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Facility Question and Answers / Re: Oakley School
« on: August 01, 2009, 10:34:28 AM »

I attended Oakley and Island View (among the many programs I went to). I completed both of those programs.

I left Oakley in Spring 2003. While I was a student there I can recall 3 major instances of kids having sex or bringing/using drugs on campus. The day before I left was probably the biggest bust, apparently this girl had been bring a bunch of drugs on campus from her home visits (pot, acid, cocaine, prescription painkillers, etc.). Most of the school was in trouble either for participating in the drugs/sex, or knowing about it but not saying anything. I can't really blame Oakley for all that stuff though....The whole point of a step-down program is to give students more responsibility and freedom. It wasn’t too hard to earn levels and people went on home visits pretty frequently....I feel like you're always going to have some people who take advantage of situations like that.  

I felt like Oakley was a pretty good step down. I really appreciated how their academic program was a little more serious then the other programs I had been to (especially since I was transition from Oakley straight to college….no way I could’ve made that transition had I still been @ Boulder Creek Academy).

If anyone has any questions about Island View or Oakley feel free to ask  :)

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