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Title: Programmese - Scientologese Dictionary
Post by: psy on February 26, 2008, 12:22:30 PM


Dirt List / MIKR (Knowledge Report)

1 on 1 interrogationsec-check

Following the programOn Course

DruggieSP - (Suppressive Person)

Possible DruggiePTS - (Possible Trouble Source)

Responsibility / accountability / At CauseAt Cause

Negativity / bad thoughts / druggie thinking / in your headentheta (enturbulated theta)

spread negativityenturbulate

thought / lifetheta

Note to Sea Org members:  "Druggie" does not literally mean somebody on drugs.  And "negativity" does not literally mean negative / evil thoughts (just as far as the organization is concerned).  People think in words.  If you control words, redefine meaning, and create a new vocabulary, you can constrain the way they think.  More on that here (http://

Currently editing.  I plan to add more as it comes up, but for now that's what I can think of that might be useful offhand.  I'm looking for a translator now who will also be able to moderate this forum.  more on that later.