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man you guys are fast!... lol, so you're in research phases on everything still? or am i mistaken? oh wait, it looks like one school in one week... this is why i had to leave.

but psy looks like his free template is doing him just fine. except the only changes you've made was the logo and a  boring header graphic, and that got shot down for the most part by ursus.. i mean, at least pick a pretty template... and then pay for a template developers license so you can drop the copyrights like i was planning... at least then you have something gorgeous to display the content, instead of a dark, 10 minute-worth-of-work joomla template, with a 2 minute-worth-of-work plain text logo holding it all together..

in fact, i'm going to ask you not to include antiwwasp in this "alliance" now. you're a vindictive person whether you realize it or not, and i have no idea why you felt like pissing me off today psy, but it worked, and now i'd rather you not benefit from my content at all. thanks. diplomacy my ass.. practice what you preach.

i was told several times not to open the site for testing until it was full... maybe that's what the problem was. now the site (redesigned by psy) is live... strange.

Sorry folks but I am jumping ship. Thought this was going to be the answer, but I'm going to refocus because it's not moving fast enough. The portal was in a condition to be filled with content for about 3-5 days now. I don't really understand... Anyways, I'm not planning on doing much of anything with it now, it was a good idea, and I wish you the best of luck in your future projects.

the problem with that is the "school" profile field that is required for registration now on my forums... hasn't always been required... so yeah.. there are a whole 4 people out of 700 with "midwest" filled in that field... i searched the user-end for a while trying to dig, no luck there. and nothing on the PM's from these 4 peeps.. midwest is illusive, i've never been able to compile a whole lot, and this school on average has way fewer survivors showing up to share their stories.. strange. but it's a newer school, so the brainwashing hasn't started to wear off yet.

maybe darrington was logically a better choice? considering the pics you have at your disposal now... ;)

easy as pie for the portal, dunno about implementing that code across all the individual blog sites though... i'd go as far as to say it would be a major pain in the ass for psy, but i'll look into it. ;)

found a real program staffer statement which Jens of SPFT responded to actually way back when... i traced the ip address ( to the area around midwest, i believe this was an actual staff member that made the statement that follows... If nothing else we use it against them?

post came from username: MidwestAcademySTAFF who last visited the site on 08-23-2008
post contents (permalink) can be found here: ... stcount=15
email of staff member: ... ostcount=7

this is the better user posted material... i'm still going to try PM'ing the few people who've attended to press for more info..

Web forum hosting / Re: Have you considered...?
« on: November 30, 2008, 04:28:41 PM »
now thats the kind of shit i'm talking about! good one late troll, that one got under my skin a little bit! lol

please try to be here on time the next go around...

Web forum hosting / Re: Have you considered...?
« on: November 30, 2008, 04:09:12 PM »
How tasteful of you. You built a website to send kids to get paddled by a religious fundamentalist in Mississippi. That makes you either an idiot, or a sell out... take your pick.

sell out obviously... but thanks, i'm done with that now.. anyone ready to move on? no? what a surprise...

Web forum hosting / Re: Have you considered...?
« on: November 30, 2008, 04:07:51 PM »
You are an idiot, clearly.too bad i've never had to the opportunity to see the latter psy. can you point me in the right direction?

I know you are but what am I! that's what this amounts to? and yes, idiots are easy to spot, i'll agree with you there.

anyways, i'll just be a voyeur at this point, watching you bring these many of these miserable messages into existence, while claiming this and that, it concerns me little. i'm only here for the people who understand that considerably larger amount of traffic for all of our websites individually, is far better than struggling alone.. on top of that, we can realize our individual goals much faster as a collective of websites.

I'll be nice this time and post from a guarded stance, but you criticize me whenever i show up, is that for personal benefit or a collective effort to keep people down? don't get that part.. i know you're just dying to explain it trolls.. actually i wish you would physically die so i wouldn't have to read the bullshit TROLL POSTS (i was asked to be precise) anymore, but there's as much chance of that happening as winning the lottery.

i wont hold my breath, but i suggest the trolls try to hold their breath forever and see how that turns out.. the few trolls that came out to play today barely got a rise out of me... c'mon guys, the one thing i can count on you for is to create nonsense and to directly or indirectly provoke people... where are the rest of you? there used to be so many more...  :twofinger:

Web forum hosting / Re: Have you considered...?
« on: November 30, 2008, 03:42:05 PM »
are you riding the "hater-mobile" today julie, or are your granny pannies wedged too deep?

Web forum hosting / Re: Have you considered...?
« on: November 30, 2008, 03:24:03 PM »
i was asked to delete that, but regardless.. i've also been asked to apologize for the miscommunication earlier. i was attacked and provoked and will not be apologizing to the trolls or to julie (same thing), but i do owe the fornits community an apology for not being clearer in what i meant by "guests" in my original post. For you see, in my community, we have trust, no outsiders.. Its a community for people to rely on each other. At antiWWASP, before requiring registration, every guest was a troll... but i quickly eliminated that (unfortunately along with anonymity) for the benefit of teens trying to find comfort in a safe place to share their experiences. i have to keep this short or i will have to force myself to respond to the rest of the attacks to come.. so basically although i believe far more is being contradicted on your end than my own, i will offer the following short apology to anyone willing to accept it:

Fornits, I apologize, for one, for ever believing that putting another kid in my shoes was appropriate. (referring)

Secondly, I wholeheartedly did not mean my original post as an attack, but text is wonderful when it comes to miscommunicating thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I am sorry for this as well, please forgive me.

(this message was coerced by your admin)... lol not the apology though, im very serious about that.

Web forum hosting / Re: Have you considered...?
« on: November 30, 2008, 02:23:15 PM »
thanks for offering something besides the usual bullshit ursus. great insight as always, wish everyone behaved themselves over here, then there could be forward motion... i suppose the mistake was in my interpretation of this place.. but psy asked me to not get involved here anymore... so i have to hold my tongue for the benefit of the organizations forming our alliance..

and to whoever posted before about infighting and not being able to get started?

lol we're almost done with two expose sites and the portal... no progress at all.. keep believing that.. im amazed at how well everyone is getting along, but you wouldnt know that because your a guest, and you're not allowed to view the private forums now are you?

Web forum hosting / Re: Have you considered...?
« on: November 30, 2008, 02:14:23 PM »
but the point of this was to get the massive reaction that has already been brought about... thats the point of fornits right... one big huge contradiction... i'm going to leave now, at psy's request so we can continue working on the anti program portal.

since i'm so self centered and only focused on myself... lol, you aren't paying attention are you julie? i can appreciate your outrageous and unfounded commentary on the matter, but you look like an idiot when someone offers their services PRO BONO, meaning (No monetary benefit, i get the feeling you're a bit slow so i thought i'd include that too) and you call that being self-centered.. you contradict yourself the more you open your mouth, i would just stop while you're only slightly lagging behind..

i could take the time to pick apart your post, full of "sucks" this "sucks" that. but there really is nothing to gain. i would actually be hurting myself by responding, for degrading myself enough to completely retort such a meaningless post. you had no merit, you realize that.. you even made untrue statements... 1 post a week (albeit an exaggeration) is rediculous, the forums have 11,000 posts, over the course of the last 12 months (started over a while back).. you obviously aren't very good at math..

 perhaps you attended a behavior mod facility and that is the reason for your lack of intelligence and intellect, but again, im just a self centered prick... and in the scope of forming an anti program portal for the sole purpose of awareness of these issues, your comments about my short lived time as a referral person are extinct.. meaning at one time i took advantage of a horribly selfish loophole when i had no money. i've seen people suck cock for crack, rob old ladies, and you're going to spend this much time on my short lived time as a referral person (less than 2 weeks)... and for the record NO TEEN ENTERED A PROGRAM FROM THESE MATTERS... no result... no one was harmed... so while you can blame and point fingers and toss around more blame to gain a better position in the argument, you're actually wrong about most of what you posted. but again we're at fornits right? the home of "no accountability for your actions"...

now i think i'll go back to work on my selfish projects that have helped hundreds of teens.

Web forum hosting / Re: Have you considered...?
« on: November 30, 2008, 01:49:13 PM »
thank you mr troll, your comments have so much bearing in my life... i will remember this forever.. bwahahah

Web forum hosting / Re: Have you considered...?
« on: November 30, 2008, 01:17:45 PM »
what's the point of reading these rediculous guest posts? or why not require registration like the other 90 percent of forums on the internet? you really don't stand to benefit in my opinion from these losers who use this place to fuel their hunger for conflict.. its like an infestation.. your database is full of garbage... clogged and unhealthy garbage, you should purge them. i really figured you for an innovator ginger, someone who sees change as a means for growth... these "stubborn" ideals don't improve your website, on the contrary, I've avoided fornits for so long for that reason alone. I have to choose besides function and form, and should i really have to? why not provide both? you're entitled to do whatever you wish as you own this site and everything inside it, and i'm just stating an opinion so it can be lost in the pile with everyone elses opinions i suppose, but these changes would improve your website's overall look and feel, and make yourself look more appear a bit more "giving" in the process. now i realize you don't care a lot about how others view you, i'm sure you could probably care less. thats not the point, you're the one in control. i would create a forum to steal your traffic in a moderated environment but im only an asshole, not a fucktard. such is the beauty of unmoderated forums, correct? i can do WHATEVER i want... so at this point, what i want is to tear the heart and sole of your webforums out, and steal all the traffic, will these posts also stand aside the rest of the unmoderated content? or will you delete them to benefit yourself while i try to manipulate your audience?

i can live with unmoderated forums when the content of the visitors posts have relevance, but you've unleashed these society rejects with free reign to confront and torment legitimate people with vested interests, without any control. it's alarming. Free Speech is invaluable, but i am going to try to develop a plan to dispose of the people who's sole purpose is "getting a rise" and "fucking with people". i would hate to have to steal your audience, and i'm not threatening you at all, there is just a legitimate need for a larger moderated forum with content you seem to have already accumulated. i'm sure there are several people here more than willing to pack up, move, and be troll-free, does that sound unreasonable?

this is not a personally directed message, i'm writing this to the webmaster and administrator of a website in my genre, so the way i see it, i'm actually just stating my intentions. i also believe your content to be the primary reason for your traffic, its just a shame i have to dig through pounds of bullshit to find the gems, i simply don't have that kind of time. so all-in-all, i'm just asking you to bend in favor of the common good, regardless of personal or emotional beliefs. there is no benefit to me personally here, i just want to see this place be as awesome as it's capable of being.

great job so far by the way, all these years and you're still doing things your way, or the highway, you must be doing something right (tried really hard to be nice here!) lol... again, take it as an attack if you wish, but i'm more just picking your brain to understand why someone so intelligent can't weigh the argument with logic involved... how about this, if there was a way to take out every troll, would you do it?

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