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Teen Challenge / Is Teen Challenge Concidering Your Town?
« on: July 18, 2007, 10:24:21 AM »
If so, each and every member of your community should be really worried about the kinds of criminals that may reside inside the unguarded Teen Challenge that wants to come to your town!!!   Both of the links to the  posts below show proof that violent and sexual criminals are allowed to go to Teen Challenge!

My new post is entitled- "Something to Really Think About!!!" which should be carefully read and carefully considered, especially if a Teen Challenge center wants to locate itself in your neighborhood!!!  The post  can be found here- http://  

That post also has a link to a previous post that I wrote, which is entitled- "Proof That Courts Are Sentencing People to Teen Challenge", which also lists the charges they were convicted with. You can find that post here- http://

NOTE:  The link to my most recent post also shows proof that Teen Challenge has been lying all along about being a drug & alcohol rehab.  The Teen Challenge director- Fred Lamberson III - said that the Teen Challenge facilities are Christian discipleships, not drug and alcohol programs.

Sure is odd that the judges and courtrooms across America haven't been informed of that fact!  How many other lies is Teen Challenge telling???

Teen Challenge / Eureka, CA Residents Have Issues With Teen Challenge
« on: July 07, 2007, 12:35:06 AM »
I have a new post entitled-  "Understanding Why Eureka, CA Residents Have So Many Issues With Teen Challenge" that you can read on my Investigating Teen Challenge Blog.  


Teen Challenge / The Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
« on: May 27, 2007, 01:17:26 AM »
The Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse is a collection of documents and information about civil rights cases in selected case categories across the United States. Currently, the categories include: Child Welfare, Disability Rights-Pub. Accom., Education, Election/Voting Rights, Equal Employment, Fair Housing, Immigration, Jail Conditions, Juvenile Institution, Mental Health Facility, Mental Retardation Facility, Nursing Home Conditions, Other Criminal Justice, Policing, Prison Conditions, Public Defenders, Public Housing, School Desegregation, Speech and Religious Freedom.  


Teen Challenge / Some Other Points to Ponder About Teen Challenge
« on: May 18, 2007, 07:34:04 PM »
"Who would criticize Teen Challenge? Well, former Teen Challenge prisoners for example. You might not have spoken with any others that Teen Challenge failed because they might be serving lengthy prison sentences for not conforming to the hard line Christian ideal."

"How about constitutionalists, libertarians, or anyone else who thinks the religious right has no business in our government? I would fall into that category. Teen Challenge could very well be in violation of Everson v. Board [/b] http:// AND Lemon v. Kurtzman http:// ... Teen Challenge is only a court decision away from being banished..."

The above are excerpts from a post at - http://

Teen Challenge / Teen Challenge's Primary Purpose
« on: May 06, 2007, 08:42:34 PM »
This excerpt is from the Proselytizing Report: "Teen Challenge" -

"Mr. Soemo (Phoenix Center Director for "Teen Challenge") openly admitted that the primary purpose of Teen Challenge is the promotion of a specific religious belief system. He made it clear his focus is conversion."... "In conclusion, Teen Challenge represents a direct violation of the guidelines of our religious manual which preclude any "proselytizing."

An organization, which has as it's primary goal "confrontational evangelism," obviously has no place within ADOC religious programs. Unlike Christian denominations, which may contain an evangelical message within the context of their denominational liturgical service, this organization has confrontational evangelism as its stated goal and essentially its only function.

Chaplains throughout the ADOC are expected to facilitate religious programming in a neutral, non-biased manner. Teen Challenge therefore presents an obvious problem. Any chaplain who engages in facilitating a program for this organization could easily be seen as assisting in proselytizing."

You can read the entire article here:  http://

To learn more about Teen Challenge, I highly recommend paying a visit to the following websites:

"Investigating Teen Challenge"- at http://

"Investigating Teen Challenge" Web Forum at- http://, which is now proudly hosted on Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora Forum (http://, which covers many of the Treatment Abuse, Behavior Modification, Thought Reform facilities! (This is the website you're on right now! :D )

"Teen Challenge Exposed" at- http://

A very active thread about Teen Challenge at-  http://

Another thread on Teen Challenge at- http://

A Thread at The Bismarck Tribune - http://

Many more opinions about Teen Challenge can be found here-  http://

Returning to Sanity - http://

NEW: A new thread about Teen Challenge called- 'Subsidized Religion in MA' at Aces Full of Links- http://

NEW: The Texas Faith-Based Initiative at Five Years: Warning Signs as President Bush Expands Texas-style Program at National Level-http://

(Note: If you cannot open the above pdf file, you can download the "Foxit Reader", which is a free PDF document viewer and printer.  http://

NEW: To learn more about the the faith-based initiative, go to Americans United for Separation of Church and State website- "The 'Faith-Based' Initiative- Churches, Social Services & Your Tax Dollars" http://

NEW: Charitable Choice, Faith-Based Partnerships, and the Public Funding Of Religion- http://


NEW: Faith Without Works-http://

I am also posting the following web forum just in case someone feels it would suit them- , the Ex-Pentecostal Forum - http://  

Note: You can read more about the Ex-Pentecostal Forum at the Association of Former Pentecostals - http://


JESUS ‘LOVE-BOMBS' YOU - By Chris Hedges.

Teen Challenge / Teen Challenge / Assemblies of God
« on: April 13, 2007, 05:59:17 AM »
How many of you are aware that Teen Challenge is part of a mission of the Assemblies of God Church?

If you didn't know that, I will prove it to you-  Go to The Assemblies of God website, which is located here:  http:// On the menu on the left, put your cursor over the link that says- 'Missions'. Another menu will slide out to the right and then you will see 'U.S. Missions' Slide your cursor over to the right of that and you will see the 'Teen Challenge' link.  

Now, if you click on the Teen Challenge link that is located there (http://, I want to know if any of you can find any reference to the Assemblies of God Church on any of those Teen Challenge web pages.  I couldn't seem to find any reference of that on any of the Teen Challenge web pages and I find that rather unsettling.  

What are your feelings about this?


This excerpt is taken from page 17 of this Teen Challenge Application:  http://


"I/We, ______________________________________, parent(s), guardian(s), or conservator(s) of _____________________________, a minor child born on _______________, hereby agree that he/she can enroll in Minnesota Teen Challenge Academy (MTCA), a 12-month Christian residential rehabilitative program. I/We further agree that I/we relieve MTCA, its Staff, Employees, Students, and Board Members from any responsibility or liability for any damages to him or his property during his residence at MTCA or during any related travel and/or activities. I/We also agree to release, hold harmless, and relinquish all rights to pursue any cause of action whatsoever against MTCA, its Staff, Employees, Students, and Board Members if a student voluntarily leaves MTCA or for any damages incurred during his/her residence."

*Why would Teen Challenge require a parent to sign this? This is absurd!!! This truly opens the door to exploitation, mistreatment, and abuse!!!


Excerpt from page 14 of the Saint Louis Teen Challenge Application http://

"In consideration for the opportunity to obtain this counseling, I promise that I will not take any legal actions in the future for anything said, done, or omitted by my case manager, Teen Challenge of St. Louis, their agents, or family members during this case management program. I agree to hold Teen Challenge of St. Louis, their agents, and family members harmless for any legal claims of negligence or damage of any sort, which a person could assert, related to the Teen Challenge of St. Louis case management programs."

Excerpt from page 15 of the Saint Louis Teen Challenge Application:

"8. I release Teen Challenge from all financial or legal responsibilities in case of accident, injury, illness or other misfortune."

What are your feelings on this?

Family members who have loved ones in Teen Challenge programs across the country have many unanswered questions. Many seem to be crying out for help because they are not able to find out how their loved ones are 'really' doing! Please read the side-bar on the right to read excerpts from some of the family members comments and questions. These excerpts are linked to the original website on my blog (Investigating Teen Challenge at http:// that they were posted on, which is where you can read the full post.

Upon reading the excerpts and original posts, you will also realize that many people are complaining about many issues, including:

    * Teen Challenge staff are not returning phone calls to concerned family members.
   * Teen Challenge staff closely monitor conversations and visits so as not to allow the person who is in for treatment to be able to tell their family members exactly what is happening or has happened to them (or others) while in Teen Challenge.
    * Teen Challenge staff will actually disconnect telephone conversations when either party mentions something they do not think is appropriate.
    * Teen Challenge staff reprimands your loved one using various forms of punishment as discipline that you may not approve of.
    * Teen Challenge severely limits contact with the outside world during the entire one-year (or more) stay at Teen Challenge.
    * Teen Challenge staff have also been accused of physical, mental and spiritual abuse.
    * Very high drop-out rates that will completely change the publics perception of those incredibly high success rates that Teen Challenge continually boasts about.

It is also becoming quite clear to me that people are having a very hard time finding others who also have loved ones in Teen Challenge. You can only begin to imagine what they are also going through.

Are you a family member who has also been having a hard time getting questions answered about their program or keeping in contact with your loved one in Teen Challenge?

« on: April 13, 2007, 05:14:24 AM »

Teen Challenge is offered as a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center not only for teenagers, but also for adults. The program seems to be based solely on the fact that a person can literally 'pray away' their alcoholism and drug addiction. As far as I can tell, the program is not even certified because it uses pastoral counselors instead of licensed clinical counselors. This has led me to do some research to find out what Teen Challenge is really all about and I highly recommend that you do the same before either admitting your teenager or yourself into it! (I feel sorry for the people who join while they are incarcerated. Teen Challenge does alot of their recruiting in jails and prisons! Nothing like getting you when you're already down, hey?)

Based on my findings, I feel that Teen Challenge should be classified as a brainwashing cult. Why? Well, first click here to view their Daily Schedule http:// (If you spend some time exploring their many websites across the U.S. and world, you will find that this schedule is rarely modified and strictly adhered to. You will also find that their Daily Schedule is quite hard to find!) Note how the schedule incorporates the daily times for the morning Devotions, Praise & Prayer and evening Devotions. From what I've heard, after you wake up and right before bedtime are when your subconscious is the most susceptible to change.

I printed out the schedule so I could evaluate just how many hours per day and week that a person would be required to spend doing the religious aspect of the program. I also realized that Lecture, PACE and Study Hall are all centered on the Bible. So, if you add up those times with the amount of time you needed for Devotions and Praise & Prayer, you realize that the students pretty much 'live & breathe' religion the good part of the day, every day, for an entire year!!!

I was also amazed at how many hours are spent in church on Sunday! The students must attend church, not once, but twice every Sunday!!! This totals 6-1/4 hours of solid religious programing every Sunday, not to mention the 1/2 hour that is spent doing the daily Devotion forty-five minutes after waking up that morning!

This is an Overview http:// of the Teen Challenge Program. Some of their websites call it 'The Student Manual'. This site calls it Student Guidelines http:// . (I recommend reading both of them in their entirety!) Regardless of what it is called, it is also very hard to find because most of the Teen Challenge websites do not offer it! (I wonder why? Is it because they don't want the public to know?) I also wonder if new 'recruits' are informed of these very strict rules before they are admitted. Strict dress-codes, no television, no contact with boyfriend / girlfriend / friends, no speaking to the opposite sex unless you have permission, very limited telephone usage, 5-min. showers? The list of no-no's goes on & on!

Here is their Global Teen Challenge Worldwide Directory http:// . If you dig deep enough, you may be able to uncover a few more of their secrets that aren't disclosed on most of their websites!

Another good place to start finding out more would be to read the Proselytizing Report http:// about Teen Challenge from the website of The Rick A. Ross Institute For The Study Of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements http:// .

Personally, I highly recommend doing some serious investigating before either admitting your teenager or yourself into it! And if you know someone who is incarcerated that is thinking about applying to this faith-healing treatment center, let them know what your findings are!

Also, ask questions! Ask others if they agree that Teen Challenge very aggressively pushes their religious beliefs upon those who do not share them and whose main goal is to recruit you so they can convert you to their extremely 'hyper-religious' religion. And don't forget to ask others if they sometimes have to behave like Holy Rollers / Jesus Freaks who roll around on the floor and 'speak in tongues' in an uncontrolled manner.

"Is this really what I want my loved one to experience?"

Teen Challenge / Thank You!!!
« on: April 01, 2007, 02:36:55 AM »
I have posted an announcement on my web blog about this new forum for Teen Challenge that is now being hosted here at Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora!

Thanks so much for this new forum!  


Hi everyone-

I am looking for people who are willing to make comments on my web blog about either the good or bad experiences they have had at Teen Challenge. For more information, please visit my blog at: http://

Thank You!

Teen Challenge / Did You Have a Good or Bad Experience at Teen Challenge?
« on: October 05, 2006, 12:54:55 AM »
Hi everyone-

I am looking for people who are willing to make comments on my web blog about either the good or bad experiences they have had at Teen Challenge.  For more information, please visit my blog at: http://

Thank You!

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