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Post by: Matt C. Hoffman on June 20, 2002, 07:30:00 PM
Okay as everyone knows this site is not censored like Zaretsky's .

I have read some very heavy accusations about Kruglik ,Roy and Rosenberg (I think I know Rosenberg :grin:ark hair ,thin face with many acne pock marks and an older fellow 24 plus years old  in 76.Is this the same person that you all remember )He was at 6 as a resident when I was in elan  (74 to 76)Meet him in 76 if its the same person . Dark Brooding man ?

Kruglik said he was a mongol Russian .He is not an Indian . I know him too darn well and thought he was a very sick person at one point (Chuck might agree with me ).

Since I feel that these are very heavy accusations , I would hope that you annon people will contact these people with your thoughts ( Complaints ):Buzz Kastuck  Phone # (207 )624-6776 is an investigator that works for the Dept of Human services ,Education part

Yellow Light Breen (this is really the mans name ) # (207) 624-6620 . Be persistant he is a very hard man to get a hold of . He is the Top dog of the Education Dept .(the receptionist answers commisioners office .)

Let him know of these thoughts and your complaints .I do not have a way of verifying these accusations nor can I do anything about them (sorry ) They are serious enough that I hope you all will follow thru .

Feel free to post your thoughts as to what you all felt your response to your complaints were !

It is important that you all do this . It has been my opinion that kruglik ,Gottlieb , McCann And Zaretzky are serious sick people who have caused major trauma to many individuals .

Please contact these people ,They have graduated from college and Buzz has a P.hd .
Post by: Anonymous on June 20, 2002, 07:42:00 PM
Sounds like you got the right Rosenberg. He is according, to public records 50 years old.A tall, thin man. Came from a wealthy, Southefield ,Michigan .

Currently, living mostly off mommy's money and working at Elan.
Post by: Matt C. Hoffman on June 20, 2002, 07:48:00 PM
Please be kind to these people that i have asked you to get in touch with ...they have no clue as to how elan works or what goes on there .

Remember you have stated some very serious accusations ...They are not a laughing matter ,only you annons can follow thru and up on these things .

Also recent graduates might want to report to these folks anything that you witnessed that you felt was wrong (whether it happened to you or you witnessed it ,this is also important .) Staff names and incidents and dates if possible .

These folks are here to help and are not insensitive (maybe hard to reach ) therefor be persistient and patient .

I am sorry that you all were  at one time or another in elan .


Post by: Anonymous on June 20, 2002, 10:46:00 PM
All I have to say is Fuck Rosenberg,Roy and Marty totum Pole the child molester kruglik.It is now our time to step in the spot light and expose these losers.
Post by: Anonymous on June 22, 2002, 04:50:00 PM
To the person who posted on the survivor site under the topic "believing what we were told for 28 years "  
 I believe the handle was Ih8elan , I could not respond to your kind commemts there (reasons unknown and its been a while too that i have not been able to post )I thank you for your kind comments.

In turn I must also thank Ginger here at Fornits for giving us the space to have this forum and also must thank her  for keeping it censor free.  

I have made David aware of the situation regarding my inability to post(for the second time ) I hope he gets it straightend out if it is a machine problem .

Post by: Anonymous on June 23, 2002, 12:15:00 PM
You are welcome Mathew>What happen David Hirsh ban your screen name over there?I wonder if Ken Z. has visited this site yet, I know he will put up a fight to have it taken down just like he did for elan dickheads.

I also would like to give out a big thank you to Marty Kruglik.Thank you Marty, thank you for allowing me to hate you as much as I do.It we feel real good Marty when I run into your tomhawk ,war dance, totem pole ass and give you a ring with me.

And Rosenberg, I think watching you die of a drug overdose and/or aids would be a very rewarding experience not just only for me.

I wonder if it is possible to sue Elan back for the money that was spent on us years ago?Elan is a joke, and is a total scam.anybody could open up an Elan and put teenagers through hell.