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Title: Our Film The Last Stop, the true story about the Elan school
Post by: Matt C. Hoffman on January 14, 2018, 10:58:47 AM
is available - The film is excellent -the message of the film is powerful. This film is a direct indictment against the unregulated insidious abusive "troubled Teen industry" that exists in todays day and age - we mention other programs in our film. It is very professionally done - I believe survivors of any program  will be pleasantly surprised, please share and support our film.

Thank you all and many blessing to all. 
 It can be purchased here.
Title: Re: Our Film The Last Stop, the true story about the Elan school
Post by: Victims of Kentucky Boys Camps on January 14, 2018, 03:48:18 PM
I will repeatedly share this...we face the same for our children.  Our Documentary is in the making, filming has started.  May the Creator guide us all, for the generations of children yet to come.

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Title: You know I would seriously
Post by: Matt C. Hoffman on May 05, 2018, 11:30:42 AM
hope that the prosecutors would view our film prior to making a decision to take up the  Connecticut  Supreme courts caveat - they had to offer - of granting them the option of a re-trial. Since Mr.Skakel is mentioned a couple of times in our film.

And from the point of eyewitnesses to his Elan ordeal. 

I hope the prosecutors are not as corrupt- and know in their hearts why an alleged coerced thru methods akin to an article in a Time Magazine that was aptly called Torture. It boggles my mind how much of what was known about Elan and what went on inside those walls of all those houses that Joe Ricci ran and his criminal operation of a fraud was allowed to continue ten years after his death with  the same sadistic miscreants that I knew when I had the unfortunate experience of being placed in that hell hole by scared sadistic primary care giver .

I hope the prosecutors think real hard and long about this fact ,that it is law no coerced thru any means of physical or emotional "torture ", can an allegedly extracted confession be admitted  into a court of law ,anywhere in this wonderful country. What I would think would also leave a terrible taste in that prosecutors ,be it Benedict - ( he has since retired - getting out while he can- we see  - lol ) or who ever's mouth- is that this  alleged confession is conveyed thru hearsay.

It is funny to me still -that Elan residents are sorta kinda believed on the witness stand - in Connecticut- and their  testimony was used by the prosecutors to gain a murder conviction against a man, that there  existed,  not  one scintilla of direct  of evidence - ( how else were that able to get this conviction ) linking Mr. Skakel directly to this crime.

Yet in the State of Maine - the years of allegations of systemic, serial ,brutal sadistic , violent criminal child abuse - that Joie Ricci profited upon as well as the State of Maine thru Joe's impressive profits that generated a whooping  amount of tax revenue to a very underpopulated and economically depressed area of the State of Maine- are not believed - when former residents have voiced them over the years.

I hope to have some better news about our film soon , hopefully at least by Monday - We really want to make this affordable for every one - I will say it again I am very proud of our film -

Think about it the program or concept - The  tools used to fit the individual to the one size fits all methodologies of Synanon - then you have this place called Elan run by  violent NYC street thug who took this very "Abstract " concept and created a very dangerous place for human beings to receive "attack therapy " or milue therapy as it is also cleverly called like this word  give it some sort of validation as being good.

And our film conveys this Abstract concept  of this thing called" the program "- based on a sick mans sick cult called Synanon  in such a fashion that nay one who has ever been in this type of hell can identify . We use our story of the Elan school  to explain just what the hell this is, and we do it well .

And that is our story - our message of our film is much greater than our Elan story - while it is excellent , and that  is this continues in places, we  name about ten or more  in our film , ( we do not tell the stories of what happened to children in these abusive rtcs out  of respect for survivors  of these  places.  We welcome them to tag along and tell their stories of abuse - as horrific as that may seem we simply cannot do that for them ), yet we welcome them to visit our face book documentary page, and just write.

I am happy at the direction of our film is taking - it truly was a labour of love - I will not see ant money from this film - it is not mine - I honored to have worked on this film and credit at the end of the film is  worth more to me than any   money  - I hope to have  info about affordability of our film soon .   

Title: Good News about our film the last Stop
Post by: Matt C. Hoffman on May 15, 2018, 05:31:18 PM
It has been reduced to 10 dollars  to stream-  We had been talking about doing this - And the funny thing it is about "the program"  not just our experiences at Elan the film portrays this sick program that really every one can recognize , as being "the Program"  - no matter where an unfortunate soul was sent.

It is so good I hope every  one will see it - more people that were not in a place - they seem to get really upset when they find out this is going on taday in many places for huge profits -and it is just as bad as the Elan in our film .

Cause this has got to end - Places like the ARRC in Canada- People in Canada need to see our film -