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Quote from: "FemanonFatal2.0"
Look I did not say anything about you "attacking" fornits, I am pointing out how you are reading into things, and rehashing apparently "false information" you heard in a deleted thread, and now posting everything on a public forum where regardless if you are defending her or not, will still be available for people to see and come to their own conclusions about.

Try, try reeeeeeeally hard not to post anymore information about Lillian and you might be surprised how easily this will end.

Keep arguing your moot points and there will be yet another thread for Lillian to rage about.... Don't know how many times I have to repeat myself for you to get it.

MY personal opinion that this "accreditation agency" could do more harm than good. That is an opinion I have every right to hold and to express. Now if you want to hold yours you are free to do so but don't start threatening people for disagreeing with you. What a pussy move on your part... Simply cannot state your opinion intelligently without threatening to hack someone and release their personal information.


If all you want is for people to stop talking about Lillian, you are doing it wrong. The more you talk about Lillian the more people will talk about Lillian... LOL can't believe you dont get that by now, YOU are digging HER grave with YOUR arguments.

Most people here on fornits are smart enough to make up their own minds, they dont need your input. You are only doing Lillian a disservice here by repeating her arguments for her... Most of us don't buy it and we don't buy it because we've seen it all before.

She isn't doing anything any different than any Edcon, or any of the various trade organizations that support this industry is doing. Reporting the "bad and the good" was exactly the platform Sue Scheff ran on when she opposed WWASP and referred to the "good" programs that she toured and reported on. Same shit, different Sue.

You could probably learn something if you stuck around so I implore you to go "dig" through these forums and find the patterns yourself. I don't care to waste my time trying to convince you as you seem hellbent on your being nieve and assuming everything Lillian told you is true, or somehow will be true... someday.

You want to prove that you aren't a stalker?... Stop getting so involved with something that doesn't concern you. Stop threatening to release people's information and "wage war" against someone who likely doesn't give two shits about this person you are defending nor your opinion on the subject.

Give it up, no one cares.

Lol where did I threaten to hack or release anybodies personal information? If I recall that is the whole reason I replied in the first place, was because someone on WWASP forums released information about someone else. Where exactly did I threaten someone? If you're referring to my post on this very forum, I did the same thing you did. Hypocrite much?

Oh and yea, you don't know shit about me, otherwise prove it. Oh wait, I already told you my name was Mike and you have my IP address to the computer I originally used, that's it. I don't use my real name, first or last, on ANYTHING that I do on the internet. Nor do I even have my mobile phone registered under a name, it's still set to it's default shit for that very purpose, nor did I use my mobile phone to connect to anything you have access to. There is no way for you to have anything on me lol. You don't have shit on me because if you did you definitely wouldn't be stupid enough to tell me. Or would you? lol

And yea, I do give up, because you're too fucking stupid to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. All you care about is your own close minded opinions and don't care to hear about arguments and the opinions of others, otherwise, it would have never went this far and we would have had this "intelligent" conversation you speak of. But when this Admin or Chelsea responded to me, when I didn't even post anything directed at her mind you, she immediately began to attack and discredit myself and Lillian waaaay before she even began to express her own opinions and "what she knew regarding the situation". It wasn't until we got to the 2nd of 3rd page of the conversation... I expressed my opinion on the forum, it pissed her off and she responded in kind, which in turn I responded in kind. If you want to have an intelligent conversation with someone, you DEFINITELY don't come back at one of their comments in an attacking or accusatory manner claiming they are someone they aren't or a "sock puppet". Gimme a break. So yea, I GIVE UP due to your stupidity, thick-headedness, and close-mindedness, otherwise you're right, it won't end, because you always have to have the last word just like a fucking child.

I stand by my original statement: GROW THE FUCK UP

P.S. If you know so much about me, why don't you give me a call sometime? I'm sure we could find a lot to talk about! :D


Quote from: "FemanonFatal2.0"
I don't care either way honestly, I just think it's fucked up for you to go after an whole organization after a conversation that you had with one person.

You and Lillian and any anon that support her can go ride into the sunset for all I care.

You just haven't been around long enough to know how these things go wrong, and how those programs will use her "reports" as advertisement. Her "good intentions" will only be used by the programs to to convince parents that their schools aren't abusive when they clearly are if they aren't willing to do away with restraints and seclusion.

It's okay tho, you obviously have a lot to learn about the troubled teen industry so I wont hold your ignorance against you.

You want to end this yet or what?... Because I'm leaving it at what needed to be said was said, and it's over with. So unless you want me to go into more details about why Lillian's business will fail, I suggest you leave it at that.

THEN LET IT FAIL! Don't criticize and knock people for trying to do something, regardless how impossible it seems. Let her fail as you seem so convinced she will and laugh about it later. Let her see the outcome to her own endeavors without posting shit about her, her family, and her business. In the end if it does fail, then so be it.

This whole thing started because I saw the post on WWASP Survivors and responded to the ORIGINAL poster. I did not respond to the Admin or "Chelsea" and I wasn't speaking for the entire organization as a whole, I was speaking directly to the original poster. The Admin got involved herself, which as a "high up" person of Survivors, brought the whole organization into it because of her forced involvement. My original response was to this "Bill" person or whoever "Bingo" was who first placed the information on their forum.

I have not attacked Fornits or anyone involved with Fornits nor have I "trolled" the forums. I spoke neutrally and warned the organization of the false truths and partial information that said person was spreading and when it was clear that someone directly involved in the situation responded to me on this very forum, of course I am going to defend myself and my position just as they have.

Also what about jails? What about youth detention centers? Is it abusive for them to restrain or confine individuals due to their behavior in THOSE establishments? In that case you should take that up with the Department of Justice.

These "programs" you refer to are an alternative for parents to send their kids to in place of jail if they are uncontrollable. So why wouldn't someone want these programs to be investigated and reported on? Being in the mix of all of this I would think you'd realize that, but apparently not. Would you rather the parents send their kids to jail or youth detention centers or the kids end up in jail anyway because of the way they are or act or do things? I doubt you'd want that. I would think you'd WANT someone to be investigating and reporting on shit so the parents can make a better educated decision of where to send their kids. These reports Lillian plans on doing includes good and bad things, not all good like you're making it seem.

Quote from: "FemanonFatal2.0"
I'm sorry but I don't take your threats seriously...

Especially since I know for a fact that there are much more Anon AGAINST the abuse of children in programs then there EVER COULD be for, or even remotely care about someone as insignificant as Lillian and her tentative plans to advertise for her husband's program...

That statement was simply hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh!

DUH! Common sense. Anonymous STANDS for stopping child abuse and the abuse of children in programs. SO DOES LILLIAN. Her methods are just unorthodox and controversial. But that doesn't mean that a lot of people in Anonymous don't support what she's trying to do, because she actually is trying to do good by writing reports on DIFFERENT SCHOOLS mind you GOOD or BAD. NOT JUST the school that her husband happens to work at. That's the point you are missing. If she was "accrediting" Midwest and ONLY Midwest, then there would be some room for debate in saying that she's only "advertising" for the program at her husbands employment, but she's not. But not only has she NOT accredited or "given the stamp of approval" on anything yet, she also is planning on investigating TONS of schools, not JUST Midwest. She is not by any means condoning abuse in schools or trying to "cover up" the abuse in schools like you and others keep trying to make it seem and THAT is why a lot of people in Anonymous support her.

Even better yet do you think she would condone her husbands employment at such an establishment? As I said, close minded.

Lol, and here you go again. You are missing the point. Lillian and her business or agency has nothing to do with her husband or his employment or his or her previous affiliations with said school(s) or advocacy's. Her husband and his employment is a completely different "entity" as you referred to then her and what she's trying to start. Advertising? Wow, are you really that shallow minded, especially after Lillian and her previous position within Survivors and what she does and doesn't agree with. She has always been against child abuse and the abuse in schools, are you really that retarded to think she'd immediately change on the dime and go "over to the other side" to advertise a school or program which abused her in the past if they haven't made significant changes to their "program"? Seriously.. just wow

This whole thing is much larger than you, me, any of the people involved, HEAL, Cafety, Survivors, etc.

Just as you tried to warn me, I will do the same...

Don't get in over your head, you may not be able to climb back out.

Oh yea and on a side note, while you claim that all these people are speaking out against her and what she's doing, I will just say this. There are many many members of "Anonymous" that support what she's doing and believe she's trying to do good. Anonymous is a MUCH larger worldwide group than any of the agencies, organizations, and advocates that have been previously mentioned. You are opening up a whole can of worms, that quite frankly, will taste like total shit in the end if these false information posts continue.

Since when does going to and entering in someones first and last name in the search field and finding them on a public forum supported by Advocates of the TTI being sent here deliberately to troll a forum? Answer me that... and if I'm so stupid as to not be able to read timestamps answer me how I continuously bypassed a ban on a forum? I saw the original post, I saw the timestamp, and I saw the link that posted to WWASP Survivors website, regardless if the thread was deleted you are still raising shit about Lillian and her business. Just leave it alone, that's all I've asked. Wait until you have "proof" that what she's doing is unethical or wrong and THEN raise shit about it, don't do so off of partial information or false truths and claim it as fact.

My only problem from the beginning wasn't what she was doing or even what you, WWASP Survivors, or anyone else that is associated with the TTI or their advocates were doing. My original problem was that information and threads of false and/or partial information are being posted and being directed toward Lillian and her business based off of half wit conversations that took place between the people in question. I don't support Lillian, the TTI, WWASP Survivors, Cafety, HEAL, or any other advocates or schools within the TTI, nor do I know Lillian or even Chelsea or "you" beyond what I've spoken to anyone about regarding this whole situation. So I'm not sure where you're drawing the conclusions from that I somehow am in "cahouts" with Lillian and her business and/or anything else.

My position is as an advocate against people like you who go around spreading false information and basing your own opinions and calling them fact without researching or finding out any information whatsoever beyond what people told you from their own mouth, which could be true or false depending on the situation. Maybe it was a deliberate set up to find out the true nature of Chelsea's involvement and supposed friendship between the people in question. That doesn't change the fact that they were proven right in her actions.

Oh.. as far as my IP address and location, I purposely logged into the forum to begin with on my home computer so they could SEE that I am not Lillian or Whitney and don't live anywhere near them. Any subsequent connection after the original ban to their forums were done through http and telnet proxies so honestly, as far as a "mobile number".. I think not lol.

What takes the cake for me is that Chelsea claimed to be backed and supported against Lillian by HEAL and Cafety, when it truth neither of them support her or are going against Lillian and her partner. Both agencies now quite frankly don't trust and don't want anything to do with Chelsea because they don't want to be dragged into the drama and bullshit that she's causing to everyone. Everyone is exiling her within the TTI Advocacy's because of what she's doing now and has done in the past and the people of Fornits would be smart to do the same, otherwise she will continue to drag people into her delusions.

I'm not saying I don't agree. It should be up to the parents as always. And you're right, accreditation should be done through the government, but if the government is not willing to do it, someone has to, right? Third parent accreditation may be a joke in some peoples eyes but as you also said, it should be up to the parents where they send their kids, right? My problem isn't the ethical or controversial nature of this situation and the business that Lillian is trying to make, my problem is this Chelsea girl keeps going around trying to find supporters to "take Lillian down", when she hasn't even done anything yet! She has only talked about doing stuff. Chelsea is going off of partial and false information to try to get people against Lillian, which is unfair to everyone involved.

What Chelsea is doing is harassing Lillian and her partner. If they want to start up an accreditation agency, so what? It's ultimately up to the parents if they send their kids there anyway. All Lillian has planned to do is investigate and write reports on different troubled teen schools, whether good or bad so that the parents can make a better educated decision on if they want to send their kids to said school or not. She has not accredited any schools under her name at all yet. But because her husband works at Midwest, she is using that as a means to blame Lillian for taking "cash for kids" when her agency has been noted as NON-PROFIT several times. Lillian has nothing to do with Midwest. She acts as a "consultant" for them and SUGGESTS things to do to make things better, she does not work for them or receive a paycheck from them. Everything Lillian is doing is on her own, she is not "under anyone's payroll" or anything like Chelsea is trying to make it seem.

She has received incomplete information on what's going on through conversations with Lillian and her partner by means of acting like their friend so they spill what they're doing. They knew what she was doing so they fed her a bunch of bullshit to see what would happen and here ya go!! Look what happened!! Exactly what they thought would happen. Chelsea starting shit because anyone who actually knows her, knows that's the type of person she is. She's not happy unless she's causing SOMEONE drama. And she uses false and incomplete information to try to prove her points without doing her own research to find out exactly what's going on and then she blames everyone but herself for the negative feedback that comes her way.

The more places you post this bullshit the more people will know you for who you truly are.. i will make sure of it.. keep it up... instead of gaining supporters, i will expose you for the type of person you really are and in the end you'll just be alone....  as i said.. if you want everything to end, end it and leave shit alone until you actually have grounds to base your arguments on besides bits and pieces of information by WORD OF MOUTH.. nothing definitive

all you make yourself appear to be is out to get this girl and her husband because of a personal vendetta because she USED to be associated with survivors.. give it up and grow up or you will continue to be "harassed" like you claim to be.. there is a difference between harassment and proving to people what kinda person you are with chat logs and such.. do i have to post them all here too? i kept a copy of that entire thread from your forums just for that purpose.. keep it up and you'll see who will suffer in the end.. i just soon let everything go and not be bothered with it anymore.. but im not going to sit by idly and watch you spread bullshit about people with your false and incomplete information..

And once again Chelsea, you prove that you are nothing but a lying two faced bitch. What happened to "OMG I'm sooo over this *cry cry cry*" I WILL remove you from anything on my site and I will leave you alone as long as you agree to leave me alone... So now you go START looking for people to support you..

Wow.. just wow.. you guys should really get rid of this lying, deceitful, person.

You forget Miss Chelsea, you don't know who you're fucking with. I am watching you and I will keep watching you until you wise up and knock your childish shit off. You want everything to end? How bout YOU end it then....

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