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Teen Challenge / So, Karly....
« on: May 18, 2007, 02:42:25 AM »
Perhaps I have been going about a couple things wrong. My intention is not to be an apologist. My heart is aimed at presenting the truth. let me state beforehand that there are two people who I have been focusing one, you and Michael Kincheloe. Michael, I believe, is not so much focused on exposing a corrupt program as he is at sticking his middle finger up at the staff of Southern California Teen Challenge. I base this not only on his discussions and those he has engaged on here, but on some of the other things he has engaged in which I prefer not to mention. Suffice it to say, in my opinion, he represents a segment of students who have failed in TC and feel a need to excuse their own behavior and failure... but you... you are somewhat of an anomaly to me. For some reason I am inclined to think you have your own personal reasons and you are probably a decent person who wants to help here is my proposition...

Not a debate, but a discussion.I openly talk about the sores as well as the successes of Teen Challenge with you. And Yes--there are sores, some of which Michael has exposed, although only for his selfish reasons, some which he knows nothing about. Let me offer the olive branch first by saying--I left Teen Challenge angry and bitter. Furthermore, I have not attended a church regularly since leaving Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge would have difficulty categorizing me a success or failure. I have your curiosity, don't I?

I'll add more. We can talk about directors who have fallen, we can talk about scandals, we can talk about anything you want to. We can talk about the reasons I left. I am dying to discuss that. We can talk about whatever you want. And then we can talk about why, after it all, I would still endorse this program and would donate to it, as well as believe wholeheartedly in the effectiveness of it.

Let me also state that I have not been involved with or talked to anyone in the Teen Challenge program since June of 2000. The only thing I ask is that you and I be the only ones to respond to this and that anyone else who has comments or questions would pm one of us to add as part of the discussion. This is simply to keep us on topic and avoid confusion.... I would ask everyone to respect that request.

I wonder.....would you have this conversation

Teen Challenge / Teen Challenge and the faith based initiative.
« on: May 14, 2007, 02:21:47 PM »
Here is the history of Teen Challenge and Bush's faith based initiative. It is an interview with the very man who advised Bush about this when he was governor of Texas. Also notice that, despite claims by some of the anti-tc ranters, Teen Challenge does not qualify for funding under the Faith based initiative. ... de=general

Teen Challenge / Teen Challenge and the Better Business Bureau
« on: May 14, 2007, 11:40:57 AM »
Here is another falsehood on Karly's blog concerning Teen Challenge. She shows a BBB report for Teen Challenge that says teh better Business Bureau recommends investigating this chairty before giving. What she DOESN'T tell you is that she cherry-picked The Teen Challenge headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, completely ignoring the entire list of Teen Challenges the BBB shows on their website who ARE members in good standing  of the Better Business Bureau.

But the question begs, why would the headquarters NOT be a member and why the report? The headqaurters of Teen Challenge are simply adminstrative offices. No one is treated there and there is no Teen Challenge center there. They do not solicit donations, so they had no need to return the questionnaire from the Better Business Bureau, hence the warning.

If you are considering giving to Teen Challenge, since that is the only purpose the BBB report is meant to address, then by all means go to the BBB's website and look up the local center you are thinking about giving to. If you are an addict or family member considering using TC for help, then you should call your local center and ask them all of the tough questions you have to address your concerns. But, please do not by any means put any creedence whatosever into some weblog or anti-TC rant page purporting to warn you of the dangers of TC. Anyone can put up a blog or website and say anything they want. And they can be grinding whatever axe they see fit. That does not make it true. Research for yourself.

Teen Challenge / To those who find this forum...
« on: May 02, 2007, 07:07:55 PM »
I know there are many people who rely on the internet today to research organizations they may wish to have dealings with, either by supporting or, in the case of Teen Challenge, more commonly, in  a search for help for themselves or a loved one.

I think it is very important to make all of you aware of the two most common motives people have for attacking Teen Challenge. The first is former students who dropped out of the program. One such student now runs a website claiming to expose Southern California Teen Challenge---the very center I graduated from and the very district I worked for as a student advisor for 5 years. Many dropouts do leave angry. Change is hard. And Teen Challenge sets very high standards for success.

The second and uglier motive for attacking Teen Challenge is a relatively new one. And it is politically based, driven oftentimes by left wing organizations and special interests opposed to Bush's faith-based initiative. Teen Challenge is the primary target of these people for two reasons, neither of which are Teen Challenge's fault. First---It was an incident in Texas where certain entites took it upon themselves to try to run TC out of the state. George Bush was Goverenor and stepped in to protect the program. Why? Did Bush stand alone? Absolutely not! Most texans knew Teen Challenge's reputation and exemplary record of helping addicts and found it absurd that such a great program that has done so much good could have it's doors shut because of some legal loophole.

This incident is what inspired Bush's federal faith based plan. Secualr and staterun programs are huge failures at rehabilitation, yet Teen Challenge showed much higher successes. Of course, since TC was the very basis for Bush's program ( not a RECIPIENT. TC would not qualify for funds thru this initiative!), political opponents proceeded to tear apart the initial study conducted on TC. The resulting hoopla has led to the usual nonsense and blogs and expose's--you name it. Of course, several other studies have also been conducted and repeatedly show 65-70% cure rates for graduates of the program. And, contrary to what you read here, a far higher percentage of people graduate TC than any other program I know of.

There is a third motive and that is one of anti-Christian sentiment, particularly anti-pentecostal sentiment. The reasons behind this are due completely to religious differences of belief.

Teen Challenge is largely run by former addicts. The programis based around not only introducing one to Christ, but teaching Chrisitan principles to be applied to daily life. It's not for everyone. TC does not hold people against their will. When someone says they want to leave, they are allowed to go.

Teen Challenge is overall a great program and I credit it with saving my life from over a decade of hardcore drug addiction, a life that had me shooting meth in my veins, living on the streets and in and out of state prison. I would be dead today were it not for Teen Challenge. If you or a loved one are considering TC to get help in, then please ignore the garbage you see on the very few websites attacking this organization and do what is in your best interest and call your local center.

Teen Challenge / Trying to figure out your angle
« on: May 02, 2007, 12:05:19 AM »
I am a graduate of the southern California Teen Challenge and a former staff member of Los Angeles Teen Challenge. I am also a graduate of the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute. Because of Teen Challenge I have been clean for 13 years.

Surely, as with any program there are those who have complaints, but in all of my years working with TC and my experiences with other programs, Teen Challenge is by and far a much better organization than any other around.

Your website seems to make some revelation that TC is a home mission of the Assemblies of God. That's some great investigative work there.....considering that Teen Challenge has ALWAYS prided itself in being so and the AG has always prided itself in having TC as part of it's denomination. There's no great mystery there, nor is there any great mystery that it is Pentecostal based.

Teen Challenge is structured as a strict, somewhat regimented program for a reason, the same reason that most other long term programs are, hardcore drug addicts need a structured environment to help them change their lives.

I will gladly answer any questions you have about TC, as I am proud to have been a part of it. Literally 10's of thousands of others like me are out there. You apparently have a very distorted view of this great organization.

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