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Open Free for All / Who is this douche "Nunez"?
« on: February 05, 2012, 03:05:03 PM »
Just curious what people's thoughts are on this..


Open Free for All / Why I Am Not Buying Danny Bennison's Lies
« on: February 05, 2012, 01:36:43 PM »
You have betrayed the type of person you are in your numerous posts over the years.

You threatened people outright when they called you on what you did.

I'd have to be pretty foolish to believe anything you say.

You are obviously lying, and trying to cover your tracks by slandering others.

The gig is up though, and you will get yours.

Tacitus' Realm / "Why Are Obama's Critics So Dumb?"
« on: January 18, 2012, 05:13:56 PM »
Why Are President Obama's Defenders So Dumb?

Media Bias: A presidential infomercial posing as a news magazine distorts the record to shamelessly shill for a failed administration. Why do we criticize the man who made the high-speed trains run on time?

Political campaigns call it free media: when candidates can make their case and communicate their message through interviews and outlets that don't cost a dime.

It helps when a mainstream media sycophant like Andrew Sullivan gets to write a puff piece in Newsweek with the subtle title of "Why Are The President's Critics So Dumb?" The Democratic National Committee couldn't have said it better. ... -obama.htm

Web forum hosting / You cannot make another post so soon after your last.
« on: January 18, 2012, 03:28:37 PM »
Could someone please turn off this annoying bullshit...?

Pretty please???


Feed Your Head / Who is Bensinger?
« on: January 18, 2012, 08:57:48 AM »
This article makes false claims, and the name Bensinger rings a bell... ? ... chaos.html

Open Free for All / Yesterday's Papers
« on: January 18, 2012, 08:14:47 AM »
Who keeps bumping all the old threads from way back, and why?


Web forum hosting / Bumped by Anonymous?
« on: November 20, 2011, 01:30:50 PM »
I have seen this happen a couple of times: On the Open Free for All forum there are some older threads that were supposedly "bumped by Anonymous," but the last post on these threads were not anonymous posts. As far as I know, anonymous posts can not be deleted by the anonymous poster who posted them (so an admin is doing this, I guess?) Also, the date and time of the 'most recent post' is altered in the process to indicate a more current time instead of leaving the actual time (from way back) that they were posted....making it appear to be a recent post, when it is not.

What is up with this?? Would someone please explain?


Tacitus' Realm / Hey, suckahs!
« on: October 26, 2011, 12:51:45 AM »

Open Free for All / Hello-o....who's in my cupboard??
« on: October 08, 2011, 03:44:03 PM »  

Hi, how are you?
Hi, how are you?
Hi, how are you?

 :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:

« on: September 12, 2011, 06:42:16 PM »
Many biologic/chemical TERROR weapons share the aroma of human fartgas.
If you find yourself in a confined space (subway,theater,etc.)
and detect such a smell:
Clearly and LOUDLY ask, "DID SOMEBODY FART?".
If NO ONE answers, YOU MUST follow up with a clear,
Thank you for your cooperation.

A message from the misinformed citizen's bureau.

Open Free for All / OCD Sound Sensitivity
« on: August 16, 2011, 10:02:10 PM »
Some sounds annoy me a little, while other sounds drive me batty!  These specific sounds are so annoying, that I get anxious or stressed to the point of agitation and anxiety.

I hate loud chewing, open mouth breathing, kissing sounds (only if it’s one set of lips like someone kissing a hand), dry skin being touched, tapping, leaky faucets and most of all ticking clocks.  I bought the coolest new alarm clock and within minutes of it being on, I took out it’s batteries.  I can’t sleep with any noise.  I think certain sounds bother me because I am already tense and it’s kind of like feeling tense or nervous and having someone poke you on the back repeatedly sending you surges of nervousness.

Being easily irritated to certain sounds is called: Soft Sound Sensitivity and for whatever reason, a lot of people with OCD seem to have it.

Most common sounds that annoy people with this specific sensitivity are: ticking clocks, animals grooming, chewing, tapping, nose whistles, and when people say the “S” sound.  For some people, it causes irritation and anger, while for others it’s more severe and can cause physical side effects like vomiting.

Some people wear ear plugs, but  I’ve never tried that.  If there is a leaky faucet, I fix it or find a way to cover the noise like with a fan.  I don’t use ticking clocks and as far as sounds that are out of my control like mouth breathing, I try to avoid that, plug my ears or drown out the sounds.  Avoidance seems to be the easiest solution for me since the problem is not bothering me all the time.  I get bothered when I hear that stuff, but I don’t hear that stuff all the time, so I can just deal with it. ... ensitivity

Web forum hosting / confusing chopped up threads
« on: August 14, 2011, 09:53:32 AM »
two threads on this forum, same title.. what the hell?

Re: The Macy Conferences:The Minds behind Mind Control
by Matt C. Hoffman » 12 Aug 2011, 02:14
    by Matt C. Hoffman View the latest post
    Yesterday, 18:50

The Macy Conferences:The Minds behind Mind Control

1234by Awake » 06 Jan 2011, 19:20
    by Matt C. Hoffman View the latest post
    Yesterday, 12:42



Web forum hosting / Background color
« on: August 03, 2011, 09:07:26 AM »
Man...I've been looking through the control panel, but can't find where you can change the forum color...

Tacitus' Realm / Collapse
« on: August 01, 2011, 01:10:16 AM »

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