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Title: The Program - The Lies They Told Us
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Quote from: "Whooter"
An example of a survivor’s story without the drama… i.e. Kidnappings, torture, brainwashing, starvation, beatings and attacks.  You will notice that the author included the ups and downs in his/her point of view, not just the negative points.  To me this is refreshing and makes the post very credible. Yet I noticed no one extended a welcome to this poster.  Could this be because he failed to say he was kidnapped and abused?

This is a story that I think parents would believe to be credible.  The author isnt seeking attention or trying to run down the program and seems to take responsibility for himself and his actions.

Link (http://

Ok too many wrong points and whole lot of good points...I was in the AEG programs for 4 years almost...Yeah I didn't like them but it served me well...Now I wasn't there for Neil and Mary but I did hear stories from some people about their tyranny, but I do not believe they supported terrorists. Get a day job seriously! But from what I heard sometime ago, a girl had to take insulin shots on a daily basis and apparently Neil gave her Hep-C, because he really needed insulin once. SO she used it not knowing he used it, he didn't tell her and now she has it for the rest of her life. And yeah thats a real shit thing to do, but most the kids there refused to do anything about their behaviors, most kids brandished knives, I saw a kid break a part a plastic knife and swallow it. He also carved a girls initials in his own skin. And most of the kids that went had torn family values anyways. And most of them ran away because their parents were absolute monsters. It wasn't like summer camp I know that. We had kids come from Military Schools and they said those schools were more enjoyable than Cedars. To all you parents, yeah you might have different opinions on how Cedars treated your kids, but I went there from 04 to 06. Most of the staff was yeah very unqualified but they were nice as hell. And when I was there they never restrained people or "touched" them in any bad ways. The only reason why I think this is so, they wouldn't let the boys mingle with the girls, that was the only problem any of us had. I mean we still had ways to go around that but it wasn't all bad. Most kids that I saw come and go, faked being sick, faked breaking limbs, faked being attacked by other people, faked being real and faked being anything worth a damn. Oh yeah the other reason was the tuition was like 50 thousand dollars. If you can afford that then good luck to you, reason being all those kids were so damn spoiled that at the end of the day they just went crazy and went nuts, cuz they couldn't have their laptops, IPODS, or cell phones. I went to another AEG school b4 Cedars for a year and half with no technology, grow the hell up and do your work like the rest of us and stop complaining.

And how are we to know a program representative did not write that?  Or coerced in-program writing.  Or a brainwashed survivor?  Based on what they do to the kids to attain anything like the above result I should flat this as spam as it's clearly marketing, but marketing is an OK topic.  You want to talk marketing.

Do you have any idea the amount of bullshit I was sold about the program I was sent to?  They lied to me, they lied to my parents, they lied to make money for a sociopathic bitch who drives top of the line mercedes.  I was told I could use a computer for my documented writing disability. Nope.  They thought it was an addiction they could cure because of all their dogma they'd been fed so they treated a documented disability as if it was something trivial.  They made me write in notebooks.  To this day I still have to write very slowly or i'll mess up and string letters together.  It looks like chicken shit.  Point being it was not something they could cure and they tried to "cure" me of a disease I did not have.  And they brainwashed me.  That was the biggest lie of all.  Dogmatic horse shit.

And it's not just 12 step.  It's Scientology influenced (est) derivative workshops for both the parents and the kids full of totally bonkers thinking.  But they get your trust so much you start believing as they do.  They are nice to you and gain your trust and manipulate your emotions with guilt when you break one of their rules.  You start informing on others, not because you're a snitch, but because you believe the greater good is attained at the expense of individual liberty when you're saving people from themselves, and you truly believe you're helping others to follow their program and be saved!  And of course you're taught that if you'll leave the program they'll die...  And so they do.  They AWOL.  They stay, they end up on the streets when the parents are bankrupt.  They die.  They do not believe they can survive so they do not try.  Because they do not try they cannot succeed, and the prophecy of the program is proven true.  In this respect I believe the program sets people up for failure.  And they do it all with lies of one form or another.  And all for profit.  Which is not to say profit is bad, but i do believe that committing fraud to make it is.

Parents do not intervene because they are told that by doing so they are enabling them in their addiction (they see all problems as addictions.  It's AA gone fucking looney toons).  See.  That's where AA is less crazy.  Your garden variety stepcraft practitioners do not try and cure legitimate mental health problems with quackery.  They recognize certain things are disabilities or whatever and or they have the common sense of maybe "hey... let him use a computer for extended writing".  Or "maybe", don't try to convince him he's a drunk when he's only gotten really drunk once before the program, and that was the first time.  Now I have a beer maybe every other week or so.  But there was a time when I believed the lie and I would thank them for "saving my life".  I would lie for them and view it as a necessary thing to defend the program from those who would not understand the divine program truth.

Most of all I focused on their lie that I was not myself, that I was some insane character dreamed up to haunt me.  That I needed to reject my false me and replace it what they wanted me to be.  Problem what I removed wasn't a mask, it was my face, and what they stitched on was putrid and maggotted.  The identity they convinced me was at my core was a lie.  But I snapped out, by some freak accident while in the program and was silenced.  They called it an excess in "Negativity" which in programsprachen basically means "disagreeing with us" or "telling the truth".

As far as lies in the marketing go, they were all over the map.  I was told I could send letters to my Girlfriend at the time or talk to her on the phone.  Nope.  I was told Change would be optional, that I could advance as long as I followed their program, which they made to seem very objectively judged.  Turns out change was actually not very optional in the program, and you can't exactly opt out either because you don't realize exactly how they're changing you until it's too late.  You arrive thinking these kids must have done horrible things to get set back into the program but you learn.  The program is just there to raise your hopes and send you back a level, keeping you in a sort of limbo for as long as your parents can afford to pay.  Eventually they screw you over and you start to figure it out.  They you talk to others.  Then you figure out what's really going on.  Then you realize you're pretty much fucked.  And of course the program allows one or two to succeed so they can get a success story (proving it's possible to marks) and they threaten those who would dare speak the truth to keep their lie's reputation alive.  

I was told a field of land was supposed to be a volleyball field by the representative at my program.  They lied.  It was used as a punishment field where we would dig all day long in the hot desert sun.  They gave us water and all but it was very unsanitary considering the types of things that are dropped in sand (keep in mind not a nice area).  Broken glass, a dead cat, or at least part of one (second hand source).  Thankfully not any needles but I know for a fact they were discarded around the area because public trash pick-up was also used as a punishment (and it gained the program brownie points in the community).  Thankfully the physical punishment wasn't WWASP class but the mental was far probably a bit more severe (and that's second hand from a survivor who went to both).

Enough for today.  I'm going to continue this tomorrow or on sunday.  Let's you guys give some examples of your own.

Directions:  Survivors and Parents only thread (Whooter excluded...  you can start other threads, Whooter, but no thread flooding.).  I want this thread to document the lies programs have told people over the years, in marketing and in the program itself.  I want the lie that is the program to be exposed.  If it's remotely related to a lie the program told you, it belongs here.  Each poster gets one off-topic exemption with an informal warning to let them know they've used their freebie up.  Please keep AA discussion to the appropriate forum and thread (not a request).  "Mere mentions" of AA allowed so long as it's on topic.  12 step philosophy in program context allowed.
Title: Re: The Program - The Lies They Told Us
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I appreciate the humor, Froderik.  Right now I'm only looking for generalized responses about services in programs and I hope to get more specific once the responses flesh out the topic a bit better.  Thanks.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by services.  The program I was in marketed itself as being able to help people with a wide variety of issues (scattergun marketing).  As far as what they delivered, it was pretty much the same for everybody: systematic indoctrination and thought reform. Whether you choose to believe that or not, it's what happend.  The program I was in was a derivative product of a cult and adopted much of the cult's methodology, teachings, language, and practices.  I came to believe I would die without the program.  I didn't go to the program for any drug or alcohol related issues, was not a danger to myself, and so at this point in my life the indoctrinated phobia seems absurd on it's face, but back then I believed it heart and soul.  It was a con, it was abusive, and I overall I would consider the experience to have caused me immense harm in the long run.

How the program worked out:

Parents took me out when they (finally) caught the program in one too many lies.
Title: Re: The Program - The Lies They Told Us
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I wonder what lies those ass-stains told the police to get us in trouble.