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Just an added bit of information about the lack of menstrual periods. I had read the book, "Song of Survival" by Helen Colijn, (WWII Women survivors of Japanese War Camp) and these women all also stopped having menstrual periods.
I read a book written by a daughter of a Jewish Holocaust survivor, "After Long Silence" by Helen Fremont, who shares in the book that her mother and her aunt (both Jewish Holocaust survivors) had stopped menstrual periods during their ordeals in WWII.
Apparently the loss of menses comes with severe levels of stress.
It is notable that many of those who have survived the Rebekah Home for Girls and Bethesda Home for Girls and Mountain Park Home for Girls, all have very similar results and outcomes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Lord Loves all these beautiful strong survivors who have held strong in the face of perplexing adversity in places where living water had been promised.

In Christ Jesus

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Yes Tim some people do indeed lie......however, I have not found that to be true with survivors of that wicked place.  Even your own fucking god isn't blessing it anymore....come on man wake up!!  When you say yourself you have watched it diminish what does that tell you????  You are a sick fuck to continue to beat up on people who have already been beaten down by your fucking evil religeon.

If you would, please show me where I "beat up on people". It seems to me that its you that are "beating down" people with your viscous attacks on me, and on my religion. By the way, I don't have a god. I have the God. I don't expect you to get the difference but I just wanted to correct you on that part.

But you are wrong about Him not blessing the ministry. The fact is that at this time, He is blessing it in many ways. The most important is people are getting saved. The Homes that are there now are helping many people get their lives straightened out, and all your hateful ranting and railing and cussing can not change that one bit. I sorry you are so bitter.

Brother Scrivener,

I have been very curious about the statement by the homes of the many lives that have been changed for the better. I would be interested in looking them up and sharing stories. Do you know of any sites that give these people voice? I have never come across one, and was curious as to their near complete silence.

For many long years after my time in the Rebekah Home for Girls, I was a Christian robot who went to church and did my prayers and memorized scripture and even went knocking on doors, but I had no understanding of the memorized verses, i had no understanding of who i was, I did not understand that God loved ME, I only had this sense that God hated me, that i was doomed. I had no idea HE wanted to be in a real living relationship with me through Jesus Christ, i had no idea this was a for real thing. I had lived through a System in the Rebekah Home for Girls that taught me another way, a way of non-relating, a way of obedience with no heart sharing, a way to act that was looked outwardly correct, and a way that forbade me to bring my real self and authentic heart to Jesus. It took me till i was 29 years old and realizing that I was down deep inside and my babies were needing me to come out and really be plugged into their lives, then, i began to wake up from the zombie mode of life, the mode that made me into a robot quoting bible verses and singing in the choir but having no clue to who i was and how to love or be loved. i was not real, i had been shaped into correct conformity of behavior and shaped into a model christian and every one thought i was okay, but inside i was in shreds, i was living a lie, the lie that had been enforced and shaped upon me in the Rebekah Home for Girls. God is faithful, so utterly faithful and he brought me out of deep waters, for real, its not a memorized verse at all, its for real. God placed me under a very godly Minister and  he has faithfully given me a frame to understand life through: relationship. its about relationship and without the building blocks of this nature, one cannot understand walking in a real relationship with God. Relationships are two way streets, God wants to know us, and he wants us to know him, we can bring what is really in us to him without fearing some slam from above, we can through the gift of salvation through Christ, come to the Heavenly Father and approach him and experience his love, presence and his work in our lives. It is for real! i am so glad I spent 17 years in Christian counseling and got off from my soul the shackles put there by Lester Roloff, Fay Cameron and Wiley Cameron and those who abused me in there and before there. I thank God that he knows my need, and he knew i was chained by the Lie against me in the Rebekah Home for Girls that slandered my name all over the map of the USA, who slandered me as a hopeless case, when i was not, who slandered me and told the world i was a rebellious child when i was not. I just am so glad that Christ Jesus is not scared to set me free, to know me and to walk with me in a living real breathing relationship that allows me to be real with him and not sit in a fear that my every thought is going to send me to hell, or my every reality of my inner me is somehow to be condemned, no, he has shown me that he wants me to bring to him my deepest feelings and thoughts, not hide them from him, as the Rebekah Home for Girls taught me to hide my real self and real feelings from him and put on a mask and behave a certain way, detaching my real self and real soul from the outward behaviors.

In Christ Jesus,
Jesus Christ is the Lord of Heaven and Earth and he says to us, that whosoever will, let them come and buy without price or cost from the living waters of salvation...

My recommendation for survivors of the Homes who want to seek healing through Jesus Christ, is to seek a godly Christian counselor who has accountability, or even a good licensed professional counselor, and or a Christian psychologist.
to search the word of God, do not be scared or live in terror, learn what it means to dig into the scriptures, use the Strong's Concordance to uncover the depths of meanings in the Word of God from the Greek and Hebrew, use the dictionary to help amplify the meanings found in the beauty of Gods glorious word. Seek safe Christians to pray for you and pray scriptural prayers, 50+ of them daily ... God listens to his word and he wants to know our hearts, he has made a way for it to be safe for us to come to him in all his holiness--- Jesus Christ's blood covers all the unholiness and makes it possible for us to come to a Father above who is inviolable and holy.

To any survivor who cannot give a reason for their behavior, who cannot understand the causes to the effects in their life, who yearn to be real, who is puzzled by why they do what they do, who does not  know what it means to be real, there is liberty to be found.

Quote from: "TimScrivener"
Quote from: "Anne Bonney"
Quote from: "TimScrivener"
No girl had a period for the entire time they were there? Really? Did you check all their bathroom trash cans every day or something?

As crazy as it sounds, it's more common than you'd think.  Every single girl I was in Straight with (approx 200 over 2 years) stopped having their period about a month or two after getting there and didn't start back up until after they were out.  How much stress, both physically and mentally, does a kid have to endure that it would actually stop her menstrual cycle??

Sorry, but I know about the Rebekkah home and also the Jubilee and I don't believe it. In fact, I know it to be a lie. While some girls may have experienced this due to their own mental or emotional issues, I know that these homes have to supply the residents with feminine products. These are the kind of exaggerated claims people make in an effort to make their accusations of abuse sound more valid.

Again, The Roloff Homes and People's Baptist Church are not a cult. I challenge anyone on here to produce any proof of any of these accusation. I further challenge you to come visit the Church and the Homes for yourself and make your own mind up. Do not accept hearsay as fact. People do lie, especially the type of people who come to these homes for help. You can also visit the website

I disagree with you Brother Scrivener,

I also was there. Yes, they did have feminine napkins available. I remember my new roommate showing them to me, and saying, "Oh, here is where the pads are, but you wont need them here, no one ever has a period here" and she was right. those periods did stop.
I had made A's and B's up to this time in life, but Rebekah School put me down into Elementary work. Made my mother very angry. I was dumbed down by some kind of something.
I had been a victim of a pedophile, and had slit my wrists, in a suicide attempt. I had been in the Medical Hospital for a month and then driven to Rebekah and left there. No one ever assessed me, no one ever asked me what was wrong and why I had done that, no one bothered to find out what was the cause and effect to anything that happened. The causes were blotted out and the effect was enforced. Its a sure way to build insanity in people-- blot out the cause to every effect and insist on a outward show of effect that has no real cause other than the immediate forces of coercion, fear, slavish obedience to the person in authority, which is a dangerous place to be. When we are not allowed to understand and see the causes to the effects, when some person stands in a place of complete authority and God Given Parents are cut off from us.

I was created in the Image of God, born to be a child of God, called by God at a very young age, lover of Jesus Christ at young age of 10, then, wolves in sheeps clothing, a pedophile, began his evil work on my young life. My depression grew, i had no friends, no social life, and i grew so depressed i cried out by slitting my wrists, then, i was placed in Rebekah Home, my parents trusted that this place would keep me safe. My parents to this day, have denounced that decision and realize it was a cult.
Mind control happens, when, a persons real reality is denied and a false one given them. I was entrained to think of myself as a 12 year old Jezebel, a horrible thing in Roloffs eyes.

Instead of being shown what relationships were all about in holiness, i was severed from every God given and God Ordained relationship in my life. Learning to be in relationship begins with relationships from the crib up. Parents are the foundation stone to learning how to be in relationship. Cut this off, and the foundation to relationship will be blocked, shut off adn hindered. To sever it for a year or more, is to do lethal damage to learning relationship, which is what God wants with us, real relationship. it is learned, caught by modeling, someone has to model it to us, God chose a mother and a father to do that.

Roloff was very big on his teaching of the family order. God- Husband-Wife-children. But, you know, he was the biggest destroyer of those very bonds and ties. My mail to my parents were intercepted as if i were a criminal or something. My phone calls with my mother and father were interfered with and the System of the Roloff way was thrown into my relationships and barriers in communications grew worse and worse as months went by. I was slowly being shaped to be slavishly obedient to any one who claimed the right to boss or have authority over me. This is dangerous, instead of being taught how to take care of myself in the world or how to have safe boundaries and not allow pedophiles to touch  me, or not allow bad influences, i was instead abused and used and touched and poked and every one had right to my mind and soul and mentacide was taking place.
I was made in the Image of God, a child who loved God and my life had been derailed by a pedophile and a system in my family of origins that forbade me to have a voice and forbade me to say to my parents, "So and so touched my privates" i was always told to hush up shut up and go away. Children are not responsible for their choices until adulthood. a 10 and 11 year old has no adult frame of reference to understand the meaning of a pedophiles abuse. A 13 and 14 year old has no understanding adn depends on their God ordained parents and caretakers to take care of such matters.
In Rebekah I was not given help to understand what had happened. and in this, there was soul abuse. for my soul was broken, and it needed mending in the love of Christ Jesus, not told it was horrible and needed to be bruised more and more and more. Where is the love of God? 32 hits with a heavy board did not do anything to heal my souls battered and broken reality.
In the System of the Rebekah home for girls, there was the use of shaming techniques, there was the use of intrusion into privacy, there was the use of severance from God Ordained Parents adn relatives. There was a forbidden force against understanding ones life and problems or connect the causes to effects and to build understanding. I did not understand. I was never helped to see the cause to the effects. My relationships with my parents were forever damaged by the Roloff Rebekah Home for Girls system. They did not mend us, they ripped, robbed and stole, destroyed.
It was a system. call it a cult or not. it was a system geared to produce a certain effect. An effect that was not soul deep, but only an outward conformity to the stern rigid system and authority of it. I needed GOD, Holiness and Love. Not more 32 hits with a board, not severance from my God Ordained parents, not dumbing down, not given any place or person to appeal to. God has seen. God knows and Jesus is the faithful healer of it all, when we come to him, he will help, he will mend, but there are long lasting consequences to the reality of this System of the Rebekah Home for Girls.


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so sad!

Paris Jackson, Michael Jacksons daughter to be enrolled in Diamond Ranch Academy. Said they did not feel she was "ready to go home" ... i have heard that one before!

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