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Title: NOW I HAVE SEEN IT ALL................
Post by: Anonymous on September 01, 2002, 02:59:00 PM
I have just been to a web site just like this for Parents of troubled teens.
The things that are being said have me in tears, things like:
my teens problem is smoking pot..
my teen lies alot...
my teen stays out to late..

check this bullshit out at : (

you wanna lock me in a cage becuase i smoke a plant...get fucking real....maybe i should just end it all right now becuase you don't approve of me....go fuck yourself.... I only get a few years on this miserable planet...with miserable greedy people like you....if smoking pot makes me feel better i am gonna doit no matter what you think or say.

Dunno almost makes me think shutting down Elan is pointless because Elan is not the problem. Maybe the brainwashing started back in the 50's with our parents, as they watched the television. And the problem is the same type of government provided propaganda didn't work on newer smarter generations. My mother is Donna Reed, and I have no doubt as to why that is.
When someone dies unless they are a family memeber or close friend no one realy cares.
Even on September 11th we only briefly paused.
The truth is that no one does care, its not our responsibility to care, it isn't normal human behavoir. Especially in the capitalist hell in which we live, we find this to be true. Greed consumes everything and is all encompasing.
I am told by these people I cannot smoke pot because Marijuanna makes more money for the government illegal ( through fines court costs and the budget allocations to law enforcement) than it would if it were legal. If it was legal i would grow my own supply in my house and the government would never get a penny from me for it, AND THEY KNOW THAT.
It's much more easily cultivated than tobacco, which requires huge fields to make even a small amount. And , who is gonna pay to put a brewery in their house , when you can walk down the street and buy a six pack for 4 dollars.
But, pot is different and that my friends is why pot is illegal, don't kid yourselves.

I didn't need to be emotionally, mentally and physically abused by Elan for making the choice to smoke a weed instead of Newport's.

Or maybe I am a delusional psycho, created by Elan ( seeing as how most people with multiple personalities got sick as a result of some kind of trauma early on in life, like abuse) and you shouldn't read or listen to anything I say.

"I Grew Hemp"
George Washington

" I am so tired of being told who I am , what to do and what not to do. Do I not have free will, am I not free."
Title: NOW I HAVE SEEN IT ALL................
Post by: Anonymous on September 01, 2002, 03:05:00 PM
Being a street cop, witnessing the tragedy firsthand, I've become convinced that drug prohibition -- not drugs themselves -- are driving the HIV epidemic and the systemic crime that has swamped our criminal justice systems.
--Vancouver Police Const. Gil Puder
Title: NOW I HAVE SEEN IT ALL................
Post by: Anonymous on September 01, 2002, 03:12:00 PM
Serial Killers are also an invention by the powers that scare citizens of this country..and to perpetuate a clever guise..convincing everyone there is a need for more laws and more law enforcemnt personnel. Why?

To control and manipulate for their gain.

Do any other countries have this problem?
Does anyone ever hear about it?
NO, that bullshit only comes out of this country. Why?
There is a lot of money wealth and power in this country and that needs to be controlled, in order for it to be profitable for the aristocrasy.

Government cover-ups that require murder are just blamed on the "serial killer".

Why are most serial killers white and not black?

Answer yourself that question properly and then you'll finally understand.

Your friend
the paranoid schizophrenic