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Quote from: "try another castle"
Actually, assassin bugs/kissing bugs are in the states, too. Assassin bugs (reduviidae) are a family, so it contains many genus and species. (specifically, 47 genera and 154 species.) in North America.

that is fabulous news.

Quote from: "try another castle"
Also, the american species do not poop while they are feeding, and since the disease is transmitted through the poop when it gets into the bloodstream, they are of little risk, imo.

OH   MY   GOD.

Quote from: "try another castle"
Yeah, those are gross, but I still hate all of the different kinds of waterbugs the most. I can't even look at pictures of those without freaking out. We used to get a real big nasty type in the pond that would hang out on the bottoms of inner tubes. They would also bite the living shit out of you if you fucked with them. Remember those guys?

ya, i kinda remember the big waterbugs, but that memory is fairly subtle compared to the memory of not being able to keep your feet on the bottom of the pond because of the leeches. leeches trump waterbugs, for me at least. i suppose it's a personal preference kind of thing.

Quote from: "try another castle"
How could the leaf-foots get tangled in your hair? Don't you have straight hair? I'm amazed they never got tangled in my hair, cause it was a mess. Although, I don't think any ever landed there to begin with. They probably knew that it wouldn't be a very good idea. It could be due to their back legs, since that's where they flare out. Did you end up combing a lot of back legs out of your hair during late summer and fall?

i never thought to look for the legs, i was probably very busy eating and obsessing about how to get through the next rap without being noticed. and i couldn't figure out what the deal with my hair was either...super straight and fine...maybe it initially looked like a good landing strip and then things got out of out of control real quick. they probably saw your hair as their proverbial nightmare and knew to stay clear.

Quote from: "try another castle"
Also, I had no idea junebugs made noise. My first sublet after school had a bit of a population, specifically in my room. It didn't  bother me, though. They ate little.

i was conferring with some of the other so cal transplants that i work with and it's like a - hiss. hiss. hiss  - type thing.

Quote from: "try another castle"
Dunno about june bugs, but you might be getting a blast from the past, depending on how many trees have around your house. (you won't see the bugs now. They're sleeping.. shhh.) Although, I think you said you got there in fall, so they would have been coming indoors to find places to hibernate, so if you didn't see any, they might not be in that region. (However, the pacific northwest is their origin habitat.)

good to know. i'll keep my nose tuned and ready. i got a little bit sucked into the bug thing myself yesterday, work was slow, and as i was reading up on the killer bugs i followed a wiki link to bedbugs...i've had several friends from the east coast whine mercilessly about those things and was curious. i was not prepared for what i found. did you know this?

"All bedbugs mate via a process termed traumatic insemination.[2][3][4] Instead of inserting their genitalia into the female's reproductive tract as is typical in copulation, males instead pierce females with hypodermic genitalia and ejaculate into the body cavity. This form of mating is thought to have evolved as a way for males to overcome female mating resistance.[5][6] Traumatic insemination imposes a cost on females in terms of physical damage and increased risk of infection.[7][8] To reduce these costs females have evolved internal and external "paragenital" structures[7][8] collectively known as the “spermalege”.[2][3][4] Within the True Bugs (Heteroptera) traumatic insemination occurs in the Prostemmatinae (Nabidae) and the Cimicoidea (Anthocoridae, Plokiophilidae, Lyctocoridae, Polyctenidae and Cimicidae), and has recently been discovered in the plant bug genus Coridromius (Miridae).[9]"

and this?

"Remarkably, in the genus Afrocimex both males and females possess functional external paragenitalia, and males have been found with copulatory scars and the ejaculate of other males in their haemolymph. There is a widespread misbelief that males inseminated by other males will in turn pass the sperm of both themselves and their assailants onto females with whom they mate.[10] While it is true that males are known to mate with and inject sperm into other males, there is however no evidence to suggest that this sperm ever fertilizes females inseminated by the victims of such acts.[3]"

i wonder if they're into bondage at all or if it's just good ole boy bug on boy bug action.

Quote from: "try another castle"
Anyway, tell one of them I said hi.

will do, as i'm running the other way and donning a burkha.

EWWWWW. i just looked up your assasin and kissing bugs. remind me to cross central and south america off of my vacation to do list. now i'm gonna be itchy all freakin day.

Quote from: "try another castle"
How on god's green earth did something as huge and weird looking as a conifer seed bug make you freaked out by a little scarab beetle such as a junebug?

i think the fact that they both have ended up ridiculously tangled in my hair on more than one occasion has something to do with it. they both serve NO purpose other than to annoy...and junebugs have these weird claws that allow them to hook and bury themselves into my carpet leaving me really no option other than taking a butter knife and prying them off. and that weird hissing noise they make ~ shiver ~ i hate those damn bugs. maybe they won't have them up here in the great north west. one can hope.

i like your spore bug. i'm glad that you haven't abandoned your creature creator. you brilliant thing.

you boys are hilarious. castle...i can only imagine that you have WAY too much time on your hands these days and are reaching desperately for something to stimulate that brain of yours. true bugs? the assassin bug and kissing bug? really? is spore missing you these days?

i remember those damn bugs. they were enormous. they'd always end up in my hair and i think they've contributed signifigantly to my serious distrust and hatred of junebugs (another innocuous bug, minus the smell), as well as any kind of apple air freshener.

Quote from: "dishdutyfugitive"
the stress of contemplating not taking a shite for 2 weeks just made me go twice in the last 7 minutes.

I assume this monumental shite it took more than 5 minutes. Therefore you were out of agreement. Write a dirt list and give it to Tim Brace.

Technically speaking, toilet stalls are gravity feed bio-turd baths. A turd bath is kin to a shower. If your turd is submerged for more than 5 minutes and you're still sitting on porcelain - it qualifies as a shower. Your turd is your self made brown and visible. Just like your work is your love made visible.

It's in the geneva convention - look it up.

good lord. and to think i'd almost forgotten the scope of your verbosity.

the sad thing is, and some may disagree with me, i dunno, that that book is pretty profound. and they took it and twisted it to their culty advantage, just like they did with john lennon's music in the i and me and beyond. damn loons.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: AARC Summary (i.e. Ajax)
« on: September 18, 2008, 02:39:12 AM »
Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: "stina"
Quote from: "Guest"
So basically based on stats AARC releases, the program goes on to have a majority of its youth relapse? What a great program....

ya, the youth relapse, but they retain the parents. and their money. fabulous.

There are those who relapse like an other treatment center, but AARC has been able to reduce it to a very impressive level.  No rebates for people not willing to follow thru after they leave.

1.   Dr. Vauses education
Conclusion:  Dr. Vause continues to be active in the program and dedicated to a continuous life of learning and self improvement.  Acquiring his PhD from Union University, an accredited University that has been open since 1964 and works under the provisions of APA guidelines and ethics(American Psychological Association).

2.   AARC Outcome Study
Conclusion:  The outcome study of AARC was found to be conducted by an independent professional in the area of addiction.  To assist with the data collection and computation AARC had one of the Directors of Hazelden and their assistants  oversea and help author the study.  So the study is rock solid credible with some of it findings being:
85% of all graduates are still living a clean and sober life after 4 years
93% of all graduates are still living a clean and sober life after 12 months
52% of all graduates have had at least one relapse since graduating.

3.   Transparency:
AARC has shown it has opened its doors to independent studies and reveals its people qualifications openly.

uh we go again with the guests and their independent and conveniently unattainable studies. hide your children. hide your animals too.

 :blabla:    :bs:

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: AARC Summary (i.e. Ajax)
« on: September 17, 2008, 01:26:03 AM »
Quote from: "Guest"
So basically based on stats AARC releases, the program goes on to have a majority of its youth relapse? What a great program....

ya, the youth relapse, but they retain the parents. and their money. fabulous.

my friend's 16 year old niece had been at island view in utah for the last 8 months, came home for a 4 day homevisit and took off. and is nowhere to be found. i just heard about this, and her incarceration, and was immediately suspicious. I had a feeling it would show up here on fornits.

does anyone know anything about this school? their website's the usual blah blah blah.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: AARC Summary (i.e. Ajax)
« on: September 01, 2008, 02:05:23 AM »
very good points. the reason that they're not questioned as much as they were before is because they're in a different country (canada). move to a country that doesn't have the questions being asked or the oversight (not that we even really have it here yet) and you're golden, especially if you're "giving back to the community". i know first hand that it's the same old bullshit. and what i don't get...they see dollar signs...i see kids fucked up during & afterwards (and now i'm talking ALL programs, including my own) no sense of self, using every drug, or alcohol to numb the shit that got stuck in their brains there. feeling like a failure and using every means possible to forget about it, if only for a night. it may be a different school but it's the same model and it pisses me off that they seek to change the way we think and feel without giving us an "out button". i'm upset. i'm sad. and i'm fucked up. i could say that i've gotten things from the program i was in...but...

i've always been empathetic
i've always looked out for the underdog
i've always had judgments on myself (not quite as harsh)
i've always loved the people i loved as if they were my family
i never did myself harm
i never did others harm

i was simply trying to survive. and, at least for me, rma gave me "tools" to survive (i guess...not that they meant shit in the real world) but they also gave me way more worries and concerns than i ever had before.

i'm just bitching now. but for me, at this point, it's very real. 15 years later. not much faith in myself. or anyone else.

forgive me...i'm sad and unleashing it all here. i know i'm not a victim. i'm not a victim. but those goddamn schools maybe could have supplied like the staples know that great big red button in the staples commercials...the easy button. i want one of those.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Re: The Rap
« on: August 27, 2008, 03:33:12 AM »
Quote from: "iamartsy"
I was in one facility in 1982 that did this shit. It bored the hell out of me, and three of us got thrown out. We had to beg out way back into the next group so we would still get our levels. The guy was hardest on me, because I had nothing earth shattering to talk about so I did not talk. He thought there had to be something, but what was I going to say, nothing. Drinking and pot oh my! That would not pass a whole hour or ninety minutes.

Another night, while I was there I went through the confrontation thing and kept refusing to cry on demand. They were so pissed. I don't cry much. And even less on demand. Later my individual therapist there was pissed that I had not cried, and said how I thought I was so tough. I said nothing.

Then there was my last m.o. at the last facility I was in (1985-1986), I kept falling asleep from boredom in the middle of RAP. They used to grab me from my seat on the couch and throw me in a hard chair. It did not help. I sleep when I am sleepy. I have fallen asleep on the subway, at conferences, once in a job interview. I keep myself awake with humor and then get called inappropriate. Like I will notice that we are talking in circles and started imagining emoticons going in circles and then chuckle to myself (INAPPROPRIATE). Then I have to work harder at containing my chuckling.

Unfortunately, I am back in Houston where all this shit began and I feel the misery all over again. My parents live 3 blocks away and love to control me at the age of 44. I still feel like a victim. I need to leave here but don't know where to go. I am at a loss. Shit now I am depressed again. I now know why I found this board, I am back to where I started. DAMNIT

i know this is easier said than done, but you have got to get the fuck out of there. i understand, i just 2 months ago moved out of state and am really counting on the kindness of strangers. but it feels good, in some ways to be out of the reach of my insane the same time it's scary as fuck. but at least it's something different.

if you know anybody in a different state, or at least a different part of TX, start there. hell if you want to come to portland i'll try to help you out. the northwest is amazing. jobs are a bitch but ... pm me if you want to talk more about it.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Tami Brown
« on: August 25, 2008, 09:05:34 PM »
Quote from: "A Friend"
Goodness... this thread is absolutely appalling!

I'm curious to know WHY a person's full name is even allowed to stand without being deleted?  This woman had her child in AARC, he was a juvenile, and as such, should be protected, listing his mothers full name is completely out of line, and IMO, violates the privacy of this family.

You people should be absolutely ASHAMED of yourselves. ::puke::

For what it's worth, I know Tami, and I've had the pleasure of meeting her sons. Both kids are good kids, happy, well adjusted and Tami is a wonderful mom to those boys.

Why don't some of you fuckwads try getting your kids taken away from you, then have 'the powers that be' alienate you from your child, tell your child all kinds of bullshit stories as to why his mother is not allowed to see him, fill his head with all kinds of crap and then tell me how YOU would feel?

I have not gone thru it myself, thank god, but I tell you, if I did, I'd do exactly the same thing Tami did, and then some. If a child needs help, then great, help him, but don't resort to bullshit brainwashing tactics so you can pump out another 'success story' to hang on your wall of fame. :wall:  :wall:  :wall:

This kind of public attack on a person is completely uncalled for, especially when full names are being mentioned and all kinds of bullshit lies are being spread about a woman who simply wanted her son back.

Guess what folks.... she GOT her son back and thankfully, he's slowly getting back to the kid she knew before he got sent to that hell hole.  All parents who had kids in this farce of a program should be as lucky as this family.

thank you for supporting her, this whole thread is, as you said, absolutely appalling...and prolly partly an attempt to get back at her and her son because once he "graduated" he wanted nothing more to do with the program. the assholes posting on this thread, and the one who started it have no verifiable documented ANYTHING backing up their claim that there's a huge lovefest surrounding AARC. they're just trying to do damage control, but definitely crossed the line when they named names, especially when signing on as a guest. disgusting. i hope any parent looking for help for their kid sees this thread and realizes the kinds of people they'd potentially be dealing with. and maybe that's why the post is still that people know what kind of vultures these people are. they're digging their own grave with their posts, but ya, calling her out was completely fucking wrong.

love and support for you and your boys tami.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Re: The Rap
« on: August 25, 2008, 06:56:44 PM »
jesus. that was painful.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: AARC Summary (i.e. Ajax)
« on: August 25, 2008, 06:42:41 PM »
Quote from: "vinny's fav guest"
have you been through AARC?

no . . . . then go bark up some other tree, poor baby

truth would be handy for anyone needing the help of AARC.   :moon:

have YOU been through AARC? you're a moron.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Tami Brown
« on: August 25, 2008, 03:01:44 AM »
Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: "seamus"
My given birth name IS seamus so yer point is? .......... ;D

I am happy for you . . uh seamus what a delightful 'birth name'    ???

seamus is a fabulous name, i like it ... what's your middle name?

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