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Bong hits anyone?

The "at the time" director was Peter McCann, so that was one hell of a long distance call

Goodbye Art. Have fun trying to fill that need you have to abuse surv ivors without me

Sharon and Mark have shown the way to get to you and that's to ignore you

You're a flea.

Actuaqlly, that's an insult to fleas

Open Free for All / Re: Elan attention whores
« on: March 20, 2013, 10:58:41 PM »
Fucking losers, LOL

Conversation started 1 September 2011

Arthur D Warshawsky wrote:

I just gotta say,that while I am happy for your exposure of the insanity that was Elan,those who are still affected appear to barely function in this world. I have not read your book,on purpose. I simply havent any interest beyond knowing that a place like this will never again torture children. Been my experience,that when you get a bunch of Elan people together,a referee is required. the nastiest and meanest things are said and done. Whatever the purpose of the groups creationis,is out the window to defend or attack another. I see that hasnt changed in your FB group or any other place Elan is discussed on the net. Benison is the ringleader of mental illness. One day he's a decent guy,the next he is playing troll on fornits.I believe that your intention is to provide a place to discuss this issue. I also believe that its such a horrific topipc,that it brings out the insanity in others. I just read through some of it yesterday,and some a few days ago. Nothing has changed. No matter what website,fb page,or other informative web based site. My life is pretty good today. I cant imagine feelilng as bad as many others. It makes me sad,and keeps me far away from places like your fb page etc
Good luck and god bless

Liarexposed (Art Warshawsky) wrote

"Why would I be going to jail ?"

For sex with a minor. No statute of limitations

You inherited an auto parts business Art, stop pretending the success of your family's business had anything to do with your input. Left to your own devices, you'd be a janitor in a peep show

Tell Larry I'll see him in September

You notice that Larry the drug dealing, Dept of Labor robbing, Methamphetamine dealing, ex city councilman with four Driving while Intoxicated charges, isn't here demanding the money I owe him?

I wonder why?

You rob the state for $6,000, you better make the witness who reported you for asking him to do your face to face, look bad

I'll be in Lebanon in September and have alread contacted the judge and a lawyer

Larry said his father and the judge's father were in the Klan together. Larry better ask him to recuse himself

Anyhow, I'm way too busy writing to Maine media about Bill Diamond's book and my review of it. Sent 27 e-mails today, will do many more tomorrow

Don't kill yourself Art. I hear stripes make you look svelt

Open Free for All / Re: censorship and and the fornits catch 22
« on: March 06, 2013, 03:20:00 PM »
If the story about Sharon is true, and Elan is investigated and sex abuse is corroborated, Sharon is a very rich woman

You really think that's Art?

I don't. I think it's Danny. Meh, it doesn't matter. Whoever it is, is making my point for me

Open Free for All / Re: Art Warshawsky the Scumbag
« on: February 28, 2013, 07:15:30 PM »
We're back to "Wayne's a fag?"

You're beginning to bore me Arthur. Been there-done that with your fellow Alumnist, Danny bennison.

What are you going to say next, "Kill yourself Wayne?"


Open Free for All / Re: Art Warshawsky the Scumbag
« on: February 27, 2013, 01:22:01 PM »
What I find funny is that Art claims that Elan was a great opportunity that we blew and calls us liars, but then he threatens to sue to get his name removed from the staff list. Sounds like e's talking out of both sides of his face, a true Elan alumnist trait

Art, did you witness children being abused at Elan when you were staff? Who did you report it to?

You do know you were mandated to report it, right?

Let's be.

I see Danny is out of rehab.

Dan, if you say something as a fact, you must quote a source. a page and name of the book. "Danny says so" doesn't fly in the real world

So, like these people, (person?) you need to give people somewhere to look for your "facts" (Lies)

Now that Danny is back, I'm out of here. Have fun spewing homophobic hatred with Art. You two dceserve each other

2,252 sales of my book and 4491 free downloads is all the attention I need Art. Two newspaper articles and another in the works. Fifteen blog posts by writer friends and one by Paul Morantz. That was all gravy

Did I tell you that the Waterbury Republican is considering a piece about A Life Gone Awry?

As far as help, I've asked but no one seems to want to prosecute you and your friends for sex abuse

Diamond is a dud. I hope he doesn't care about his name because I'll never stop exposing him and you criminals

How old was Sharon when you raped her Arthur?

I don't know you, but if you were in a program like Straight or Elan of one of the many others , they fucked with your head and they're good at that, and it's very effective head fucking,

One of the horrible truths about these places is that they're very effective because they were effective at screwing us up in ways that stay with us, consciously or unconciously, for the rest of our lives.. If there's a way of fixing it through therapy, I can't find it. Rick Ross, Doctor Zimbardo (The Hip Hero) and others like them are money grubbing douchebags who won't help unless it makes them rich and most therapists and psychiatrists don't understand what happened to us or doubt our sanity when we tell them what's wrong

Your reaction is a good thing though. You've stumbled onto something you didn't know and that's a place to begin to heal. Find others who support you and talk to them. Find a way to make friends with the memories.

You're not alone

That's exactly how Art and Danny treat people they abused in programs. In his deluded brain, Art is still in the program. Alumnists think they can say or do whatever they want, including threats, false accusations and vile sexual vomit coming out of their mouths

The fact he's in bed with Danny Bennison shows what horrid people ex staff are. The world can see it. Everyone but them can see it

He keeps saying we're mentally ill, but a quick readthrough of this site shows that the only peopke who abuse, threaqten and stalk people is them. All Danny and Art talk about is homosexuality, feces and hurting people. They use our names, but they're talking about themselves.

The only thing Art is not guilty of is being on disability. But he can't see that the fact Elan didn't fuck him up is because he was a sick sexual sociopath to begin with. Elan was like a playround to him and Danny and Marty and Jeff, and the rest. They weren't damaged by it because they loved it

Bill Diamond is reading his reviews Art. I've had three people I don't know contact me and sympathize because they are horrified by the tone and content of your comment.

My name is Wayne Kernochan of  Palmer Bridge Street in Torrington Connecticut, and Danny Bennison raped me when I was at the Elan One Corporation in 1978.

I'm so real you can't imagine it because it means that so are my accusations. And you and the rest of your ilk can't face the reality that you're no good and you never were

I'll never stop telling the truth of what happened to me. That you can depend on

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