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Title: Refocus on research
Post by: Che Gookin on December 07, 2008, 07:13:58 AM
Something isn't going right with the research. To many people are running around and it doesn't seem to me like we are getting a huge amount accomplished, with the exception of PV. I'd like us to consider some options to focus on a specific school with a focused approach rather than a melee like free for all.

If anyone has time or the inclination to get with me in skype I'd like to do a discussion about how to optimize our strategy for digging up information on Midwest. I'm not content at this time with leaving them be.

If you have skype add me Ken.huey from Asshole, Missouri.

I'd like to chat sometime on monday or tuesday as I have school all day monday.
Title: Re: Refocus on research
Post by: Che Gookin on December 08, 2008, 08:24:39 AM
Ok.. The convo I just had with Psy and Pam on Skype brought to light the following issues.

We resolved that I really am godlike, but after that it went downhill. After many hours of back and forth I think we all see the need for more direction and focus in our research.

The rest of the discussion, I think is better off had here, given that others will be able to add our input.

Psy is a man and I am the god. As god I'm tired and my feet hurt from a long day of dealing with ankle biters and runny noses at work. I can't begin to imagine as to how Psy feels about his current work load.

Here is my 10 cents..

I think we need to form little groups of banditos whose job is to ride out and raid and pillage for information. These raids will know no limits and extend from one end of the web to the other and even more importantly offline as well.

1) we need to tap facebook and myspace
2) we need to tap public officials via email or phone
3) we need to get in touch with whoever we need to get in touch with.

These things can not be done in a disorganized fashion and it will require the support of others.

I hate to say this, but it is the proverbial fish or cut bait time.

Ideas.. brickbats.. gripes.. moans.. etc?