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It sucks that more people aren't studying this book, and the concepts it brings up. Unless you are a social scientist who happens to be interested in institutionalized reprogramming efforts (still ongoing) in North America, you're probably not that interested in being confronted with such topics incongruous with your view of human rights. I hope to bride the gap, and every time I think I'm getting through, the title of this book gets written down and put into someone's pocket. Let's hope the few, the strong, the open-minded get wind of Institutionalized Persuasion, by Marcus Chatfield.
Thisreally is an important view into a little conceived, but no less important, subject.

Quote from: Wayne Kernochan
Quote from: Che Gookin
What prompted the change from the ultra-violent 70s to the less violent yet more creepy cedu-esque 80s?

Do you think this played a long term role in the eventual closure of Elan?
I believe the death of Phil Williams in the ring (murder) scared them into a less violent approach.

Muppeteer, good to see you   <!-- s:rose: -->:rose:<!-- s:rose: -->

Back the @##$ up... someone was murdered in the ring?

WOW! I just read through most of this thread. I never saw all of this before. The rabbit hole just gets deeper. It's time for a TTI expose to happen.

Someone confirmed it to me in an email.

Utterly insane...

So what political factors allowed Elan to escape scrutiny for so long? What connections let them get away with murder?


The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: What about \
« on: February 26, 2015, 07:38:07 PM »
I can totally feel your pain, and it will get easier over time. When I think about how strongly the emotions we were made to feel that eventually had us unlearn what would have been the "norm" before the program, and then paint that as us "being saved", it pops my top. I've spent years remembering, reflecting, and writing about CEDU/RMA and its methodology. Your feelings are justified.

 And the spinoff schools, ones that were started and run by CEDU/RMA/REDACTED
Group encounters shame kids if they are not sitting in them by choice. That's part of the method (just to spout a few): long length of the (rituals inside) programs, constant threat of worse places, (this idea of "choice" is very useful strategy in causing chaos inside the individual desiring autonomy) the use of all aspects of human sexuality as weapon of profound psychological impact for that age in social and mental development, punishments for free thought and usually limited speech "rights", and the interpersonal boundaries that defy ordinary therapeutic ones between staff and student, surely still exist. Feel free, anybody to prove me wrong. This "stuff" is necessary for the program staff to create a surrogate parent role, in order for the student to then feel justified in "sharing" the (normal) anger and shames that may be existent. Feelings of failure in scholastic achievement and/or deteriorating parental relationships are common for all (most or many) kids.

Don't forget that because the kid is there, this is "proof" of his need of saving by the institution! He or She may say this for the rest of their lives without ever using critical thinking to explore if this is true, or can be proven as fact.

Hang tough, Hammer, c'rook peeps are just starting to see the tactics and subtleties of social semiotics that shaped their bizarro experience
and profound waste of money.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Re: Friends of CEDU
« on: December 07, 2014, 08:46:03 AM »
I thought this was a private message I replied to. Please purge. thank you.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Friends of CEDU
« on: December 03, 2014, 07:28:33 AM »
Here is something I saved from a while back. I have redacted two names.

Closed Group Closed Group- [Statement in 2012] (I think its been this long since this was written, but I had to respond. I take personally when people expunge my words from the record- especially in responding to the very subject they asked for public input.)

Welcome! [LIE ONE]The Friends of CEDU Group is open to persons that either attended, [LIE # TWO] supported or was employed by the School. One of the group's functions is to aide in the locating of old friends associated with the school. In addition, it provides and opportunity to share historic photos, memorable events and our own personal experiences.[The LIE that makes me respond]

Let's preserve the CEDU's legacy we know to be true. (Oh my! Look at that- even with spell check he can't use punctuation or stay true to the very last one of two redundant statement he made. WE CANNOT “share our own personal experiences” in the forum. Memorable events!!! Only “friends” can respond? I resent that.)

If you didn't have a positive school experience this isn't the right group for you. Please use good judgment and discretion when you post. (Busted for lying again- the inference that the author has good judgment and discretion, but you may not)

Thank you. (Meaningless)

The Friends of CEDU (Oooh. This is gonna get good)

GROUP RULES: (Excuse me, isn't this a place to share “our personal experiences” [about CEDU Skools] on the fucking internet?)

Welcome, first a reminder that this is a closed group. (Even though you said it was “open to people that went to CEDU” I hate shitbag liars. Also “closed” because the group's self appointed leader is either a hypocrite or a coward.)

A. Confidentiality and Privacy: Members agree to keeping everything in the group confidential and exclusive to the group. We want to preserve your safety and privacy. Plus, many of us have made agreements pertaining to CEDU which already address this matter. (Sounds like FEAR is running the decision making of the writer of the “Group Rules.” I bet you're the biggest “badrapper” on the planet. You insisting that you're “preserving safety” is patronizing to adults at a minimum, and kind of uh- CULTY. I hate hypocrites. Also what drives your fear of being discovered? I wonder what you did that is so very bad? You would probably be fired from working with at risk children, or anything if responsible employers found out what YOU ARE, indeed an APOLOGIST, for. What about your CEDU education are you apologetic for? Whoops, if you criticize CEDU, you're “false beliefs” will crumble and all your PERSONAL self lies decay into dust.)

B. New Members: If you wish to join the group please send Dxxx MxKxxxxx or Mxxx Mcxxxxxx a request and introduce yourself. For those that would like to add former staff members or students please ask them to contact Mxxx or Dxxx. ( Layers of approval and proof of “citizenship” in your “open group”. The need to vet possible detractors of your fraudulent and abusive saviors. Yikes. Have you no spine?)

C. Censorship: Ideally, there will be no censorship, however, if there are any comments posted that are offensive, slanderous or deemed inappropriate they will be deleted. (You deem comments inappropriate that contradict your opinions. The first thing you did when I posted a very fair and non- judgmental, lightly opinionated post- was delete it. That's you making enemies. “I take your friendship and I place it in my heart.”)

D. Lets all use good judgment with what we share. (Doesn't sound like honest “sharing” anymore, does it? More lies from the self titled “Friends of CEDU”)

E. Issues with other group members: Whether past or present, Please keep these matters private and we suggest that you work to resolve any differences outside of the group. Since we started this has never been an issue. (Because you deleted my posts. Coward. You: Author of this document that betrays your worship of FRAUD and...wait for it: ABUSE. YES, ABUSER, at some point, you were! And I'm calling you out publicly, as you say it isn't abusive to be made aware of your shortcomings.)

F. RMA and Cascade: Thank you for your interest. All former associates of any related CEDU school are encouraged to join us. (More lies. Seeing a trend of FEAR and DENIAL here?)

G. No posting of any of the anti-CEDU rhetoric will be tolerated, we have all seen it and we are not going to invest any more energy on it. Any postings that fit this criteria will be removed and the member will receive one warning. (You didn't give me a warning, and I reassert that I did not even post anything contentious at the time to burst your little bubble- please post my original post to your group. The deletion of my account blownawaytheidahoway and my post was almost immediate. Have some honor, lying coward sheep.)

H. No peddling or soliciting. (I just finished writing a trilogy about CEDU schools that, because of it's HONESTY, is going to broadcast the tactics used in CEDU schools for the express purposes of coercive behavior modification.

So, keep me in mind over in your forum,[which page I cannot any longer find] because...
The harder the truth to tell, the truer the friend that tell it.
(Well, according to your "science"! I'll never be disappointed if you don't listen, remember? I'm doing this for me. Eventually, if I say it enough, you might even hear the truth. That was taught in lower school, c'mone you know this!)

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Breaking the Vow of Secrecy
« on: December 03, 2014, 07:16:08 AM »

Hope we'll find out the real names of the "experts" from the 1998 "parent seminars" for inculcating parents as described.

Thank you for responding. I'm sorry it took me this long to notice the responses. I've been working very hard on my project lately. It's easier going now than it was before. But it's hard not to let it consume my adult (real choice, mostly) emotions while I delve into well, the emotional growth program. So fucking non sequitor. It is strange to look back on the posts at fornits. I don't feel, in light of other medias that it is obsolete. All the people that stumbled on to fornits before facebook left an indelible mark that assisted in shutting down many fraudulent and abusive programs. Thank goodness for all of the work and informative and artistic projects. The important documentaries and books shed a kernel of understanding of what it was to be a student then and how individuals process the developmental detour of these "programs".

Oh my god. I thought the same thing. I wonder if he did them after all. To quote one of you, "Fucking surreal". It's good to be back and get instant realizations. And instant corroboration of true subplot that goes on in life.

It looks like the truth is finally setting some of the ol' CEDU pigfuckers 'free'! Great work! Nice photo. Takes me back. So ironic how the truth just won't die. Kudos for the activism on 'Lia's part. It's been a long time coming for the solidarity we have now, What went on in the CEDU schools was outrageous and harmful. That former students who have the most legitimate causes for grievances have no place to air those most awful allegations of rape, that I DO personally know of, is worse yet. The people who still have money from what went on all those years should be sued into poverty. They know the emotional turmoil they caused, they LIKE it, and wish to practice power more. The ends justify the means- so to them, we're still just in need of more strongarming, coercing, intimidation, name calling, and humiliation. They can't run their little pedophile S&M ring in the open like the 1980's evidently allowed for, so at least we can be thankful for that. Also, notice how the internet and testimonials from various years, by various former students of a plethora of behavior modification institutions and CEDU schools quickly crushed the skeptics. I guess we're not all just a bunch of whining junkies. The direct contact that was had with potential parents SHUT UP the wannabe masters of soul snatching psychic leeches and the entire system of money grubbing snakes that want to "help you with your troubled teen". We know vigilance is necessary because individual institutions and individuals   change their names, but not their often abusive tactics. Tools for Job(s).

To turn ones mind against itself is a terrible legacy to have left. These are the scars, these are the warriors.

Suicides, accidental suicides like drug overdoses, violence and other sudden tragedies continue to plague people everywhere, and yet the higher number prevails among those that have had experiences like those attested to here at Fornits. It's not fair, it's sad. For the families and friends of those who've been lost it's tragic. My heart goes out to the families of all of those, and the number is growing. I make a commitment here and now: I want to see people who went to CEDU schools. I don't care about pettiness and minor disagreements with philosophy! I will finish my book, goddammit! and when you buy it directly from me, I will bring it to you in person (within reason I will try). I commit to just reminding us all of the extreme sappiness of the place with a genuine hug or handshake and the recognition of time passing. I miss my peer group today. Even the ones I'm certain can't stand me, Lol. I'm sentimental and today I'm unapologetic for that. I miss the pain that brought us together, and make it hard to feel that level of intimacy with others. I miss the terror and feelings of complete self defeat, although I can't define why.

But when the sentimental cloud has lifted I'll be waiting for the bell to ring so I can get back to the business of asking the tough questions of what the hell goes on at these places, and why your parents must not love you.


Again, I am compelled to come to this last vestige of civilization: Fornits- the place that made it possible to
have conversation about the intricate experiences of people who've been through places that defy aggregate perspective.
 We are often in the margins, often passionate, and often just a little off color. I was one of a handful of people that were specifically interested in CEDU when I first found this forum. Was I the only one who felt deeply effected by all that I experienced in that rustic place? It is here that I saw the cotton candy stick to the stick and the abundant conversations and visitors began to congregate. Sometimes these specific issues actually found intelligent discourse through the different perspectives generated here. Words turned to action; emotional support turned to a flood of truth and truths that had been forgotten, and CEDU was shut down for being the liars that they mostly were.

     CEDU's effects are lasting. It is time to (again) address the harsh reality that trauma incurred within the intense and remote climate of the the CEDU schools was done purposefully. The harder you broke the better you would be for it. The systematic stripping of individual identities, as a very very first step follows a long line of traditions that Americans are traditionally horrified by, and in fact, have gone to war over.  I am still horrified by what I personally went through, and what I witnessed. Simply put: I must continue to search for closure and understanding of those early teen years and they're eventual impact on the lives on me and the people that I know. I only bring up the Patriotism issue for one reason- and that is to reflect on the further hypocrisy of "it all". I don't have the time or gumption to define my entire perspectives on "it all" and it's relevance to CEDU, but I do know that it was illegal on levels that go beyond the financial fraud that closed them down. It's unfortunate that while admitting they defrauded parents out of tons of money by not providing services, no one that I'm aware of, went into the specifics of that service. WE KNOW what the services were, and we know that it was incongruous with the principles of Americanism.
     Don't despair. Living lies is never easy. It's my estimation, unless you've been through it, nobody really gives a shit. We are like soldiers in that regard; under appreciated and full of questions about the "big picture" of why we lost so many people, and a distinct feeling and knowledge that we were lied to about much much bigger things.

Caroline Wolf

Caroline Wolf is considered an innovative leader in the area of crisis intervention, wilderness therapy and residential programs. She brings with her over 22 years of experience and has helped several hundred families and children. Her resume includes the design and management of several of the highest quality programs available in the United States.

She brings her gifts and knowledge of the many excellent programs available for struggling teens and adults, along with her tireless dedication and true commitment to her work with families. Caroline is one of the rare individuals who have the ability to see the good in every child and has made it her life's work to help children see this good in themselves. She is truly a gift to every family and gives her wealth of knowledge and experience brilliantly.

surreal. the woman is a narcissistic sociopath. just thinking about this woman really winds me up.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Re: Accountability
« on: January 08, 2010, 03:44:41 PM »
In 1999 or 2000 I was working at a firm in Manhattan. On one of the client lists a name reminded me of someone I was close with some years back. I say close because he ran some of my workshops at RMA and was known to be less frightening than many of the other powerstaffers.

I decided, why not look up Tim Brace? I was able to find him easy enough, and from the comfort of my desk I rang him up. I mentioned my name: did he remember me? Of course he did. I went on to tell him what I was up to and we exchanged some small talk. He told me he was just starting a new school in Virginia. On this point- even though it wasn't my intention when I reached out to him out of the blue- I began to share some of the overall feelings and reflections I had about my time in Idaho. It was hard for me, my subconscious was relaying a message that I should be worried. They would come and get me again. I pushed through the mysterious and palatable fear and simply told him about how I felt there were things TOO intense up there. I thought there was wrongness. He went on to say he (and I quote) "I've heard that kind of thing a lot."..."we've made a lot of modifications since you were a student" kind of thing.
Hunh. Ok. nice talking to you. I hung up.  

We spoke only that one time since I had been a student. The gist of it all now is sitting just behind my eyeballs as being uniquely significant. I can't quite unroll the feelings, the context I was in, memory, individual reflections of the past and the memories therein. But I got off the phone and since I hadn't thought about being 14 again, I felt like I had done a service by telling him that the program had some tremendous flaws.

And here I am so many years later....I had several times tried to responsibly deal with legitimate frustrations, not just complaints. Problems and flaws within the CEDU system existed to the point of doing exactly what they wanted. I'm molded, I admit. I am a forgiving and trusting man and I'm trying to capture in my book the wildly incestuous and freakishness that surrounded the campus and the men and women that worked there. I've tried to be honest and gentle. Do I betray myself by talking about RMA? Those people in that time hurt kids. PERIOD. It was done harmfully and methodically. And if you don't feel the same, you and I had very different outlooks on life long before we "attended"  our respective shitpits. I know what I need and don't need and what I needed and didn't need. Trying to tell me otherwise is insanity. I'm sane...I think. But definitely no thanks to CEDU schools.

News Items / Re: Paul Morantz on Cults, Confession and Mind Control
« on: January 08, 2010, 02:34:16 PM »
thanks for posting this.
and thanks Liam!

i broke my keypad typing so furiously about these hideous individuals. Wolfe and Eide should be in jail. PERIOD.  when I get to a decent computer I'm going to contest the allegations  that I (as an individual) am just one of a few  bad apples. "one of the few disgruntled" someone with problems that now blames CEDU". I'm not.
they are the liars.
I was a victim.
now, I am powerful. now I am confident. Now I see them for what they were...especially Caroline.
Caroline, you evil cunt. when we meet again. you will see that I'm not a shrimpy little boy anymore. And I am not afraid, FOR ANY REASON, to express to you what I feel for YOU. CAROLINE. make no mistake. I'm no bad apple, you just done pissed off the wrong boy one too many times.
And all your sick sick rapist actions with your dipshit husband, RANDY, at the time will be revealed. YOU were torturers. ABUSERS is too light. watch your back you fat evil cunt.

if the authorities (or her favorites) don't like seeing this kind of response, they should have shut the CEDU schools down long before they allowed pedophiles and white supremacist terrorists to "counsel" us. really. fuck.
I wish I could write what I REALLY feel.

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