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Title: Gun control in high school
Post by: Oscar on May 19, 2011, 03:23:01 AM
Yesterday some of our high schools searched the high school students for guns and they found a lot as you can see on the photos in the link below:

Colleges seized pupils' water pistols (http://

It is not an every day task but possible due to the fact that all the high school students are sent home so they can prepare themselves for the exams. Exchange students who are in the States right now tell that the level of difficulty in the US high schools are equal to form 6-8 in Danish public schools, so it is tough exams and that's why they would not to school unless they attend an exam. So yesterday was a day where they could get drunk for the last time before it becomes serious.

Here are some party photos from the newspaper: Impetuous night celebrations in gymnasiums (http://