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Title: It's Time....
Post by: Anonymous on June 18, 2009, 07:49:47 PM
TCs.. TCs... TCs...

The simple fact of the matter is that it is time for these places to be shut down.  For this country to be a truly great great country, there are certain things which must be eliminated.  Daytop, Elan, and the rest of these TC's are amongst them.  They contribute nothing and cause only harm.

I have lived my whole life on Long Island.  It is a nice place.  Daytop does not belong here.  They know it and they laugh at our naievete. They laugh in the face of such values as happiness, spirit, productivity.. even intelligence.  They neither believe in nor practice any of the values that make this society what it is.  YET they could not exist without this society.  We make their existence possible.  We pay for their free ride. They tried to "break my image". Now, I am breaking theirs.  

They do not have the right to hide from reality at the expense of the good and honest people of the world.  If they are so sure that they are right about... well.. everything, then they should be able to give their tremendous amounts of governemnt support both financailly and in the form of positive P.R., and still turn a profit.  

These people do not need to live, in the classical sense of the term.  They are taken care of, and they pay you back by spitting in your children's faces.  We do not need TC's.  Society does not ned TC's, and it is time to accept that.  Their outdated, caveman, pseudo-science is not a benefit to this society.  They are not saving our youths.  They are corrupting them, and it is not only the facility's residents who suffer.  It is all of society.  Thier meer existence is like a wart on the Mona Lisa.

(Why do I care?  Daytop would say that I have issues.  All ambition is a clue of some inner abberation to them. I care because I do.  And if I did have issues, they would be MY business.  Everyone here in this forum, and elsewhere, has issues, but that is not THE issue.)

It really is time for us to look to these monstrocities called, TC's, and say "We don't need You!"

They already know it when they are not busy convincing themselves otherwise. It is time to let them know that we know it, too.  "Save the Children", is a popular expression.  Here is an opportunity to do it. Speak up! Always remeber.  Never forget what you have sufferred at the hands of a TC, as then it was for absolutly nothing.  No good comes of it.  Those, who have experinced it, and still have the sanctity of min, to reject, have the unique opportunity, nto pave a better future, and tell a story to which most are oblivious.

Again, I urge people to speak up.Don't underestimate your power.  If you are now a grown and adult and you agree with the basic anti-TC philosophy that is prevalent throughout fornits, then you are an example of their failure.  You still have a mind. You still question.  You have ,in a sense beaten them, but the next step is justice.  Those who have been there are the only ones who can put an end to these places, once and for all.  

Those before us have not ventured so mightily.  They kept their mouths shut and went on like it never happenned.  Let us bethe ones to end it.  As living, thinking citizens of the world, we can all effect so much positive change.

Paul St. John

PS  In this line of thought, I might as well within this post do something I have been wanting to do fopr quite awhile.I'd like to personally give my thanks to fornits and all involved-both staff and contributors, but most particularly Ginger Warbis, as without her courage, vision,integrity and initaitive, there would be no fornits, and I would not be posting this right now, nor would I have been able to post my many other posts, speaking my mind.  I found this site when one day on kinduva whim, I googled," Daytop Cult", just to see if any other people out there had similar thoughts like I did.  Thanks to Fornits, when you google the name of specific TC's, some of the highest ranked links are links to posts that tell the true story.  That is huge. Sometimes, some silly shit may go on in some of these forums, but make no mistake, this site has had a very, very, very positive effect on many lives.  

PSS  Everyday, that these places stay in existence is another day that they can indulge in the fact that they got away with what they did.  If that does not piss people off, I don't know what will.  I know that I am pissed off and I am not ashamed of my anger.

Everyday that they continue to exist is another day that as a whole this society says it is okay the harm that people have experienced at the hands of these places- that it is not important- that it does not matter, and that is like saying that our lives did not matter.

I went to Daytop which was cake, compared to some of the other places that are still out there, today.  Something is wrong here, and I am pissed.