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Front page this week's Tico Times ... il-01-2011

Please PM me if you want to contribute as I will be in touch with author and editor next week!

I remember Jim Hartz calling these "therapeutic" measures PEER PRESSURE BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION

Talking about flashbacks!!Woof and myself were in that group when that Rap Schedule of 1978 was made.Looking at that staff roster makes me think of a menagerie of misfits.Three different staff couples on that roster ended up as husband and wife and one other,Liz Cassidy,married Steve Gay,who was also sitting in group at that time.Two of those couples later on left to help Helen Petermann start LIFE.The other couple eventually became Mr.and Mrs David Crock.You're right,Woof!!!The seeds of hate were even being sown back then!!Let's all sing Zip-a-dee-doo-dah and think happy thoughts!!!

Pura Vida
Sam from Costa Rica

Reading The Tico Times(The local English weekly)coverage of the the Dundee Ranch and Teen Mentor closings,a former 14 year old Dundee Ranch internee stated in 2003,insanely enough,that she didn't mind the PTSD because of all the benefits reaped from her stay there.Needless to say ,her saying she didn't "mind" having PTSD spoke volumes for her state of mind at the time and nailed the Dundee Ranch's coffin better than anything I could say.I would love to interview that 23 year old woman who was 14 at that time and see if she would like to revise that statement.We all know that answer.It's sort of like saying I don't mind having HIV(I don't have HIV for the record)because the encounter was so fantastic.Insanity breeding insanity,the cycle needs to end.Some teens do need an intervention because they are becoming real(not imagined)dangers to themselves.Real therapy is not wholesale and does not come cheap.The parents need to be sure the clinicians have the qualifications to trust their children with.Those people aren't easy to find and they don't have the last name Lichfield.

20 ... Tough-Luck

Most recent editorial in the most read English speaking publication down here.The wheels are turning.I stand corrected thinking that they closed down after N.Lichfield indictment,they opened Pillars of Hope in order to abuse kids in a subtler,sneakier way.Narvin Lichfield has rights down here too.This Teen Mentor shutdown was a sign to all the pickings may be riper in another field."Low Impact"--LOL
Some twisted people out there!

The question is when abuse is administered and sugar-coated as therapy,it's a crime.In October,1977,60 or 70 1st and 2nd phasers in Straight were forced to endure 15 hours without using the bathroom.What therapeutic purpose could that serve?It was a torment(torture)administered by some unqualified 18 year old staff members for probably their own kicks.If a child is at risk,one needs to see the credentials of all clinical staff before trusting their child's well-being to them.Who in the hell are the Lichfield brothers and how could anybody allow those people to sequester their teens,even their misbehaving ones,to people like these,especially on foreign soil where a lot more can happen?For me,that's grounds for looking into Baker Acting a parent.

Narvin Lichfield, who was the director at the time of the facility's closure, was jailed in Costa Rica for a brief period at the time of the closure. He was later tried in Costa Rica on charges of coercion, holding minors against their will, and "crimes of an international character" (violating a law based on international treaties, specifically referring to torture).

If they were charging him with UN Crimes,they had a serious hard-on for him.How many people do you personally know,or even know of that has ever been charged with a crime against humanity?
In Costa Rica,they use a judge to control proceedings and magistrates,instead of a jury,to examine the evidence.The prosecutor probably did not present a strong enough case.Even so,Mr. Lichfield would be well advised never to return here,or the next charges might just stick.

Thanks for posting Tim Rogers' article dated back in 2003.Unfortunately,during the administration of the bumbling Dr. Abel Pacheco and his equally inept cohorts,this little nation suffered through four years of incompetence unimagined in an industrial society.Lichfield was tried in 2007,after Pacheco and his fellow clods left power.
Academy at Dundee Ranch was a behavior modification facility for United States teenagers, located on La Ceiba Cascajal, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) west of Orotina, province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. It was promoted as a residential school, offering a program of behavior modification, motivational "emotional growth seminars," a progressive academic curriculum, and a structured daily schedule, for teenagers struggling in their homes, schools, or communities.[1]

The facility was associated with World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASP).[2]

In May 2003, authorities in Costa Rica shut down due to claims of child abuse, and investigated the school and its managers. A new WWASP facility called Pillars of Hope was opened at the site of Academy at Dundee Ranch in 2004.[3]

[edit] ControversyDuring its operation, Dundee Ranch was the subject of multiple allegations of abuse. Parents and enrollees claimed that food being withheld as punishment.[2] Former students complained of emotional scars due to their stay there.[4]

A judgment in Louisiana caused Costa Rican authorities to investigate the facilities.[5] A riot occurred at the facility in May 2003,[6][7] leading to its closure. The Costa Rican immigration authorities found that 100 of the 193 children enrolled in the program did not have appropriate migration papers.[8]

Due to the closure U.S. Representative George Miller asked U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to investigate WWASP.[9]

Narvin Lichfield, who was the director at the time of the facility's closure, was jailed in Costa Rica for a brief period at the time of the closure. He was later tried in Costa Rica on charges of coercion, holding minors against their will, and "crimes of an international character" (violating a law based on international treaties, specifically referring to torture).

On February 21, 2007 a three-judge panel found Narvin Lichfield innocent of the charges of abuse. During the trial the prosecutor told the court that there was insufficient evidence and testimony to link Lichfield to the crimes for which he was accused. The Tico Times reported that the judges said they believed the students at Dundee had been abused, but there was no proof that that Lichfield ordered the abuse.[10] Three other Academy employees, all Jamaicans, had been wanted in connection with the same case, but they fled Costa Rica following the closure of the Academy.[11]

Following the acquittal, Lichfield claimed in an e-mail to A.M. Costa Rica that when the school was raided, police stood by and watched youths sexually assault each other, that police held parents and staff at gunpoint and that one parent was ordered at gunpoint to hang up the phone when she attempted to phone the U.S. Embassy for help, and that police left the school in a shambles.[8]

Just finished reading the La Nacion link
Según el encargado de mantenimiento del hotel, en el momento de la intervención del PANI “los encargados de Teen Mentor se fueron y los jóvenes quedaron solos”, aseguró

These assholes ran off and abandoned these kids waiting for the PANI(Child Welfare)like Nazi guards running off at a concentration camp.This could have been a very dangerous situation for the wrong kid at the wrong time(retribution,gang activity).These people are real bastards and hopefully INTERPOL will get involved and find these scumbags.They are criminals,they know it,and they're looking for a safe haven to continue their barbaric acts.
I am enraged

PANI as well as the Costa Rican government in general is sending these fiends a message
Although Lichfield(Dundee Ranch)was acquitted,the prosecutors really tried to nail his ass to the wall and he had to wait in jail until his acquittal.I don't think he'll be returning anytime soon.
Unfortunately they'll probably friendlier confines in Nicaragua where Daniel Ortega and his cohorts are not above taking a bribe for any reason.It's corrupt here as well,but they do have their


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« on: March 17, 2011, 11:04:47 PM »
Kim K.....Milton Roy and Morgan Yacht

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Dave Crock Found!
« on: March 09, 2011, 11:11:10 AM »
I finally found it!What an eerie grin!!One either has to credit his balls or question his sanity given all the shit lists he's climbed on!He must really love those Facebook games to pop his head out!

Quote from: "kpickle39"
As I age, I sometimes wonder who I would have been if I had not been subjected to straight . . .

You were not a troubled 17 year old when you came in.No Intervention of any kind was needed.You attended school,made decent grades,ran Cross Country,and smoked pot and drank beer on the weekends.I was there,remember.Your mother was conned and you picked up the check.It sucks!She was convinced that you were in danger and drastic action was necessary.In your case(not in all cases),IT WAS NOT!Was Straight the answer?The program I left and you entered,NEVER,not for any reason.How was she to know?The con was on and you picked up the check.I mess myself up all the time reflecting on these matters.If my mother never went to the psychologist who conned her that divorcing my father was a good idea while he got a piece of the lawyer's fee and then paired her up with a sick,twisted longterm sucker/patient of his convincing her that pooling her assets with him was a good idea making her a prisoner,and by proxy,me a bigger prisoner,I ask the same question.That was the root of my evil.
The answer is we're here,you're child's grown,mine are growing.Be glad that your daughter had you,not your mother to raise her.I sure am glad that it's me and not her with mine.My problems were different than yours,an intervention was probably called for in my case.To prove Straight's incompetence to Mommy,it has taken 3 years and John Buick's twisted face on the DC pages to prove my case.She still thinks,adamently,it saved my life.How does one explain that you don't cure a headache by cutting off the head?
The war continues.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Dave Crock Found!
« on: March 04, 2011, 11:09:49 AM »
Here is Former Senior Staff,Seed Grad Mrs David(Cynthia)Crock's Facebook Link

Too bad you never got to know her,pickle.You would really be venting

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Dave Crock Found!
« on: March 04, 2011, 11:03:31 AM »
If he ducks out,or it's the wrong David Crock,the right missus,CYNTHIA PICKART CROCK,is definitely there.Invite her to the Straight Survivors group and see what happens.

Pura Vida

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