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my initial post. I'm PG 54. My mother, mcr84kar86 is also posting here and shares my level of motivation to share our experiences. Feel free to ask any questions, and we will answer honestly.


Just one of many. If you look back through the old topics, theres more interspersed. I thought it was mildly amusing, however I think my mouth got me into a bit of trouble. Oh well, what can you do?

My situation was an interesting one. Probably in all of this it will reveal who I am, but I'm not worried. My parents had been in a wonderful litigation process since i was about 8 because of their divorce, and it continued on for a long time. There were custody issues at the time i was admitted to HLA. I had just come out of another RTC and a wilderness before that. Instead of thrusting me into the mix of this insane court procession by allowing me to return home, they decided to send me to a kind of inbetween point until things were worked out. Both my parents were assured that I could stay at HLA for 3 months or so until the court proceedings were over and then they could reasess my admittance with no penalty. They were very very wrong. I served my entire term there, a full 22 months, and graduated. All the while, i found out that they had tried to strip my mother (at the time, an unemployed single mother, but the only one of my two parents who really cared about my well being) of her decision- making ability as my custodial parent, and through a guardian ad laudem (sp?) and a new ed con, grant my father (a retired VP of a defense contracting co. for upward of 20 years, Mr. Moneybags as I lovingly call him) sole custody.

So short answer, I was initially sent to treatment in general for a multitude of diagnosis they INFORMED me i had (Bi-Polar, knocked down to BPD, ODD, PTSD, etc...) all of which have since been disproven. I am no longer on any meds, nor see a therapist.

Hi, new here. PG 54 grad. Super restrictions was held at one of two locations. the chalet would have been the preferred locale, considering it actually was a building with 4 enclosed walls and a fireplace indoors. Still, there was no bathroom or appropriate sleeping accomidations, just a plywood floor with holes in it leading straight to the ground. However, most times Super was held at a... kind of oversized picnic awning with plastic walls you could roll down if it started to rain. There were 3 picnic tables and a fire pit. That was it. I was fortunate to never have to go on super and was never in any real trouble until the end of my stay where in the last phase of "Galaxy level" i did a stint at RCI. I would be pleased to answer any questions you all have about this ghastly place honestly, with no simple "fuck HLA" padding to confuse the truth. I've found that of the angry graduates who really had important things to say about HLA after leaving, the ones that simply take the route of "fuck HLA its fucked up, blow it up" rarely get taken seriously. So please, I would love to be involved in the thought provoking and truth seeking conversations that arise here.

And BTW... I loved the "this Aften character again" line i read earlier. I was in her PG, and Aften was involved in a lesbian relationship with one kitchen staff and also a romantic relationship with a nurse in her time at Hidden Lake. IMHO, she is a disturbed young lady with very skewed views on what happened at HLA. She posts frequently on MySpace as well, on the Alum page, and was actually banned from one, and almost from another because of her inflammitory remarks. Us former students dont usually like our opinions of the realities that really went on at that place to be invalidated (especially by someone we shared the experiences with.) Its all too familiar of one certain facility.

Happy posting.

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