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Vision Quest / But NOONE wants to talk ..
« on: January 08, 2005, 07:47:00 PM »
Hi ! Please feel free to move or copy my post to anywhere you feel the word may get out . I have posted in the Vq forum sometime back early in my lawsuit against them . Not really any replies but alot of people viewed. I read in earlier repsonse here that Vq had some 14 deaths.. When researching the death rate with VQ if I remember correctly it hit well over 20 since the 80's .
This is from their wilderness programs and bootcamps . I will go back and recheck it make sure that number is correct. However I do know that the cases of abuse are overwhelming.
Just in the year 2003 .. VQ here has had roughly 18  abuse cases reported to DCF (that is at one facility ran by VQ not all!).. These cases are full of  total neglect .. sexual abuse .. along with the mental and verbal and physical abuse. Although DCF has the outlook this is NOT public information and they will not provide this information.. VQ keeps a log and one is designated to make the reports, that is herendous! I have 3 file folders of Court documents.. are they public information??? How do I find this out ?? if so I am more then willing to send to you .

Vision Quest / But NOONE wants to talk ..
« on: January 04, 2005, 10:49:00 AM »
I see small inserts all over this site here and there about vision quest .. and even the comment they are the leader of the pack with deaths in there programs .. BUT when will someone finally step up and talk !!!
I will tell u why noone is speaking out against them (at least not anyone with a real claim against them ) .. US parents do our best to defend our children when they are hurt.. and with such a place the defense is to sue them with always the hopes to get enough out of them to hurt the wallet enough to shut them down. Well when you do ur lawsuit and shit starts to sling they pull out all the stops to make ur child look like the idiot rather then there so called staff .. in the end 9 out of 10 times a settlement is reached and guess what .. with that settlement comes a little agreement u must sign called Confiditallaity agreement HAHHA .. why to shut our mouths and not speak out . And they warn u if you speak they will sue U for what u won plus more .. well .. that in my opion should not stop us as parents from talking about what happened to our kids . SPEAK UP PLEASE cause without everyone talking others will never know what these places are about . Honest.. I had NO clue VQ had such a history . never seen it on the news or read it in the papers.. I am a younger parent who at that time didnt even know anyone who had been a such a place other long enough for abuse and deaths to happen..
SO please please .. lets get the word out . I can name off the top of my head at least 3 differnt facilities up here in Pa where kids have been beaten abused killed rapped and neglected.. but its not put in the papers or on my local news. I have talked with hundreds of kids who have been in these places all at different times all who dont know each other but can all give a story the same or close to the same . these kids are not crying wolf they are crying out for protection against the very same people us parents are either willing to go to or forced by the Juvi courts to go to for help!!!!
Speak cause there are plenty of people ready and willing to listen!!

Vision Quest / My Son with Home Quest
« on: August 03, 2004, 12:18:00 PM »
Here is a story to make your get sick... Even today in this decade. when boot camp stories are everywhere .. But not out enough to get to parents who have no idea what these places are about..
Most stories I see are from the 80's early 90's
and alot about the straight program ..
Here is one for size ..Vision Quest..
My motto.. there vision is to send your kid on a Quest of insanity!!!! There is no help here just humiliation and abuse and torture..
They have their money in all the right places and money so it seems can buy then the right to stay in business when their business is to abuse and degrade children.
My son was sent for what they call a RESPITE weekend with Vision Quest through The Home Quest Program .. A partner program a step before actual placement into a boot camp.
He called me a bitch during an arguement about cleaning his room .. this was an ongoing event .. and since he is Bipolar life is far from peachy in my house. Frustrated and pissed I called for him to recieve a respite.. Which was told to me and my son is a work detail weekend where him and a group of other kids go to do work. SInce we argued over him cleaning his room and chores .. I thought wow ... he would learn to do work. He was told he would be shoveling rocks cleaning ect. No harm in that right ?????
Wrong ! Boy was I lied to and stupid me .. I fell for it . My son went 2 weeks later since I called near the July 4th weekend and they were not doing Respites' due to the holiday .
He had excepted the fact he was going and actually kissed me goodbye with a mom I love you and will see you when I get home.
During that weekend I had no idea my child would endure holly hell at the hands of 5 drill instructors all of managment rank.. for calling ME  a bitch at home all at the request of his quardian while on the respite. For some 6 hours maybe less maybe more .. he was unsure of the time . MY son was kicked smacked .. his head slammed into walls . He was forced to run lapps in a hallway and do some sort of drills with chairs. Does that sound bad ??? Well as if that was not enough . These piece of shit employee's made my son wear a maxi pad taped to his ass with the word bitch on and that is not the half of it .. he was made to get on all fours and bark like a dog . Lick water from a cup as if he was a dog .. Beg for food like a dog while they spit popcorn in his mouth!All of this while the other kids were in the room next door in bed.
How did these DI's come in contact with my son?
Well the man who was responsible for taking care of our kids requested that these DI's deal with my son stating " This kid likes to call his mother a bitch!" Other children layed there listening to my son get abused for hours.. He was to afraid to tell but those kids did tell. And that is how today I have come to learn all I have learned. This place has strict rules for these kids .. You are not allowed to look anyone in the face when you speak to them . YOu must look at there chest. That is defacing the very manners I have taught my child .. Look at me when i am talking to you .
I dont see where anyone has had enough guts to speak out about VQ or any of its affliates...
We are in the mist of a Federal Law Suit for abuse my son indured. And I think every parent and survivor should stand together and get these places shut down .
I have come to learn a movie will be realesed about this very thing .. abuse and so on in these places..
Dont know the release date .. but the official web addy is
check it out. And I really wish more VQ survivors would speak up .. anyone who wants my son's entire story may contact me .. there is alot to tell.. And this is not alleged.. it is fact. VQ and the DI's admitted to the abuse in writting . I have tons of court documents supporting this info and our story was in the local paper in Novemeber of last year.

Vision Quest / VisionQuest
« on: July 26, 2004, 11:54:00 PM »
Hi I was wondering if you have a URL for that website ?? How old is it ?? PLease send link if you have one. :exclaim:

Vision Quest / VisionQuest
« on: July 19, 2004, 11:51:00 PM »
I wish this post was as recent as 2004 I have had some bad experience with Vision Quest and from research so have alot of others ... To bad I am a day late and a dollar short...
There is definatly a story to tell when it comes to Vision Quest ..

The Troubled Teen Industry / American Buffalo Soldier Camp
« on: July 19, 2004, 11:38:00 PM »
this program is owned and operated by Vision Quest .. If you review the history of Vision Quest they are full of Deaths and abuse going back to 1980 from my research.
No matter how much Jail time the man gets for murder it does not end the next from happening .
These places need to be shut down for GOOD !
I can't understand why our goverment would back up a place that litterally and deliberatly abuses children for methods of reforming them.
How many deaths will it take before every one stops talking shit and starts doing something.
My son was abused at one of Vision Quest's facilities .. a law suit is in the works but BIG deal ... it is just money . Money to pay for his therapy and what ever else he will need since they messed his head up real bad . BUT what about stopping this before it happens again . Or before another one of our children die at the hands of these so called DRILL instructors. All it takes is some really pissed of parents to form an alliance and start slinging shit back!
Get some petitions signed from those who lived it and the family's who dealt with the aftermath and lets send letters to our congress.. you know the very goverment who shakes hands and kisses ass with the founders and exec's of these places and lets make it clear we wont stand for this anymore !
Lets stop the hurt.. if it was us we would loose the right to be a parent or to even take care of any child ! SO why shouldn't these places loose their license for the abuse our children endure!
lets take there livly hood the legal way!
Your child will never forget and will have some effects for the rest of his or her life.. so why shouldnt they suffer the same fate! Lets make them pay for what they have done .. They have a choice .. and that choice is to pay their employees well... hire enough staff and train them well. If it were not for there custom's in there busines these underpaid overworked untrained employees would not hurt our children .
Think about it .. you to have a choice . To sit and complain all day and nite or become an angry pissed off parent and stand along side other parents and DO SOMETHING about it .
The choice is yours.. always willing to hear the other side .. all responses will be taken in stride :smile:

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