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New Info / Re: STORM RIDGE RANCH ?? (More testimonies)
« on: May 18, 2023, 05:51:44 AM »
Quote from: emily lybolt
Do not send you kids here! They are manipulative, abusive, and medicate incorrectly. Years later and I still have unresolved trauma even with getting my life back together. This place isn?t what you think it is and causes more harm than good. Just work with your child, get them in therapy, love them, learn about adolescents! Stay away from here. Save the thousands of dollars that will cause psychological distress. The girls part is horrible. I remember when I finally was leaving girls could no longer wear leggings because it made male staff ?uncomfortable? I mean that sounds like?. Just don?t! Even the 2 good staff workers don?t work here anymore because the corruption. Even after girls left they would stock them on social media and laugh (owners and daughters). If that doesn?t get you to rethink I don?t know what to tell you

Quote from: Lucienne B
Please spare your kids trauma and do NOT send them here. Please. All of the girls who have graduated this pathetic youth program are now traumatized and even have a survivors group on Facebook. They will break your kids bones, body shame them, deck them in the face, socially isolate them for days, take them OFF OF MEDICALLY NECESSARY MEDICATIONS TO HELP THEM LOSE WEIGHT do NOT send your kids here please there are so many options this is not one. My dad even regrets sending me here after I opened up to him about everything that happened. Here the things that happened to me, and the things that happened to other girls. There are other options. Sending them away? is giving up on your kid sending them here? is giving up on them. Please don?t do it. I?d never in a million years send my daughter to this child laboring emotional chop shop. Since this place I have developed an eating disorder that I seem to relapse on because of their constant comment of my weight when Ben himself is like 400 lbs. I have constant flashbacks of when I hyperextended my knee and they refused to get me medical treatment until my dad told them to. Them ?restraining? your child isn?t restraining out of fear of physical violence they bend their wrists or arms for NO reason, simply for talking back. They listen to your phone calls and will hang up the phone the moment your kids start saying anything bad about this place. Please please please don?t send your kid here. Refer to the ridiculous dock sheet below as the things your children would/will get punished for or even physically restrained for.

Quote from: Mejdjdj Sndidjdn
I was a student here 10 years ago. Initially I thought it was a positive experience, 10 years later I?m realizing it was a huge set back and very detrimental in how I process my emotions. Of course your kid will have straight A?s and ?good grades?. There is no teachers. Kids ranch in ages 13-18 so obviously not a teacher for every grade. You?re given packets to complete which are very easy to skim for answers. Didn?t learn a single thing but I got back all of my 9th grade credits (I had previously failed every class) and got back on track to 10th grade. Just because your kid is getting school credits doesn?t mean they?re being taught anything. This WILL be a problem later.
The therapist was extremely over loaded and seeming didn?t care for me. She was only there weekends for almost 20 girls at one point. Eventually they hired a second male therapist but still, there is not a licensed psychologist on site to monitor your kid or to talk to your kid at all times. I would talk  about the weather and drama at the house with the therapist. She never dove into my issues. I was never able to trust her because of the odd circumstances of being sent to a ranch against my will. This ultimately taught me to mask my emotions extremely well.
Something that will forever stick with me was being called a brat for crying on the phone to my parents after being lied to about the length of my stay (9 months but was told 3 months). They ended my phone call because I was crying hysterically, mocked my hyperventilating and told me I?m a brat. This ultimately caused me to believe I?m not allowed to express emotions.
This may still seem fine to some parents! But 10 years later this is causing me to lose my grip on reality. I had successes after this such as getting into beauty school at 16, completing school early, getting a job and my own apartment. I was there for 9 months, did the program how they asked and even I thought it helped. But things consistently crash down because I cannot process emotions or stress myself. I have walked out of multiple jobs because I cannot control my anxiety and I do not feel safe reaching out for help. I?m only now realizing how badly this place has effected me. I went to the ER a few nights ago for bad dysphoria and panic attacks, and was scared to express myself to the nurse and kept saying I don?t want to get in trouble. I have a very hard time trusting health officials and people here to help me because of my experience here.
I am now 24 year suicidal sex worker. Please just talk to your kid, buy them art supplies, take them on hikes. Try to be there for them. Do not send your kid to any type of school like this. Even if you see initial results, years later they will have emotional damage from this place.

Quote from: Reno Sorenson
My experience wasn't to bad for me except when I went there 12 yrs ago and the state of utah pulled there contract with them and I had to go to a new group home all the money I earned their from going out and working for other ranchers to make money that storm ridge said they hold on to till we leave the program stole it from me they would not return it and there excuse was the state pulled out contract so we had to keep the money which is not right by any means.

Quote from: A
worst experience of my life. i am older now and have realized what a horrible place it was. looking back at the trauma caused by other peers, staff, and management. please dont send your kids here. you will regret every second of it, i promise!

Quote from: Hugh Altman
I?m 34 years old?17 years later and I still have horrible PTSD from this place. Sleepless nights and hypervigilence are the norm. I know you want the best for your children but please do your research and look for other options

Quote from: Jordan Lagge
This place I feel like was not any help for me. I gained a benefit which was my high school diploma but can?t get in contact with anyone to get my information. Since it?s legal in Utah to restrain they had broke my arm and I?m still living with pain in my arm. Did not think this place was helpful at all!!

Some of the testimonies found on Google reviews:

Quote from: Anna Jett Winter
Truly one of the most terrible experiences of my life. I wake up screaming from nightmares about getting sent back and every time something bad happens to me I worry that I will get sent away again. Please, for the love of God, do not send your child here. They kept me in isolation from my group members for an entire month because I couldn't make a fire. Staff would belittle us, especially my therapist, Christine. I have chronic back and hip pain from the hikes that I took there. I had an eating disorder and would be forced to hike for hours without having eaten anything for the past 2 days. There were times I collapsed and fell with my face in the dirt during hikes and staff would not help me up. I was malnourished and not provided with the proper care for someone recovering from an eating disorder. They were extremely medically negligent. I was forced to take a black box medication and was titrated at an adult rate when I was 13. I had severe tooth pain that kept me from talking and eating and it took them a whole month to take me to the dentist. They lied and told my parents they sent me as soon as they found out. There was a student who had a fly lay eggs in wounds in her hands and she was never taken to the doctor. After 2 weeks staff stopped giving her iodine even though there was still fly larvae crawling out of her skin. I could go on for pages about what I experienced at Blue Ridge, but the bottom line is that if your child is sent to blue ridge, they will be abused. Please, for the love of God, do not send your child here.

Quote from: Jacqueline Cohen
This place should be shut down immediately. They are abusive in every form of the word and the counselors are completely delusional if they believe other wise. Also the therapists are complete liars and use emotional manipulation to get what they want (money) from the children's guardian's. They tell the parent's that their child is improving when in reality they are starving to death and being verbally broken down every single day. Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness program destroyed my life and I will probably struggle with ptsd for the rest of my life.

Quote from: Naomi White
This program is extremely abusive.  I had my daughter go there when she was 16.  She went for 5 months and when I saw her again, she wasn?t the same.  There were scratches and bruises all over her body.  She was pale and thin and even had extreme eye bags due to lack of sleep and care.

I wouldn?t even wish this upon my worst enemy.  Because of this program, my daughter has horrible ptsd along with anxiety and depression.

Quote from: Ella Rauls
This place deserves 0 stars. My parents were not aware of what they were getting me into. I have had ptsd therapy for a year now and still have nightmares. I never felt safe for example i stayed up all night during a storm in light night position counting at least 100 lightning strikes and had to hike 2 miles the next day on no sleep. I witnessed one of my group mates beat up another and it was truly scarring. Girls self harmed all the time and would run away just to be brought back cut up and in horrible condition. This place is poorly run and brainwashing. I will never truly recover and i hope these sort of places are shut down forever.

Quote from: Mira G
I was here for about 3 months. I was only able to wash my hair once they pored water on my head after I scrubbed my hair. I lost 15lbs and have severe ptsd. When I returned home my head was so matted I had developed dreadlocks and lice I had to spend 4 days trying to salvage my hair and keep in mind my hair is relatively curly. There were kids there with much curlier hair who no doubt went home and shaved their head. I have chronic pain in my back and severe ptsd. The reviews written by ?happy parents? are not real. Please if you are thinking of sending yourself or your kids here, don?t. Do not do it.

Quote from: Lanci
Do not send your child here. I am a survivor and suffer from diagnosed PTSD from this place. A lot of other people had to go through the same thing and we all know that this place causes more bad than good for us. Spending 100+ days here felt like torture and I still haven't forgiven my parents for sending me here.
If you are planning to send your child here don't. Do some research instead and try to help them in a nother way.

Quote from: misty noneofyourbiz
I went here for over 6 months. They do not give you fresh water or to treat anything with it. Most of the kids at came are extremely sick, vomiting and diarrhea, the workers would brush it off and thought it was a joke. Every happy picture is staged. All in all it was a terrible experience and all it did was traumatize me

Quote from: Blue Brick
It's a cash grab.

I spent nine weeks in the woods living under conditions that aren't even acceptable in our prison system.

One highlight of the experience is when I got sick with dystentary and they forced me to march with a seventy pound pack. When I keeled over to vomit they had me bag it up in a plastic bag and carry it due to their "leave no trace" policy.

We were constantly under physical and mental strain, and if we didn't smile and pretend to be "learning" or "healing" they would punish us with isolation from the group or no food.

When I finally got through their program there was a transition camp for two days with my parents. The difference between the quality of life at transition camp and the regular program were night and day.

These people do not care about helping kids. They want money.

Quote from: Megan Daniel
I almost lost my left leg and died from infection. The infection was a direct result of the lack of care shown at this program. On top of that, they go around lying about whose behind this program truly, it is a Second Nature program which are notorious for their abusive practices and disfunction. Deleting my review will do nothing as well because I am operating on spite and I guarantee that fire burns stronger than any attempts you people can make at stopping me. I speak the truth and have the evidence to back it.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Pierceton Woods Academy testimonies
« on: April 30, 2023, 03:12:05 AM »
They want a loophole in the law so they can do with the residents as they want without being held accountable.

After sexual abuse claims, politically connected treatment center seeks immunity

A faith-based residential treatment center accused of allowing staff to sexually abuse boys is pushing for legislation that would protect it and similar state contractors from most lawsuits filed by victims and their families.

The legislation would provide immunity to child caring institutions and group homes in connection with the performance of duties under a contract with the Indiana Department of Child Services. Those contractors include Lifeline Youth & Family Services/Lasting Change, a politically connected operator that provides homebased services and runs a residential treatment center in Northern Indiana.

The Fort Wayne nonprofit is a leading promoter of the legislation. It is DCS's largest contractor, raking in nearly $200 million from the state since 2017. Its fundraisers have featured former governor and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.

Pierceton Woods Academy in Fort Wayne faces accusations

One of Lifeline's facilities is Pierceton Woods Academy, a residential treatment center about 30 miles west of Fort Wayne that provides care for sexually maladapted youth.

The academy has been accused of allowing employees to abuse teenage boys, then covering it up. A psychologist hired by the attorneys of one victim said in a report submitted as part of the 2020 lawsuit that at least a dozen staffers were known or suspected to have sexually abused boys at Pierceton Woods.

Curtis Smith, a spokesman for Lifeline, said the nonprofit denies allegations that it failed to protect minors from sexual abuse or that it was aware of and covered up sexual assault allegations.

"We love helping these boys heal and get better," Lifeline CEO Tim Smith told lawmakers during a hearing in March. "It is the only reason we do what we do."

But Travis McConnell, the attorney who filed the lawsuit alleging sexual abuse at Pierceton Woods, said Smith lied to lawmakers about his client's case in an effort to keep the immunity legislation alive.

?If there?s no accountability for their actions, then there?s no incentive to do the right thing," McConnell said. "By giving people immunity, you?re giving people a free pass to do whatever they please.?

The controversial proposal, House Bill 1282, appeared dead earlier this month after a Senate committee failed to advance it, but lawmakers appeared ready to add the liability protections to House Bill 1091 as of Tuesday. If that happens, the full House and Senate could vote on the measure this week.

CEO accused of misleading lawmakers

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last month, Tim Smith said the immunity legislation is needed because of a huge increase in insurance premiums. Without relief, he said, the company already has reduced the number of boys it serves and may not be able to continue providing important rehabilitation services.

Smith testified the annual insurance premium jumped from $30,000 for $3 million coverage to $500,000 for less coverage. He blamed ?one lawsuit in 55 years? even though it was settled for ?nuisance value,? a legal term for an amount less than it would cost to fight a lawsuit. Smith said he could not disclose the settlement amount because it was confidential.

McConnell, the Warsaw attorney who represented the family in that lawsuit, called out Smith on the nuisance settlement claim.

?That statement was not true,? McConnell said. ?So not only does Lasting Change want the taxpayer to cover their negligence, its CEO is willing to lie to the Legislature in order to try and make it happen.?

McConnell said Smith?s statement voided the confidentiality agreement, and he provided IndyStar a photocopy of a $72,000 settlement check from Lifeline?s insurance company.

Curtis Smith, the Lifeline spokesman, said Tim Smith "stands firmly" behind his opinion that the settlement was for "nuisance value," adding that McConnell "appears to misunderstand" the terms of the settlement.

Records detail troubled history at residential treatment center

Court documents and DCS records in the lawsuit detail a troubled facility rife with allegations of the abuse of young boys ? most already abuse victims seeking treatment. The case alleged a 16-year-old boy was groomed and sexually abused by a female worker.

An investigation by DCS found that allegations of child seduction against the employee were substantiated, meaning there?s enough evidence for a ?reasonable person? to believe the boy had been abused. It also revealed the same employee had been investigated two years earlier for similar allegations and allowed to keep her job despite refusing to cooperate with that earlier DCS investigation.

The lawsuit alleged the woman coerced the boy, and other residents, into participating in various sexual acts over several months in 2019. The employee formed a so-called ?circle of trust? with the boys and repeatedly told them they could be open with her, according to a complaint filed in Kosciusko County in October 2020.

The complaint also alleged that multiple supervisors were or should have been aware of the accusations against the employee, but they ?failed to implement policies to prevent sexual assault? and, instead, ?chose to minimize and cover up? such allegations.

Indiana DCS investigates sexual assault accusations

DCS began its investigation in 2019. In interviews with a family case manager, the boy and another resident said the woman had sexual contact with them during movie outings and walks near Pierceton Woods. The employee admitted forming the ?circle of trust? with the residents and taking them on walks and outings, but denied any sexual abuse, according to the case documents.

In 2017, police and DCS looked into similar allegations against the same employee, but neither the woman nor the alleged victim cooperated. Lifeline kept the employee on staff with direct access to male residents, documents say.

Curtis Smith, Lifeline's spokesman, said the nonprofit can't comment on DCS investigations, although he said the nonprofit cooperated with the agency. The employee in question no longer works for Lifeline, he said. He did not say if she was fired or if she resigned.

A psychologist?s report prepared for the lawsuit said Lifeline ?showed deliberate indifference? to the rampant sexual abuse of young boys, interfered with the ability of residents and staff to report to DCS, and ?emboldened sexual predators.?

Staffers who were accused of or committed sexual misconduct were sometimes reassigned or given the opportunity to resign, allowing them to move to other youth organizations, Kristine Chapleau, a licensed clinical psychologist in Indianapolis, wrote in her 21-page report. Chapleau's assessment was based on interviews, DCS reports, mental health records, company policies and court depositions.

?The work environment at Pierceton Woods was highly sexualized. Several female staff talked openly about sex, fought over who was having sex with the male staff, and even bragged about abusing the male youth,? Chapleau wrote, citing an employee who boasted about such abuse. ?Yet, these ?giant red banners? were repeatedly ignored.?

At least a dozen staffers were known or suspected to have sexually abused boys at Pierceton Woods, according to Chapleau?s report. One employee was allowed to resign after sexually abusing a boy under 15 and was never reported to DCS, according to the report. So was another employee who sexually abused a 15-year-old boy inside a supply closet. Another was allegedly impregnated by a resident she helped escape from the academy, the report said.

In 2020, another female employee was investigated by DCS and arrested for child seduction. She pled guilty to two misdemeanors in a deal with the prosecutor.

Curtis Smith said Chapleau was hired by the plaintiff's attorney, McConnell, to pursue money damages in the lawsuit and neither visited Lifeline facilities nor interviewed any employees. He added that Chapleau's report was based on "hand-picked" information and documents.

During the litigation, Lifeline's attorneys expected their own medical experts to "deeply scrutinize" the findings and prepared to "vigorously cross-examine" Chapleau before the plaintiff decided to settle, Curtis Smith said.

Chapleau told IndyStar her report was based on the sworn depositions of eight employees, Lifeline?s policies, and the substantiated DCS investigation.

"Within a month of receiving my report, Lifeline agreed to settle without asking for my deposition," she said. "It?s troubling that, even today, Lifeline would rather 'deeply scrutinize' those who uncover the abuse than their employees who commit the abuse."

'This takes the consequence away'

The lawsuit filed by McConnell was voluntarily dismissed by agreement of the parties in February 2022 after discovery, including multiple depositions that were taken. That dismissal was tied to a then-confidential financial settlement with the family.

The dispute was rekindled last month following a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on HB 1282, which would prohibit negligence claims such as the one McConnell brought against Pierceton Woods.

Under the legislation, immunity would apply to most liability claims, including wrongful death, negligence, malpractice, battery and infliction of emotional distress. There are exclusions for criminal offenses, gross negligence and willful or wanton misconduct, but those cases are rare and much more difficult to prove.

McConnell said he shared information about the settlement in his case after hearing Smith downplay the incident in testimony to the Senate committee. He said Smith's public statement voided the agreement, and he doesn't want to see lawmakers swayed by what he considers misinformation.

Brad Catlin, an attorney who has represented multiple clients in DCS-related lawsuits, said the impact of abuse in youth treatment settings can be particularly devastating for the children involved.

"If they are hurt in places where they are put for care, that?s a terrible thing," he said. "It probably also will seriously make the issues they are dealing with worse."

Lawmakers should ensure contractors are held accountable, he said.

"If some somebody doesn't have a consequence, they're more likely to engage in bad behavior," he said. "And this takes the consequence away."

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Pierceton Woods Academy testimonies
« on: April 30, 2023, 02:29:00 AM »
Found another article:

Former Pierceton Woods Employee Arrested For Child Seduction

PIERCETON ? A former Pierceton Woods Academy employee was recently arrested after entering into a relationship with a juvenile who resided on the campus.

Kaitlyn Anne McCullough, 24, 4256 S. SR 109, Albion, is charged with child seduction, a level 6 felony.

On July 8, 2020, the Indiana Department of Child Services received a report of child seduction that occurred at Pierceton Woods Academy. The incident allegedly involved McCullough, who formerly worked as a childcare worker at the facility, and a youth who resided at Pierceton Woods.

On July 9, 2020, the youth was interviewed by a DCS worker and Pierceton Police officer. According to court documents, that person described entering a relationship with McCullough while she was employed at Pierceton Woods. The youth showed Facebook messages between them and McCullough, indicating a relationship spanning from May to June 2020. The juvenile also described two events where the two kissed in a wooded area on Pierceton Woods? property.

The DCS worker and Pierceton Police officer then spoke with McCullough about the incidents. McCullough admitted to having Facebook conversations with the juvenile and described two incidents where she and the juvenile kissed in a wooded area.

Pierceton Woods Academy is currently facing a sexual assault civil suit in a matter unrelated to the McCullough incident.

In the suit, a father of a juvenile who was allegedly assaulted on the campus says their child was sexually assaulted by Darby Ellis Perry, a former Pierceton Woods employee.

McCullough was booked in the Kosciusko County Jail on Feb. 11, with a $5,250 surety and cash bond.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Pierceton Woods Academy testimonies
« on: April 30, 2023, 02:27:22 AM »
Feedback from employee


Unethical - Jun 25, 2021 - Youth Care Worker in Pierceton, IN

Pros: Working with the residents on treatment

Cons: Everything else. Unethical, Shady, ZERO treatment actually being done. The residents do not heal in the ways they should and usually relapse right after getting out.

Lacked integrity - Jul 20, 2022 - Youth Treatment Specialist

Pros: Got to know some great kids.

Cons: Got to know some pretty terrible kids. Management cared more about their image as a company than the boys

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Pierceton Woods Academy testimonies
« on: April 30, 2023, 02:14:20 AM »
Some of the comments to the article:

Quote from: Tammy dobbs
I am in need of someone to check out this facility . My grandson was sent to this place and has had problems since. Inmate hiding under bed. Now threatened to be next victim in front of supervision. Now torn up his room and inmates that threatened . Want investigated someone to call check out tapes.

Quote from: MaLinda Pugh-Miller
I have nothing to say against Pierceton Woods Academy. This of course is a great Stress to me as one of my children is currently a residence of the academy. However I can say that the program has helped my son in a immense way. They helped me save my family

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Pierceton Woods Academy testimonies
« on: April 30, 2023, 02:10:37 AM »
Article found online

Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filed Against Pierceton Woods
Amanda Bridgman, Staff Writer - Monday, October 26, 2020 6:00 AM

A lawsuit has been filed against Pierceton Woods Academy and employees there after a juvenile reported he?d been a victim of sexual assault while under their supervision.

Pierceton Woods Academy, 27 Pequignot Drive, is a residential placement facility for boys in grades 7 through 12 in need of services. It is a private Christian alternative school with a teacher to student ratio of 1:7, according to The facility is managed by LifeLine Youth & Family Services Inc. and Lasting Change Inc.

Attorney Travis McConnell filed a civil suit Thursday in Kosciusko Circuit Court on behalf of his client, a man whose minor son was a resident and alleged victim at Pierceton Woods Academy.

The suit is against Lasting Change Inc.; LifeLine Youth & Family Services Inc.; Darby Ellis Perry, an employee there; Brian Perry, an employee; Joe Gough, vice president of residential services; and Mark Terrell, CEO.

According to court papers, the lawsuit alleges Darby engaged in a pattern of conduct over multiple years where she methodically seduced multiple children to engage in sexual acts with her on the grounds of the academy and at local venues during unsupervised outings with the minors. The lawsuit alleges the outings were permitted by LifeLine and Lasting Change, ?in conformity with the institution?s lax policies.?

The suit claims both LifeLine and Lasting Change were negligent and owed a duty to prevent sexual assault against the residents under its charge.

A battery claim is charged against Darby for her alleged behavior between July and December 2019 against the minor plaintiff where she would ?work to change the hearts of the residents by earning trust through promises and counseling; inducing or encouraging residents to use drugs and promising that she would not report said use to supervisors; falsifying drug screen reports for residents; repeatedly telling residents they were in the ?circle of trust?; engaging in dirty talk and encouraging gossip of the same; kissing; full-front hugging; handholding, and allowing and encouraging hands to be placed on buttocks or other areas of her body; fondling of her body, including genitalia, and of other residents; requesting penetration from other residents; performing oral sex on the residents; and engaging in sexual intercourse with residents on their 18th birthday and beyond.?

The suit claims that in 2017, Darby was the suspect of an investigation with law enforcement involving accusations of sexual assault on another resident at the academy. Other staff members there also told of Darby?s inappropriate activities, the suit alleges.

The lawsuit further says that LifeLine and Lasting Change took no preventative actions in response to the 2017 accusations and investigations against Darby but rather promoted her and kept their ?deficient policies in place to protect residents from sexual assault by its employees and agents.?

The lawsuit goes on to say that Lasting Change and LifeLine allowed Darby to take minor residents to areas of the campus that are not recorded or visible to third parties and on unsupervised outings off premises. The company allegedly did not require more than one staff member to go on the off-premise outings as a cost-saving measure, according to the lawsuit.

The suit also alleges all defendants engaged in a conspiracy to ?negligently operate the Pierceton Woods facility in disregard for the well-being of its residents, namely failing to protect them from sexual assault,? even after the situation was investigated by the Indiana Department of Child Services and Pierceton Police Department, who both allegedly determined the offenses have occurred, according to the suit. The suit further claims that Darby continued to have access to the building where residents lived during the investigation.

As far as the claims against Brian Perry, the lawsuit alleges he and Darby were in an intimate relationship since at least 2017 and that he used his position of authority at Pierceton Woods to ?threaten and intimidate residents to prevent them from making complaints or to withdraw them once made,? as well as using discipline or the threat of discipline on residents who made and persisted in their complaints against staff members. The suit alleges Brian was in conspiracy with LifeLine and Lasting Change and the other defendants in the case. That conspiracy claim is represented among all of them for allegedly disregarding and concealing reports of sexual assaults from the appropriate authorities.

McConnell writes that as a direct and proximate result of the situation, his client has suffered damages including bodily injury with a permanent psychological injury, pain and suffering, disability, mental anguish, inconvenience, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, expense of hospitalization, medical and nursing care and treatment, loss of income and loss of ability to lead and enjoy a normal life. Those losses are either permanent or continuing, and his client will suffer the losses in the future, McConnell wrote.

?To date, Pierceton Woods Academy has taken no meaningful action to remedy the policies that permitted these sexual offenses. Nor has Darby Ellis Perry been charged with crimes brought to Kosciusko County Prosecutor Dan Hampton?s attention in early 2020,? McConnell said. ?The victims of Lasting Change and LifeLine deserve justice, just as the citizens of Kosciusko County deserve to see charges filed against individuals who violate Indiana?s child seduction law.??

Pierceton Police Department Chief Tim Sammons told the Times-Union he is aware of the civil lawsuit and that his agency submitted a criminal case pertaining to this case to the Kosciusko County Prosecutor?s Office for review, however, he has not heard of a decision from the prosecutors about moving forward with criminal charges.

In a statement to the Times-Union, Hampton said of the matter: ?Just prior to the pandemic, information about Pierceton Woods was brought to local law enforcement?s attention, which began an investigation that remains ongoing. In every criminal investigation, law enforcement conducts a very thorough examination ? not relying solely on assertions, assumptions or allegations? but rather on factual evidence. Due to this ongoing investigation, I will not confirm or deny any allegations raised in any civil lawsuit.?

Attempts to reach LifeLine and Lasting Change were unsuccessful, and it is unknown if any of the defendants have attorneys representing them in this cause.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Pierceton Woods Academy testimonies
« on: April 30, 2023, 02:01:19 AM »
The Google reviews are kind of mixed for this facility.

Quote from: Benjamin Green
I have lived here for one year and months and highly recommend considering you options when coming to this facility. My experience was absolutely horrendous. I was not helped when coming to this facility in fact was set further behind and was given less opportunity. There were care specialists that were clearly biased and gave favoritism to other residents. Not only this, I was promised full confidentiality of all treatment information but I was not given this respect and this caused me more troubles. I was put down by other residents and I was not helped by the care specialists. I was discharged unsuccessfully because of failed polygraph in  which I was forced to take by the facility and what was worse is I had been truthful, but had been called a liar. These polygraphs have caused the fall of so many residents and in my entire 14 months of stay,  I saw only 1 person discharge by completion of the program. These residents are undergoing a tremendous amount of stress, I know because of the social awkwardness that I still have today.  The facility also does not have a welcoming setting, I felt I was in solitary confinement . These people will walk out with more mental problems and will likely discharge unsuccessfully. In my personal opinion, avoid this place at all costs. In the mist of all this, they did offer a great christian environment but may be a problem if there were one who was not christian. The care specialists generally liked to show christian movies and shows. One more thing, the school offered had no opportunity, most of the schooling was on computer and classes offered were chosen for you, generally an elective like basic skills or Indiana studies. So complicated classes such as algebra had to be self taught on a computer. Please consider all of your options when coming to this facility, because generally any other residental is better than here.

Quote from: dillon johnson
Fired a good staff member for completely bs reasons and treated them poorly with clear bias for certain members. Not very understanding of staff having to do what they can to keep things under control in high stress situations with zero help from other staff even if it doesn't 110% go the way management wants it to go.

Quote from: Pamela Copley
Horrible place to work!!! They are alway short staffed. Was hired for zero Sundays and I can?t even go to church yet this is supposed to be a ?Christian? company. They do not allow me to go to church. This place is a joke. The management never helps and just lets us work short staffed. Kids are always beating up staff and running away. Setting fires. Yet no one here to help. This company is a joke! I never call off I?m always at work and they won?t even let me e cerise my rights to go to church.

Quote from: Fox-A-Million JiffyPaws
As someone who successfully discharged from the facility. I say, depending on the kind of environment you want your child in, this may, or may not be a good place. They may have good staff, but many staff who work here are power hungry when it comes to position. I would recommend somewhere else, but it is your choice.

Quote from: Direct Marketing LLC
i mean its not meant to be fun. But most of the officers are disrespectful asholes that break you down because they make NO money. Mr.White especially was a ugly as dude who would make fun of me and laugh at my own expense. Somedays they dont even let you out of your cell for rec. #ShutDown

They were foundedi in 2020.

First Light Wilderness Therapy (2020-present) Dahlonega, GA (Anti-Troubled Teen Industry Activism & Survivor Support)

The feedback from this program which is run from an address in Dahlonega, Georgia is not that positive.

Xu's testimoney

The program lied to my parents giving false legal information saying if i left the state of Georgia it would complicate my felony even more because the place is so depressing me and a friend of mine there tried running away and we happend to come across a car with its door open and keys inside to swindle more cash pre day during my stay there in GA 2 the boys group 1 tried to kill them selfs 1 ran away 5 times turned 18 and finally ran away they over charge the worth of this program by priceless amounts WOULD NOT RECOMMEND if you have a troubled teen it would be much more beneficial to talk to them and provide care your self or send them to a residential or rehab facility the kid who tried to kill him self was there for 90 days and got kicked out last minute and all the program did was recommend him to another program a absolute WASTE OF MONEY

White's parent-testimony

I regret taking my son here.  He attempted suicide TWICE because of this program.  My son isn?t the same anymore because of the trauma this program causes.

Victoria Valentina Zubkis sadly passed away. The circumstances are not clear.

We have been looking into her connection with Sunset Bay Academy and found this piece.

The questions are:

Was her death fauld play?
Had it connection to Sunset Bay Academy?


/OF. NO. 0031/PT/13. El Sub Jefe JUAN LUCIANO RODR?GUEZ REYNAGA con los agentes ARTURO AVALOS P?REZ y RA?L JAVIER PAREDES ESQUER tripulantes de la unidad patrulla P-0947, al encontrarse en las instalaciones de la Direcci?n de Seguridad Publica, se presento una persona del sexo masculino, quien dijo llamarse VLADISLAW ZUBKIS de 53 a?os de edad, quien manifest? que tiene internada desde el d?a 01 de Diciembre del a?o pasado a su menor hija de 17 a?os de edad la cual responde al nombre de VICTORIA VALENTINA ZUBKIS, en el centro de Rehabilitaci?n para las adicciones denominado SUNSET BAY ACADEMY, ubicado sobre el camino viejo a Pemex, entre las calles Guadalupe Victoria y Calzada a la Playa de la colonia Lienzo Charro de este Municipio, lugar donde se encontraba el Hotel Villa Serena, la cual le manifest? que hab?a sido abusada sexualmente en dicho lugar, as? como recibir tratos indignos, por lo que solicito a los responsables de dicha instituci?n que se le permitiera sacarla del lugar, ya que el reportante no estaba de acuerdo por lo manifestado de la menor, neg?ndose a entreg?rsela, motivo por el cual se trasladaron al lugar en compa??a del reportante. Ya una vez en el lugar se entrevistaron con el que dijo llamarse SALVADOR ALBERTO MAYORAL GONZ?LEZ de 29 a?os de edad, quien dijo ser encargado nocturno de dicho centro, por lo que se le indico el motivo de dela presencia policiaca, solicitando autorizaci?n para entrevistar a la menor, al igual si exist?a por parte de esa instituci?n alg?n motivo para no ser entregada la de nombre VICTORIA VALENTINA ZUBKIS, a su se?or padre, manifestando con la negativa de que no pod?a ser entregada ya que contaban con un documento firmado por la madre donde les dejaba la custodia de la menor a dicha instituci?n, por lo que se le solicito pasara ente la autoridad competente y asimismo entregara a la menor, neg?ndose rotundamente, no siendo posible asegurarlo ya que se encontraba en el interior del inmueble, siendo en esos momentos que arribo al lugar el administrador del lugar, el de nombre MARTIN ARTURO BERNAL GAPI de 48 a?os de edad, al cual se le informo de los hechos manifestados por la parte reportante, solicit?ndole la pretensi?n del padre de la menor, mismo que accedi? inmediatamente a ser entrega de la menor a su se?or padre elaborando al momento un oficio de salida de interno suscribido por el mismo. Por lo que de estos hechos se le hizo de conocimiento al C. Director de Seguridad P?blica Municipal Lic. FRANCISCO CASTRO TRENTI, quien ordeno se elaborara el informe ante el Ministerio del Fuero Com?n, por tratarse de hechos presuntamente constitutivos de delito.


Found this in a blog: (link)

Quote from: Matthew Pierce
Reading through the news articles in the Tampa Bay Times, I found some disturbing similarities in the statements of others and what I experienced here, even though they were sent to this facility many years after me. I was sent to Bonifay, Teen Challenge in May of 2002 and ?graduated? in September of 2003 only after my parents signed a waiver for me to join the US Army (as my other option was homelessness). But in June of 2002 I was nearly killed in this facility by a staff member called ?Sergeant Williams.?

I raised my hand to ask a question in the dining hall and was picked up several feet off the ground and slammed head first onto a tile floor. I could not move or feel anything for several minutes. I had a knot on my head the size of a softball, got dizzy and sick often, and found walking difficult for several weeks. I was refused medical care. I would find out years later during a CT scan that my skull had previously been fractured and I had sustained what should have been treated as a life threatening concussion. SGT Williams would go on to do this to several other children during his career at TC Bonifay, until eventually being let go for nearly killing another cadet.

In this facility we were forced to fight each other in a boxing ring in what was called the ?back 40? (the 40 acres of land behind the facility facing away from Highway 2) for staff entertainment. Sometimes the staff would enter the boxing ring with cadets if they felt there was an issue with a child. It is important to note that the staff members during my stay at TC Bonifay were all either ex-military, active duty police officers, or former police officers. One of which was ?SGT Pollock,? an active duty police officer, who was fired for sexual misconduct involving a cadet (TC did do the right thing here). Another honorable mention is SGT Wright, a former Marine, who entered the ring with a cadet and knocked him out (he was not fired).

We were physically worked until several of us were urinating blood, and forced to dig 6′ x 6′ holes in the ground to ?bury our demons? if we committed an offense such as not standing at the position of attention with the correct posture.

It noted in the Tampa Bay Times that the school is not regionally or state accredited. The Army accepted the HS diploma issued (bear in mind it was 2003 during the invasion of Iraq), when applying to college after leaving the military I still had to go and get a GED due to this school not being accredited.

If anyone else is out there reading this, please do not send your child here. If you are also a victim of abuse at this facility, please share your experience and vote to change the law regarding class action suits of facilities like this so we can be somewhat compensated for the brutality experienced here and years of PTSD which follow.


The Troubled Teen Industry / New name for facility where 15-year-old died
« on: October 26, 2022, 02:55:44 AM »
When a child dies in your care, it is normal to think about changing name so parents and case-workers do not remember the bad things when they search for treatment for children. That is the case with Sequel TSI who now is named Brighter Path.


The Troubled Teen Industry / 7-year-old died at Brooklawn
« on: October 26, 2022, 02:50:51 AM »
How could they? If everything that could come from this tragedy, is some fines and a reprimand to the facilty, of course they could.

Sources mention that Farmers Christian Academy Girls Home might run under another name.

Mercy Mountain Academy aka Mercy Mountain Ministries located in Asheboro, North Carolina might be an attempt to hide from bad press so they can continue to detain girls in their religious nightmare of a school.

The address is stated to be: 2610 Cid Road, Lexington, NC 27292

More about the old facility:

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