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The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Film on Aaron Bacon
« on: December 21, 2008, 08:15:16 PM »
Quote from: "Guest"
I thought you were done posting on fornits? Liar, liar pants on fire!!

ninja please.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Film on Aaron Bacon
« on: December 21, 2008, 08:11:36 PM »
I am of the strong opinion that if irresponsible, mentally unstable, selfish, and over controlling parents didnt exist, neither would these programs.

When a kid gets sent away for smoking weed and cutting class, or running away to escape their parents you can ONLY blame the parents for their lack of ability to raise children. Too many stupid people have kids when they are not aware what raising kids intails. I dont speak from an outsiders view either, I raise kids for a living and I am 10 times better at it then most. The problem is a lack of respect. Aaron's mother and father did not respect Aaron enough to realize that he was just being a teenager and if he needed help he would have asked for it.

When we get into this whole "parents get conned" issue there are several factors you need to consider before that excuse can be awarded. One, did you even care to do the research or were you sold by an Edcon and a fancy brochure? Two, was your child truly in need of help? (this I believe is where most parents are simply acting out of spite) Three, did you truly exhaust all options and do everything you could BEFORE you considered a program? The answers to these questions will most likely always be the opposite of the truth. Because most parents are blinded by their own emotions and pride.

I think there should be programs for troubled parents that kids could send them to against their will. I would utilized that service.

Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: "FemanonFatal2.0"
However when people use a forum to bash on someone instead of attempting a private conversation that should be considered wasting OUR time diverting our attention away from the real issues here.

Like when you use fornits to bash [email protected]?


lol. Yea, perfect example.

However Kev and I had PLENTY of private conversations, not sure you (random troll that you are) know that. So me expressing my opinion about a certain persons actions is different than publicly accusing him of conspiring against me.

Honestly, I only decided to post in this thread to give my opinion that from my personal experience with Che, he is not a threat and WE ALL have other things to worry about.

and for future reference, the US I was speaking of was a collective, this forum, our movement as a whole and I'm assuming the world. Most of us could really give two shits about the bullshit oozing out of this thread. I wasnt talking about TTI, but if you really feel that offended that I used a collective word like us, Id honestly rather not be part of an us that is offended by me using the word us.

I'm done posting here. This thread and fornits. Rarely is there even an active thread about the troubled teen industry. its mostly just drama and people hell bent on being complete assholes. big fucking waste of my time.

Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: "FemanonFatal2.0"
Its makes no difference to us.

Who else do you speak for besides yourself, are you part of a group or something? because you refer to yourself as "us".

Yea, I'm pretty sure I am part of a group, the group that is working together to bring down the Troubled Teen Industry, and this guy who has more interest in spreading rumors has no effect on US... as in our movement.

Futhermore, Che and I have already had our conversations about this, he knows where I stand and I know where he does. However when people use a forum to bash on someone instead of attempting a private conversation that should be considered wasting OUR time diverting our attention away from the real issues here.

Quote from: "For every post from Che, five readers less."
I share your family’s joy that your sister was able to find you yet another job in Asia. Any further, and you’d be on your way back home. And while we’re talking about family, stop posting lies about how your mother sexually abused you. It’s an exceedingly pathetic excuse for your infantilism and (not wholly unfounded) sense of failure.

Honestly, If you really feel sinking that low is appropriate I am in support of any attempts to fuck you over.

No one even gives the slightest shit who you are, and furthermore, Che didn't hack you. But I bet the CIA did, and the Aliens are watching you too.

Che did not post this thread, someone with intentions of bringing this dramatic issue back up did. and as they were hoping the infighting ensued.

I really think this is a stale subject, I think we can all decide for ourselves how we feel about each other but that shouldn't get in the way of the fact that we are all working toward the same goals. That being said, we would still be working with Kevin also had he not made it impossible to do so. We all said we would work with anyone so long as they weren't referring and I think the same goes for Che, we will work with him so long as he isn't restraining, and he is not.

But honestly Che, it pisses me off that some of us have put our neck on the line for you and you post shit like the bullshit above. You might not care what people think about you, but you make it hard for people not to hate you and when people like Psy and I argue that your not as much of an asshole as you seem your posts have an effect to prove us wrong. If these people want some answers I honestly think they are entitled to them. You and I have already spoken personally about this issue so you know where I stand, but for the sake of a resolution I request you act a bit more respectfully. Some of us are the victims of people who did the same things you did, and if you don't have the heart to respect our reservations and show genuine remorse, then you are indeed spitting on our willingness to give you that chance.

To the rest of you, I know for a fact, if you were to attempt to connect with Aaron as a person you would see him differently, as well you might have those questions answered. You must realize this man has made it very clear he is not hiding his past, and although it is human nature to judge, it would be much more productive for you to ask honest questions instead of stew up some conspiracy theories. Thats what I did and I got my answers, not all of them what I wanted to hear but I give him respect for telling me the truth. Furthermore I know he is remorseful, he does not excuse himself for what he did and that is where he differs from the people who abused me, the people who abused me not only abused me for less of a reason, for a much longer time period and with much more violence but they are probably abusing another kid right now, and whole-heartedly believe it is the right thing to do. Like I said, I do not forgive, but I do not shun someone who has changed their ways, and is working hard to help us. You may not all see what I see and that's all good, you can choose to hate Che and that wont stop him one bit from giving us his assistance to take these programs down... so go ahead and waste your time with all this. Its makes no difference to us.

Quote from: "Guest"
The most interesting part of this thread is that people actually defend these actions, or dismiss it as no big deal. If this type of abuse isn't a big deal, then why do you oppose programs at all?

Let me just get one thing straight here boys, I haven't defended  nor condoned any of Che's actions. I Also can't say that It doesn't effect how I view him or what kind of a "relationship" I might have with him. What I do know, is that Che has shown remorse and is doing what he can to make up for the crimes and abuse he inflicted on these children. I will never excuse him of that, but I will work with him and not excessively judge him because I believe that he wants to bring down these schools and prevent this from ever happening to anyone else.

That may not be enough for all of you but it is enough for me, and I can respect your opinion just as I hope you can respect mine.

I just don't believe that this person who has been directly involved with our movement for years as well the creation of a new important venture to end the abuse would be some kind of pro-program spy. He has been more than honest about his past, and to his credit he didn't have to be, that shows me he is truly remorseful and deserving of a chance to try to right some wrongs... and to respond to the difference between Che and Kev, Kev has been given multiple chances and he repeatedly spits in our face. Not to mention he has time and again given us more and more to get pissed about. Che has never once crossed that line with me and I have known him for some time now. So until he does hes got my benefit of the doubt. You don't have to agree, that's the beauty of freedom. You guys are just way too conspiracy theory when it comes to Che, Yea he was a bad guy and hes been forthcoming since the beginning. There's nothing more to conspire about, all that's left at this point are your judgments and that doesn't get us any closer to our goals.

Quote from: "Guest"
I've noticed one of these people whines about Kevin, who never abused a kid in his life, but defends the actions of this staff. That leads me to the conclusion this person is a troll, or suffering from a long term case of Stockholm Syndrome.

LOL and this coming from a TROLL who's too chickenshit to post under a registered account...

The reason it's hard for me to shun Che in light of this story is because I have known him and worked with him for some time before I became aware of this. Good thing because I actually got to know him as a person before I decided to only pass judgments. Like I said, shit like this, is not forgiven but if someone like him has the courage to try to make his amends who am I to deny him of that chance?... Further more he has been a great asset and put in hours upon hours of work for this cause which is much more than I can say of the trolls in our midst.

So nice try KevTroll... but you're gonna have to do better than that.

oooo yea and I heard he rapes small children then murders them and eats them for dinner.


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