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Title: German round 2 - Stalingrad aka Catherine Freer
Post by: Anonymous on February 27, 2008, 03:13:31 PM
The second round of "Teenager ausser kontrolle" aka Brat Camp is going to be at Cathrine Freer (http://, the wilderness program where the teenagers die!

Who is the german going to send?

Serie burglar Andreas E. - age 15
Drug user David P. - age 17
Manbeater or street fighter Dzeneta B. - age 15
Gang-member Kevin O. - age 15
New-Nazi Kurt Z. - age 16
Drug dealer Pascal S. - age 17
High School drop-out Stacy G. - age 17
Runaway Vivien T. - age 16

I am surprised that the German Television company have chosen a wilderness program with poor posibility of survival.

I am going to find a bookmaker so I can bet on their survival rate.