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The Seed Discussion Forum / Just curious...
« on: September 18, 2002, 10:19:00 PM »
I have been following some of the threads here and at the Straight threads.

I am curious about one thing.I know that I was not a drug addict prior to my time spent in The Seed. I had only smked pot a few times, of course nobody believed me. My list grew longer...I had to get "honest" to get out, so did we all I think.

However,later I did "make my list" all too real.I did in fact become an addict. Speed was my main thing....I still miss it and am coming up to my 21st yr of real sobriety.

I am not beating my breast or saying other people can not use drugs recreationally. I just know that I can not do certain things myself, I like certain ones of them far too much for my health.I suppose (I was a 77 lb, 5'3" woman at 23, on a feeding tube in the hospital)I  should just be glad that I survived it.  

I do not participate in AA/NA much any longer as I have no need for that, there was a time I did need it, but not for about the past 12 years. This sober person is who I am now...I am comfortable with it. Although there are many meetings I have attended in the past 3-4 years, because people asked me to take them.  

As a parent I also felt the need to not be a hypocrite, "Do as I say, not as I do" always got to me as a teenager.

However, I was wondering how many of us did have to "make the list real."??

I am also curious about our children.My son (18) opts not to participate in the ritual drinking, drugging and smoking that so many teens do. I raised him with openness and honesty.

He knows of my past (The Seed, all my drugs, and my recovery) and likes to think that he is "smarter than Mom". I have often told him, as he became a teen, that if he were to feel the need to do anything, I'd rather have him smoke pot than drink alcohol.

I happen to believe: alcohol + male teens= violence. I have never seen a pot smoker become overly aggressive and feel the need to prove himself!

I thought a couple of times that he might have gotten high, but did not press it, because he was home on time, straight A's, and treated me with courtesy and respect.So "Good for him", I thought. "Doing a normal teen thing!"

How did everybody else handle these issues? Is our cautious treatment of our own teens due to the mistreatment we recieved by our families and The Seed?? Or are we more permissive?

Thanks for listening.

The Seed Discussion Forum / Singing in the Orange Bowl
« on: August 15, 2002, 06:58:00 PM »
For some strange reason I just remembered us all being bussed down to Ft Lauderdale to sing in the Orange Bowl. I remember I stayed with a family just outside of Lauderdale.

But much of my memory is gone.For some reason we were there, I think, to sing "American the beautiful" and the "Seed indeed" that what we did?

Is there anybody out there that took part in this "Orange Bowl" experience with me? Do you have any details?

I have blanked much of this time in my life, but this board had helped some of it to surface. Thanks to everybody! :smile:

The Seed Discussion Forum / to Frieda
« on: July 22, 2002, 12:05:00 PM »
I am sorry I missed your post earlier!
 I am sure we were incarcerated at the same time. Although I never had the "fortune" to have my hair cut by my oldtimer! LOL!!
Actually my oldtimer was relatively very nice to me, and so was her family. In fact, I would have been happier to never move back to my father's home.
My father was an active alcoholic and very abusive (mentally and physically). Imagine how bad he must have been for the Seed Staff to have barred him from the "open Meetings"! My foster family was very nice the night I was to have gone back home, but had to return with them because nobody would come and pick me up to go home!What a world we lived in then.

I am very glad that you have your brother to discuss these things with, and you say we have been healing! That is wonderful. Best wishes. debi

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The Seed Discussion Forum / Letter to the Editor of St Pete Times
« on: July 05, 2002, 10:45:00 PM »
In  today's paper 7/5, there is a letter to the editor written by a Calvina L Fox, exectutive director of Drug Free America.

The letter was in response to an editorial written concerning the "Erosion of rights" that comes with mandatory drug testing within our schools.

The tone of the letter, as I am sure we can guess, was of the standard Seed/Straight line. "Deadly drug epidemic",""Ask any responsible parent...","this is simply a report card on whether kids are doing drugs"!!

As both a parent and a former inmate of the Seed I was totally dismayed to see this and one other letter written in the same vein. "We shouldn't treat these kids like they have the same rights as adults-they're kids for heavens sakes and should do what they are told"

Doulble AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!
I must have missed the original editorial that got this response, but I am sure it was another instance of the St PeteTimes standing up for the rights of those needing help. I remember all the articles questioning the Seed, bringing attention to abuse alegations,  the safety of the Seed,and the activities  occrung within the Foster homes and the warehouse.

Any clear ideas of what we should do as citizens (adults too) to help this from becoming a new wave of destructive behavior for these kids---perpetrated by "loving parents" again???

There are so many articulate wrtiers here...perhaps we can remind them about what happens emotionally to these kids?

"...every five years I look back on my life and have a good laugh..."

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