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Open Free for All / Re: Teen Suicide Bombers
« on: January 06, 2009, 02:57:10 PM »
Quote from: "Che Gookin"
I thought it was more virgins than 27? And FYI Oscar.. I cried when saw Bambi. I actually nearly cry when I see a lot things. You'd probably just never guess it.
The number of virgins differ. 27-40-70 have been mentioned. As the other poster writes, I have plenty of problems with just one wife. I know. I am odd but grooming her, cleaning leather etc. so I can be inspired regarding some activities in fiction takes a lot of time.

As for the question from the other poster, I am sorry that I have not been able to find out more about this program. Part of the problem is the language barrier and that they are not on the internet.

Frankly asked directly. No, I don't think that it is a good program. Now where we have been an example of one far away from influence from MADD, La Verkin or even Texas/Missouri's Roloff home, who can honestly state that there is good program out there?

All the components are the same. Worksheets, restraint, corporal punishment, being kept away from local peers.

Open Free for All / Re: Teen Suicide Bombers
« on: January 06, 2009, 12:26:40 PM »
Why are you surprised? Have you not seen the Muslim version of Reclamation Ranch/Victory Forge Military Academy?

If not here is a little link to a video

If you havn't got the time to see it, here is a little spoiler: Each child gets a little black board and then they are given worksheets in the topic: The Koran. Once in a while as it is common in every program, they are sent to "intervention", which in this particular program consist of being shackled. As it is the case with so many religious programs even in the states, they use a little corporal punishment when needed.

The program is fully self-paced so it fits every students need. Instead of a computer, they have hired an old guy down from the local nursing home in order to save money.

It is fully acredited. If there is a problem with the exam papers, they can always consult the 27 young women which are doing the check-in process in the heaven.

It is not very special. It could take place around the corner in Florida or Missiouri with no problems with the local authorities, if the kids were a little older.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Film on Aaron Bacon
« on: January 06, 2009, 03:37:21 AM »
Quote from: "psy"
Quote from: "FemanonFatal2.0"
As well, id like to point out that you are posting under a guest name as well... you don't have an account and this name, Bellavita isn't exactly a tell of who you are.

She did have an account.  She asked me to delete it and I did as requested.  All her posts are thus attributed to guests now.
Too bad. Covergaard PM'ed her because he would ask her to write her story about how she was fooled and post it an independent parent forum Rotsne are working in. Many parents are told to seek private options because they are caught with children suffering from ADHD or overmedication who "properly" are on drugs. The police won't have anything to with them, the school won't have anything to do with them because they act out and disturb the education. Some schools are even calling the police on any violence regardless of the fact that it was only a friendly tap on the shoulder. We are talking of kids down to 5'th grade being collected by police and returned to the parents.

Because there are no public solution, they are told to find a private option or wait until the kid is old enough so he or she can be arrested. PFC are just around the corner. Just this morning a poster thanked Rotsne, but they could really need a story from a parent in the states.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Film on Aaron Bacon
« on: January 05, 2009, 12:48:13 AM »
Quote from: "FemanonFatal2.0"
From what I can tell, this woman's post was chalked full of blame, insult and hate, and all toward US. Why would I even find reason to be accepting of her, I may be diplomatic with a slight twinge of attitude but I am simply pointing out the truth here. Why are you defending her Psy? Can you not see that I simply pointed out how her general mind state is the same that MANY MANY other parents have, and that mind state is was is driving them to have their children locked up. You may be one of those kids who totally forgave their parents, but as much as my mom is wonderful and awesome I will believe until the day I die that we was overreacting to my adolescent behavior. That is the only point I am trying to get across to her and if this Bellavita woman doesnt come back, so what, but what about the other program parents who decide to show up? I think they deserve a dose of reality as well. I know you think its counter productive but it is my STRONG opinion that if these parents don't WAKE THE FUCK UP we will NEVER win against the troubled teen industry.

Perfect example: do you blame the druggie or the drug dealer... You can lock up the drug dealers but if the druggie is still a druggie they will still be driven to find the drugs from another drug dealer. ALL parents I have spoken to weather for or against the program (that they have experience with) will tell me that there is a dire need for these private prisons and that there ARE some good ones out there. Well, unfortunately there are so few that I haven't even heard of ONE and unless we can help these parents realize that they NEED to just raise their kids come hell or high water then we will always have a program to fight because the program will always be in demand.

It makes me sick how sending your kid off to military school or a program or a mental hospital or rehab has become such a "trend" in the last 20 years. The problem is only partially with the program that abuses kids, the blame SHOULD be on the parents who think they don't have to raise their kids and they can just pay to get them out of their lives. I have never said that a parent who wised up and pulled their kid wasn't an appreciated member of this group, I have simply called upon their judgment to send their kid in the first place as an issue that NEEDS to be addressed! If they aren't willing to talk about it than fine, I highly doubt that coming here and insulting the forum members is any more productive than a good debate. I just hope at some point we will have a parent come to fornits, tell their story and listen to our opinions about the fact that it is ILLOGICAL to think that locking a kid up in a private prison is the way to go, and hopefully change their mind state a little bit.

What I don't understand is the discrepancy in your beliefs. You think that addiction is a choice and getting help for that should only be the choice of the addict, however you defend a parent who is perpetually delusional about their child's "problems" as much to say that being "headed down that path" is enough to lock a kid up?... She may have changed her mind about the program, but she HAS NOT changed the root of the reason she decided to imprison her child, and until that belief changes, her son is in danger of being sent off to another private hell, sooner or later. Until these parents start to change their misconceptions about teenagers the programs will always exist and I will always be the one to stand up and challenge the delusional thinking that has for many years resulted in the abuse and utter LIFE FUCKING of our previous, present and forthcoming generations. Even if I am the only one. So Psy you can argue for the sake of each individual parent all you want, you can tell me that I'm wasting my time if that argument is the most valid one you have but really this all comes down to the fact that I believe there is more abuse going on than meets the eye and I am not afraid or guilted into not saying so. Disagree with me all you want, I strongly welcome any intelligent challenges to my theory, but don't tell me not to speak my mind.

Well, she might have a point in blaming the system.

We know that addiction is a disease. It is international recognized in both the DSM and the ICD. So if you have a addiction, the right place to go is a hospital. But we punish it instead.

So a lot of parents find themselves in a position where they are forced to find a solution or see their child being locked up for many years. In some states even young adults drinking alcohol can result in parents themselves being locked up, if the young adult causes injury to others while being drunk.

That's is where the problem is. Because often the system won't help the parent. They are too focused on punishment and seeking justice for possible "victims".

I was just on our own network and Rotsne told me about a thread in another forum for parents.

Situation: The youth are beating his parents up and destroying property.

I feel my choices are to: Call the police and be told, once again, they cannnot do anything. Take him to the hospital: I don't think this is the route -- might not be able to justify a 302. Send him to live elsewhere: Don't think anyone we know would be willing or that that could be the answer(GFG has threatened to commit suicide a number of times and has been hospitalized regarding such attempt one time this past October). Call Children and Youth Services: I would like to know more about this before we contact them. I don't know what the implications would be or if he could be in a "safe and structured environment" where he could be watched constantly.

Any suggestions if the system is just waiting until they can lock people up and the youth can join the 1 out of 100 being locked up in the US?

News Items / Re: More programs shutting down
« on: January 05, 2009, 12:25:31 AM »
Quote from: "wdtony"
Quote from: "ZenAgent"
PV lost the contract with TN DCS/Juvenile Court sometime in late 2007 due to an undisclosed fuck-up by the program.  That's the best I can get from TN DCS.   There have been kids placed at PV who were convicted as adults in other states because the parents were wealthy enough to foot the entire tuition.  When PV was used as a substitute for jail in Andy Klepper's sentence, the judge described PV like it was Gitmo.  In that situation, the familty therapist Jean Bolding refused to deliver a letter from a MD judge demanding Klepper's return.  That's how far PV goes to protect rich, private pay patients.  Klepper couldn't stay at PV because TN state officials were so disgusted with the baseball bat rapist Klepper that they refused to allow him to stay.

"baseball bat rapist"?  What the hell is that about?

Teen Guilty in 2002 Sex Case Arrested on New Charge, By Ernesto LondoƱo,  Washington Post Staff Writer,June 8 2006

From the article
Klepper spent several months at a facility for troubled youths in Tennessee. Kemp and Klepper's father said in court last month that the teenager has been working and taking classes at Montgomery Community College.

but but but ..

Not only PV has a saying in this case. CEDU seemed to be involved as well (look at the comments):

Whitman students charged as adults in sexual assault case, By Robin Hernandez, Silver Chips Online, December 13 2002

They really messed him up. I wouldn't let any female within a mile from him.

The Troubled Teen Industry / The death list
« on: January 03, 2009, 06:24:30 PM »
On the European copy we are right now trying to make an independent webpage of the deaths in the 1990's and while we were investigating, we found a name from the 1980's in this link not mentioned on Teen advocate's list

His name was Brandon Hadden. He was 18 and he died at Texas Neurological Rehab Center, Austin, Texas in mechanical restraints. Any info and was it a program?

We are also looking on info about the third death at Cathrine Freer. Why shouldn't this individual be kept out of history? We believe that everybody deserves a place in history regardless of their conduct.

This page is a part of the death list research. Our goal is to find out how many deaths which are covered up by plea deals and settlements.

Aspen Education Group / Re: TO EMILY GRAEBER (Island View escapee):
« on: January 02, 2009, 03:23:27 AM »
Quote from: "emily graeber"
Quote from: "Guest"
Does anyone know if she's going back?

someone trustworthy?

this is emily. i did go back and after another 9 months, i graduated and am now at a boarding school in new hampshier called the white mountain school. its been a year now since i ran away, it feels like it was yesterday now.
just wanted to let everybody know that im doing fine, although i hate my school a lot.
peace and love
I am truly sorry that you had to go through that. If it becoming too hard to adjust back to the real world our wiki datasheet has a lot of links to survivor groups, who knows what you are dealing with. You are unfortunately not alone.

Stay strong. Maybe 2009 would be the year you can be released back into society. I have checked your present boarding school and while they use wilderness and community service, which here in Denmark are regarded for as an alternative only, it seems that it is less a prison.

Facility Question and Answers / Re: ABM Ministries
« on: January 01, 2009, 04:47:24 PM »
We have them under investigation for being Mountain Park Academy working under a new name. Datasheet on the wiki

Mountain Park was closed down which requires a lot when we are talking about Missouri.

I believe that they are under some kind of supervision because they have removed the old student handbook which spoke of the use of corporal punishment (To be read here) and replaced it with new guidelines to the staff forbidding them to use corporal punishment.

The old parentmanual stated:
Before enrolling a student, parents are expected to sign a statement indicating that they have read, understand and agree to have their child governed by all policies, rules and regulations of the academy and to have corporal discipline administered to their child in accordance to those rules.

Mountain Park was a bad place. A boy was killed there so the offenders could end up in prison instead for many years because they believed it was better. You can see his name on our death list. His name was Will Futrelle.

She will most likely end up suffering from some kind of PTSD. You can read the "Mountain Park Magazine Article" - page 1 to 4 and understand how it is to reenter the world from an enclosed box as a program in reallity is.

While investigating what should have been a closed program I found that too many things indicating an active program.

So my question is whether

Pal, Lane Academy aka
Palm Lane Baptist Academy aka
Palm Lane Baptist Boarding Academy

located on 3193 Southwest Beard Street, Arcadia, Florida is open. I have the address from a kind of court document and when I plot the address into Google Maps, it answers with the name of the lockdown.

Could anyone based in Florida call 863-993-3233 and find out if it currently is owned by the school or a church only. Use a public phone so you cannot be traced. Long-distance calls are our only method right now and it would blow our cover so if someone it up to giving us a little hand, we would be happy.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: To whom it may concern,
« on: December 30, 2008, 06:10:14 PM »
Sutton after a stay at Paradise Cove.

I have no links about the AARC incident.

Maybe Robinson before entering the feared Steppin' Stone Farm. One of the boys testified against her in a plea deal and she was out on drugs, so none would ever know.

Well, we started yesterday trying to count them when they appear. See our new victims page here.

We saw the result of the hard work they have done at the Kids of Bergen County website. See all the Rips.

Of course it can not on only one page, but now we have started. I got a spreadsheet at one point and the page(s) will be expanded soon.

The previous post wasn't me but frankly we from the Scandinavian countries are very cold where we rest when we sit down on our ice-blocks. No surprise here if you have been awake all the time.

If you think we miss that and should attend a LGAT to ensure an emontional growth which could result in us being illsuited to function in our culture where we all are cold-harded and reserved, when we don't consume alcohol you are very mistaken. We are like that and while I also only see my sister once or twice per year, I do talk to them on my phone every week.

If you dont understand us thats fine, but this thread doesn't benefit any anti-BM cause in any way. It is only deflecting our attention!

Could we not end this thread?

Dylan is her son and if she feel like supporting him until he retires from the work force, then let her regardless of the fact that is doesn't help him. She is sorry for sending him there and as it is with every mother-offspring relationship where the mother have bad conscience and try to buy excuses believing it is love, it will backfire. But it is her choice. We have said that it will backfire and it properly had already, but she is an adult making descisions and we should respect that she is ready to take the consequences.

So please stop the thread!

Digging into these personal things like what happened in the past are not important now. We cannot change them. What we can change is the future and if we shouldn't waste our time, then write down what happened, where it happend and who did it. Post it online and include it as a references on the right wiki-page. Find out where the staff went and if they still are in the BM-industry. Publish every single bit on info about existing programs, so you can become the last survivors or relatives of survivors who went there.

We are getting somewhere finding new info every single day. Find out mates in the programs and get them to give their small contributions so yet more of the layers covering the programs up can be removed. Please stop fighting.

Pam: Please go to anti-wwasp. Jensp has new info to work on.  FemanonFatal2.0: Please go back to Troubled-Teen-Industry. I found a couple of script issued teasing european versions of IE7 and KlausK has a little titbit for you also.

Hunter Tylo promotes AIR,

Life & Leisure TV - Academy at Ivy Ridge.

When we investigated we found that she lost a son under rather mysterious circumstances. As we scan the news, we find suicides and bizarre accidents claiming a lot of lives among the survivors.

Could she be a program parent?

Open Free for All / Boot Camps for parents
« on: December 26, 2008, 05:18:36 AM »
Boot camp for parents, Star Tribune

Alisha Carter, who has two children, is one of the participants in a boot camp-style parenting class held at Harvest Prep school. The course called Project Murua drills parents in hopes of improving parent-child relationships, creating a support system and honing disciplinary skills.

At least some parents looks in the minor and find a huge part of the problems their kids have.

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