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Title: Chris Kocurek
Post by: Antigen on March 16, 2005, 03:48:00 PM
Any info?

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Title: Chris Kocurek
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Chris Kocurek of Austin created On Track Wilderness (where Chase Moody was killed), worked for the infamous Brown Schools, and has ties to Mark Wardle ... een02.html (
(August 6, 1999), ?Chris Kocurek, former CEO for a division of the Brown Schools and developer of the On Track wilderness program and Hill Country Place, has joined Richard Hardin as a partner in RSH & Associates, Inc. 512-236-8776. RSH & Associates, Inc. is a consulting and management company, which dedicates its attention to education-related products and programs. Current services include program consulting and development, curriculum development and school violence prevention programs. One of their unique set of services, which focused on assisting charter schools, has been established as ?Solutions for Texas Charter Schools.? The company is also developing innovative programs to be announced at a later date.?

In 2000 Kocurek at SageWalk Wilderness Program in Bend, Oregon ... een01.html ( ... ews02.html (

Connection between Kocurek and Wardle ... een03.html (
(April 15, 2000) Chris Kocurek, Director of SageWalk, in Bend, Oregon, 800-877-1922, announced they have hired Mark Wardle for wilderness operations. Wardle had been Director of OnTrack Wilderness in Texas.
A year later Wardle is at Skyline Journey. ... een01.html (

And remember, Sagewalk employed Aaron Bacon's murderer, Eric Henry during a 9 month diversion agreement following Bacon's death. Then went on to Obsidian Trails where another death occured. (
Title: Chris Kocurek
Post by: Anonymous on March 19, 2005, 03:18:00 PM
Title: Chris Kocurek
Post by: Curious John on March 20, 2005, 10:04:00 AM
The only thing I could add to Deborah's post above, is just to point out that he is currently the Executive Director and a lead educational consultant of Academic Answers in Austin, TX(1).

By reading their "Crisis Intervention" process(2), it appears that Academic Answers supports the use of transport services as well as blind-siding a child before he/she has a chance to seek any kind of legal assistance to defend themselves.

Academic Answers is available to help coordinate transportation arrangements, as needed.
The process for Crisis Intervention Services is abbreviated to fit the needs of the crisis situation. Interventions can be implemented within 24 hours.

(1) (
(2) (