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Title: Still Lazy After All These Years
Post by: ajax13 on April 25, 2018, 11:38:15 PM
All About Receiving Cash is still peddling "studies" done by members of the sect, about the sect, as scientific research.  Sect members Jackie Smith and Joel Mader, long ago harasser of AARC defectors on Fornits, have teamed up with disgraced Step-craft hack Ken (Jonathan?) Winters, to tell the world how great AARC is.  While this is laughable, the sinister member of this team is a thing called Amelia Arria.  She is an agent of the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, a creepy and bizarre propaganda program sponsored by some serious Canadian elites. 

Funny, funny stuff.  Six years ago I asked Kenny why he was shilling for a Canadian Straight, but he really couldn't come up with an answer.