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Title: Questions, questions.
Post by: Somejoker on August 16, 2002, 06:05:00 PM
Could our new friend from Lauderdale please try to answer the following questions:

1) Art Barker claimed "13 years in adolescent drug treatment" during 1972. The seed had only been opened for two years. He used to say he had been at a place up North.
the question is:
Where did Art Barker get his experience. Was he a member of Synanon? Daytop?
2) Was it John Underwood or your brother that used to tell the story about having to bite a mouse in order to join a motorcycle gang?
3) What happened to Suzy Connor? Was she at the reunion?
4) What happened to Arthur? Was he at the reunion?
Thanks so much for your participation. How about posting a story about one of your experiences at the seed?
Title: Questions, questions.
Post by: Anonymous on August 18, 2002, 03:34:00 PM
1. Daytop - AA - the service - readings -
    ( nazi youth)
2. John, tried to find out what happened to him, after he married Pam
3. Yes Suzy was there, she looks great, happy homemaker - somewhere up norh - Ohio, I think, suzy Barker to- (for those who don't remember that was Art's niece)
4.Don't know, - and no he was not there - Robert Chung was there, we embraced, he's a lovely man, with a nice little family,
he's a welder by trade now.
Title: Questions, questions.
Post by: GregFL on August 18, 2002, 05:13:00 PM
What do you know about Art's time at daytop?

I still am fuzzy about John Underwood and your brother. I think I may have them confused. Did your brother tell that great mouse/motorcycle gang story or was that John Underwood?
what do you mean John tried to find out what happened to him?
I never met Art's neice, at least not that I remember.
Robert Chung is a welder by trade, but he is also the mayor of Dania and still involved with ex seed staff members doing projects. They  seem to be very public minded and worthwhile projects. The only thing I know about him from his time at the seed is that he used to cut hair at 84.
Do you have a copy of "the Seed of Hope"? Can you get a copy?

Suzy is doing okay? And you don't know Art?

Hmm. Hey, I am sorry to ask you so many questions. This stuff is like a jigsaw puzzle and you are helping to fill in some blanks for me. Thank you so much for your consideration. I want you to know that whatever your opinions are, they are welcome here. This forum is for everyone and We all really appreciate your participation.
One more. Do you know Maggie Canfield? She was at st Pete with me and then went down to 84 and became staff. If you know her, what happened to her. She was a lovely young lady.
Title: Re: Questions, questions.
Post by: Susan Stone on March 16, 2012, 12:19:00 PM
Every single one of those old nasty staff members should be in jail... there was nothing legal about the seed.... each one is a criminal... they each have committed crimes against everyone that was forced  that's right forced to enter that place. No parent... not one knew what really went on in that hell hole. You all can pretend  all you want about Art and his disgusting Klan... but they each know what low life's they really are. Life continues on...  they will not ever reach the next level of life. Until they stop denying their crimes, so their punishment will linger on through out their eternity.  This is how real life works... and I say this with a huge smile on my face. See God does work  in mysterious ways.  All those children who were started over and over... for some drunken comedian who was not even funny once in his pathetic life... all for gain  some fake power and to profit off of children.... oh Boy... is all I can say. To have that on ones conscience .... is Golden to me...  I was 13 years old never harmed  anyone... never did drugs never committed a crime and never arrested like those pathetic staff members..who clearly were court ordered to be there... so proud to say never have....and still never have done your so called drugs... so that there show's true fact what a scam that place was.. I did not even know what drugs were until I was inside this blimp hanger you all held everyone captive at... the seed pushed  every hour on the hour children to smoke...yes they  allowed children to smoke cigarettes... which to me personally is a horrible drug  not to mention it causes cancer...  so the seed and its staff were only killing those children in that dump... nothing at all like I typed in beginning was ever legal about that hell hole. All that place did was get children to hate their parents and siblings ... the seed caused many divorces ... and to think how many children were taken from schools... myself included. The seed stole more then one will know. Taking children from school is one crime alone... and the schools never knew. Sad to think a handful of criminals are still lurking about...  you libtards... and conning suzy's may think you got away  with the  horrible crimes you committed...  but you are the ones that will start over and over till ya admit confess to the crimes you indeed committed. For me I have only smiles and laughter... why cause I will never forget how the Stones were never broken at any age in that nasty horrible place.....called the seed.   I seriously should write a book about you staff members.... libtard parading around in high heels alone .... nowadays known as stripper shoes acting like a midget hitler was priceless.... what a novel this would be... a known heroin addict too to boot... Omgshhhhhhhhh I so till this day  only laugh knowing how powerless you all still are and  were. To me that has always made me smile. Priceless.... and Eternity is just that.
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