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Title: Executive Inferno (apologies to Dante)
Post by: Tampa survivor on October 24, 2002, 08:58:00 AM
Here on level one of executive purgatory we have a nice intake-coordinator to play good cop/bad cop with you for all eternity. Everytime you answer a question,two obnoxious geeks tell you you are lying, and you start over again.  Ann Crow got her start here but was demoted to a lower level in time...
Level 2
Now for the slightly worse behaving exec we have the second level.  Here you will be called on to relate & summarily cut short everytime you speak and told how FOS you are. Then you are sat down.   Repeat.  All day. Every day.
Level three is fun.  If you're watching that is.  Here an assorted group of fun loving execs is enjoying full contact with all the MISDIAGNOSED "druggies" which were actually schizophrenic, abused, bi-polar or something but kept at straight anyway.  Here execs and staff "clinicians" have the loonies as DR.'s diagnose maladies AND treat the wayward souls for whatever they think MIGHT work. Curtis from St. Petersburg and Todd from Atlanta 1982 run the raps.  This is extra fun because all Todd ever did in the year I saw him was bellow strange sounds and bounce up and down like a pogo stick...
Level 4
A large snowdrift is all which is visible.  In the middle is Ruth-Anne Newton and her frostbitten son.  They loved to send unruly St Pete/Sarasota kids north for motivational therapy.  Marc pulls Ruthie through the snow all day,by the beltloop, but the cold keeps freezing his fingers.  Ruth-annes silver hair is getting messed up, and for "not taking pride in herself" she is forced to go to a bigger snowdrift. 
Level 5
Exercise level.  Here we find all the folks who perpetuated "excercise" raps.  They have to sweat sweat sweat until the walls "sweat", but every time they are almost to the dew point, the misbehavior running this rap opens a door and POOF, all that hard earned sweat floats away.  Keep jogging assholes!!!
Level 6
Wow, what did these guys do you ask your guide?  A huge pile of money is at the center of the room.  Suspended over the money, inverted, are all the board members, exec staffers and fund raisers for Straight.  The parents and siblings have bats to beat more money out of the pockets of our penance payers.  More money miraculously appears in thier pockets. The crowd goes into a fury.  At the end of the day, Mel Sembler is let down and has to light the pile of money on fire. Repeat continually...
Level 7
Dietary motivation therapy. A huge feast is prepared.  Sunday morning style Atlanta breakfast, St Pete fried grouper an stone crabs piled high. Fine Tampa Cuban classics like devilled crabs and paella. Virginia traditional thanksgiving dinner.  Regional favorites representative of all Straights are waiting to be eaten by a horde of hungry drug warriors.
But they cannot reach the table. There is a trench of peanut butter with an apple tossed in here or there.  To get to the tables, they must first eat their way through the peanut butter, and eat the apples too. But to eat all the peanut butter is impossible, because former dietary terrorism victims keep filling the pit between trips to the banquet. Boy oh boy this Grouper is good.
Does that peanut butter turn your turds green Mr Newton?  Oh, so constipated you would'nt know.  Eat up boyz
Level 8   
Second to the last, reserved for the special cases.  Newton, Buttimer,Tilly, Dave Crock, Chris Casselor and Wanda Minton types are here.  They are in group on first phases.  Some 2nd phaser keeps poking them in the back to sit up.  They slouch again.  The moral crusading 2nd phaser now grabs a shoulder, puts other hand mid-way down back of our former staffers and yanks them up.  The swinging begins, chairs fly, and the muffled screams of get your hands off me are quickly replaced by the frantic sounds of 2nd and 3rd phasers getting in on the action.  How many people can we sit on one body anyway the tormentors wonder?  Does this green stuff coming out of Millers nose mean his lungs are squished yet?  Hey Wanda, we dont care if you need to use the bathroom or change your tampon.  You need "humble pants" anyway...

Level 9 I will give back to Dante:

Hope you enjoyed.  I found it fun to write.
Title: Executive Inferno (apologies to Dante)
Post by: dreammagician on October 24, 2002, 09:06:00 AM
That was funny dude, brings back the memories of the blue chairs and peanut butter diets. Do you remember Paul Palmer or Rick Fetter or maybe Ron Greenland? What about Phil Polo or Scott Dean, I was just wondering how some of the people over in Tampa are doing? I know I know you, just can't place your face. I like getting to release myself alittle bit on this forum, it would be cool if we got a hold of alot more people.
Title: Executive Inferno (apologies to Dante)
Post by: Tampa survivor on October 24, 2002, 10:35:00 AM
Lemme find a pic & I will post it.  
I think I am going to keep it fun here while i "release" as well.  You were in during a dark time as well.  Where are you.
Title: Executive Inferno (apologies to Dante)
Post by: Antigen on October 24, 2002, 12:06:00 PM
Title: Executive Inferno (apologies to Dante)
Post by: hedwigfan on October 24, 2002, 09:38:00 PM
divinely comedic!
Title: Executive Inferno (apologies to Dante)
Post by: kaydeejaded on October 26, 2002, 05:15:00 PM
Mrs Gear
Mrs Boyle
Bitches evil bitches Tom Driscoll women beater! Where the hell are these people now??? I shiver to think they are out there somewhere. I wish I could show their family and friends clips of them in their former glory. :+
Title: Executive Inferno (apologies to Dante)
Post by: Tampa survivor on October 28, 2002, 11:09:00 PM
Those must have been your demons in Va Kaydee... make believe they are in the p'nut butter trench.  See, it's FUN to make believe.  I see Jim Hartz and Mel hanging over that money and just crack up..
Title: Re: Executive Inferno (apologies to Dante)
Post by: Tampa survivor on January 23, 2014, 09:01:35 AM
Bump to page 1.  Gonna move the Sibs stuff up tooo
Title: Re: Executive Inferno (apologies to Dante)
Post by: Idreamofnewtonsburning on June 17, 2016, 12:27:48 PM
 "At the end of the day, Mel Sembler is let down and has to light the pile of money on fire"-----you know this would be excruciating for that old kike to have to do.