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On 2006-04-28 22:09:00, Anonymous wrote:

"I was in Happiness Hill from Aug.1st,1996-July22nd,1997. My first few months there were pure hell, but that wasn't the Palmers fault. It was an evil woman named Debbie Shore. She used to make new girls put their heads down going to church. We could not even look around while we were on the bus. She used to shave her chin on the bus. I thought that was so funny. She was sick all of the time. I heard she used to work with cancer patients and started taking morphine. She made my life miserable and I would love to tell her. She made up all these rules that the Palmers didn't know about. We could not even part our hair in the middle. We could not pull our socks all the way up. We could not say cool or dude. We had to say corny words like fluff instead of poot. She was the upstairs dorm mom. Ms Becky was the downstairs dorm mom. She was only 18. I actually loved her. She was really close to Jennifer Justice from Muscle Shoals Alabama. I would like to get in touch with some of the girls. There was a few of us girls that got together in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Does anyone remember the Dyes. I liked Bro. Dye, but Mrs. Dye reminded me of a snake in the grass. They had to leave for some reason. I forget why but the Palmers asked them to leave. I also remember Ms Paula Bischo from Texas. She was another downstairs dorm mom. I also loved her. She was really close to Tana Shank from Canton, Ohio. She used to give us chocolates sometimes even though we weren't allowed to have white sugar. She is a loving person. The Palmers were also loving people. I could tell they cared about us. Everything was fine when Debbie Shore left. My first room captain was Korean Tentenman. She was from Detroit. She also was very mean to me. There was another girl named Nikky Turner from Detroit. She also gave me a hard time. I was wondering if anyone was ever in the first room to the right when you go upstairs the top bunk . I was in that bed and had a dream that seemed so real. I have chills right now thinking about it. This old woman with a long skirt or dress was floating above me. She looked like a witch or something. She was looking straight at me. To this day, I don't know if it was real or not. I found out in 2003 that another girl who stayed in that room in the same bunk bed saw that same woman. I freaked out. This girl came to the home after I was already out. Her name is April. I forgot her last name, but she was from Alaska. She was a nice girl. I met her in 97 or 98 when I went back to visit. It was weird because I never tod anyone about my dream. Someone get back to me."

i would like information about Dyes .......please let me know how to contact you .....

what did you know about the Dyes?

On 2004-12-02 13:59:00, Anonymous wrote:

"I was in 9/88 - 9/89, how 'bout you?"

who is this

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