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hi my name is sarah and i live in looking for anyone who was in ruths home of compassion in georgia from    81-82. i was placed there by my parents and to this day they still cant understand what happened to me was anything but 35 years old and i still have nightmares.i would really like to talk to anyone who was there.thank so much.

I was there I think it was 1982 or 1983, my name was Cindy Johnson. Yes, it was anything but compassion. I escaped from a tailor that two of the workers took me to. Aunt Dot was furious I have heard. She probably took her anger out on the poor girls that were locked up in her pit of horrors!!. I am glad I never talked to her afterwards because she would have probably beat the girls. She was a mean old woman!

Thanks for sharing this information. I am a former Ruth Home of Compassion girl. Dorothy and Herbert Barnwell twain this home. They had been followers of Lester Rolloff, all of the girls in the home were brainwashed and beat also. I just don't understand people, how and why do they do things like this to another human?. I think God will not be too happy with them on Judgement Day, what do you think?

I also was a Ruth Home girl and Dorthy Barnwell was the one in charge

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