from 1 to 16, the police said. Several are in protective custody, and a search is under way for others, who may have moved or are known to the police only by first name or nickname. On Tuesday, the police were at the church grounds with dogs, though they would not say what they sought.

Sheriff Daniel H. Edwards of Tangipahoa said that as many as 25 children -- about evenly split between boys and girls -- might have been involved in sex acts at the youth center, in cars and in the homes of at least two of those charged. The abuse seems to have begun in 1999, he said, and stopped occurring on the church grounds after 2003.

"But nobody really believes that they just stopped abusing kids," Sheriff Edwards said.

Tangipahoa and surrounding parishes are fervently religious, and worshipers at other churches are wondering how something so troubling could have occurred.

"It has definitely affected my customers," said Diane Pepitone, owner of Heavenly Gifts Christian Bookstore. "The general consensus is, if anything like this can happen in a place like Ponchatoula, with all the churches we have, it can happen anywhere."

Ponchatoula was in the midst of its annual Strawberry Festival when Ms. Bernard called the sheriff. She was reluctant to discuss specifics, the sheriff said. "We'd call her and she'd say, oh, the dog's barking or somebody's knocking on my door right now, I'll call you back," Sheriff Edwards said. Two weekends ago, she began to name names.

The next day, the younger Louis Lamonica walked into the sheriff's office in neighboring Livingston Parish, where he lives, and proceeded to describe all manner of sexual offenses.

"He didn't come to turn himself in, he came to talk with us," said Stan Carpenter, the detective supervisor in Livingston Parish.

Mr. Lamonica, 45, matter-of-factly told them of having sex with at least two boys, from the time they were 4 until they were 12 or 13, as well as having sex with a dog, Mr. Carpenter said, adding that Mr. Lamonica did not act as though he was confessing to crimes. He was just trying to be helpful.

"We didn't let him walk away," Mr. Carpenter said.

He also named others at the church -- including Christopher Labat, 24, a deputy sheriff of Tangipahoa Parish. Last Tuesday, Mr. Labat told detectives that they would find child pornography on his home computer, Sheriff Edwards said, but denied taking part in any abuse. He was fired, charged and placed on a suicide watch.

Last Wednesday, two other church members, Austin Trey Bernard III, 36, and Allen R. Pierson, 46, were charged with aggravated rape of a juvenile. On Thursday, the former pastor's wife, Robbin Lamonica, 45, was arrested, along with Paul Fontenot, 21, another church member. Another parishioner, Lois Mowbray, 54, was accused of knowing about the abuse and not telling the authorities.

And then Mr. Bernard's wife, Nicole, who had made the initial call to the police and who is Mr. Fontenot's sister, was arrested and charged with aggravated rape. Finally, on Monday night, Mr. Pierson's wife, Patricia, 54, was charged with sexual battery and being a principal in an aggravated rape.

In Louisiana, the rape of a child is a capital offense.

The elder Louis Lamonica began Hosanna with fewer than two dozen congregants. By the 1970's, the church had nearly 1,000 members. A sanctuary rose along U.S. 51 north of Ponchatoula Creek and behind it a school where a generation of youths studied.

In 1984, Mr. Lamonica died. After some interim pastors, the church passed to the younger Mr. Lamonica in the mid-1990's. Strife followed.

Many congregants drifted away, many to the Harvest World Outreach Ministries, started by Hosanna's former youth minister.

Mr. Lamonica did not respond well to the competition, former church members said. At one point, he moved to excommunicate anyone who merely visited another church. And he fought with his family, including his mother, the church's secretary, eventually ordering them out of the church.

Two years ago, in an incident that the police are still investigating, some of those charged apparently made some sort of confession to other church members and sought forgiveness -- causing a final exodus.

The Lamonica family has been keeping a low profile, although one of the former pastor's sisters, Liz Lamonica Roberts, spoke to a New Orleans newspaper, The Times-Picayune.

Her mother was devastated by the charges, she said, and had never reconciled with Mr. Lamonica. Nor could they explain what had happened to him.

"Obviously, there's a screw loose," Ms. Roberts told the newspaper.

The church property sits empty, marked off with yellow police tape. A roadside sign, which once displayed Bible verses, bears crude graffiti sprayed in red paint. "I went here K-4," it reads. "You let us down."

Tim Normand, a retired contractor, lives just behind the church. "I was sick," he said. "I couldn't sleep when I heard what happened."

But he was not entirely surprised, Mr. Normand said. He got along fine with the old preacher, but relations soured after the son took over. There were disputes over property lines.

One night, he said, he heard a woman screaming that she'd "beat the sins out of them," followed by "hooting and hollering" and other sounds. "I'm a Catholic," Mr. Normand said. "I got the heebie-jeebies."
Hosanna House, Jacksonville Florida has only 5 stars reviews but on the blog 1000 places You don't want to be as a teenager - It is sadly not fiction but reality you can read:

Quote from: Sam
I was in Hosanna House, Jacksonville Florida for 36 months….during my 3 year stay at this hell hole hiding behind Christianity, I witnessed/ experienced abuse and torture in the form of “silence”, corporal punishment (beatings over and over and over) and food restrictions. I have started a group with some of the other survivors from this program and we are working to bring facilities like this down! I need more information please on how to do so. Also, the owner of our program (which is now closed and handed over to teen challenge) has written a book based off lies and surface information which depicts herself and the program as God-built…that place and that lady is pure evil and abusive and has left us girls with PTSD, social anxiety, nightmares, trust issues, etc…

Also on another website you can read:

This troubled teen home was full of abuse, torture, and lies! Hiding behind Christianity and God, this home used brainwashing tactics to manipulate parents and their daughters for personal monetary gain. However, behind those locked doors these girls were tortured with food restrictions, corporal punishments, and forced manual labor. "no talking or standing order" aka "Silence" was used so that the girl on punishment could not speak to anyone unless written on paper and given to staff. they were forced to stand for HOURS. they would force extra water to be consumed and restrict bathroom breaks to the point where girls would mess themselves. bruises the size of pancakes were left on the girls as a form of "corporal punishment." This was administered by the executive director or director given the girls beatings with paddles or paint sticks over and over and over....sometimes FOR NO REASON! I am a witness to this because I experienced it first hand. I am a survivor of this program and have many other survivors (past residents) who share in the PTSD, nightmares, social anxiety, and even physical health issues from the torture we all endured at this "God-built home." parents spent THOUSANDS even HUNDRED THOUSANDS of hard earned cash for help for their "troubled teen" and they ended up leaving with more trauma than they did going in. Now our truth can be heard!!

So something is not adding up. This place needs more investigation.
A Danish boarding school of the so-called "Efterskole" type in Denmark has expelled a student who in his private time during a weekend protested the Danish governments anti-Covid19 lockdowns as thousand of other Danes do.

Many smaller shops and dinner-places are closing down because the latest lockdown lasting from december 2020 until today has resulted in bankruptcy.

At those Danish boarding schools the students typically get the weekend off. Only 10 weekends per year are they required to remain at the school.

Based on the articles in Danish newspaper the student - a 16 year old boy - participated in the protests during his time off from the school. That means that his participation was a private political matter.  No place among the rules of the schools it is stated which political orientation the students are required to follow. It would be a crime to do so if they had specified it.

In Denmark every town has two types of test centers. A place for a PCR test and one or more places for the Quick tests where the personal extract samples of brain tissue with a very, very long stick through the nose. Most Danish firms, day schools and boarding schools require a test not older that 24 hours for Quick tests and 72 hour for PCR tests before allowing people to enter their property.
Many Danes are shocked. While most do not agree on public protests even when they lost their income, job and in some cases got their home foreclosed as result of the lockdown, they accept that protesting in person or online against the Danish governments Corona policy is legitimate.

This action of expelling a student is based on the students political view - not safety of the school or employees as they could have demanded a test before allowing him back to the school as almost every other school or firm does.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Carthaginem esse delendam
« Last post by ajax13 on March 24, 2021, 12:14:47 PM »
The All About Receiving Cash board made a decision to sue me long before the bizarro group was exposed on the CBC television program in 2009.  And yet somehow, more than ten years later, AARC's banty inquisitor Runt Strap-on(SP?) was before Judge Nancy Dildo(SP?), trying to get a court order to let them question me.  As Justice Dildo correctly ruled, the sect would have to sue me if they wished to conduct a discovery and cross-examination. 
Curiously, though, when informing Strap-on of her view, Justice Dildo warned Strap-on against adding me as a defendant.
Now why would she do that?

At the time the sect's board decided to sue me, which was some time between March 2007 and Febraury 2009, Dennis Feuchuk was on AARC's board, a position he had held since at least 2002.  Feuchuk was still on the board in 2016.
So Feuchuk was on AARC's board when they first determined to sue me.  He was on the board when the CBC program aired.  He was on the board when documents are alleged to have been taken by Amy Sparks, and when the lawsuits concerning the CBC program and those concerning Sparks actions were filed, and then for many years after.

Justice Dildo began working with Gulf Canada in 1995, while Dennis Feuchuk was a Vice-president and Controller with Gulf.  She remained with Gulf until it was acquired by Conoco in 2001.  Justice Dildo then became a VP Legal with Conoco.  Feuchuk remained with Gulf until at least 1999.

But the relationship between Dennis Feuchuk and the judge did not end with their shared time at Gulf.  Feuchuk, Nancy Dildo and at least two other old Gulf hands, Henry Sykes and Craig Glick all turned up again by 2011 with Parallel Energy, where Feuchuk, Dildo and Sykes were all directors, and/or senior officers.

At the annual AARC beg-a-thon in 2012, Parallel made a public donation to the sect, as reported by the Calgary Herald.

So in the middle of a lawsuit claiming that the sect's reputation has been damaged, resulting in a significant loss of revenue, Nancy Dildo was a senior officer and director of a company that was giving money to the sect, in public.  At this point she has had some form of professional relationship with board member Dennis Feuchuk dating back seventeen years, a relationship that continued until at least 2014.  The entire period of Feuchuk and Dildo's time time at Parallel coincided with the sect's lawsuits against the CBC et al.

According to the Canadian Judicial Council, "Judges should strive to ensure that their conduct, both in
and out of court, maintains and enhances confidence in their
impartiality and that of the judiciary."
And "Judges should as much as reasonably possible conduct their
personal and business affairs so as to minimize the occasions on
which it will be necessary to be disqualified from hearing cases."

And then, lo and behold, if Justice Dildo did not choose to preside over those very same lawsuits in 2018, rather than disqualify herself on the basis of her obligation to "maintain and enhance confidence" in her "impartiality"?  It seems impossible that Justice Dildo did not know that she was in a significant conflict of interest.  Which begs the question, why would she do it, and why did she warn Strap-on not to sue me?
The All About Receiving Cash sect remains a threat to public health, and an anti-democratic, corrupting force in Calgary and Alberta.  The sect has, in the last thirty years, managed to penetrate most public institutions that should otherwise be counted upon to protect the citizenry from such an entity, resulting in public officials who are completely compromised and thus beholden to the sect.  The airing of the Fifth Estate episode "Powerless" resulted in a comprehensive cover-up that involved elected officials in the Provincial Government of the day, members of the Calgary Police force, and complicity of local media.
Although no details of the resolution of the lawsuits filed by the sect against CBC, it's employees, and sources used on the "Powerless" episode are available to the public, it is known that from the outset of the lawsuits, the sect was demanding retractions and recantations from the survivors who came forward, and for almost twelve years the sect was unable to force such retractions.  The lawsuits provided a fig-leaf for a number of public officials who used the claim that the issue was "before the courts" as an excuse to do nothing, but that pathetic film has now disintegrated.
The sect's very existence is rooted in deception, and the dismantling of this edifice of lies remains the mechanism by which this ongoing crime will be stopped.
Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Next Stop, Malebolge
« Last post by ajax13 on March 14, 2021, 10:57:20 PM »
By all indications the SLAPP suits launched by All About Receiving Cash have been settled out of court, twelve years after the airing of the CBC episode "Powerless", on the Fifth Estate program.  It seems likely that some form of gag orders were included in these arrangements, as they seem to have been in the other round of lawsuits related to documents allegedly taken from AARC by a whiste-blower. 
Great Calgarian™ Allan Markin is apparently having some trouble with another one of his litigation projects, also against CBC reporters and also involving "unorthodox" treatment of subjects held in the All About Receiving Cash behaviour modification program.

"April 8, 2020. After publication of this story, Pure North filed a defamation lawsuit against the CBC, the Dietitians of Canada, and some of their employees. In March 2020, Pure North discontinued its claim against the Dietitians of Canada and its employees, and the Dietitians of Canada issued a clarification statement which relates to the story below. The CBC continues to defend the action against it and its employees."

Aside from AARC and Pure North, Mr. Markin has clearly diverse interests:
"LONDON, Ontario, Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Indiva Limited (the “Company” or “Indiva”) (TSXV:NDVA) (OTCQX:NDVAF), a leading Canadian producer of cannabis edibles and other cannabis products, is pleased to announce that further to its news releases dated June 26, 2020 and July 9, 2020, it has closed the second and final tranche of its private placement of Units (the “Units”) in the aggregate principal amount of $4,167,198.80, being 13,890,663 Units (the “Final Tranche”).
In connection with the Final Tranche, the Company issued 3,333,333 Units to Prairie Merchant Corporation, a company controlled by W. Brett Wilson, for total consideration of $1,000,000. The Company also issued 3,333,333 Units to Allan Markin, for total additional consideration of $1,000,000."

Readers may remember Wilson from such productions as AARC's damage control program after the airing of "Powerless":
"We continue to work individually to inform & update donors ie. Allan Markin, Tom Buchanan, Brett Wilson, Dr. David Elton, Kevin Jabusch, Nexen, Hazel Gillespie, Tesco, Hrudey, Donandeo(Vermilion). They are all supportive"

While readers may hold suitable awe and admiration for the entrepreneurial spirits of both Messrs. Markin and Wilson, there seems to be less enthusiasm for the new racket within AARC:

Live and let live, and what have you?


The Troubled Teen Industry / Gateway Freedom Ranch information
« Last post by Oscar on March 13, 2021, 03:15:20 AM »
The Gateway Freedom Ranch located in Eureka, Montana


Quote from: Caroline P.
Lisa (the director of Gateway Freedom Ranch) stole 6 figures from the partnering boys ranch. She completely traumatized me, convinced me that I was always lying and manipulating to get my way the entire way through the school. They never believed me. It was 18 months of pure trauma for me. I stood for 3 months all day as a punishment for not doing the dishes fast enough. The only time I could get off my feet was when I was sleeping. I even stood during school. They made me wash the dishes every day because I couldn't do them in time and when I was late they gave me rice and beans cold or rice and canned chicken.

I had fallen off of a horse and dislocated my tailbone which caused extreme pain. They offered to take me to the hospital but because I was wholeheartedly convinced I was an evil child just trying to manipulate I didn't go. Since I was standing it made the dislocation worse. I just found out recently that I wasn't bluffing about my back pain. I was on CBO (communication block out) for as long as I can remember so I was not allowed to talk to anyone unless it was an emergency and isolation so I couldn't bed near anyone. They had a list of questions we could ask.

We ran 1.2 miles every day even through the extreme fire smoke from California. If we got a certain amount of write ups they made us do 10 burpees for each one. If we threw up they didn't care. They would make us clear out the pinecones in the yard. One gallon paint bucket full of cones for each write up. Before that, it was one bucket of rocks. The school forced religion down my throat. I do not identify as a Christian because of these people. None of them had the licensing to be counselors for "troubled girls."

Every time I get depressed I have Lisa's voice in the back of my head saying I'm just doing it for attention. I of course was better at home because of all the gaslighting and assurance that I would be punished if I didn't do well on my home visits. 6 months after I got home for good I started rapidly declining and my parents sent me to Oak Ridge Military School right outside Greensboro, NC. That is where I really got help. I'm now 18 just beginning to understand the damage they did to me and my family. The reviews before mine are completely true. If your kid needs help DO NOT send them to Gateway Freedom Ranch.

Quote from: Rhanie T.
Gateway did not have the right idea when it came to consequences and just to how the program worked in general. I understand that they're trying to help but it just didn't.

Religion felt very forced on you. Some of the consequences they had were CBO Communication Block Out where u weren't aloud to talk to anybody and u were isolated from everybody, when u were not getting along with somebody they would put you in a hula hoop and u had to be with them and u had to stay in it until you figured out why you were in it together, if you didn't get your chores done on time you could get rice and beans cold sometime sit would be expired and they still make us eat it even if u threw up in the bowl they would still make u eat it, they would make u got out and stack wood outside even if it was dark and cold, for me they wanted me to learn a specific lesson that quite frankly i never figured out they made me do all the chores in the house and put me on a time limit while in a hula hoop with someone and stacking wood and cleaning CLEAN jars and if i didn't finish i got rice and beans and we were forced to write letters to our parents on sunday or we'd get rice and beans and that was the day i had most of my chores and if u dont finish showering on time they give rice and bean or make u do planks and workouts and if stopped the workout wed have to do it longer even if were in pain crying. Sometime s if one person makes a mistake in the house and no one confessed to it the whole house would be on lock down.

I don't recommend this place unless you want your child to be brainwashed or come back with more anxiety. And when you send them there they start to get issues like abandonment issues and very extreme issues.When i was sent there when i had been there for a while they'd keep telling me i hadn't fully confessed to everything when i told them everything and when i say everything i mean everything. And they kept saying i hadn't so eventually made up something so they'd stop and instead of talking about it they sent me to a wilderness program full of tromatized girls

Quote from: Makayla S.
100% agree with the last rating. I was sent here twice. Once I left I was diagnosed with PTSD from this place. What prompted me to write this review was the common night terror I had last night about the place. CBO (communication block out) and Isolation are common forms are punishment. Cold and unseasoned rice and beans are your meals as punishments. One time, every girl there had to eat that for 2 days straight, some of them even 3 days. Another punishment was they took away our mattresses and we had to sleep on the bars of our bunk beds, some girls got boards to lay on, but my bunk was a top metal bunk bed and I didn't get a board. Mail coming in and out gets opened by staff members and read before given to us or being sent out. Counselors aren't even licensed counselors. This place is supposed to be a behavioral boarding school, yet the only counselor that is licensed comes 3 times a year for parent weekends, at which time we didn't even get one on one time with him. Phone calls are listened in by staff members. Religion is shoved down your throat and you get told the only way you can go home is to follow god. Two girls that were there with me were forced to get their hair cut above their shoulders, one because the director claimed she was too prideful of her hair, and the other because she "played with it too much during group time." On top of all this, my dad (who did not want to send me back the second time I went) vividly remembers the director discussing other families financial problems with him over the phone. This place is cruel and corrupt. No child should go through what any girl went through there. One girl was one CBO for a month and a half straight, and if you talk when on CBO you are made to run 1.2 miles as punishment, as if being on CBO wasn't bad enough. Parents may see change when their child comes home but it doesn't last. If you really want to get you child help, get them a REAL counselor, don't sent them halfway across the country and make them have a terrible fear of abandonment and live in constant fear that everything I'm their life could be ripped away from them at anytime. Thanks for taking the time to read this..
Facility Question and Answers / The oliverian school testimonies
« Last post by Oscar on March 07, 2021, 04:09:16 AM »
The facility has a department hunting down negative testimonies, I will secure some here before they gets deleted.
Quote from: Parent on GreatSchools
January 02, 2021

My son attended Oliverian for 6 weeks this fall, and they provided no academic rigor and no therapeutic support. In a school full of kids with mental health and academic challenges, classes had zero assignments or academic challenge and zero homework (their new policy, they said). Half the kids didn't even show up to class, with zero consequences, and kids were totally left to their own devices (literally - they claim that they turn wifi off but all the kids know the code and can use it all night long). Their counseling program has no clinical supervision and sees itself as simply helping kids address day to day problems - but if your child doesn't proactively seek them out, they are basically ignored. Drug use and truancy was rampant. There were no personalized education or therapeutic plans, and no indication of any future attention to individual needs. Other than (usually) attending class, my son spent all day every day playing video games, and after a few weeks of learning nothing and seeing most other kids skip class, told us that he was "demoralized" and wasn't going to bother going to class anymore. He told us that all the kids said that the school leaders didn't care about anything except money, and this seemed plausible to us as our pleas for more support and structure were ignored. After pulling him out, the school has refused to refund any of our tuition, and after we noted that we would write reviews to inform other parents, they pretended they had just been about to implement an "education and wellness strategy," despite never mentioning anything about this in all the time we asked how they would be meeting our son's needs. To showcase their success, they offered a story of a kid who attended no classes and did no work for 3 years, and then in his senior year, he started doing well - that seems a very clear indicator of the school's philosophy - they will happily take $86K a year for 4 years with the hopes that, by the end, your kid will be motivated to engage.

Quote from: Former student on GreatSchools
February 07, 2020
absolutely the worst school i've ever been to in my whole life, and i'm a senior.
Are teachers at this school effective?
there's probably one teacher that has actually been able to assist me in getting any of my academics completed, and/or has made me feel like this school is a good learning environment.
Does this school develop strong character in its students?
there's nothing/nobody at this school that helps integrate any of these traits into any of the students or staff.

We sent our son to Oliverian after pulling him out of an abusive residential boarding school, promised that it would provide rigorous academics and ample therapeutic support while honoring his autonomy. In fact, it was academically inadequate - zero rigorous assignments, no consequences for skipping class (which led to half of students missing class on a daily basis) - with no therapeutic planning or big picture view (we were told by the counselor that they just "help kids with problems they might face day to day", and were reluctant to do any deep work). They take "autonomy" to a new level, letting the kids do anything they want and hoping to "encourage" them to step up over the course of 4 years. Lots of drugs! Our son spent 6 weeks in his room, leaving only to attend classes, otherwise playing video games non-stop. The administrators are totally uninvolved or worse. Our pleas for more support were ignored. After pulling him out, they refused to refund any of our tuition.

This school has kept me going through some hard times, but I would not call it perfect and it does not suit everyone. The administration is very close to the student body, and thus, has the power to micro-manage students' lives. The school has much to improve in terms of clubs, activities, and sports. It is very hard to come by resources at times - an Oliverian student needs to be self-sufficient. Students are punished with detention, withholding allowance, and "campus restriction" where students are not allowed to leave campus. Students without allowance and on campus restriction are unable to buy toiletries or snack food for at least a week. This is a relatively new school with a good-hearted mission, but it has yet to figure out many aspects.

My son went to Oliverian and had very little academic support and even less Therapeutic support. Although staff were nice they were inefficient. He had ample access to drugs an juul and consequences were minimal
And inefficient. Should have pulled him out sooner. He never even read a book. Very little supervision and even less communication with parents. Do not send your kid here especially if he has addiction issues.
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