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Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
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Boot camp director, worker arrested in death of teen

Brent Whiting
The Arizona Republic
Feb. 15, 2002 01:20:00

Charles Long II, the man who runs a military-styled boot camp where a 14-year-old boy died last year, has been arrested on indictment charging him with second-degree murder and abuse in the case, authorities said Friday.

The arrest was announced by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who described what happened at Buffalo Soldier camp as "organized torture against children."

One of the kids, Tony Haynes of Phoenix, died July 1 after being forced to stand for hours in 111-degree heat in the camp near Buckeye and almost drowned in a motel bathtub about 10 miles away.

The Maricopa County Medical Examiners/ Office autopsy report ruled the death accidental, saying Haynes died of complications from near-drowning and dehydration.

Arpaio said the evidence showed participants in the tough-love camp were forced to stand out in extreme heat wearing black clothing and no shade.

Aside from murder, Long, director of the Buffalo Soldier Re-Enactors Association, is charged with eight counts of child abuse involving more than 14 other kids from the total of 44 camp participants.


Special report
? Tough love gone wrong?

He also is charged with aggravated assault, for allegedly brandishing a knife on an 18-year-old camp participant, for possession of marijuana, involving a quarter-pound of the weed that was found in a bedroom-closet safe during a search of his home by sheriff's deputies, Arpaio said.

Another suspect, Ray Anderson, a camp sergeant, was arrested after being charged with seven counts of child abuse involving the stomping, beating and whipping of more than 14 children, Arpaio said.

Anderson also is accused of denying water or shade to the kids, whose daily diet consisted of an apple for breakfast, a carrot for lunch and a handful of beans for dinner, the sheriff said.

Additional details were to be announced at a Phoenix press conference.

Arpaio said more than 40 detectives participated in the eight-month investigation.

"From the beginning, I called the behavior horrific and directed my detectives to make this investigation a top priority, Arpaio said.

He said he also supports efforts by the Legislature to adopt strict regulations and licensing for such behavior-modification camp programs for troubled youngsters.

Two weeks ago, Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley said his office has been working closely with sheriff's investigators to reach an outcome,

The arrest followed an indictment Thursday by a Maricopa County grand jury.

Reach the reporter at [email protected] or (602) 444-8543.
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: Kathy on February 16, 2002, 01:55:00 AM
Here is another news link for this story by a different author ... 5813c.html (

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Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: FaceKhan on February 16, 2002, 12:34:00 PM
February 16, 2002

Head of Camp in Arizona Is Arrested in Boy's Death


even months after a 14-year-old boy died from exposure at an unregulated boot camp for troubled youth near Phoenix, the head of the camp, Charles F. Long II, was arrested yesterday and charged with second- degree murder.

Mr. Long, 56, who calls himself a colonel in the America's Buffalo Soldiers Re-enactors Association, the organization that runs the camp, was also charged with eight counts of child abuse, aggravated assault and marijuana possession. At a hearing in Phoenix this afternoon, a judge set bail at $100,000, and Mr. Long was ordered to have no contact with children other than his own. He will be arraigned on Feb. 22.

David Burnell Smith, Mr. Long's lawyer, said that his client, though filled with sorrow over the death, intended to plead not guilty and to fight the charges.

"This was a case of negligence, pure and simple," said Mr. Smith, adding that the negligence was on the part of other camp employees, not Mr. Long. "He's spent 10 years running the camp because he's trying to help kids, not hurt them."

In addition, a worker at the camp, Raymond Burr Anderson, 39, was charged with child abuse for his role in what the sheriff's department described as a pattern of abuse at the camp, which is in the desert west of Phoenix. His lawyer, David Derickson, said that Mr. Anderson would plead not guilty at his arraignment, also on Feb. 22.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, said that his officers had also arrested a 17-year-old worker at the camp, Sirveorge Jones, on child abuse charges and that two more arrests were expected shortly.

The arrests followed the death last July of Tony Haynes, a troubled 14- year-old who, the authorities said, collapsed after being forced to endure temperatures of well over 100 degrees without adequate water, shade or care. According to the medical examiner, Tony died of complications from dehydration and near- drowning from a bath intended to cool him off.

Other youths at the camp told of beatings, of being denied food and water and being forced to eat mud. Sheriff Arpaio called the camp "horrific," and said his officers found bruises on many of the youths. One camper, Justin Hurff, has said that counselors singled out Tony for particularly tough treatment.

The camp, which is said to have closed for two months after Tony's death and reopened in September, is now in the middle of its spring term.

"It's operating this weekend," Mr. Smith said.

Gov. Jane Dee Hull set up a panel to investigate the camps and now there are two bills in the legislature that would regulate such camps and require them to obtain licenses, just as child-welfare agencies do.

The boot camps are highly debated, with their supporters saying that the "tough love" approach, forcing youngsters to adapt to a rugged environment, can transform children who have had trouble with rules. Critics say that the methods used amount to child abuse.

Some parents and even some children who had attended Mr. Long's camp have praised him as helping improve the self-esteem and sense of discipline of the campers.

Carol Kamin, executive director of the Children's Action Alliance in Arizona, a nonprofit child-advocacy group, sat on the governor's panel and said the legislation was important in bringing proper oversight to such camps. Under current law, if the camps are in session for less than a year, then they do not need licenses.

"The current loophole in the law is the size of the Grand Canyon and it needs to be closed," Ms. Kamin said. "Unless that happens nothing will have come of this tragedy."

Tony was sent to the boot camp by his mother, who said she had been unable to control his behavior. Tony was one of roughly 40 boys and girls, ages 7 to 17, who had been sent for a 14-week session.

Tony apparently collapsed after hours in the heat. He was left in a motel bathtub to cool off; when counselors returned, a sheriff's affidavit said, they found him face-down in water. Tony was then returned to the camp. One camper said the counselors called for help when Tony stopped breathing and turned blue.

An emergency medical crew came to the camp, about 15 miles south of Buckeye, Ariz., after a 911 call, but Tony was declared dead shortly afterward.

Although there have been complaints about how long it has taken to arrest Mr. Long, Sheriff Arpaio said he needed to be sure the investigators had all the evidence before pursuing charges.

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Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: FaceKhan on February 16, 2002, 12:41:00 PM
This is very exciting, this may be the first time a boot camp operator has been charged with murder. It might be the second time though because I think I recall Aaron Bacon's death story leading to a trial of the operator but I think that was for negligent homocide. This is a trial for murder which means that Long could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.

I think it is also important that we contact Colin Powell to remind him that this may be a good time to sever any relationship he has with the organization, since he seems to be the most social-justice oriented member of Bush's cabinet lately. Just so you know the organization had a plan to build a multi-million dollar concentration camp (TBS) named Fort Powell.
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: kaydeejaded on February 17, 2002, 01:13:00 AM
FaceKhan are there really 7 year olds in that boot camp? That is crazy.
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: FaceKhan on February 17, 2002, 03:19:00 PM
I have no idea but a disturbing trend has been developing in these programs. They have been taking younger and younger kids in the last few years.  I don't know if there are any seven year olds there or if they have had any but they must publish that in their little pamphlets as part of the acceptable age bracket. You only have to look at the 9 and ten year olds on the talk shows to see how these boot camps are looking for younger and younger kids. Why? Easier to control and indoctrinate. More time available to shape their lives so as to claim success. These programs are showing themselves more and more as the cults they are by taking young children for indoctrination.
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
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On 2002-02-16 09:41:00, FaceKhan wrote:

I think it is also important that we contact Colin Powell to remind him that this may be a good time to sever any relationship he has with the organization, since he seems to be the most social-justice oriented member of Bush's cabinet lately. Just so you know the organization had a plan to build a multi-million dollar concentration camp (TBS) named Fort Powell.

What???? Oh man, this is something! How can I verify that? I need it in the archive.

Another interesting connection to our story. Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio, is infamous for the tough TC treatment in his county jail. The county Attorney, Rick Romley, holds a seat on the board of DFAF (formerly known as Straight, Inc.)

While it's good to see ol'e Joe going after one of thes sadistic SOBs, I think he's just as guilty and really just running a little diversion. This is the same as SAFE and Growing Together pretending scorn for Straight.

I sure would like to see some past beneficieries of both Charlie's and Joe's gentle attention join us in these forums to compare notes!
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: FaceKhan on February 18, 2002, 04:35:00 PM
I once went to the website of the boot camp where they were fundraising for Fort Powell and in one article I read related to this story from right after it happened, I believe they mad mention of Powell being part of that reenactors group and he was (falsley?) listed as a board of directors member of the school, as were some other prominent people who say they were never asked if they wanted to be on the board.

I know DFAF is STRAIGHT without the actual Straight program, but it seems like it must be far more a prohibitionist group now as opposed to a cult like Straight?

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Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
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On 2002-02-18 13:35:00, FaceKhan wrote:

I know DFAF is STRAIGHT without the actual Straight program, but it seems like it must be far more a prohibitionist group now as opposed to a cult like Straight?
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It's the same organization. All along they had bigger plans than just to swindle the families via those little warehouses. Early on, like the early `80's (check Wes' site for specific dates) the Semblers and associates set up Straight, Inc. as an education outreach organization. Later, they changed the name to Straight Foundation, Inc. and then to DFAF. This was going on long before the last warehouse took down the Straight, Inc. sign and continued under another name.

They still have ties to these alleged rehabs (like Joe Arapio's jailhouse synanon) but have expanded their operation into just about every aspect of our lives. So yeah, in the simplest of terms they're not a rehab today but a public policy organization. But then, they never were just a rehab. They started out with much bigger plans than that. In my opinion, no less than a totalitarial regime.

I don't think they'll stick with the drug war much longer, though. I think they're hedging their bets already to wage a war on unapproved violence and anger. (hence the bogus ODD diagnosis)
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
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Death Suit With Boot Camp Settled
Thu Mar 7, 5:33 AM ET
By FOSTER KLUG, Associated Press Writer

PHOENIX (AP) - A settlement has brought an end to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of a teen-age boy who died at a boot camp for troubled youths last summer, according to the parents.

The boot camp near Phoenix was shut down after Anthony Haynes, 14, died there July 1 of complications of dehydration and near-drowning. Two counselors had put him in a bathtub to cool down after he collapsed in triple-digit heat.

"Justice is justice, no matter what form it comes in, but there is nothing on earth that will bring my son back and nothing that will ease the pain," Anthony's father, Gettis Haynes, said from his home in Hannibal, Mo.

Haynes would not discuss the terms of the settlement.

The lawsuit named the boot camp, its director, Charles F. Long II, and other staff and counselors as defendants. The camp was operated by the America's Buffalo Soldiers Re-enactors Association.

Long, reached at his home Wednesday, declined to comment and referred questions to his attorney, David Davis. The lawyer did not immediately return messages left Wednesday.

The lawsuit didn't ask for a specific amount of money but asked that an award cover medical and funeral expenses plus compensation for suffering.

Long pleaded innocent last month to a second-degree murder charge filed in Anthony's death. He was released on $100,000 bond.

As part of a plea agreement, one of the counselors, Troy A. Hutty, will be sentenced to probation on a negligent homicide charge in return for telling prosecutors what he knows about Long. Hutty was originally charged with manslaughter.

Two other boot camp staffers had also been arrested. Ray Anderson, 39, was charged with child abuse for allegedly spanking, stomping, beating and whipping more than 14 children.

A 17-year-old counselor was charged with child abuse.
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: Deborah on August 19, 2002, 09:29:00 PM
Kudos to the Arizona Republic newspaper for giving the RCCC no choice but to rescind the award they were set to bestow on Charles Long, responsible for the death of Tony Haynes at Buffalo Soldier's Camp.
Deborah ... 24-ON.html (

Indicted boot camp leader wins right to travel but loses need

By Beth DeFalco
The Arizona Republic
May 24, 2002 02:20:00

A tough-love camp director charged with murder won court permission today to travel to Washington, D.C., to receive a national leadership award from a Republican congressional campaign committee.

But the Buffalo Soldiers' Charles Long might not be going, after all.

Immediately after learning from The Republic that Long has been charged in the July death of a teenage bootcamp participant, the National Republican Congressional Committee rescinded the award.

"We had no idea of the accusation," said NRCC spokeswoman Lea Anne McBride,
who added that any political contribution that Long may have made to the committee will be donated to charity.

The teen, Tony Haynes, died July 1. The boy collapsed from standing for hours in 111-degree heat at a Buffalo Soldiers' summer camp near Buckeye and nearly drowned as camp workers tried to revive him at a motel bathtub 10 miles away, according to Maricopa County sheriff's detectives. Long is
charged with second-degree murder, as well as aggravated assault and child abuse for what happened at the boot camp.

Long was selected as an honorary chairman to the NRCC's Business Advisory Council. The Council, which consists of hundreds of GOP donors, will meet this summer to discuss the party platform and fund-raising strategies.

"It is unfortunate that a man who has given so much to his country, his community, and who was embraced by this committee is now being shunned for political expediency," said Long's attorney, Ulises Ferragut, after learningthe NRCC is taking away the award.

In an April 13 letter to Long recognizing his efforts, NRCC Chair and Virginia Congressman Tom Davis said the group would use Long's name "in a national media campaign . . . designed to return more power and money to you."

On Friday, Long, who sought to continuing his work at a boys' and girls' club, was also given permission by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Reinstein to have contact with children with one stipulation: The children's parents must be present at all times.
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
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For people wondering about Charles Long III trial date in the death of Tony Haynes, it's set for November 2003.  2nd degree murder is what he's up on.
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: Deborah on July 15, 2004, 07:20:00 PM
Anyone know how things turned out for Long?
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: EricasMom on July 15, 2004, 07:50:00 PM
Long's next court date (Maricopa County Superior Court) is August 17, a pre-trial conference or something.  I believe that he will *finally* go to trial around mid-November.  In May, the judge in the case chastised both sides for delaying the trial so long.  Of course, Long's been free to travel about the country (literally) and life goes on for him, unlike his victim, Tony Haynes.  

You can read all the minutes of the proceedings so far at the (see above) Court website.
Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: nite owl on July 16, 2004, 04:11:00 AM
I read about this boy - and this was so outrageous and cruel. I hope that these people involved will be punished - perhaps then this type of abuse will end.

I have found that the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it

--Harry S. Truman

Title: American Buffalo Soldier Camp
Post by: lisa32 on July 19, 2004, 11:38:00 PM
this program is owned and operated by Vision Quest .. If you review the history of Vision Quest they are full of Deaths and abuse going back to 1980 from my research.
No matter how much Jail time the man gets for murder it does not end the next from happening .
These places need to be shut down for GOOD !
I can't understand why our goverment would back up a place that litterally and deliberatly abuses children for methods of reforming them.
How many deaths will it take before every one stops talking shit and starts doing something.
My son was abused at one of Vision Quest's facilities .. a law suit is in the works but BIG deal ... it is just money . Money to pay for his therapy and what ever else he will need since they messed his head up real bad . BUT what about stopping this before it happens again . Or before another one of our children die at the hands of these so called DRILL instructors. All it takes is some really pissed of parents to form an alliance and start slinging shit back!
Get some petitions signed from those who lived it and the family's who dealt with the aftermath and lets send letters to our congress.. you know the very goverment who shakes hands and kisses ass with the founders and exec's of these places and lets make it clear we wont stand for this anymore !
Lets stop the hurt.. if it was us we would loose the right to be a parent or to even take care of any child ! SO why shouldn't these places loose their license for the abuse our children endure!
lets take there livly hood the legal way!
Your child will never forget and will have some effects for the rest of his or her life.. so why shouldnt they suffer the same fate! Lets make them pay for what they have done .. They have a choice .. and that choice is to pay their employees well... hire enough staff and train them well. If it were not for there custom's in there busines these underpaid overworked untrained employees would not hurt our children .
Think about it .. you to have a choice . To sit and complain all day and nite or become an angry pissed off parent and stand along side other parents and DO SOMETHING about it .
The choice is yours.. always willing to hear the other side .. all responses will be taken in stride :smile:
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