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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / does anyone remember Brian M.?
« on: October 25, 2005, 01:31:00 PM »
Me and a friend were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in '78. Avoiding youth hall, I was sent to the Seed in Cleveland, my cohort in this was sent to the Str8 in St. Pete. We were both 14 at the time and from Cleveland, OH.
His name was Brian M. He was very tall and skinny at least 6'0" at 14, and had dark brown/black hair.

I remember him as being a quiet kid. He never returned to Cleveland and I wonder if anyone from the Str8 in St. Pete in the late '70's might remember him.

The Seed Discussion Forum / message for Antigen
« on: October 21, 2005, 12:22:00 PM »
I was arrested with a kid for a breaking and entering in '78. I was sent to the Seed, and later I found out he was sent to the Straight in St Pete. His name was Brian M. A really tall lanky kid with dark hair. I have always wondered if you knew of him or maybe someone at the Straight board might remember him.

He never came back to OH and I have always wondered.


The Seed Discussion Forum / When did the Seed close on SR84?
« on: February 10, 2005, 01:15:00 PM »
I remember being on the gate(door) from 82-85, and every once in a while a car would pull up and someone would get out of the car and take pictures of the Seed. While this was happening I would get Bob W. as I was told to do in a situation like this. I was almost always told by Bob to run out to the gate and find out what they wanted. It seemed like this person was always from Florida Dept of Trans.? Something like that.
Anyways, I guess the idea of the pictures was that DOT or some agency was wanting to run I95 where SR84 existed. Did this ever happen? And if so When? And if so, where did the Seed go after that? I have heard refeernces to Andrews Ave. Isn't that the place where the Seed originated.
Considering that Art has the ""gift" of instant awareness. shouldn't he have known that they were going to be kicked out of SR84?

I came into the Cleveland Seed in Oct of '78. I had done a little pot, but mostly I committed juvenile pranks like breaking into my girlfriends house, that kind of stuff. I had a choice of the Seed or Youth Commision. I choose the Seed, to my chagrin, today.
I turned 15 my second day there and the staff brought me a cake when my oldcomer came to pick me up that night. They didn't tell me it was from my Mom. Go Figure!

The Seed closed after I was there maybe 1 month. They came to me and said they wanted to take me to Ft Lauderdale to finish my program. They had spoken to my Mom and said that she wanted to take me out of the program. But, they wanted me to be apart of things and that they had my best interest at heart.

I was down there for another 2 mos and my Mom was calling like hell to have me graduated so I could come home. I remember Lybbi telling me my Mom was a bitch and she didn't really care about me.
To make a long story short I was graduated around Christmas of '78 and went home. By then I belived that my family were "assholes" as I was told by the staff. I came home shunned old friends, wore my Seed badge and shirt and waited until I could move back to Fl at 18.

I moved to the Ft Lauderdale Seed  from 1982-1985. During that time I saw the "cult" go from what I remembered being over a couple hundred members to about forty. Like another poster Cleveland, who I know, but will not say his name at this point, I lived with Bob W. and saw alot of the inner workings, but was never in the inner circle. I witnessed Art yelling at his wife shelly and calling her names that to this day I've never heard a man ever use that language in talking to his wife.(unbelievable)

I used to think at times what happened to Hank? or ?. Staff who had been there when I was on my program, but when I would ask Bob W., He'd look at me like don't ask that.

Well, I had thought of old Art the asshole the other day, and just by chance entered in his name in Google. What a great thing this forum is for us former Seedlings. When I saw John Perloff's picture, I had to laugh. I guess the assholes are now torturing dogs.I will have to send my brother the link, he went to school with him.

Anyways, I just wish that when my Mom had wanted to send me to a Columbus, Oh drug rehab after 30 days at the Seed, I would have agreed. If only life gave you do overs.


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