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What kind of person uses someone elses hurt against them?

Lighthouse of northwest florida (fka VCA )/ Rebekah / Roloff ) / denial
« on: September 04, 2007, 07:59:04 PM »
You may have had a different experience, but to spout mean and hateful crap at people who are just trying to work through what happened to them at the homes shows your smallness of spirit.  God will judge what happened in the homes, and you will probably be suprised at the judgement rendered.  If you want to live in denial you are welcome to it, but you have no right to ask others to.  If you were firm in your belief, you would use your name.  I do!  I have never been to prison, or been in any other source of trouble.  I am happily married, with a great kid, and grandbaby on the way.  You are a vicous little blackhearted person, and I hope you enjoy the view up there on your high horse, because God is liable to knock you off.


I am a Rebekah Survivor from 85-86  I have resently started a healing and support group on yahoo groups for survivors of all of the Roloff homes.  You are all welcome to join us at ... ngNetwork/
if you are still needing a place to go for some real healing.  Pro-Roloff people are not wanted or welcome.  Those homes were trecherous, and I am looking for people who still have issues to work through.


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