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Facility Question and Answers / Re: Keeping Bad News on Search Engines
« on: December 17, 2008, 01:01:28 AM »
One of the reasons for keeping Fornits Wiki is to keep the bad news, so we always can start new threads here and on othe message boards.

We never knew when it comes in handy. I have an example from one of the other spft people. On a parents message board where he is undercover, a mother had to receive a comforting word because her son was kicked out of rehab maybe because the mother phoned the rehab all time askings questions or maybe because the boy left the campus against the rules.

So because our mole is the nice guy he is, he linked to the 450,000 settlement made by whitmore and Sue Scheff defense blog to prove that rehabs lie and try to down critical statemetns. Our mole ended his part with a statement about how good a mother she was because if they kicked the son out because of her phone calls the rehab properly had sometime to hide followed by "You are so a good mom and I pray for you. (((hug))) (((hug))) etc."

Well the mother thanked our mole for his support. She was happy because some could find evidence to support her. An evidence, which would have been hard to find in minutes, if we did not have access to the wiki database.

A week ago the users of the message board was the frighten by the "discovery" that certain boarding schools in Idaho had a past connecting them to a cult and that they used confrontation therapy. The parents didn't know.

We can bring the wiki and the bad news up in the top again. We can choose to adopt our own parent message board where we can act like a caring and supporting parent and while we pad them on the shoulders and send a lot of hugs, we can smuggle link after link into these message boards sending both the wiki and the links to the bad news up in the top. There is a world outside Fornits where parents made decision after decision based on poor facts. We knows the facts. There is an old saying: "If the Mountain wont come to Muhammed, then Muhammed have to go to the Mountain".

I have a message board which we have not manpower to cover:

Who will volunteer? From the Wiki I have a Dr. phil show where he critizise "Casa by the Sea" without giving the name of the facility. Over at the antiwwasp forum a survivor identified the girl in the show as one she has been in "family" with. Its a start.

You can choose whatever option you like and you can also write Covergaard in private by mail. While he is still in recovery, he is able to work on computers. We would be happy to ad your website to our sources but we don't remove the old. On the wiki all sources should appear unless they are referrals to the program. I will be looking at your website and include both the information in this thread and what is on the website. We are happy to work with you.

It could be solved by him if he choosed to move to a cheaper hosting solution. Instead all these attacks on other website, try offer solutions instead of just critisism.

His message board provides valuable information for Secret Prisons for teens as many other boards and while we dont refer, we dont judge either. The world is not black and white.

Open Free for All / Prison population - They forget some
« on: December 15, 2008, 02:43:47 PM »
Pew Report Finds More than One in 100 Adults are Behind Bars

They should create tables about youth and include the teens in programs also.

Femanon4Che: Thank you very much. I will improve our datasheet about high impact with your information.

The Anti-wwasp forum has worked really hard helping Jensp with the location of High Impact. Our favorite is this location. What is your input? We always try to locate the location of each program because they have this thing by opening under a new name.

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